Venus Retrograde Phone Protocol

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model with four vintage telephones

Hey i’d just like to quickly say that when Venus is Retrograde, you can’t necessarily expect to hear from whom you’re expecting to hear from, if you know what i mean.

But it’s a good idea to screen your calls as you’re more likely to hear from the peeps you’re not expecting to hear from, lol.Β  Yes, there is a Venus Retrograde Phone Protocol.

How, btw, do you guys cope with those unexpected calls that you have somehow answered?

I’m really slack with a lack-lustre ‘hi’ and then a ridiculous excuse that i can’t talk because i’m being evacuated from somewhere but that i’ll call back later.

“Call back in another dimension” is obviously what i mean but not everyone gets that.


i think that’s standard Piscean-Aqua Rising evasion protocol, yes?

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104 thoughts on “Venus Retrograde Phone Protocol

  1. I pretend I can’t hear them: “What? Who is this? Sorry, I can’t hear you in X, but I really want to take your call, so let’s catch up next week, ‘kay?”

    If it’s a financial planner, you know how they always call when you’re in the middle of things but they have the sexiest voices, I come on to them all-out and ask them to keep talking while I draw a bath.

  2. I don’t have a home phone. At least, no one knows its number anyway. Also tend to receive only text messages, never calls, on my mobile – which are infinitely easier to ignore. (I give as good as I get, I guess…)
    Do people actually still pick up the phone and dial? I had no idea..

      • if by Piscean you mean ‘massive pain in the ass who never gets back to you’, then yes. Yes I am.

        • Me to πŸ˜€ hahaha ‘massive pain in the ass who never gets back to you’ Sag sun Pisces moon I am the wooorst.

        • So this is a Piscean trait? This explains so much about my sister. I always kid that if I get murdered they’ll have to call somebody else to identify the body because she hardly checks the phone. I’ll be buried and she’ll read about it on the internet or hear about it casually from someone else weeks later. lol.
          we live in the same town but are not estranged from one another, but she is a space cadet with the phone. However, if I don’t pick up the phone at her beck and call, then I’m an “asshole”. LOL!

          • Electric, I’m going thru the same. My sister called once but it was about my Dad’s will, which wasnt much. she wanted me to pay her daughters car payments in arrears! I told her I need to pay the lawyer, do you think they work for free. She’s not once offered $20 towards the taxes on our parents property. I alone pay them, meanwhile I have my own taxes. She has never called nor does she go out of her way to come visit. Yet she acts as tho all is well when i see her out at the store perhaps.

            I could be dead as well.

            I’ve come to the conclusion that unless we’ve all walked in each others flip flops, nobody really knwos how the others life is.

            When she was alone with her child waiting at the bus stop during a storm. I wasnt aware of how difficult it was for her. I was young and in love, infatuated with my man & our life together.

            Sometimes I miss her terribly but then she was always so bossy and emabrrass me in front of people…so do i want to go thru that again??
            So what goes @ comes back @.
            I’ll be devastated if she passes.
            I mean REALLY devastated.

            • Awww. that’s a touching story. Thanks for sharing! Sisters are so important. We used to be best friends but I think she has a problem sustaining intimacy with me (or anyone else). She’s just a loner type and i leave her be, but she just cracks me up sometimes.

          • p.s she’s a virgo workaholic w/ Leo moon-unforgving, loves me to beg.

            • Many Virgo’s consider coworkers as their BFFs and work is socializing. Yes she is a loner but I dont think by choice. Its the old intimacy thing we all have to some degree.

    • *giggles* My voicemail says “I NEVER answer my voicemail, so please text me if you want to get in contact”…

      Apparently you can turn it off, but I’ve never found the time yet…

      • Lol, I had it turned off & I get furious texts about hard I am to contact.

        Did you guys read there’s been a study which found people don’t lie in text messages?

        • huh! really? it probably takes too long make up a decent fib then put it in writing…

          Unless”i’d love to catch up but i am really busy” counts. Even if you’re just really busy waiting for some hot guy to reply to your FB message while you flick through a magazine, print some uni notes, read this blog, give yourself a luxury home pedicure and contemplate a new hairstyle?

        • No, but I’m fascinated! I’m def. a texter and not a phone talker. I can’t stand talking on the phone for longer than a minute or 2. I always say to leave me a text instead of voice mail message.

    • I hate phone calls. Hate talking on the phone too. Pisces Moon. Is this a Pisces thing?

      • I don’t know, I have a pisces friend who LOVES to talk on the phone.. it’s always a lovely conversation with her but by golly you need to tie me to a cruise ship anchor to make me concentrate / stay still long enough to want to talk.

        on the other hand I don’t mind walking and talking. But long conversations on mobile phones is probably not such a good thing for ze brain health. bah.. dilemma.

        • having said *that*, i have decided that it’s the substance of the conversation that makes me want to stick around. Talking to a Scorpio or Saggitarius – guaranteed I will dig the convo. Air signs, might not go deep enough to keep me engaged. Other signs are too interested in gossip or general quotidien interpersonal boring crap that I find a bit tedious (but that’s just me, it’s ok sometimes I guess).

          • I do realise (replying to myself, seems like a habit among some of us πŸ˜€ ) that attributing conversational skills to sun signs is you know a bit of a stretch at the best of times πŸ˜‰

            • Should we start a 12-step program for self-repliers? How Saturn.

              • Must be a Piscean trait. I would much rather traipse down to an office to see someone and take half the day, than to pick up the phone and call. I get very thrown by not being able to read non-verbal cues in conversation.
                My Mercury is Aquarius, in case that has some bearing on my phone phobia.

  3. Had a call a few hours ago from some guy doing a survey for my public liability insurer. Only picked up cos thought it was my work. Told him he could have 5 mins. He asked two questions and abruptly said that was all he needed. It was like he was from ASIO.

    If only I’d known V-retro bought in this sort of privacy invasion crap. I would have screened.

    Also had two unattractive guys chat me up on the street today.

    Unimpressed with this V-astro so far.

    • Btw, as an Aqua, I am hopeless at evasion once I’ve picked up the phone; I have the honesty/politeness button permanently on. Hence usual technique is to unplug and turn off all devices in high risk periods.

      I love your evacuation excuse, Mystic. I reckon I try that one, because to come across as completely trippy and not give a fuq about it ‘s at least being honest.

      • Agree with that. Aquarian friend can’t walk away when promoters chat her up, she thinks it’s only polite to stay and hear them out. As a gem, if it’s not interesting, I’m walking off and sometimes I’m rude enough, I’m sorry to say, I just pull her away.

      • I have an Aqua thing about brutal honesty, but usually strangers get my name wrong, and so I can say in all honesty , “No one by that name is here”. I’m honest which doesn’t ipso facto mean nice. If I must talk to some call centre, my first question is usually WHERE ARE YOU? To which most reply ‘Sorry’ .

        Sorry? Que?

        I”ll say it again for you shall I?
        W H E R E A R E Y O U?

        My fool suffering/lie tolerating threshold has completely collapsed as I’ve aged.

  4. although to answer the question properly, if i have actually answered a call I was truly not expecting, i do one of a few things:

    = bite the bullet and just have a conversation with the person, it won’t kill me and may actually be interesting.

    = if it’s a guy i am just not that into, and he is angling for a date, i have no idea because the men i know like that only text me and never (have the guts to) call. If they did ask I might consider saying yes but at the same time making it clear – hopefully – that i was only interested in friendship. so i would keep things very ‘lite’

    = that’s all i have so far. xx

  5. I also don’t answer my mob if I don’t recognise the number, and I’ve stopped answering my home phone cos its marketers and the “Don’t Call” thingy hasn’t kicked in yet.

    I once worked phones for an internet company and picked up a phobia about answering phones that I’m still not over 14 years later :/

  6. Yes, all calls are being screened but that is a bit normal for me (maybe my Venus in Cap) and that is why I have voicemail on both.

    During this transit.. well I’ve had an old boss call from a job that he has since left so he shouldn’t even have my number unless he made a note of it.. like 3 years ago!! I’m not sure that’s appropriate. I can’t say any more as yes.. it was a message and I’m pondering whether to return the call.

    Also had some older contacts check back in.. one of them left a message because I didn’t answer as it was a late call. I returned the call the following day, no answer, can’t leave voice message so answer the question/s via text in a way that should suffice.. get another call the following day (and too late in the eve) which I choose to let my voicemail manage. Yet to return the call.

    And strangely enough people that are normally communicative and in my sphere are not so :)

  7. Phones…nooooo! Work always is email. Calls are scheduled and treated like receiving an air mail letter, back when they came in special envelopes with special stamps. “My God, an airmail letter!” *shown to everyone you knew* Those are the stories my family used to tell anyway. The dead ones. They didn’t tell me the stories when they were dead.

    Doctors, dentists and other being returned life business calls are the only ones I get cold. Occasionally, I’ll answer thinking it’s one of those to find it’s a latest flirt trying to call though I said I hate them. Calls, not the man, though I will if he keeps calling… I am pleasant and polite and interesting and then I’ll shoot him off an email stating the Contact Rules again. Family members are the ones I have the sinking uh-oh feeing about if I answer accidently. They will talk to me for hours, no pauses for me to say I have to go because someone is at the door or the dog needs to go out or whatever inane excuse comes to mind at the moment. And even if I do wedge my excuse between a slight intake of breath, I am ignored. I have to be poised to pounce on the next need for breath and keep repeating that I have to go and promise to call them soon. Soon is subjective, right?

  8. (Pisces ascendent, Neptune conjuct true node. Lots of Scorp.)

    Standard evasion protocol, sec. 1, para. 2a: Never answer the phone unless you recognize the number on the caller id. Doing so violates The Protocol and constitutes a Security Breach (see sec. 1, para. 1d). Unless you’re in a feisty mood, in which case these breaches of security will be handled swiftly and with Precision (sec. 2, para. 3). Security breaches will not exceed two occurrences per fiscal quarter.

    • We think alike. I run my cell phone like CIA top security. Only need to know basis for elite “friends.” If I don’t recognize it I won’t answer -ever! I haven’t had to deal with tele-marketers, debt collectors or other bs in years.

      • Yes. Who’s driving this thing? That’s right: I am. I’m the boss! Drama-free zone: check.

        Like CIA. *Nice*

    • ah, *insight* thank u!

      and yes, re the virtual airlock and security scan for comms. “No hawkers, canvassers, or sales representatives past this point…”

  9. My favorite quote—–“A coward dies a thousands deaths…a brave woman only one.”

    Aries sun
    scorpio moon
    Aquarius rising
    And I am very polite about it–albeit direct

  10. I reserve the right to always have a plane, train or automobile arriving “soon” with someone important to me on it and counting only upon me to safely transport them to a happier location.

  11. As someone with mercury in gemini, it’s either I end up talking for the sake of talking or I’m rude enough to hang up or walk away. Not sure if the rudeness is attributed to natal merc rx in gem though.

    Argh Venus retro, the people I hoped would drop me a line don’t but there’s all these nice unexpected people who pick up the slack so all’s good.

  12. For unexpected phone calls I never bother to hide my tone of boredom and please fuq-offedness. If that doesn’t work I just cut people off mid sentence and say β€œI gotta go OK byeee β€œ and hang up. I do this in person too. Family and friends marvel at my ability to just get up and walk out when I’m over it.
    I have had a Venus retro moment but it was not an unexpected call. I got a slimy email (to my work email) from sleazy Scorp I have not spoken to in over 5 years. (Yeah appropriate – how the hell did you cyber stalk my new work email…. freak)
    I haven’t heard from him in 5 years because way back then he suddenly one day started sexting me from his then girlfriend’s phone -now wife and mother of his child. Anyway after several of these messages from a number I didn’t know, I replied and said “sorry you must have wrong number” he replies “No its me Andy – yeah come on over, my girlfriend has gone overseas and I am using her phone credit. Come for a sleepover and we can blah blah”. I had never EVER shown any interest in him, we were just friends. But he kept going – finally the penny dropped and he stopped texting me. Needless to say I never spoke to him again.
    (Just wondering – who is so stupid to send filthy cheating texts from their PARTNERS phone?)
    Current Scorp says I should arrange to meet him and current Scorp will ensure first Scorp has a night he won’t forget -as it will end with first Scorp being hospitalised.
    My method for dealing with this is again total silence, ignore.

    • Little Joey I hate to tell you but the sleazy scorp is a genius. If they wanted an affair consisting mostly of control and deception then using their partners phone means that only they can contact you and you can’t reach them. So if you had been sucked in, they would’ve thrilled themselves to death at the thought of you wanting them but not being able to call. Sound scorpy?

    • Irrespective of sign that is so wrong! Yes, it’s control freaky but it’s also so freaking cocky or stupid and completely arrogant.

      Hey Indigo.. if that kinda character pissed me off enough I would completely call back and let the girlfriend know that her man was behaving like a jerk.. whether that was in a woops.. sorry I have the wrong number.. how is that as I have been talking to an ‘X’ on here recently… sorry etc and plant the seed…. or depending on my annoyance a short ‘your dick of a partner keeps annoying me with calls from your phone, please don’t leave him alone with it any more. Thanks bye.’

      I don’t let that shit slide, find it really uncool. The guy will usually disappear at the threat of that happening though.. yes they do get a warning and more often than not they know I’ll follow through so they disappear.

      • You wouldn’t guess he was a Scorp straight away – he is open, talkative, seemingly sweet and naive. Then you discover what a scum bag he is….

        I think his girlfriend put up with his sh!t because she was over here on a visa from Europe and loved it here and wanted to stay…….. in the end she did marry him. I hope as soon as she is permanent here, or whatever, she kicks his butt to the kerb. Maybe she has and that’s why he contacted me. Guess I’ll never know!

        (I’m not down on Scorps, by the way, two of the best people in the world I know are Scorps. They would REALLY take a grenade for you! Nothing like the creep I’m talking about here……)

        • My sis.. same deal. Love her x

          I know you weren’t down on Scorps LJ :)

          I just get a lil incensed about blatent displays of lack of integrity.

  13. Welllllll I did get a gmail chat message from my ex but i LIKE my ex. we are both in relationships now but consider eachother good friends. we at least like to exchange a joke here and there (we always had max wit between us, our conversations should be published).

    As a major scorp capricorn type I screen any phone number I don’t know, my voicemail used to say “leave a message or I WON’T call you back”

    interestingly enough, just BEFORE the retro I got a call from my really shitty ex apologizing up the wazoo for everything he did to me and saying I was right about how crappy of a person he is. WOW. but perhaps thats my ruler Pluto gone retro (ruler of his moon, too).

    i never ever ever get random stalkers and flirts…my love life is just NOT like that. but in the case of my shitty ex calling, well, I’m a fair, fair double libra and I will always hear someone out.

    If theyre a total fuqer i just stop replying, or get off the phone with “listen i gotta go, sorry” . scorpio dead silence? i hate you too much to even speak? yes.

  14. I had yet another one of those dreams where I was suddenly inexplicably back together again with an ex. This is the ex that I do NOT want to get back together with, the one I shudder at doing so with because it would mean I’d have to put up with his shitty life again. Every time I have that dream, it’s a nightmare and I keep thinking, “shit, how do I break up with him now.” Even in the dream I was trying to remind myself that this wasn’t real and I haven’t talked to him in years and refuse to “friend” him or answer to his e-mails at my work. Then in the dream, he got killed off. Hah.

    Seriously, how do I stop dreams like this? I also can’t block him at work, so I hope this isn’t a precursor to him trying again. He tries every spring.

    • even thought the dream might be disconcerting, it actually ‘reads’ like you are processing and moving on from him. Being killed off represents change more than death – perhaps your unconscious wants to remind you of the ‘moving on process’ for some reason?

  15. I always say I’ve got a client I’m with right now and just don’t pick up the phone late at night unless i know the number calling.

  16. funny you should mention this as i got drunk texted at 2am by a guy i was dating last summer. i guess i have it easy as he didn’t call me and i didn’t accidentally answer. it makes me anxious to completely ignore people though, so i will have to come up with something to say. maybe i’ll just call him out on his incoherent texts.

  17. I dont text and the only calls I get are pranks or appt reminders, lol. No a freind calls once a week and my Aunty & I speak alot on the phone.

    Life can always be worse.

  18. “Call back in another dimension” lol! Brilliant. ~ Just make sure they don’t get phone access to THAT dimension too! ~ (It has happened.)

  19. FUQ!!!! Aqua ex from 1998 somehow found me on a social networking site even after I changed my name. gah?


    This eel only goes forward through time not backwards.

    • Elec, an Aquarius called me after 10 years & numerous # changes. But w/ me once its over, its OVER

      • I am shocked because I did not expect certain exes to ever find me again.
        I just wonder how Aquas do it??? @_@
        Screw Virgo and Scorpio being expert stalkers…. it’s the Aquas we have to look out for! πŸ˜‰

        I’m with you there! That’s why i don’t feel bad i give a guy like hundreds of chances when I am together with him, because once I decide a break up is going to happen there is no chance of reconcilation. none.

  20. Funny, because just prior to reading this I was doing an internet search for “how to block calls on iphone” and discovered the MobileGate app!

    My scorpio planets are doing a little twirl with delight at this, btw.

    Most exited about putting my cranky, mean-spirited ex roommate on the “Black List” of this app :(

  21. I answer in Chinese. It drives anyone who calls (telemarketers insane). I get a good laugh outta it.

    • ooh, excellent idea. I don;t speak chinese (mandarin I guess?) but I could use another language. *schemes*

      • i answer telemarketers as if I was an answering machine – and a robotic one at that – works amazingly well – got the hint from a very wacky scorp friend

    • When I get unknown calls and they ask “Is this xxxxx”.. I respond with “may I ask who is calling”. Then I decide if I want to continue with the conversation or if not I say “she’s not available can I take a message”.. LOL!! I have NO patience with telemarketers.. None, nada, zippo… :)

  22. IN true Saggo directness i just say ‘ I don’t want this call’.

    It’s the never ending charity requests. Give to one & they must pass your
    number onto the 1000 others…..NO you can’t have my kidney, my eyes,
    my money BUT i will give you my time or buy you an ice-cream, but alas it’s only the money they want.
    Why do surveys want your time right as you are preparing dinner????

    • Yup, if one has gotten under the radar that’s me too! And it’s immediate and it’s over the top of them and if they don’t want to stop talking after I’ve said it I put the phone down anyways.

      The only way one gets under the radar is if it’s private and I’m expecting a call from a number that will show as private otherwise again I can’t sing the praises of voicemail enough :)

  23. Oh this is funny. I have no compunction on hanging up on telemarketers etc… I don’t swear at them I just cut them off and say “I’m not interested, sorry” and hang up.

    I love chatting on the phone (Gem!) but if I don’t want to answer my phone I don’t. EVER. I can’t understand when I sometimes call and someone answers, and is all stressed out and says… I can’t really talk, I’m in the middle of something… or ‘I was asleep”. !! Come on people, DON’T FUQING answer then! It’s not rocket science! I always turn OFF my phone when I go to bed. WE have voice mail, and I’m a great believer that, it it’s important, THEY CAN CALL BACK. Or sms. or whatevs.

    I FUQING hate it when people don’t reply to my messages, texts, etc. I will leave up to three messages for a new ‘romantic interest’ then if they don’t reply, I unfriend them and send them fuq off vibes. Geez how hard IS it for some peeps to sms ‘Sorry not interested’ or something?? Impossible for some, I know, but I JUST DON’T GET IT!

    • I love chatting on the phone too! (Gem Asc) Actually I consider phone time face time and often much prefer it to actual physical catchups as I have a short attention span and get quite restless.

      And I refuse to get rid of my landline. Don’t give a crap that everyone thinks I’m a luddite/insane but I love the damn thing and it’s MINE. (Cancer Sun/Venus) I have an extravagent setup with phones in handy spots all round the house.


    • Oh an me either re the not replying to messages. Drives me nuts! But then also get extremely irritated by people who play with their mobile phones during face time … wonder how I developed this amazing set of phone usage etiquettes.

    • I don’t get it either Gemyogi. Likewise, I’m a Sun in Gemini, and I love a decent chat (though prefer face to face) but most of the time I’m not in the mood and I simply don’t answer. The home phone rarely rings anyway, and my mobile is mostly on silent.
      I likewise think WTF? when people do that whole breathless, collecting-take-away or in the supermarket-queue answering and clearly don’t care to give themselves (or me, as the caller) any kind of space. And yeah, the “I was asleep” is a killer.
      What is it about these gadgets that has people so… attached?? What kind of lives do these people lead?
      On the rare occasion I answer a telemarketing call or some such, I also tell the truth, i.e. “I’m not interested” or “I don’t wish to have this conversation. Please don’t call again.” All in a perfectly friendly tone. Exactly the same with door-knockers… and since I work from home I see a few of those. You are asking… I am answering… Simple. Why make life complicated??

    • Oh, I don’t like voicemail but I guess I always pick up the phone, even if it’s 3am in the morning – light sleeper. I think I can’t not answer phonecalls or if people knock on my door I can’t pretend I’m not in.

      I hate it when I get a missed call and I call back maybe half an hour later and the person doesn’t pick up. I’ll leave like 10 missed calls. i.e. person not picking up so I’ll keep calling until I’m satisfied that there’s enough missed calls and “yes wassup” messages, I just spam. I guess it’s because if you’re looking for me, I need reasons. And if you can’t answer the phone, at least leave a message why.

      And I also hate the excuse of me not having a smartphone and so people forget to sms me back because they use whatsapp.

    • I think the un-friending / delete number for unresponsive love interests is the best approach, Gemyogi. I do the same. Well, not un-friend or whatever, but I get the message loud and clear.

      I also agree that clear, upfront communication – (with the exception of deafening SMS silence which i both get and give) is important – I learnt this primarily from my Fearless Martian Aqua GF. She’s blunt but her immediate honesty is hugely refreshing, and when I tried it it was great, no fuqing around, head em off at the pass. you know. saves time and hassle down the line. No ‘energy leaks’ from persistent / ongoing hassles…

      • also, it’s a relief to let people know where you stand, it helps us be clear on what we want or don’t want and it lets the other person be free to move on.

        • Silence is the best indicator of where you stand with me, in gay word if i said good bye to everyone i chatted with, i wouldnt have any fingers left.

          If they need a reason, i let astrology teach them why it went nowhere. Im already busy moving on. Its too much..

  24. Love the ‘call back in another dimension’ – perfect.
    Getting unwanted phone calls: if it’s a bank or some other element of social ‘realism’ I just cut to the chase and tell them not now.
    If it’s an aquaintance, I will quite easily lie and tell them I am just leaving the house/cooking/have folks round – amend according to time and space.
    And if it’s a friend I will tell them I am ‘in the midst’ (busy) and can I call back (unless, of course, they are distressed).
    I think most who know me read midst as ‘in the mist’ or away with the fairies.
    Yeah, another dimension!

  25. Hate phones, all of them. Friends know to contact me via email. Acquaintances who don’t have my email know to contact me via friends. Others need not contact me.

  26. Yeah I got one of those calls from the Virgo with Libra in everything. I think he was drunk … but he basically just seemed to want to bitch and moan about his ohsohard life whilst exuding this thinly veiled jealousy vibe over how mine is going. Annoying. The good thing about being self employed is that no matter what time it is “gotta run … have a deadline” is always a plausible excuse for extracting myself from dead/over conversations. I use it amply.

  27. oh god just when i thought i was safe! weird crappy neptunian plutonian non-relationship (who vanished without a trace) suddenly messages me on facebook saying i should hit him up and maybe i could “bring him back to reality”. honey, there was definitely no reality between us! and i’m in love with someone else now! ha! feels good. really good.

  28. I also hate phones – I actively tell people I have phone fear and hate making calls, and receiving calls I’m not expecting.

    If I’m at work I will answer all calls that come through the office phone even if I don’t know the person….. but the mobile: If I don’t know the number I won’t pick up. Hell no!

    When can we expect to hear from people we might not necessarily hear from? This is driving me insane!

  29. This may be a radical idea, but what about: “Oh, hi! I don’t want to talk to you right now,’ or the subtler “Now is not a good time,” or the more direct, “I’m busy and can’t talk, but I am super curious as to why you are even calling me, so can you just tell me that before we hang up?”
    Taurus sun, pisces moon, leo rising = no bullshit?
    If I am not going to call someone back, I tell them that. If I don’t want to, but will anyway, I tell them that. With love and humor and the intention that they absolutely understand what I am saying and why.

  30. For bill people my favorite thing to do is tell them that I am happy to pay them, but I need to take care of it in 5 minutes or less. Not only is this much more efficient, it’s also pretty entertaining to listen to them talk really fast. This way it stays friendly, and kind of fun, and they don’t bother reading their prompts as much, which is a personal pet peeve of mine.

  31. that make sme glad I missed a phone call yesterday from person who all together lost (or never actually had) their moral compass. I’m not too hard on myself for i did have neptune in a tricky position at the time.
    Jupiter in 12th is always protective and Mars square Pluto is unforgiving, so once I cut ties I get on with life.

    • My pluto usually makes a pretty good job of not answering. If I dont recognize the number I dont answer, If its that important they will leave a message. And im never wating for retro venus loves by the phone. More like friends to stop being mad that I didnt want to be in a conventional relationship. you can let me know that in a text message, Especially now that Neptune is out of my Seventh YEa

  32. I know its may 27th and off topic, but will the real scorpios and cancers please stand up.. haha.. I was always feeling some signs were missing off this site. Seems to be the sign I see comments or gives deets the lest and cancers.. that would be pluto tho.. Not many Aquas either, glad I could change that. And not many ariens – arien scorp resents tho.

    Pisceans check,
    gemini not many either. but I think its more than aquarians
    Taurus, seen a few
    cancer missing, prowlin crab.. wheres your cancer buddies?
    Leo representing
    capricorn representing& i gotta give them props for lookin up :)
    Virgos representing
    Libras repping
    Sagi’s standing way up.
    Scorps missing
    aquas kinda low for us ruling astrology in general. :(
    Ariens missing.

    * If i missed some probably because not everyones name is astroed.
    but this is the general feel I get. It is not good or bad just another statistic for my labratorah of luv.

    • Would love to know the astro breakdown of commenters according to Mystic, or at least of subscribers? I disagree on the Scorp account, Scorpalicious, Scorporation, and too many to mention. I think there is a decided lack of Taureans and Cappies.

      • True, i do remmber them now, im going off being here less than a year so im still gettin the feell

      • Caps are busy empire building,they employ peeps
        to do the bookwork for them and everything else :-)

        • Many Tauro’s prefer face time..tactile interfaces and are not mainly cybernaughts.

          • So true i met up with a bull yesterday we never speak, with mercury in the 7th if that dont happen, i just dont see the need for facetime unless we jest mentally over the phone.

            But he was so happy to see me? Hugging me ect ect. I was just like ok were picking up where we never left off intellectually? I was a little standoffish but i just dont see the need to gush if my mercury in the seventh hasnt had time to share…

      • I don’t think there are that many Saggi’s standing way up (lol) although there are two here that have commented :)

        I think it’s the Saggi thing that makes it appear that there are more of us than what we are which is why the Centaurs fared so well in all the ancient wars.. lol, I may or may not have made that last bit up!!

      • Actually there are quite a few Cappies who swing by and grace the comments section with their executive goatly presence in between empire building and being zap-zoned. Off the top of my head; Lexicorn, Equilibrium Girl, Poppalina, SeaGoat, Moi…

    • Scorps missing? Are you kidding! So many Scorps on here!! Heaps of Gems too!
      I think every sign is represented fairly evenly. I’ve been on this site for 10 years!!
      You can’t judge by the gravatar name and some people choose to go by their rising sign.
      Cancer’s off the top of my head – Nat, Sourpatch, Catfish moon, Fallen Angel, Sassy.

      Would be interesting to get an actual breakdown though.

      Mystic, time for a new survey? :)

  33. tap tap strumming fingers on desk waiting for a call from a poss new employer after interview last week.
    Not even caring about SO he is in venus retro land and I am too busy too care.
    My usual fan club calls and thats ok.

    • clap clap

      Im just hearing everyone on here with american accents, .. Its wierd how it doesnt translate to language just a little.

      They must be pretty alike except for pronunciation.

  34. Decided to re-start the Tibetan Book of Living & Dying to prevent myself
    putting money into the retail economy, like it will seize if i stop shopping
    and Lo found some words from a retired Brazilian minister of the environment about the disintegration of the land, saying it would end up
    like Venus, charred & dead.
    The dark side of venus in our love affairs and relationships or Venus in the 12th house or even representing Venus retrograde?
    Knew about the mythology of ‘Aphrodite’s Girdle’, how she used to throw it to trip lovers up. A girdle back then was the gold cummerbunds-obi’s worn around the waist of the grecian gowns.

    • Impressive nod from me.. good on you! I got such a decent way through it before I could continue no more.

      I don’t know if I’m ready for it again any time in the foreseable future but it was a good read, just intense.

      • Hiya Hon, quite intense. My side notes told me i had
        previously gone through the beginning of book in 2001,but this time it really hit home. Some serious adjustments to my thinking coming up.Felt a little foolish for wanting to do something as trite as shopping as form of avoidance, lol. What a juxtaposition but guess It’s TIME for seriousity.
        Saturn doing my 10th house, much food food thought.

        • Yes, Saturn in the 10th. This I know!

          I’ve been having moments of escapism that have varied from shopping to too much time on what feels like an uninspiring trawl through the internet and other stuff in between. It’s been frustratingly dull but somehow alluring as well.

          Thankyou for the inspiration.. but it still won’t be picking that book up again yet. My attempt was only 2011!! x

  35. I’m sorry, I don’t take unsolicited calls.

    Hang up.

    Several of my friends who previously used to freak with indecision if a telemarketer or a survey person called have leaped on this strategy. I am always polite – I hate to think I am adding to all those tele peeps mental issues. But I do not accept unsolicited calls of any decription. Ever.

    And please don’t leave a voicemail. I never check it. Text only