The Minimalists

Rene Magritte September Sixteenth

Am loving The Minimalists – they’re totally Pluto in Capricorn with some sort of a wry, self-conscious Libra-Guy twist…they’re so minimalist i can’t get a hold of them to ask their signs, but yes-yes-yes. I love them as they give more of an intellectual-zen framework to my own outta control minimalism.

Check their site, it’s so Zap Zone and of the Now.

Clones, China, Redefinition of the Moon Archetype, Minimalism – Indigo is the New Black.

Maybe that is one Sun-Jupiter in Taurus revelation: We/I/You Are Adequate…MORE than adequate, without this season’s new must-have decor look, the silhouette du jour (big shoulders, triangle skirt, less bum, whatever) the petro-chemical potion with 1000 words written about how the company’s heiress really, really gets It.

You’d think that minimalism comes naturally to Virgo types but it does not. Virgos often hoard because they are paranoid that they might miss a chance to “make use” of something. Minimalism is the natural born blessing of 8th House Types…It’s also Uranian (when Uranus is strong in your chart, such as conjunct a personal planet) and Aquarius-linked.

I’m guilty on all counts – Aqua Rising/Uranus in the 8th with Mars & Pluto in Virgo…

It’s such a thrill when you realize it’s okay to be minimalist…it’s not just you who wants to simplify life by wearing more or less the same clothes all the time and only ever having – say – two or three days wear of clothes in your wardrobe.


Image; Rene Magritte – September 16th

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93 thoughts on “The Minimalists

  1. My Virgoan self can’t really do minimalism to save my life… I do have my appreciation for it though..

  2. Oh that’s fascinating! Makes sense though, that i went minimalist (only 3 outfits, chucked everything out, didn’t shop for about a year) when Uranus on my sun.
    I’m not an 8th house type but i have mars in the 8ths in aquarius – oh maybe i am – and i hate clutter. Hate having heaps of things – lived here in my current flat with just one knife for a year.

    • Had a boyfriend with Mars conjunct Pluto in Leo in the 8th and he never, ever threw anything away. Once I found a stash of sweetcorn in a little bag. He’s bought it to go fishing when he was about 10 years old. It had been in store for over 20 years !!!

    • oh, hey fishgirl, you know, I AM a kitchen minimalist. that is definitely one thing i am good at not hoarding for. a use for everything. no gadgetry…

  3. I agree on minimalism – extra stuff around the house suffocates me, clothing, shoes, unused forks, spoons, etc..

    What I need to solve is the responsible party in my chart: Cap Moon, Saturn conj Venus in Taurus? Rx Uranus trines my Merc and Mars but that is about it.

  4. I would be a clothes minimalist if i could wear skinny jeans. My wardrobe would be skinny jeans and thongs (ie flip flops, to our overseas cousins) in summer (or short shorts), then skinny jeans and motorcycle boots in winter.

    but my ass is too luscious for those constricting denim tubes. or i don’t take enough amphetamines to forget about eating, or something. Also, I just really really like clothes. and shoes and accessories. and i need freedom of movement. plus, I look hot in pencil skirts. So, my wardrobe remains maximalist. as for the rest of my life… *shrugs* but i like the idea, it’s all very fast-n-mean, small-footprint, high mobility la la la. I need a home base full of secret pisces things where I can recharge, so, yeah… dunno.

    • nb. I use “luscious” rather than saying something negative. i think it’s fun ๐Ÿ˜›

  5. What those guys have shed in belongings they make up for in verbosity.

    But yes, fascinating re: 8th house and Uranian types. I am Virgo Sun/Toro Moon so I like my comforts, but have been aspiring to minimalism for a few years now. I am getting there, slowly.

  6. Hahaha I’m totally guilty of the same clothes all the time thing…. but I blame my Toro ascendent! I bet whoever coined the phrase a change is as good as a holiday had absolutely no Toro in their chart lol Defs Mutable, probs Sagg.

  7. That prior pluto-moon post got me thinking of Jack White’s latest thing with a kickass all-femme-luna band.
    Extremely pared back . incisive but warm. Minimalist too.

  8. Leo Sun in the 2nd… I love the chic, skinny, glamour of Minimalism.
    BUT, I am a LEO with the Sun in the 2nd HOUSE! And I am a mum of toddlers. I take a caravan whereever I go.

    Am aspiring to Minimalism post this early parenting phase. Darnit, it would be just my luck to win 70 million the day I commit to the Minimalist philosophy.

    • the three things you would own could be made out of pure cashmere and the finest silk though. if you were loaded and could re-set your wardrobe. so it would be worth it.

      • What would your three outfits be?

        Mine would include a lovely white cashmere coat with an upstanding collar, futuristic looking.
        Boots. A few tunics and leggings. Egyptian summer wear – sandals and a long dress with splits up the sides.
        One golden necklace Egyptian revival style, gold bracelet and matching anklet. Hm. Yeah, I could do that.

        • wow, that sounds amazing. Very La Leo :)

          My outfits, … three.. tough one.
          At all times I wear the most often: Shorts, a maxi-skirt, jeans / leggings. my denim cut-offs were my faves (no longer exist, must work on that).

          There exists a 20-way convertible maxi-dress-skirt garment that I really like the idea of – I admire well made multi-functional items.

          I also wear a LOT of singlets (tank tops).


          – Denim shorts
          – The convertible maxidress/skirt (allows for glamour opportunities)
          – Leggings (layer-able)
          – A singlet
          – Hiking boots or Blundstones, thongs (flip flops), some kind of plain leather sandals that go with everything. (*gasp* this leaves NO room for my 90 frillion pairs of amazeballs sparkly shoes / boots eeep)
          – A giant panel of soft, woolly fabric that I can use as a blanket OR drapey jumper / shawl thing.

          Clearly as I write this I can see that maximum utility is what I need from my minimalist wardrobe! xxxxxx

          • Yes, way to go bringing luxury & possessions into the minimalism. HOWEVER, this is the blogger’s wardrobe list – it’s extensive:

            “Clothes (Miscellaneous)
            58 items, including shoes, socks, underwear, belts, gym shorts, coats, etc.
            Casual Clothes
            79 items, including jeans, hoodies, T-shirts, button-down shirts, etc.
            Dress Clothes
            50 items, including suits, ties, dress shirts, etc.”

            I like your Maxi-dress idea, I love maxi dresses also!

  9. I’m quite minimalist in my food choices – same breakfast everyday, same dinner, probably a minor variation of salad sandwich idea for lunch. Cap Sun, Merc, Venus

    And I’m paring back my wardrobe (kinda channeling my Kataka moon and going quite girly/ flowy/ booby and chucking anything too bright or constrictive) and my decor is becoming increasingly less cluttered, more simple and elegant. Hanging up lots of my art . Oddly, a lot of my recent stuff is very “un-me”. Hello Pluto on my sun. So much ANGER and darkness coming out in what starts out to be pretty flowers in a field. Hmm.

    Latest canvas I finished today I could only call “The Angry Field.” It was way too angry for my bedroom where I originally intended it to go. It just looks like a nightmare. Have it in my office here now. But I think I want to sell it and get it out of my zone – maybe sell it to a Mars type?Or is this who i am now and I should get motivated by it?? ( Wish I could post pre-pluto transit art vs now pics of my stuff for astro/reader analysis!)

    • As Leunig wrote once:

      Let it go
      let it out
      let it all unravel.
      Let it free and it can be
      a path on which to travel.


  10. I just added the BEST Minimalist pic ever – imo – at the bottom of the post – hit reload if you can’t see it…And the thing about minimalism is that you TOTALLY do your comforts but you don’t do some faux version of what you should have, something that totally weighs you down or is an expectation that is a burden to live up to. I am still high on codral so not putting this very well, an erudite version to follow lol

    • u reckon mystic, i mean about the minimalist thing? I have a rello – in FACT, the plutonic Libran – who is an extreme minimalist. mind you she is the rugged fiercely independent outdoorsy type, so it pays to have your stuff fit your lifestyle… she is my role model for minimalism, when it comes to wardrobe at least…

      I really *do* feel that I need to cut down on possessions but I know if I could just somehow snaffle a modest but pleasant living space, it would actually fit perfectly… agh. it’s a chicken and egg scenario i think…get rid of things and shift Qi? or cast that notion aside and keep working my Saturn in 4th, somehow. Well, “?!” is all I can say to that right now

  11. As a Leo I think I generally always have to have the best of, but I’m more of a “quality over quantity” person so I hate having stuff, stuff that collects dust, stuff that hangs around, I hate that I have to keep my receipts for tax returns and I know they’re just sitting there in a box that I could just throw in the bin. I hate winter because it requires too many layers and clothes ( and probably because I’m so Leo I die without the sun) but it’s just easier and more freeing when you can just throw on a sun dress and flip flops. So maybe my aqua rising coming in to play there.

    My mums a Virgo and she definitely doesn’t abide by clutter, it she stocks up on reduced supermarket items like she’s setting up a bomb shelter.

    I love that bottom pick MM!

    • wanna come over to my house and be a flower fairy with me? we could lay on the chemical-free grass/wildflower lawn with the dappled sun through the trees on our skin, sipping tea, and then go throw away stuff together. we could even use flowering tea in my clear tea carafe to satisty the delicious and dramatic for you. :)

  12. My apt is very minimalist- no dvd
    Players showing no stereo showing very small speaker
    players no brandnames out. always a space between everything. Including the med cabinet, which is med free most of the time. Holds more flouride free toothpaste, shaving prod. To me minimalisim creAtes pockets of air- as an air sign this is so needed for me. Space like air i- need it in between things.

  13. Cap sun, aqua moon, libra rise and lovin the min lifestyle…it hurts to watch twin Taurus sisters….painful.

  14. studio wise I am not a minimalist but house life wise god I love it. clear and clean yes please. I cant stay anywhere long enough to hoard anyway.

  15. The silhouette du jour (big shoulders, triangle skirt, less bum, whatever)

    can go straight to Hades! Big Butts forever!!!!!

  16. My husband, Leo Sun, Aries Rising & Moon, is an absolute minimalist. He’d live in a hermit’s cell in a monastery and be quite content. He drives me nutso, I am so NOT minimalist, I love colours, decorations around the home, personal stuff abounding. So we have a constant tussle as he seeks to minimalise and I dig my heels in. I think we’re reached a sort of middle path, where we don’t have any clutter but we do have personal stuff and lots of colour. Plus at least he’s into lots of plants in the garden. But I love my stuff, still waiting for our gear to arrive from Australia, and I’m panting to open up my books, my crystals and all my clothes.

  17. I’m somewhat of a minimalist, sun and rising virgo, cap moon. Maybe it’s the cappy influence? I’m not a 100 things minimalist, because I don’t see the point. But a small amount of clothes is all I need. Nice thing is; I only have clothes I really like now. I do have a few piles of books, but since the ereader that’s changing as well. The last time I moved I had 6 moving boxes + a table, fridge, matrass, guitar + amp and a cat (strange, usually she does like boxes). That was really nice and I don’t have to clean to much either (hate cleaning).

    I think sags could be really fit for minimalism. Living out of a suitcase, enjoying experiences more than stuff. My mum is one and not a minimalist but that’s more because she doesn’t feel like going through her stuff to see what she can throw out. But she lives really simple and relaxed.

  18. Yes!!! I’m very much a minimalist at heart and in practice: Aqua Rising/Moon in the 8th (Virgo). And while I kinda see that impulse to hoard…I just don’t have it. I’ve got strong Uranian energy in my chart and I think my moon in Virgo teaches me how to edit tastefully more than anything.

  19. I have Scorp South Node in the 4th conj Saturn…er minimalism is a little too easy for me to do i.e. living in very sparse bedroom with the minimal amount of furniture, mattress on floor and basically easily able to pack up and go on a moments notice. Being a gypsy/hobo has always appealed to me as I moved around a lot as a kid and found gypsy culture utterly romantic.

    I suspect I was a gypsy-witch in past lives, always on the go & running away from “the establishment”. With Tauri NN I actually have to learn to keep and acquire things, set down roots and build a foundation somewhere, the though of which gives me the heebie jeebies.

  20. Really dig The Minimalists blog. Good tip, MM. Subscribed.

    I’m with Cindy. Fuck the dress.

  21. I used to love all kinds of crazy fashion throughout my teens, and 20’s. But, since Pluto moved into Capricorn (2008) all I want is a basic black tank, either distressed jeans or shorts or skinny black pants.
    I haven’t want to buy anything and hate jewelry all of a sudden. I am so pared down it’s bizarre.
    I used to be into pin-up gal couture, wigs, false eyelashes, and elaborate fashion and even modeled.
    Now, I feel post-apocalyptic turning into warrior/survivor mode.
    I wonder if my love of fashion will ever return, not sure I even care right now either.
    My apt is next to strip down. I prefer less is more. More empty space to paint and create art in.

    Pluto in Capricorn 3rd House.

  22. LOVE minimalism, but would have to hide everything under the floorboards then I guess.
    I’m a total hoarder, I call it environmentalism or frugality or something like that. Cannot bare to throw anything out at all, just in case it becomes useful……it does happen you know, worse than not being able to find something when you need it , is knowing that you were living dangerously & threw it away …………….what a waste…………….Virgo stellium, but I blame the moon, it’s a security issue.
    When I was younger took pride that I could put everything I needed in a backpack & go ( ok so I stored my books & records at my mothers……….) – that was probably a Uranian phase – but now I’m a householder – Oh dear :-(
    Am having a major declutter at the mo it’s’ rather random but it’s happening.

    • my logic is, as long as you store it with care , and it can be easily re-located, and periodic review of its necessity, then all is well.. xx

  23. In college, someone once told me my bedroom looked like that of a heroin junky’s. I had a mattress and a basic bed frame. I’ve acquired a few more things post-undergrad, but I still like to buy 4 or 5 of the same sweater, jeans, shoes, bras, panties, etc. I find myself wearing the same outfit over and over again, eating the same meal multiple times a week, listening to the same songs on my ipod endlessly, watching the same porn clip, etc. It’s really weird. I’m a Taurus with Sun-Mars-Mercury-Chiron conjunct in the 8th house. I also have Uranus conjunct Jupiter in the 2nd house.

    • all that 2nd – 8th house energy, very fixed – likes stability, continuity. plus Toro sort of adds to that. seems to me x

      • i have 2nd-8th house business going on.
        sun, chiron, mercury – 8th house taurus.
        uranus 2nd house scorpio, squared mars in leo.

        couple that with moon and ascendant both 17 deg virgo.

        super fixed.

        as mystic said of virgos, i like to keep things in case i can make re-use of them. although if i don’t have any where to logically store said things, then it’s worth might be revaluated.
        clutter drives me mad and makes me claustrophobic.
        i like quality over quantity and i would rather go without than have sub-par items. i’m not talking beautiful and extravagant, im talking practical, long warrantied, robust things.
        Once i own something, i can tend to hold onto it for a long time, beyond its fashionability. as long as its still functional, i don’t care if it looks out of date, is scratched up, patched up, etc.
        Heck i still have a skirt from 18 years ago that i’ve never worn EVER! It’s in perfect condition and i’ve got somewhere to keep it. so why get rid of it?

  24. Minimalist — yes! My life is so much freer to do things that matter when I am not a prisoner to caring for my stuff. Too much stuff around to me is like Soul Clutter. I haven’t got time for it. I have insanely high standards for cleanliness and all the pictures hanging just so and blades of grass being the right length, so it has to stay simple. When I look at my home, I need to see everything harmonize. (Moon and Venus in Pisces 4th.) I have few clothes. I have “public” clothes that I wear for specific functions. At home I wear very little. An adorable sundress sort of thing, with or without undies and some Lindsey Phillips switch-flops is what I’m wearing lately. (NH and it’s a warm spring.) I change persona with my clothes, but at home I’m a flower fairy in the woods.

  25. Well…..This virgo venus conjunct ascendant, with a kataka sun, can do minimalist no problem.

    maybe it is in reaction to my kataka sun, venus in virgo hoarding mother…..

    however, I keep things, but only if I know I will use them. I always have a give away bag going, Always. What I do keep must be organizied.
    I have always been a one thing of makeup person, was lipstick as a teenager, mascara for years, now eyeliner. That’s it.

    BUT then again, I do have Jupiter in the 8th……

  26. when uranus was on my mc everything i owned was on my body or in my backpack. of course, the backpack was a constantly shifting store of fabric, beads, books, and art supplies… not so much minimalism as non-attachment… but it did feel good. 8th house sun/venus and virgo saturn,nn,mc conj husband thought my “minimalism” was completely ridic. his gear was perfectly organized and only the essentials. my toro moon/venus has been baroque-ing/prettifying/cluttering/hoarding ever since, to his horror and dismay. the coming zappities are giving me the urge to purge… have never been able before, i’m more of a leave everything and disappear in the night only to mourn my stuff months later kind of girl. looking forward (i am saying it, eek!) to saturn in scorp as he will hard transit pretty much all my stuff and make me do this responsibly. did i really just say that??? zappity zap… ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  27. Fascinating. I too am a minimalist. I wear the same key pieces to death. I’ve seen that indigo you talk about and was instantly draw to it. (Scorp sun and Cap Asc. here.)

  28. ~Weโ€™ve all been MTVโ€™d. We grew up with pop drivel invading every dark corner of our media-saturated lives: The glowing box in the living room showcasing ideal families in ideal homes living ideal lives.~

    Exact reason why I got divorced at 34 yrs old….18 years ago….That and my spiritual path. I’d thought I was going to suffocate.

    Yes it is scary at times to have basically nothing in a “have” world… I rent a room in a condo..The furniture is not mine. Mind you it’s in a desert resort where the nature is breath-taking (I saw a snake Saturday while walking just as I thought of a snake)…

    But my whole life, besides my car, is in that one room…Luckily the ceiling is 10 feet high but better than being 6 feet under… ๐Ÿ˜†

    I have ~never~ cared about shit, essentially, but like Andromeda, when we have lilttle ones, yes, we need some things to nuture the little ones and besides, we deserve to be comfortable while on this earth…whatever that means to us individually. Just hopefully one will not get their values all mixed up in material stuff exclusively.

    Saturn 7th square 11th house (traditionally Uranian ruled) Sun-Mercury-Medusa-Pof F-Nodes

    Uranus 3rd trine the above.

    • Can I just add that whilst it has been good for me to get back to what I call “Square One” (long before Coldplay wrote their song), due to my computer screen being cracked…..

      There some crazy damn people at the library… ๐Ÿ˜†

    • Sweetie, where you live is very special nature – wise, so really what more do you need. What a freedom you have!
      True simplicity, it’s rather becoming and how easy to move whenever the urge comes.

  29. I never made the 8th house/Uranian connection when it comes to minimalism… But I have always been a minimalist. With my cancer mom and Leo dad.. (cramped atmosphere, lots of food smells, lots of garish colors and furnishings) my room was stark white with white bedding, an ultra minimal computer desk (when flat screen monitors became affordable in the early 2000s I was the first to get one), and a Bauhaus poster and a PiL poster. Mind you, we were really poor, but my room always looked like a modern art gallery because that is what I needed to function clearly. My tastes are similar today but I have a great appreciation for walnut furniture and impactful art pieces and fancy analog electronics. The house I own is basically a white monolith lol (but the interior is much warmer than you might expect).

    Sun/Merc in libra (in virgo ruled 8th), pluto sq aqua rising

  30. I’m pretty darn Uranian too, like MM: Aqua rising, Uranus in the 8th and then Moon in Virgo. So I HATE clutter….paper clutter esp. gets to me tho I’ll let mail pile up for awhile and then shred/toss it all at once. So much junk mail, sigh. I hate unnecessary waste too….getting the same spam mail every week or so, menus left on my doorstep I’ll never use….TOO MUCH PAPER!!!
    My home decor is minimal too…..I always have some art on the walls, but usually never more than one piece per wall.
    I LOVE clothes and have gone through vintage collector periods at different times, but it’s funny. Despite full closets, I also tend to wear the same few outfits over and over again: skinny jeans, boots or sandals, a drapey tee or tank, cardigans. And I gravitate toward dark or muted shades: black, gray, navy. If I do color, it’s a pop of red, purple, or coral….which flatters my skin tone the most.

  31. What is up with the energy of late? Is anyone feeling it – like major karmic/spiritual/got-no-time- for-bullshit-but-I’m-not-here-to-correct-you zap zone approaching? Its kind of intense, no? I dropped some coins for i ching advice and got: “cling to acceptance, truth, and independence like fire clings to wood.” I’m going with that. Some lovely on this blog directed me to Brian Walker’s I Ching book. Whoever you are – I’m terrible with names and really don’t remember- thank you.

    As for hoarding – OMG MM, you nailed it! I keep nothing sentimental. Well, virtually nothing. My cupboards are bare in that department. Yet, I had two broken umbrellas in my house and just off loaded a TON of broken electronics. It was like – because they were once practically useful – they may be able to be salvaged one day. Now that I’m on a purge kick, I find a trunk load of give-away or throw-away stuff each weekend. I never realized I was such a hoarder until I started letting it go. Virgo Sun/Rising.

    • 12th House Vierge,
      You may be interested to know there is an ‘I CHing of The Goddess’ by the amazing Barbara G Walker of the Women’s Encyclopedia of Myth & Magic, with 64 coloured depictions of the hexagrams in centre. The pix are quite mind-blowing alone to view. It’s quite a different take as you can imagine..
      If you have both books, comparison of the explanations is worthwhile.

  32. Yep…I’m aquarius with aqua rising and a regular chucker outer, often on an epic scale. Was raised by a Virgo who still drives me insane with her need to hold on to reams of stuff going back to the dark ages because they’re “still good…just look at the quality, besides I looked lovely in those V-Knees in 1976”.

  33. That cindy pic was me last friday getting ready for a big concert. my outfit was not quite right and i felt like I couldn’t find a thing to wear. The SO was a bit down dressed but he was so warm to sit next to.swoon. I am a minimalist at heart and moved house so many times I am down to almost zip but it all fills up my little apartment which I love and appreciate dearly.

  34. My Leo and Aqua sides somehow peacefully coexist with each other. I like having stuff, but I can’t stand having items (especially clothes I don’t wear and endless amounts of loose paper) that I dont really use. I tend to wear the same things most days, but have to have those nicer pieces when they’re needed or wanted. Or if I just need to dress up at home for no reason. :)

  35. Aqua here. Yeah I have the same cluster of clothes on rotation, to the point that I look like I have a “personal uniform” essentially. If I wear anything kinda new, I’m accused of having a “new look” lol There are people I’ve known for years that have never seen me not wear the same black skinny jeans and I sleep nude. (Soz if that’s TMI)

    At home, everything has to go in cupboards unless it’s my deity statues, exotic artifacts and my books.

  36. ‘When someone continuously repeats a lie does it become a truth’
    WOW. Food for thought isn’t it. Applicable to so much in religion & politics
    not to mention what we erroneously tell ourselves. Once again ‘things become what you call them’ is the same as if everyone believes it is it true?

    Unfurnished rooms are bliss. As a long time renter loving change, have always been reluctant to add anything to them as they stand alone in their simplicity so am always culling in ratio to what i add. The inflow same as outflow re ‘stuff’ accumulated.
    Have found the Virgo’s i know to hoard almost to the point of being Steptoe & Son-ish. The ones i know cannot bear to throw anything away.
    Consequently my friend the Voodoo Virgo Mamma has 12 large suitcases of op-shop collections stored in my garage much to my chagrin as it’s pushing my boundaries and sense of balance..impedes
    the fast get-away-scenario that used to be my MO.
    SLEEK & SIMPLE beautiful words to live by. UNless antique or amazing craftsmanship, furniture is hard to lift, boring to dust, looks too busy with
    ornaments on it and stops one being a Whirling Dervish-er.
    Saggie-Scorpie-Cappie much?

  37. Aqua sun, with uranus and pluto co-junct in the 6th in virgo (I am not sure of the significance of these last two)
    I flicked onto their website and subscribed, so definitely intrigued by these guys’ ideas. anything on the theme of letting go always appeals, providing it is not couched in kitsch buddhism.
    I am quite minimalist. Certainly, I get anxious if I have stuff for no reason and like I clear pathways and white walls at home. Not feeling limited is key.

    At the moment, I am into a kind of emotional minimalism; i.e. ditching stuff kept for only sentimental reasons, like old cards and letters and momentos of professional achievements. They feel heavy and no longer relevant.

    But the idea of 3 sets of clothing – no way! Clothes, esp fabrics, are just too beautiful and too linked to sexuality/sensuality to limit in that way. The same for example re great face products… there are increasingly wonderful anti-ageing and hydrating, gorgeous scented products. The idea of missing out on all of that just to have one jar of something or one t-shirt is not living/self-expressing, i.m.o.

        • no, but i have venus in Libra :)

          Was just interesting that your exceptions to minimalism were clothing and face products.

          • Ah, I don’t have anything in Libra. I always thought it would be nice to have something there. But I am a woman. That could explain the exceptions :)

    • This is a picture of somebody’s mind. That somebody appears to work in my office.

  38. Yes yes me! Tiny wardrobe and I love it. It has taken me years to battle the lust for new shiny toys but since Pluto has been in Cap ive totally changed. I only buy after much thought. One pair of black pants and a mass of grey T-shirts. Instead of feeling deprived and judged as I used to, I feel I am part of the Zeit-geist.

    But no credit for your theory, I am a mega Virgo. My 8th house loaded partner hoards like a bower bird.

  39. My dream wardrobe would consist of DVF wrap dresses – but not three of them, dozens. Different colors, prints, and weights. And layering pieces like cardigans, jackets, camisoles, and tights. And flats, wedges, whathaveyous. But the idea of wearing one line, one cut, like a uniform really appeals to me. But I couldn’t do a wardrobe of only three a few items. The mutability in me craves more color/pattern variation than three items could provide.

  40. Minimalism is my new religion. I was loaded down with stuff for years, got rid of it all in stages: ditched mega-maximalist Pisces ex-husb, moved on short notice to a tiny room which meant I had to ruthlessly sell/give away heaps of stuff in a hurry.
    Now have essential pseudo-minimalist lifestyle accoutrements: white furniture – check, futon mattress – check, coordinated red/black/white colour scheme – check.
    I had this major insight/mental shift in july 2011 as a result, and continued to get rid of things. Sold heaps of books, clothes, blahblah, chucked out loads. Local charity/thrift shop got several big bags from me every week.
    The project is nearly finished (5 more boxes to go thru), I definitely feel heaps better being able to find almost everything easily. It is super-calming.
    I rediscovered my ideal of living out of a suitcase – that’s my next project, which involves figuring out a career that allows it. Am tentatively trying out acting.

    The “three outfits” thing – I have more clothes than that but potentially it would be excellent (and so great for the international travelling lifestyle that I would like but don’t have yet). My picks would be:

    – Black jeans (which inevitably fade to grey over time), a couple of layered grey vest/tank tops, black combat boots, leather biker jacket, grey scarf, grey beanie hat. So basically post-apocalyptic Rick Owens androgynous type thing, lots of cotton and leather and all in shades of grey.

    – Black pencil skirt, very fitting black leather jacket, silk vest (dark grey?). Some sort of platform heels that I can still run in.

    – Black trouser suit (maybe with a waistcoat?), white v-neck tee shirt, black leather converse shoes.

    Reckon that I could be perfectly happy with the above, with the addition of sweats to run/sleep in, some sort of short peacoat in heavy grey cotton, and a heavy winter coat.

    I wish I could afford a superminimalist clothes shopping binge-ette right now. Very unfortunately, my wages are superminimalist right now as well.

    Also: for a fab look at super-minimalism, read William Gibson’s novel “Pattern Recognition” – the heroine Cayce Pollard has a super-minimalist lifestyle and wardrobe, for descriptions of which see her very own Wikipedia entry.

  41. I loved this article! I’ve always been interested in the Minimalist lifestyle, fashion and culture. But being an Aquarius Rising, I like to put my own spin on it…like I would call myself a “eclectic-sexy-dramatic-minmalist”. LOL!

  42. Hey there. Sorry I’m late to the party. I just saw this post. Thanks for sharing our site; you’re awesome.

    As far as signs, I’m a cancer (June 29) and Ryan was born on Oct. 23, whatever that makes him.


  43. Yes, Cancer moon and Virgo sun could be such a hoard here. But I do have Aqua MC, UranusSag 8th and Neptune Cap 8th

    My minimalizing energy is not natural but when it’s done,



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