Illuminati Chic

Jay Z in Do What Thou Wilt hoodieJay-Z – referencing Aleister Crowley – trolling Illuminati conspiracy peeps with his ‘occult hoodie.’

FINALLY it has happened. I am cool. How come? I just got an email suggesting that I was part of the Illuminati. There were actually three people emailing as these people always get all their friends to help out and echo the theme.

SO flattering. It was an old post re Kanye’s Eye Of Horus jewellery that did it. He consistently stokes the rumors by tweeting such bon mots as “can you devil worship on the iphone?’

Being accused of being in the Illuminati is like a sign that you’re relevant…Illuminati Chic is timeless. Beyonce, Rihanna, Lady Gaga & 50 Cent are the most famous oft-accused peeps.  Rihanna relentlessly trolls them by putting labels such as “Princess of the Illuminati” into her clips. Madonna was onto it decades ago, obviously.

Madonna in Illumnati jacketAll “Illuminati” actually means is “enlightened.” There was a group of them in the 18th Century that had nothing to do with magic, they were scientists, rejecting religion. Anyway they got disbanded by the government.

But the conspiracy goes that they survived in secret and went more New Age.

Astrology, the All-Seeing Eye pyramid on the US dollar, witches, a new world order etc etc are all messed up in some unholy hell that also seems to have a lot to do with gays, unwed mothers and black people. Naturally they hate the fashion and music industries (especially wealthy rap musos) as these have become “Illuminati controlled.”

Yes, the consipiracy theorists are bats.  There is an excellent Slate magazine article on them here.


Actually, in the right mood, i LOVE trawling Illuminati Conspiracy sites. It’s not just the hyperbolic crazy. They have the best occult symbolism and collate all the references to astrology, magic, spells, Pagan gods etc in music vids into one coherent narrative. Oh and here is some more of Kanye’s jewellery collection.

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101 thoughts on “Illuminati Chic

  1. golly, look at those enormous black pearls he is wearing on his wrist. give me those over illuminati trinkets anyday. sorry mystic i am not very good at going along with the topics of your blog posts am i…

  2. Wonder how zap zone will affect conspiracy theorists? Or Illuminati peeps?

  3. I still get chills from the power clip for Kanye, he is channeling something for sure. Perhaps he should channel it into his collections…

    • I hear you Ms, it was the first Kanye song that hit me right in the solar plexus…that staff pounding too, the intro demands attention.

    • yeah but he’s dating a Kardashian. His stocks have gone waaaaay down.

      • did you see the NY Times review. ouch. and yes. kardashian… I thought amber rose was so hot, what went wrong? :(

  4. You ARE cool! But I wouldn’t put it down to yr Illuminati connections…, that’s actually kinda insulting. You are obviously way beyond that kind of low vibrational paradigm.
    Those NWO people are seriously stuck in a crap dimensional reality IMO.

    Love the conspiracy theorists; they are the only ones unsurprised by the ‘Money Trail’ and the unholy logic of the few sociopaths that run our world. Sure they get it wrong sometimes I think, but at least they are curious and have a wide vista.

    (Having lived in a country that had petrol, silver, coca, fertile volcanic soil etc and should have been wildly wealthy was what woke me up to the fact that the US men in grey I would see in the capital and the constant premature departure of honest presidents might be linked. Petrol & drugs are the two biggest markets in the world, guess who runs the heroin trade in Afghanistan?!)

    Kanye’s jewellery is questionable in terms of taste level tho I admire the audacity in wearing it. What is he trying to say? I am not sure even he really knows. But In terms of illuminati influence in the pop music industry – if there is such a thing – I would look at that disappointing Katy Perry video where she gets dumped, goes to join the US army so she can wear war paint and brutalise others in the name of ‘freedom’. Like huh?

    Woo hoo, what a rant! Love them black pearls tho.

    • I like everything you just said. Yes, Mystic is cool, she is indeed enlightened but not in that paranoid illuminati way of course….
      And yes re the men in suits. “confessions of an economic hit man” is on my to-read list. Still..

      i love a good financial conspiracy theory, it’s where i’d be a detective if i had the care factor (lol almost wrote ‘follow the monet’)

    • I agree Ctrix, At least there doing something, I was just about to write something similar. It just the way they are grabbing onto the scale of corruption..

      People like to sum up things in a 3 upper case letter meaning, or one word. Im glad they are there.

      But I know theres people who emblellish and thats just wrong in general. I never state anything I have not studied carefully. I have seen Regan speak of the NWO in a very convincing and scary fashion though.

      • He said New World Order not the law of the jungle,

        Terrence mckenna states our urban jungles are not jungle enough, and i see it to.

        Its insane for us not to know how to live off the land and only a grocery store..

  5. “Well, so what? What’s wrong with bein’ illuminous? I mean there’s no… ”



  6. I love that madonna was rocking the illuminati look in the desperately seeking susan era.

  7. The ring he’s wearing is a symbol for repelling “the evil eye”. They’re all over the place here in North Cyprus, and we’ve got one up by our back door, complete with the Hand of Fatima. The symbol is on sale in virtually every shop and is found in cars, homes, offices and on welcome mats.

    • I was given a nazar as a gift and keep it in my purse. I’ve always wondered if it is instead supposed to be worn on the exterior.

      • I have no idea, to be very honest. I know you see it publicly but it could be that people carry it with them in their handbags, purses or pockets, in which case you wouldn’t see them. I do know they’re ubiquitous here, turn up absolutely everywhere.

        • I had one before dont remember who gave it to me or where it is, but i dont believe it works. If you havent done the psychological work of facing your darkest aspects.which requires a true look inside, No eye in the world will help, you might as well put it up there with a christmas tree toxic air freshener hanging off your cars review mirror. It be about as useful.

          Clean your car it wont smell filthy.
          Look inside, you wont need many amulets. Except as a physical momento of the inner work you have already done…

          • aqualeoscorpmn, I completely agree. I used to wear amulet-y things, and ok, sure that’s cool. But ya know, it’s more like a symbol that you have completed a journey yeah? And by the time you have completed a journey, you realise that it’s only a symbol and you have no need it because you have embodied / internalised its meaning .

            there’s a buddhist idea around this too. but i can’t recall the text as such

            • further thought: and at the same time, you realise the journet is never complete

            • Thanks PI you just helped my 3 planet second house. I guess I could do the same If I ever lose any material things.

              what i possess is only a symbol, and I will do my best no matter theft calamity or old age.. to eventually have no need for I realize it is only a symbol and I have now internalized its meaning.

              that could go for so many things even moving on from bad relationship or bereavement. Great.

  8. I’m overly impressed not just by the double pyramid ring but how well manicured his nails are! Sigh with envy.

    • Yes!! best film Madonna’s been in. And she was actually good in it!

    • Yep. Revolting! So is that black jumper. It’s as tacky as Ed Hardy clothes. Ugh

      • Yes. The toddler wear look for adult men is tiresome – will it ever peter out? … ?!

      • double agreed. Do Scorps have an allergic reaction to gaudy, garnish over-priced jewelry?

        • I think both aquas and and scorps do… I can only wear studs and a thin chain…. no brace let and my Neptune Singleton hates watches.

          Ive never seen a overdone aqua…

          • I do think you are right.
            What sign loves lots of jewelry? Libra? Leos?

            • I would think, the refined libras.. Leos Def, Although Ive seen gems pairing it down too, And aries, I think mars would rather wear armor, Iol

              I think kanye just does it because its the sign of the mimic. & we know in Hip Hop to have the biggest bling as a silly statement of ones place.

              • true.
                I am curious now to check people’s astros when they have too much gaudy “bling.” 😉
                I am ore punk generation and anti-fashion/capitalism/materialism. That’s why the typical hip-hop materialism goes against my belief system.

            • i am pisces / gemini infuence and I LOVE jewellery. i have a vast collection of accessories. but you will rarely catch me shopping at a chain store (lol, no pun intended) for it though.

            • and for the record, i am equally as capable of going without. I ain’t overcompensating for nuthin’. i simply love the forms, colours, design, visual excitement/fun.

              so, party on Wayne. x

        • Yep…it’s the KISS approach. It’s so as to balance the complex within.

  9. I dont think stars are illuminati controlled, but I do believe its not too much of a difference than to be controlled by jewish media for brainwashing of people. and the world as of now- Allowed to say only a few things, sex, addictive drug use, hype rinflated ego, abuse of anything, including small animals.

    The only thing I like about kanye is the Bush hates black people speech that someone else obviously wrote for him. But i gotta give em props for speaking out, I mean that with my scorpio moon scrubbing- has to the be the loudest silence for America I have ever seen.

    But calling conspiracy theroists all bats though, like qi vamp its such a vauge term and can be used when your in denial about pretty much anything. Eh I dont like this chick today, shes a qi vamp. Or Im sure the sodium floride in my water is harmless. Damn conspriacy theroists!! There are many things conspracy theroists turn out to be correct about what the public wasnt willing to face.

    Its about as good as calling astrologists all bats because they predict something. Here in america they try and use mass media with that term to cover up almost everything. Even to keep the self denial themselves.

    There was no conspiracy for black people to live below the poverty line and the water line in New Orleans. Nope.

    • I hear you, re: poor blacks and the water line in New Orleans. There’s definitely something to that.

      If you’re insinuating that the gov’t systematically put the poor there to kill them in a flood– I don’t hear that.

      Rather, I feel it’s more a case of wanton neglect and disregard on the part of the gov’t, re: Minorities and the Poor: Yeah, make that housing affordable, let the poor blacks live there, because we know the levies are sub-par and might break– and poor minorities are the least likely to sue us for our negligence.

      It’s all dollars and cents in the USA.

      • However, conspiracy theory and Sept 11, 2001? Now we’re talking!

      • they didnt keep them outta there to keep em alive. They knew well in advance the capabilites of a storm. And choose to stay quiet till the last minute and expect people to afford to be able to get out?

        Eugenicists know what there doing. You may not.

          • I can only come once, then i need about an hour to get it up again.

            Thats as well as my neptune singleton could respond.


            • That’s ok. I’m going to give you my 2 cents anyhow. And not because I mean to effect any kind of personal change within you: that’s your work to do, and your responsibility.

              For someone who fronts a lot about wanting to help people, it’s all talk as far as I can tell. Anyone who’s sincerely interested in helping others realizes that there are lots of different kinds of people, with a lot of different experiences and perspectives. Anyone who truly wants to help others *listens* to others’ perspectives and attempts to work with world views and beliefs that may be different than your own.

              I’ve read a lot of your comments on this blog. What I read is someone who has little tolerance for diversity, and even less tolerance for world views other than yours. I’ve read comments that are full of throwing your weight around when it comes to perspectives, comments that smack of, “If you don’t agree with me, you’re doomed. But we’re all doomed– but I’m less doomed than you because unlike you, I’m not an idiot.”

              It’s completely contradictory to say you wish to be helpful when you feign a superiority over others. Which is it: are you superior, or do you troll here to vent your frustrations with life in general? (That’s a hypothetical; I won’t be checking back here for your response.)

              Helping people requires an acceptance of your own humanity: that is, your strengths As Well As your weaknesses and foibles, your knowledge As Well As your ignorance.

              Furthermore, I find your sarcasm to be thinly-veiled hostility– which lends greater credence to my suspicion that you only come around here to assert your authority and/or vent your frustrations– not to be a “helper.”

              Good luck with your orgiastic limitations. Yes, that was sarcasm, and yes, I’m expressing hostility.

              You have a lot to learn, grasshopper… A lot to learn…

              • Glad i spark something in you… You are entitled to your opnion..

                Nobody ever said me and scorps ever see eye to eye but they do seem to hate me more than i them.

                Nothing is a front, its a good thing i live by my and astrologys rules and not a scorpios.

                • If anyone would like proof:
                  You more than welcome to give yours.


    • true, some conspiracy theories turn out to be true, No one wants to believe it because, it is so crazy and frightening.

      We can all close our eyes, and ears and live in denial, but then you wouldn’t be curious about astrology or any any occult or hidden mysteries.
      Secret societies do exist and have for centuries.
      I doubt the Illuminati would use Kayne as a spokesperson though.
      If so, it’s to sell materialism and distractions to the masses.

  10. I don’t know a lot about Illuminati whatever. Need to research it. I did have a free mason friend: is that the same thing, free masonry and illuminati?

    I DO know all about the symbols, though, and wtf: did these Illuminati people hijack them? What is this business? I have these symbols all over the place: my vehicle, my house, me– but this illuminati stuff seems a bit contrived. Like I said, though, I need to do my homework yet, too…

    I like me some conspiracy theory, though! Gives my astro aspects some exercise. Pluto-Moon and Uranus-Merc get bored easily.

    • Two separate groups. However, some say members of the secret society of the Bavarian Illuminati disbanded and went into hiding others branched off into the Freemasons.
      I come from a long life of Freemasons and Eastern Order of the Star.
      There’s lots of conspiracy theories surrounding all the occult groups.
      There’s fascinating books on the subject. Some Christians think they are devil worshiping pagans and dangerous occult members that control all aspects of society from the media, New Order and the Bilderberg group.

    • Since you are a Scorpio, and love to solve dark, deep mysteries I would recommend watching the documentaries and visit some websites etc…
      David Icke may trip you out.
      I read this for writing research. Absolutely fascinating topic. I forewarn you in advance there’s tons of websites and forums discussing the Illuminati and you may fall down the rabbit hole.

      • I did see some video where they were Satan worshipping some OWL which sits hidden in our dollar bills and out National Capitol Outlay also makes and owl…

        I just hope the internet will bring down whoever is up to all there little hidden mini kingdoms, like I read the Gutenberg Printing Press equalized power away from the Churches.

        I see Governments hating the net except for advertising…. And we all know alot of the men watch all the porn, that is the only reason they havent tried to rail it in as quickly.

        Ironic how it provides a good wank, but takes away there ability to hold sway over the masses like they used to.

  11. I don’t think of any Crowley or OTO/Thelema reference (do what thou wilt….) as illuminati-esque, but Jay-Z is entertaining me by making one with his gear.

  12. Oh well I guess I’m one of those “bats” people, that believes in a lot of this conspiracy stuff. Not that I thought mystic was some kind of illuminati member.

      • I might email and demand a refund for being called bats, but then believing in astrology or something crazy like elite governments pulling strings behind the scene, is just as bats as each other and neither can be proved really lol.

        • Astrology can be proved. If you study it enough its undebatable that you are insync with your greatest ancestors…

          It shows its an impossible accident. Good luck on your journery blog owners are entitled to there opnions too, dont unsubscribe just for that. :)

          We are all evolving here together.

          • The diffrence between astrology, religion, or the hidden eliete – one is there. One is not- its really just a physical ascpect of a higher dimesion…

            Were just mouth pieces from the planets we came from, no hidden government here, you will go to heaven nor hell for believing in astrology, you will only better remember yourself.

            • I’m not unsubscribing I was just kidding but to say conspiracy theories are bats and then tell everyone the planets are doing xyz like it’s not bats, I find it quite funny lol.

  13. I’m not unsubscribing I was just kidding but to say conspiracy theories are bats and then tell everyone the planets are doing xyz like it’s not bats, I find it quite funny lol.

  14. I met a girl once who claimed to be one of the Illuminati. I’d never heard of them, but was immediately suspicious of someone who elevated herself above the hoi polloi into some secret society–from what I understood she claimed one was born into the Illuminati, you could never just be one. I somehow suspect that this secret club of tossers with delusions of grandeur don’t have too many black people among their number.

    Just did a wiki, original Illuminati was the Bavarian Illuminati, and you could join if you were both suitably obsequious, wealthy and well-connected.

    There is an esoteric layer to the world of hidden knowledge. It’s ‘hidden’ not because anybody is seeking to hide it but more because the vast bulk of humanity simply do not want to know.

    All esoteric secrets boil down to a simple message about a fork in the road. You can worship mammon or you can worship the Divine. But you cannot do both successfully. I think It’s pretty obvious what the bulk of humanity have chosen . . . well at least the bulk of humanity in our neck of the woods.

    The Bilderbergers are an interesting bunch of the politically connected rich and powerful who used to meet in secret. But there is no conspiracy there either other than the unspoken but understood and unrelenting pursuit of economic growth or greed if you like. They got so fed up with being pursued by conspiracy clowns that they decided to go public by publishing online what they discussed at their ‘secret’ meetings. They are indeed and evil group not individually but collectively. If they are setting a political and business agenda for the world it has nothing to do with any concern for humanity or the sensible ‘stewardship; of the planet. There major concern from what I can glean from their key note speeches in recent years, is Global cooling–meaning the small but continuing drop off in consumer demand. Which is clearly going to be problematic even for the Ms Rinehardt’s of the world.

    Horrible suspicion confirmed the other day that Gina is an Aquarian. Egads. Neptune in the second house? Maybe she’ll lose the lot.

    • Personally find it a little obscene (and scary) that ONE person has so much money. As far as i know her name is not on any charities a la Bill Gates philanthropies.

      Dan Brown’s novels are about the supposedly ficticious
      There are no secrets anymore due to the world wide web,
      but Sept 11 being a being a dastardly deed by it’s own country is hard to fathom, perhaps my idealism is at fault
      in that area. ‘Rocawear’ is even harder to accept.
      Same with that ridiculous jewellry that goes with a white full length fur coat and black fedora, cliched pimp-wear.

      • Gina is an Aquarian ?… sucks…

        Thats a REALLY serious disturbance in the force.

        I hope I don’t sound sexist but I find in far more repulsive when someone who is a mother betrays Mama Gaia in such a heinous manner.
        On a minor level its a betrayal of fellow Aquarians too.

        ya could celebrate her skill in succeeding in a male dominated ratrace but I find that as ludicrous as the concept of gay conservatives.


        • Dang. wrong browser.
          that was me.
          Probably would have been wise to leave that as anon but fckem. :)

    • Oh and as it happens stumbled across this:

      “Bilderberg’s attitude towards those who rail against the group’s underhanded influence on world affairs is notoriously elitist. During the 2010 conference in Spain, London Guardian journalist Charlie Skelton overheard Bilderberg organizers complain about the fact that people had “enough income” to be able to travel and protest against Bilderberg.”

      • link, awesome! I was literally yesterday trying to remember the name of a website i used to look at, and this is it! prison planet. blimmin’ legend you are.

  15. the conspiracy is the apparent truth – that these symbols endure and intrigue us through all time. I wish fashion used them WAY more. And architecture too.

  16. Love those beautiful Kanye hands, and the black pearl bracelet looks exquisite and powerful.

    Interesting secret societies and posts here. I can only fantasise ridiculously, but sometimes i wish i was somehow cool enough to be in some super haute but powerful astrological society, that would cover all the occult mysteries, and somehow do magic and power healing on the world with stunning real results, but it would all be secret quiet achiever like stuff… just so on Friday nights i could go to some grand palladian villa gently lit at sunset, in a posh car with a mysterious driver, to some vast european manicured estate, with big spooky dark hedges of trees and participate in meetings to learn all the mysteries, for the purpose of somehow making the world a better place in some magic and powerful positive way…and drink tea out of porcelain cups and eat magic food off silver trays that would turn me into some kind of superwoman…total fantasy dreaming here lol

    Wonder what the energies of pearls are, as they look so phantom like…So looked up my big crystal book and it says, faith, charity, innocence, enhances focus and personal integrity, symbolises purity, sincerity, bringing truth to situations, loyalty to a cause, inhibits boisterous acts, and shows one how one appears to others. Pearls are a focus for channeling states of wisdom, as well as a ‘clean channel for receipt of spiritual guidance’…nice…from big book love is in the earth by Melody

  17. I did a bunch of research on the internet craze of the illuminati recently. As an atheist, I found it fascinating. Basically it is the usual cliche that has been pulled out since Caesar wanted to smash the celts. Why did he smash them? Because women had power, there was care for the sick and elderly and they had wealth and knowledge. Any pop star that speaks out about gender or equality of race or has any kind of success is targeted. I found it is a way for small minds to explain why people they don’t like are more popular than they are. These stars and the illuminati are satanists apparently. I read so much tripe and am so dismayed. I am constantly flawed by people who don’t realise how much hard work goes into being a star or being good at anything, it has nothing to do with selling your soul to the devil! For goodness sake!

    The other flakey rubbish I come across is that aliens must have helped us to build big things. Like the pyramids, or the Easter Island statues. Small minds can only explain big achievements with ridiculous concepts, blast away human achievement that they can’t understand.

    As for the wars, twin towers etc, that is no conspiracy ‘theory’, that is WAR, since time immemorial, war mongers have fibbed and literally ‘Conspired’ to get what they want. The twin towers, weapons of mass destruction, the druids being barbaric heathens, marrying your enemy’s daughter then offing her and blaming it on someone else, it is all just tools to gain through violence.

    Do some learning kids, then you might understand how this world functions. While christian Right White Supremacists distract you by telling you Jay-Z is in league with the devil, they are out molesting children and supporting freak cults like the catholic church and other evangelical monsters that are way out in the open, and everyone knows what they get up to and they get away with it ALL, they are the good Christians apparently!

    I do not believe in the christian god, because it is the biggest ‘conspiracy’ of all. By proxy, the devil does not exist, by proxy nor does the illuminati. Oh and if they ARE pagans, then they wouldn’t be worshiping satan. Seriously, none of their proofs add up. It is such a joke.

    They suggest that stars who die young are ‘sacrifices’ to satan. Yup, heath ledger was sacrificed to the devil, so was every other person with a tragic tale of addiction. I am sorry, but addiction strikes people of all walks of life, and often kills them. Pop stars are humans too, and can fall prey to human weakness, creative humans tend to be more susceptible, but I have met a lot of drug addicts who didn’t have a creative bone in their body.

    But if you wear your hair over one eye and are a famous female african american singer, or from some other minority group (or supportive thereof), do the rock ‘devil’ \m/ fingers, and wear black you MUST have been brain washed by the illuminati to be able to sing and dance and act like that, no one could possibly do it through training and hard work!

    What the?????

    This is one conspiracy that is a load of twaddle for sure, and grasps at any possible ‘sign’ that Satan is at work. Satan isn’t at work, plenty of dickheads are though.

    Oh and for every new age flake who bangs on about changing the world on their new iphone, you can go jump. You have bought straight into slave labour and worse, so go sell you computer, and get a humpy in the bush before you preach that you will be lifted up by the aliens in a universal ascension . We are ALL guilty of trashing this planet. Gina Reinhart is rich because of us! We buy the shit that is made by her mining companies raw ore. We are all piglets feeding at the trough. Me included. And until we all take responsibility for this, nothing will change.

    • Great post AAC
      but on the subject of iPhones ,
      I think one would have found some excellent german-made airspeed indicators in the English Spitfires that helped sort out Hitler.
      ….back to work, dang it.

      • I have no issue with technology! Heck, I am typing on my mac right now! I am a huge fan of science, can’t wait for space travel etc etc. And many forms of tech have been used for good/evil or just mundane crap (somewhat like my rantings). More its the lack of self education and awareness and susceptibility to media that lets crazy ideas infiltrate our brains overpowering a bit of common sense.

        ‘I am a vegan, I am saving the planet, but let me get my laptop out of the car.’ Where did the bits come from, the petrol? from mines! Oil spills, great huge pits, iron ore, slave labour, we are ALL responsible. That’s all. Uranium is awesome, but also devastating. The stuff they put in smoke detectors has a half life of a gazillion years or so. I just think that things like illuminati, and aliens, and being ‘saved’ if you tap into the new age collective, are ways of passing the buck and disowning responsibility for the real issues in the world that we as a collective have created.

        I have a laptop, a car and a house in the burbs. Many of my friends drive german cars, but not all engineering is Nazi bred I am sure the Nazi’s used some of the tech invented in Australia too. I am responsible and so are we all. What am I going to do about it? Well, I will plant some veggies, try and use the heater less often in winter, and other things, but until I get rid of all that other stuff I am guilty. But I will not buy into the bs that is passing the buck. ‘wow guys, I love you all so much, see how I changed the world, just with my mind!’ ‘The illuminati made me do it because they control my mind via Britney Spears’ ‘The aliens will fix it’.

        Iphones and Ipads are made by people in crappy factories, and we let them do it. Own it. I do.

        • correct. amnesty international has interesting take on mining for minerals used in electronics in (near-)failed states e.g. the congo. do a search for ‘mining’ and ‘militia’. some international firms e.g. Apple have been shamed into not purchasing from these states, but unfortunately – its sort of a blanket sanction and the legit companies are hit too . anyway the info is out there

          • A must see for the revolutionary “All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace”

            Adam Curtis is a very funky film maker who has cut together archival footage with great music and has pulled the threads together on a mad world.

            This one starts out with Ayn Rand and an examination of Alan Greenspan’s devotion to her.



            More here:


            “The Power of Nightmares” is also a must see.

    • I guess Im a new age flake on that topic. I always stand by the fact that flashy sleek and comfortable technology leads to the most truth being found. for instance I used to not want an ipad, actually a tauro was predictably showing me off his without giving me a reason why it was so great. I ended up trying it out, boy its amazing what a comfortable reading position and long battery life does. I was on the governments tail with that thing where I would have stopped with my laptop.

      There are things my I cannot send my sister, or other friends because they dont have a phone that even sends more than a few words. But i have sent to friends and gotten them to get the iphone to be able to send them things in a text they would have never ran into other wise. videos on life in general astrology, governmental lies, corrupt gov facts. I really use my smart phone as it was marketed. I never tried to copy that just as an aqua it aligns with what Id wanna do with it anyway.

      Its great to be on the bus fiddle through your empty text section and be (bored forced) to read a one press long text that will open your mind to something AOL or Gmail Or Yahoo would have distracted you from otherwise.

      Information moves amazingly fast on a Iphone, not only that you can send really amazing art videos that convey the same topic in a softer fashion. I did hear about how they are made. But at least I use mine not only for socializing.

      But why wouldnt Uranus stick up for technology.

      • I pads are terrible for writing though. I found it Most useful for intensive reading. Side ways or upside down for any qi vamps that need there rest. lol

  18. Exactly. That is what I am driving at. We don’t care about the suffering of our neighbours, as long as we can wave around the fact that we recycle tin cans and eat vegan cheese we are able to vindicate ourselves. Very succinct waking up. I am very aware of the cost of these ‘things’ I have. Frankly, if we stopped buying everything on the cheap the world could change. We are ruled by money and ‘savings’ and buying a bigger tellie on sale.

    We somehow need to fight back against these world order munchkins, and give everyone a bloody fair go, instead of shitting on the chinese and indians or whoever else is easy to shit on, and lazing about in our western situations eating take away and watching Australia’s got talent. Death of the planet, potentially, or it will just get grubbier and meaner and more repulsive. There is no secret here. WE ARE ALL GUILTY.

  19. okay so i’m sitting here in my illuminati work out gear lol and i’ve just banned some peeps from commenting – not so much thought control but because the discussion was veering off into crazy bats territory…I don’t have time to sit here monitoring the comments – it’s your space – so please can the more regular peeps email me if there is anything untoward going on here, thanks
    crazy astro, crazy times but we stay sane and serene here – yes?

        • Phew, I was getting pretty excited, typical aries with aqua rising, all het up about humanity. xox

          • well i just got email saying i actuallly DO know all about the Thought Control base on the dark side of the moon lol. Yah i am THAT well travelled xxx

            • Awesome! Good to know as that would explain why you are so good at astrology. Nothing to do with years of hard work….

  20. I’ve mentioned it before but my great grandpa was an Illuminati , a free mason in. Santa Barbara county. All I know is tht he was always independently wealthy never hd a business fail mainly worked on electrical issues was a founder of the high sierra club… made sure my grandmother was musically. Inclined. And went on yearly trips to Bohemian grove… now that place is odd… regardless a cult or not thought I believe all organized religions are just that… he was a loving father and grandfather. You have to be abke to accept. All theories and respect them. You can take or leave everything and anything you want too… I think conspiracy is interesting I also think the bible is a good book. But its a book non the less written by man..

  21. Thanks EC.

    Another thing is I think that people are trying to excuse or explain the ‘boys clubs’ and similar that exist around the world. They are very real. Politicians, CEO’s, Magnates, you know the1% etc etc. These guys do own nearly everything, and believe they are entitled to it. They do well because they help each other out. They don’t need to pledge to any god other than money and to each other. They are clever and cunning. They don’t need a Satan or a God they just work it so they keep winning.( I am sure they would fan the illuminati stories to keep people scared and distracted). They have convinced everyone else that we are not allowed to do the same. We are all fighting against each other – Men and Women, Gay and Straight, Black and White, generations etc etc. If a bunch of women form a club, Men get mad, if gay people start a parade, straight people get mad, if africans have films about african americans, white people loose it, but the Big Boys Clubs have been going for ever (well, around 2000 years) and we call it a boogey man cult and believed it is too powerful and scary to beat it so we just pick on each other.

    It is powerful and clever for sure, but imagine if the 98% or whatever we are started forming our own clubs. Our own ‘boogey men cults’. Perhaps that is what scares these guys most. It is why the internet is so restricted in China, why there is so much porn. We are so busy bitching at each other and watching our weight and eating KFC and getting obese and buy cosmetic surgery that none of us are ever going to get organised.

    That is Their real power. Our Apathy. People are capable of overthrowing the dictators, but imagine everyone trying to get organised! There would be meetings and sub meetings and rules and insurance and minutes and disagreements about who is buying the macdonalds on the way to the meeting. We couldn’t organise our way out of a wet paper bag!

    So it is easier to say – “see them, they’re in league with the devil, they sacrificed James Dean and now they own the Eiffel tower and the bank.”

    We do know that people get knocked off for knowing too much, that people get tarred and feathered and destroyed. That is called “TACTICS! ”

    First thing to do is stop watching television. It is making us stupid, I don’t care how smart you are. It is destroying your brains and distracting them from thinking thoughts.

    I am an aries, I am short and I am a woman. I understand war, this is a cold war against the masses. I have fought the men in gray suits and I have won. Its how you play it. What rules you use and how you manipulate them. Rally your allies.

    Imagine if I started a massive private group for women- straight gay trans any colour etc etc and we supported each other globally and financially, used astrology and other mysticisms (oh like, smudging, acupuncture and tarot), educated women about childbirth and trained more midwives and took back that for ourselves and educated women in the gentle arts (self sufficiency) again, what do you think would happen?


  22. The fashion is questionable. The notion of Rhianna et al in the illuminati is amusing. The conspiracy websites are hysteric but agree, also full of interesting symbolism and info when sifted through with discernment.

    • … they could be hysteric, or those that write could be .. but I mean hysterical, so much for trying to go for a short post :)

  23. Yes AAC, it’s going to happen more and more, and it’s already happening in many places around the world. Strap ourselves in, “this is it folks”, to quote the Angels, the zap zone facing the world…
    We are none of us any longer permanently and safely isolated from crime, danger, dysfunction and malfunction. Wireless technology, just one variable of a gazillion, for eg., how are the authorities going to deal with all the Neptunian fraud that this has potential for, in the near future, now even…
    And who’s using it?
    The historically alienated, dispossessed, marginalised and shut out of the “nice life society system” we have for so long taken for granted, all while ignoring the other billions suffering in the world. They have formed their own society and systems and rules of the jungle now.
    Many people don’t seek a political education by asking deeper questions that go beyond simplistic blame or sound bite shock jockism, in my view, because they haven’t had to get one, to seriously fight for their food, security, society.
    In one day for example, I can be zoning out on some first world dollar scheming strategy, or luxuriously contemplating ‘my’ next scary transit (I, like many here, live by the astrological cross, lol), only to get a rude reminder from tv or radio real world reporting, of just how comfy my life in oz is…
    It makes me realise my own western conditioning, and a life that is a potential total fantasy, a bubble that will be burst by the larger planetary influences to come soon.
    We all know that to conquer, you divide, because that’s what causes confusion and then dysfunction…Sad thing is tho, we as imperfect humans just want to bitch at each other and put each other down when we get angry or frustrated or get uncomfortable…We have to suck it up and get humane with each other,to work out real problems, easy said, and I know I’m not saying anything new.
    In my personal view, all our attitudes will change to a much bigger understanding in the not too distant future…We will come to see that the way to influence people is not to put them down, degrade or screw them financially, but to get them onside. We won’t be able to organise this to control this I don’t think, we will be forced to evolve and transform our old paradigms. I know it sounds fabulistic, but future systems will have to be more about humanity, not just sterile dollar thinking systems.
    The rate things are going, none of us will have security till we collaborate with respect, all of us. The powerful peeps of the future won’t be ones with just dollars I don’t think.

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