The Virgo Dialogues

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Okay, so clearly Virgos are not exactly slacktivists.  Humility, honesty and a hard-work ethic are hard-wired into the Virgo psyche. But how ape have Virgos been going since Mars got into their sign last November?  How ape have YOU been going in the (arguably already nuts, anal and control-freaky) part of your chart where Virgo reigns?

“Insomnia,” a Virgo told me today, “is actually a good sign. It’s about a broadened consciousness. The benefits of nocturnal productivity are under-sung.”

Something like that. Ever since Mars got into Virgo, he’s maintaining super-high performance levels via acupuncture, denial, i.v. vitamin drips, hardcore organic coffee and a trip to the shrink every fortnight where he bitches about how the shrink should really get his rooms repainted in between bouts of searing personal honesty and depth psych issues.

Some other new Mars hobbies of our Virgo noted since last November:  Seething re colleagues they actually now hate, haunting online complaints forum and compulsively posting ‘reviews’, obsessive heavy exercise, using the brutal-ruthless willpower method to give up smoking/drinking/sugar et al.

A Mars transit that’s strong enough is like you have an awesome Warrior at your disposal. You’d naturally utilize such a situation, yes? Don’t start with the smut now – this is serious. Because if you don’t channel Mars/Warrior energy wisely, you wind up with this character going rogue or delinquent. That’s thwarted Mars energy and it ain’t healthy.

So Virgo, Virgo Rising – where-ever you have Virgo in your chart at the mo – it’s in smackdown mode, thanks to Mars being there for months.  How are you doing with all that? 

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123 thoughts on “The Virgo Dialogues

  1. I have Saturn conjunct my moon in Virgo…I kind of always feel like I have a smackdown there.

  2. I have Virgo in my 6th house.

    Mars has been retrograding over my natal Uranus (which opposes my ascendant).

    I don’t know what this means but I feel like crap.

    My mother had kidney stones when I was born.

    As I type I have a hot water bottle strapped to my kidneys and I feel as old as my mother who is 80 and died in 2010

    Acupuncture appointment on Friday

    • Sounds like you need to be very good to yourself : drink plenty of water, eat fresh foods, realise you have a delicate system and nurture it. Gentle exercise to keep everything circulating, do not beat yourself up for not being tougher. Just a few thoughts. Oh, and work issues…… do what you love / can manage.

      • H .. What a gorgeous wholistic summary!

        Imagine if today’s GP’s thought & spoke like this! (no offense, but I haven’t found any)

        I have Pluto conjunct Uranus straddling my 2nd&3rd houses in Virgo, with Mars just about to prod them with his red hot poker!

        • My gentle exercise has been moving a stack of bricks .. 400 of them .. three at a time .. to the opposite end of the house, 35 metres away .. with a litre of mineral water to keep the machine well oiled.

          I visit a remedial masseur once a week to help keep me in check. Don’t want to overdo the Mars action .. (& also to help undo the knots in my shoulder from years of gripping the computer mouse too tightly while chasing those ridiculous advertising deadlines)

          .. & now I’m ready for the acupuncture!

          I now crave my daily brick bank.

  3. Thats odd, I have virgo in my 3rd house and things have been relatively slow since november. Actually in November they slowed down immediately and dramatically. I have gotten very into acupuncture/kinesiology/hypnotherapy/obsessive-exercise/harbouring-nesentments/net-stalking/procrastination. Hmm … maybe I’m dealing with it in the worst way: hiding behind new agery as opposed to facing things head on.
    Anyway I’ve never been more inert, very odd.

    • on further thought it could just be considered “a rest” but with heavy guilt attached.

      • Don’t worry ScorpMan! I’ve Virgo in 3rd and things have just slowed and snuffed it on the work and communications front since Nov for me too, but all picking up this week. Hang in there.

  4. I have three planets in virgo – moon and venus in the12th house and jupiter in the first. I am also a virgo rising. As mars is in the 12 for me right now (sun sign libra) I am questioning everything about what really matters to me and who I want to be.

    By the way, despite all the virgo planets and I am not a spread sheeter y nature and I tend to be slightly disorganized.

  5. Hello hello

    I am utterly defeated by this transit.

    Quit my la di da job as soon as it began in November, due to female bully boss eg, withholding info, forgetting to invite me to meetings, belittling, even calling virtue into question. YUCK.

    I have never been so tired in all my life. Not only do I not feel like myself I don’t even feel human.

    Virgo stellium: Mars, Mercury, Sun.

    Thanks for listening.

    • Just noticed your post after already posting mine below.
      Have been going through a similar thing, bullying at home and at work. I’m not able to leave either right now, so I have been confronting it all instead. It’s been very difficult, to say the least. Doesn’t seem like it’s over yet for me, either.

      Hope you’re ok and that you rebound and resurface from your difficult time soon!

      • I am with you two! Work has been endless battles. I have never worked in an environment where intimidation is the HR policy for getting people to do things. I feel stuck with job opportunities moving slowly. I feel that if I could somehow improve the energies with work that my other sluggish areas of my life will also improve. I am worried about my health since I have been dealing this stressful work environment with defense mode instilled in my reactions. [sigh]… I hope I can make it through this because I am so ready to get back to really enjoying my life!! Wish you a the best!! :)

        • Hmm, there seems to be a lot of that going around, I have one GF who recently left what looked like a plum job just to keep her sweet sanity.

          I’m wondering how Pluto in Capricorn is figuring into all this as well – bullying is a recurring theme being dealt with globally (i.e. the EU on Spain & Italy, Wall Street vs Occupy WS, the film Bully, US gov’t. Anti-Trust vs Apple et al, etc).

    • oh yea it has been a challenge, just noticing, all i want is to be alone and be in self-love mode, virgo rising sun
      and mercury, all feeling slammed by the harsh world out

    • I’ve been there before and it sucks. a few years ago I had a female boss and a co-worker who was “besties” bff with my boss and they played cruel pranks on employees. I had enough and walked out. Left them to try to figure out who to run the office.
      Both drank heavily at work was toxic environment. It will get better!
      Virgos are hard workers that often do not get the raise or praise they deserve.

    • Mars in Virgo appears to be highlighting workplace bullying. I started a job 2 weeks before Mars entered Virgo, was bullied by two female (one the boss) went off sick with anxiety and stress condition the day Mars went retro and have been waiting endlessly for outcomes while down to my last $ and staving off eviction.
      Mars is transiting my 10th house Virgo (opposing 4th house with Neptune transit). My progressed Rising (and Moon) are in Aqua which puts the Virgo Mars action into my progressed 8th ($’s) as well.
      It’s complete financial and psychological merde but my new ’cause de jour’ is researching this growing workplace phenomena, thinking about what can be done about it and hopefully devising an online action plan to bring on a bit of justice. I’ll squeeze something worthwhile out of a bad situation yet…

      • I wonder if some of the workplace bullying and intimidation could be from increased competition due to the economic downturn. There are less jobs out there and people are afraid of losing their jobs as well as there are plenty of people desperate for a job so people can be easily replaced if they leave.
        ….at least this seems to be a potential factor from what I’ve seen here where I live, which is California, USA.

        • Hi age of aquarius. . I empathise with your situation over there in the States. Its surely exposing the ‘less evolved’ in American workplaces. But I’m currently living in one of the few places on the planet that has low unemployment rates and a mining boom going on. (Oz)
          I think the current bullying epidemic is related to the Zap Zone phenomena via exposing bad and non productive workplace behaviour. Bullying costs economies hundred of thousands of $’s every year in lost productivity.
          According to my research, the typical bullying target is (a) young and new to the workplace or (b) well educated, highly experienced and an over achiever, trusting, loyal to the company and popular….and I would say idealistic. I think the new paradigm shift the ZZ is is creating needs both (a) and (b) types to make it happen. I reckon that’s why there are so many Aqua types blogging their current bullying blues, you’ve got to know injustice to fight injustice ..long live the revolution!!!. :)

          • Yes, that sounds about right – I’d be on the b) category. And I read the same insights from different sources, such as Psychology today and INC. A happy workplace is a productive workplace. Because people are encouraged to play to their strengths, rise and pull others along up with them.

            In the space of a week, my bigot of a Sagg Boss managed to slander the Chinese and Gay people, not to mention others in the past. He’s older but it makes me wonder if he realizes that if he ever gets infirm, there’s a huge possibility some of his carers will belong to one of those groups.

  6. I have a lots of planets and sun in Virgo – and have recently hit the wall with ongoing non-family of origin merde (my husband’s ex-partner, and his sociopathic son). I am feeling that life is too short to put up with some shite….. does that sound like Mars or what! Feeling martial…… grrrrrrr.

  7. i love this transit so much, i felt really a bit crap when mars was retro but now mars is BACK. mojo is BACK. exercise is BACK.

    libido has gone a bit mental, sleep is for the weak, zero tolerance for people who don’t appreciate my genius or try to hold me back, but i held off the initiation of open hostilities until mars direct at your advice MM. and yes i have been getting therapy (ayurvedic bodywork) and having big breakthroughs. eating healthy and getting more active. and yes, willpower is hella working right now, not like at other times.

    please let this transit never end.

    • Yes, indeed – I agree with you! With Cap Sun getting blasted by Pluto and Virgo Rising, I have spent the worst winter on record only to be dragged back from the edge of the cliff by Mars going direct. And now, the mouse is back on the Wheel of Fortune, running like Mad Max speeding across the barren wasteland and things are happening. Appetite diminished, interest in alcohol at all time low. Yoga/pranayama/meditation and Reiki is taking me to new levels. Bring it!

      • hell yes, glad to see you are feeling better and getting on with the mars business now!

  8. I think we all need to get martial when we are pushed. Mars is about survival and it’s too easy to keep on pushing against brick walls .
    Survival means doing what’s right for the individual, not what we are told is right. When we feel aggravated and irritated , it’s nature’s way of saying
    ‘ enough ! ‘ We only have now . I might be stating the obvious here.

    • Yep! No more pushing against brick walls .. I now love moving them .. 3 bricks at a time!

    • H = I agree! I will not back down to people who try to belittle me or try to force me down. WILL not do it!

  9. Mars went direct right on my Jupiter at 3 degrees of Virgo in the 3rd house. It was also retrograding at my IC, and into my 4th house, during that whole retrograde period, oppose my natal Mars in Pisces which conjuncts exactly my MC.
    I have been going through total hell at home and at work. I’ve been under attack in both places in a scapegoating way. Can’t trust anyone at work or at home anymore. It’s been a very difficult time.

    Had to take the landlord to court, and it also involved other housemates, so it’s been a big mess. Have spent hours and hours writing and compiling lengthy documents and communications for this matter. SO time consuming, exacting, and exhausting.
    At work, have been backstabbed by my assistant and had to take her into a tribunal with the directors.
    None of it, at work or at home, has turned out very well for me or resolved in a clear way. A bit of improvement, but not out of the woods yet, and with every possibility of things going bad again, because none of it is over and done yet.

    Help…..don’t understand fully what’s going on, but it all started when Mars went retrograde….

    • I really feel for you, age of aq. It’s hard enough when you drag the outside crap home in your mind, but home itself should be a pleasant nurturing place. Do you still live there? Is it possible to complete your proceedings while living in more welcome environs, if only temporarily? You cannot fight a war without respite between battles.

      The last legal thing i had took so much spreadsheeting and documentation it was really hard to keep going but i did, and alone with remote advice by telephone/email. I felt that was part of how they hoped to win, by me giving up. So i didn’t, of course. It was a long road and when it was over it took a while to realise it was!

      You need lots of support and sounds like you have little, and no respite. You deserve these things, age of aq, so consider whether there is actually support you hadn’t considered reaching out for. Best wishes xxx

      • You chose these things to show up at this time in yourlife…

        You wouldnt have it any other way,

        Your chose to forget to remember.

        You are on your way.

      • Thank you for your empathy and kind words. It’s true I’m mostly going through this alone, though I do have some support and have reached out for both legal support in the home situation and HR support at work.
        I’m tired, but I have to see this thing through. If I give up or run away, it will come back in another form in my life later on. There’s something I’m supposed to learn here.
        As it stands, I wouldn’t be able to move right away, though I agree it would be ideal to move and then continue to take legal action against the landlord from there.

      • Thank you for your empathy and kind words. It’s true I’m mostly going through this alone, though I do have some support and have reached out for both legal support in the home situation and HR support at work.
        I’m tired, but I have to see this thing through. If I give up or run away, it will come back in another form in my life later on. There’s something I’m supposed to learn here.
        As it stands, I wouldn’t be able to move right away, though I agree it would be ideal to move and then continue to take legal action against the landlord from there.

  10. i don’t think I’ve EVER been so lazy, unproductive and indecisive in my life!!!!!! and I have Mars/Uranus/Pluto in Virgo. This long transit of Mars in Virgo, plus the retro has put me off all Virgoan things forever! And that’s says a lot because I’ve always been a big fan of Virgoan energy.

    Have to disagree with the insomnia comment too. “broadened consciousness” pffft… load of bollocks!! I need my sleep and my dreams to stay sane. If I don’t get my 8-10hrs sleep I could murder someone!

    Bring on Mars in Libra I say!

    • Agreed. I have been feeling sloth-like, had a farked-up body clock, not achieving much of what I hoped to and daily bouts of anger with myself at not being able to just “get over it”. But I did have major shit-hitting-the-fan with a friendship and family of origin, massive hypochondria that may or may not be based on a legitimate medical issue.

      The only good thing is that I went vegan. It’s a start, I guess. Sigh.

    • Hi Scorpalicious!

      Isn’t Mars going through your 8th house? Maybe that’s why…
      Mars is going through my 8th and indeed, from the outside it looks like I’m incredibly lazy, unproductive & indecisive.
      It felt like that too, when Mars was going retrograde.
      But INSIDE I felt & still feel something HUGE is happening.

      Don’t you feel a big difference since Mars has gone direct? I was so tired these past months….
      Now I feel Life ‘s running through my veins again, inspired and all, but still not being productive…..

      Funny thing is that lately I’ve been wondering whether I really do want to be so productive!

      • Hi SunMoon…

        yes Mars going through 8th where all my Virgo planets are natally.

        I didn’t feel a shift at all when Mars went direct. I just got super cranky and teary. My natal Mars is 0° and opposite Saturn. I’m not really living life, just existing at the moment.

        Do you have Neptune transiting your 2nd house too? I think that might explain the not really wanting to be productive. Well, it might in my case with regards to work.

        Good to hear you feel inspired :) Hopefully my time will come.

        • Yesssss! Definitely Neptune going through my 2nd.
          Haha. naughty Neptune.
          Soon it will conjunct my Cheiron and Sun too!

          I was so afraid I’d be going low Neptune, but it’s like an insight. I don’t NEED to run around to be happy.
          Actually, to be honest. I AM happy. Grateful for the things I’ve got. And being so inspired. And of course in due time I’ll be more active. I just needed a rest BADLY.
          I made a list of my deepest wishes and “things” like being rich or famous were not amongst them.

    • I’ve been through some of that too but you have part of the answer there. It’s not unproductive to rest. It’s unproductive to surge forward and press yourself ever onward when every important part of you is on hold. Rest can be an exercise in efficiency too – it’s the important lag time in between. Bless u Scorpalicious xx

      • ahh yes, very true Mille *nods* It’s hard to rest and just be “BE” and not “DO”. Having a Cap Asc and a Virgo stellium doesn’t help. One gets use to doing, fixing and taking action.
        I know once I decide what to do, there’ll be no stopping me but it’s the decision-making that’s frustrating me at the moment.

        Thanks for your input :) x

        • Scorpalicious, I think we’re on the same program. Insomnia is usually my norm, but now I’m getting loads of sleep to aid my processing so to speak.

          Virgo Rising, with South Node in Virgo in the 6th. I went into battle mode early January so there was a bit of mania there – BUT I wouldn’t describe it as just hyper-activity, even if I am working loads at both my day job and trying to figure out launching my Free Femme Ruthless movement (i.e. working independently, elsewhere or both).

          What I can say is that since 11/11 I’ve been going through a process of eliminating options and refining what I really do want to pursue/what’s viable/how to get my bread otherwise buttered. I feel exactly as you do..things are stalled despite my efforts, but once my decisions meet destiny, I feel things will flooooow.

          Uranus is also opposing my Sun so I literally feel the currents and the paradigms shifting. I’ve since refused to give in to the panic and access a deeper wisdom. Whatever happens, I will make it okay.

    • Agreed! I have never been so lazy, had a house that looks so shabby, been as heavy (except for pregnancy) as right now. I am off my Virgo friendships as well, even though I have normally surrounded myself in them, I can’t take the constant negativity and nit-picking. Indeed, bring on the Mars in Libra! xx

    • I have been feeling kinda un-Virgo and disorganized lately. Wonder what’s up! My Mars in Virgo transit in Virgo is also my Mars Return, maybe that’s it?

  11. Virgo is in my first house where I have Mercury at one degree at Pluto at 27. I have found energy this year that I didn’t know that I was capable of accessing and I seem to be able to plough through things with little strain (except for a lull in the last few weeks of Mars retro when I was very content to lay on the couch and do nothing). I really don’t recognise myself. The other thing that I have noticed is that I am very interested in losing my connection to what other people think of me. I am trying to break the habits and insecurities of a lifetime and just letting go of my ingrained fear of the opinions of others.
    This week, when Mars went direct, I started Bikram yoga and have found it so hardcore but I keep going back for more.
    At the year’s beginning I started my day’s with green smoothies and I’m still at it.
    I really do not recognise myself – but it is all good.
    At work, I am finding that certain kinds of bitter women are making underhanded passive aggressive attacks, not just on me, but on other women that I work with. Normally, I flare up at such behaviour and fight my corner, but since this transit I’ve just smiled and ‘kept on swimming’.
    I love Mars in Virgo, is it possible for it to stay there forever?

    • Only if u have it natally like me, woah does it make you look before le leaps.. A little too much.

      Mars in virgo second house R

  12. Well sorry to hear of all the virgos tales of suffering but it is heartening to know I’m not alone!!!
    Have been feeling so crap since November, insomnia headaches, have spent months lying around like a princess in baths at 3am dosing up on codeine…but on the up side have been forced to go super healthy and finally give up coffee etc, also I have to say that in between all the bathing and crying I must have done some gardening and house work because everything looks gorgeous! I guess I needed it to as otherwise things would feel really dire!
    Have felt a power surge since mars went forward but still a little gun shy.
    love to all the nervous virgos out there xx

  13. I know some über awesome/efficient virgos, however I‘ve known some sloth ones also.

    I don’t know where, if at all, it’s in my chart – maybe that’s my shortfall…

    • I’m the Anonymous above. Anyway, I am a Virgo (obvs) and I am both self-destructively slothful and anal/uptight to the point of clinically diagnosed OCD. Fuckin’ win! *facepalm*

  14. I dont know where I have Virgo – I just want to go to sleep and wake up July 3rd then it will have moved……..I am really sick of it here – my mother’s a virgo…..nuff said……..

  15. Virgo 10th house, home to my Lilith and Pluto (though both late degrees). Work bitcherel, and much of it down to a sneaky Virgo, trying to undermine. Why would a Virgo try to do the sneaky on a Pisces? A Piscean who trines this Mars in Virgo with a Mars in Cap? And is NOT sneaky possibly due to loads of Sagittarius? Got surprised by Scorp boss wanting the lowdown – no time to strategise, just gave the raw truth. Natal Merc in Aries!

    Please lovely hard time Virgos out there. No matter how hard it is, hang on to truth and your grit. You don’t want to get the smack down of shame if you act low. It ain’t pretty.

    • H Millie, sorry to hear about your work/Virgo woes. Can onmly think your colleague is threatened in some way. As a Virgo, I do know how it feels to be trapped as a rat-on-the-wheel within my own obsessive thoughts – it ain’t pretty, I don’t act pretty, and while I don’t lie, I am aware that I do heavily colour my version of the facts to justify my perspective and actions . The relief occurs is when I can let it go and find a bigger picture, a different story to tell myself,
      One of the most useful things for me was when a true Taurean friend would to say to me, after my tale of woe or persecution of some sort ‘oh is THAT what you think that person;s behaviour means? I think it could just as easily mean mean this or that’ Other things entirely.
      Just hope your Virgoan colleague has someone who can help them think diffierently about you and the situation.

        • Hey, Virgotigress, that is so honest and positive, i love it. We all colour our versions, i think, but it’s so important to try and step into another’s shoes if you want reconcilation. It’s too easy to hate in response to hateful behaviour. But that just doesn’t feel right… i used to get on well with my coworker. Unfortunately, the people surrounding the work Virgo also have strong personal agendas. Still, there is certainly hope. I’m relying on all the great things i know Virgos are capable of. Your reply is certainly one of them! xx

        • This is great to hear VT. I have a Virgo colleague who I had to speak to my superior about. Not an easy thing to do but nothing I can’t handle. At the same time, by coincidence, a lot has changed, and I have been pushed to the front and not being micro-managed. This is great because I am exercising my leadership skills and things are working out better for me and my tribe.

    • Why, they rule the sixth house of daily work. Can get a little sneaky with any sign thats in there domain. I think since many have been sneaky with them before, they can become to others.

    • Hmm. Same here Mille..lo Virgo at work also figured prominently in the January Super Nova I had @ work. Lovely you have a Scorp boss who wants to get to the grit of it.

      I still have to deal with her but I neutralize it by focusing on my bigger picture rather than being dragged down to a power struggle she wants me to buy into.

      Aligning one’s self with truth is the most powerful thing you can do. That and serving others (I’m a Virgo Rising, emphasis on the Rising :) ). Good for you.

      • Hey, you just do what you gotta do girl and trudge on, no? One of the greatest affirmations my teacher gave to me was “I am in control of my life, I am the only authority in my life”…

        It doesn’t always feel like it (and I’m not saying this here for you ) but true. x

          • VirgoT, Harp, FA, anon & Sweetpea – you’ve all given great thoughts to bear in mind. It’s also important to know it’s kind of a common astro phenomenon right now. I’m not so alone.

            Mars natally squares every contact in my chart, yet trines this Mars transit, so i’m being really cautious about how i use the energy.

            Thank you, Transit Team! :)

    • I’ve got similar Virgo planets as you Mars, Lilith (10th), Mercury, Pluto and in my 11th Houses.
      Trying to avoid low Virgo traits like nit-pickery and snark, I hate it others unless truly humorous.

  16. Virgo Sun in 7th conjunct Pluto…. So, am claiming my right to authenticity – but feel ferocious about it, wanna be diplomatic (mercury in libra) yet feel totally FEISTY at the same time & defiant & aggressive at times. Want to cut through all the BS & be so direct & blunt that it may cut, but have to watch myself!….
    Mars giving me the energy to forge ahead with new & passionate creative pursuits – fab! Full of ideas, brewing & simmering away!
    Caffeined up, & as someone above put it, gritty! But with productivity & passion in mind! (Pluto transiting 5th!)…
    GO! Virgos!

    • So with L Cat. No BS for me right now. In any part of my life. I can’t tolerate it right now. I unfortunately had a screaming fight with someone at work. Yes, unprofessional as it may sound but this is the environment this company works in. No HR department so management feels they can scream at you to become submissive. It doesn’t work for me. In regard to friends.. laying low and picking out certain ones that I have been questioning their truth and now backing away. Even with my guy that we hit a bump in the road in November.. I am not pushing anything. Just letting it go! He’s been quiet so it will be interesting to see what the universe brings up. I like your “GO Virgo” comments so I am taking that and running with it! One step at a time..

  17. Ugh.. I am struggling with this right now. I am a Virgo with Virgo in my 11th house. My future goals have been not been moving and it is painful. And this is affecting all areas of my life. I have been sluggish since November. As I have post under Venus is Awesome.. I sure hope this does not last long because I am struggling. I just don’t have any energy! Thanks for posting because now I know it’s just not me! Blessings to all!

      • I have Pluto, Uranus and Mercury are in my 11th house too. But am Virgo in 10th/11th.
        Maybe the retro energy put a stop to your flow to connecting with others (friends, community?).

  18. Virgo Sun in 12th, also Saturn and Sth Node – Saturn broadly conjunct both. In November got gig in Foreign Country, arrived Jan, been on steep learning curve since – all a bit of a challenge, Specially daily details of health maintenance Overall don’t trust food sources certainly no organic food, no green outdoor space, long work hours mean exercise is difficult to schedule during daylight, am not a gym person, no yoga classes here or swimming pools you would want to swim in. Cycling not an option – would be maimed or worse in a minute. Walking as much as possible but not feeling that is sufficient. No expat community, very little English spoken.

    Lots I enjoy here but realising that my Virgoan-ness, specially round health maintenance, is quite stressed.

    • What are some things you can do to alleviate some stress for yourself? Here’s some suggestions only, from me:

      1. keep reading and posting and connecting with your peeps (fam, friends, MM community) on-line

      2. If you are 12th house sun you should do haute 12th house = meditation, astrology, spiritual stuff

      3. write it out. keep a travel journal and write it out – virgo’s like to keep records.

      4. read. no matter what happens in life there’s always a good book to escape into – like meditation.

      • Thanks Harp. Specially for reminding me of the haute Virgo. Am doing quite a bit of writing and enjoying it. Have no doubt that I this is where I should be at this time…just have to sort out these very practical things (food, exercise) in order to stay healthy.

  19. Do not have Virgo in any of my personal planets but have been in a serious put things in order mode. Spent all weekend bushwhacking my front yard back into order. My personal boundaries have become razor sharp clear and at work people trying to work the system is really pissing me off. There are RULES gosh darn it!!! lol

    Suppose this means I want order in all aspects of my life and for the rest of the world including my plants to follow the rules without complaints.

  20. Early Virgoan me hath been very well schooled and humbled by this insane transit… Certainly been a big life changing one on many levels…

  21. ….hardcore organic coffee and a trip to the shrink every fortnight where he bitches about how the shrink should really get his rooms repainted in between bouts of searing personal honesty and depth psych issues.

    This exerpt sounds a lot like me most of the time… LOL

    • hehe… yeah me too! :)
      I thought a lot about going to see a shrink during Mars Retro.

  22. Intercepted in the 6th house. Nightmare of ongoing illness and not being listened to by western medical doctors. In fact I’m officially totally over the entirely un-holistic ‘give one drug and have to take another to counteract the other’ approach, thank god for the alternatives. Plus side has seen a total over haul of my entire health/beauty paradigm and long term I think that will be beneficial in many ways.

    Better now that awful RX transit is easing a little bit, very much looking forward to have Pluto + Saturn direct too as they’re both heavy in my chart and I’m feeling it all over the 7th house. Anyway, things could be worse, all this Virgo time has really helped my work situation and that’s marvellous.

    • Congrats on using the Virgo situation to help you in your work, Charley – that’s wonderful. The same is happening with me.
      I’ve also had an overhaul of health breakthroughs.

      I hope you feel much better soon.

    • I second that, Charley. You’ve been doing it tough from what i recall of your comments over this year. Glad there’s some signs of goodness.

      • Thanks v much chaps, it’s been a rough ride. I’m usually pretty robust and in hindsight really took the whole ‘health is the first wealth’ thing for granted, never again.

  23. Lots of Virgo in my chart and Virgo at the MC, and I have been loving it. Remember the Mars Made Me Manic post? That was and still is me, seriously, I feel like I can leap over buildings with a single bound. Okay, maybe I did get a little carried away when I started writing letters to the editor of a couple of publications (how did you know, Mystic, damn, you’re good), offering them my stellar critiques. Fuq them if they didn’t realize my genius and aren’t willing to instate my brilliant suggestions.

    • Go you! I think that is a great thing to post – that you are tapping into the positives of Mars-Virgo, particularly if it’s on your MC. Well done you for loving it! I completely relate to that.


    Does that answer the question?! O.o

  25. My 7th house is Virgo (and Libra); and while I have two heavenly bodies natally situated in Libra, I have absolutely nada in Virgo.

    I’ve been beyond tired as of late. My energy bursts have been confined to the earliest parts of my days, and have been in large part fueled by early-morning, fair-trade coffee benders– ie, fake energy, not true from-within energy. Emotionally/mentally I have positivity & stamina, but physically is a big ‘ol “whatfuckingever I need to lie down.”

    All of this has been disappointing because I was counting the days (since November) that Mars would go direct, and boom– anti-climax.

    I feel a nap coming on…

    • My natal chart is ridiculously (or fabulously?) stilted: 99% of my planetary action is situated in less than a third of the whole thing.

      I’m not sure what that means for me, but I do know that if my chart was a tire I’d never get anywhere.

  26. My Virgo house is 1st to 2nd and I am enjoying it, and my Virgo planets trine my MC. While it has been trying, it’s nothing I can’t handle. I am learning lots.

    Leo, Libra, Taurus, Virgo – all working harmoniously for me. It could also be that I have worked on the several (trillion, or so it seems) squares throughout my chart and have made them into a trine – as MM says with enough focus and energy you can harness the trine from square.

  27. I learned so much, mars was transiting retrograde my second house, where saturnR JupiterR and marsR reside. I was poor(er?) but richer for it. I noticed I did go over all the ways I wasted my money from a former job. Not Boats and Cars of course lol but mundane things. Which is fitting for virgo. Those mundane wastes can add up!

    As soon as Mars stationed I got a call from my old managers neighbor and got a job. Little side one but still something, I also learned since I have mars R natal for life. That my work is one of Starts and stops, and its right i always seem to more often than not work when direct and stop or stop when it goes retro.

    So that priceless info has made me accept my work eithic more even if other people see me as lazy at times. But guess what im not other people so its not my fault if there too much of a commoner to see astrology works so well.

  28. I have my Sun in Virgo, as well as Mercury and Venus and this Mars energy has been all over the place for me. When Mars was in retrograde I was staying up to hours on end working, only to find myself waking up at 2pm, burning myself out, to also sit in baths self-medicating. When Mercury was in retrograde it was even worse-was involved in my first car accident with insurance snafus all over the place, a court citation was issued, my apartment was being ripped to shreds by my landlord who likes to pop in without warning-just SO much miscommunication.

    But now that Mars is direct and Mercury is back to normal, I’ve found myself at full speed ahead (drinking cups of coffee as I write this), quit smoking, taking initiatives to juice and make fresh food daily, “haunting online complaints forum and compulsively posting ‘reviews’”, weirdly correcting people’s grammar, and taking no bullshit either! I don’t recognize this new self or willpower, but I sure like what it’s doing!

  29. I am Virgo Sun, with Virgo in Mercury and 11th house…I can’t tell if things are great or terrible. I’m far from friends and family/feel totally disconnected from people. Bicker a lot with husband. Cry every day. Positive things: my health is fine, though I worry sometimes about my mental and emotional state. But I am trying. I live in the country, close to nature and animals. Been feeling strongly connected to animals. Negatives: not working. I even have work I can do, but it’s sort of at-will and online and I think I need someone to just tell me to do something, and I will do it. Otherwise, I’m not motivated enough. Am terrible at promoting myself and feel totally helpless as far as getting a job where I actually leave the house. Confusion, don’t know who I am. Don’t know how to improve things.

      • Do something! Like understand astrology. When u got a retrograde in your own sign your bound to slow down, and if your not used to the universal ebb and flow, then u might freak. But that is one of the beautys of astrology. Knowing that this will and is closing, it was a doubke whammy for virgos being mercury is your planet and mars retrograded.

        But astrology teaches you chose these astrological configurations to be born into. Understand that and your didnt-do gulilt meter will drop significantly.

        Give yourself room to just BE.

  30. Ha Ha,….. using the brutal-ruthless willpower method to give up smoking YES!! totally, now for the drinking… not sure even mars is strong enough for that… sigh (mars in Virgo, 5th/6th house cusp conjunct pluto in 6th)

  31. ive given up video games(and I used to play those everyday every moment I could), started taking vitamins, gave up eating a pizza everyday, started eating only things with protein/vaguely healthy, gave up facebook, started p90x, started reading books again, and currently am trying to cut down on doing nothing but read news articles on the internet and transition into studying more/ reading, and also I dont watch as much tv shows, ive whittled it down to my favorites
    its been a doozy, virgo rising

  32. … ow lovely it seems to make sense for me… last November… I REMEMBER (how could I forget??) I KNew nothing of astrology… yes I was “split personality” like a Gemini…but I had never been interested in what I perceived as an attempt to “pigeon-hole” me in a definition so it was SO recent Dec-Jan 2012 fugues sleepless knights blending into bleary eye’s sleepless days…

    …turns out I’m a WHOLE heap of Virgo! …and I see now that the stars DO make things possible in amazing ways! …potentials SO BRighT that I am blinded and drawn in… a moth to a flame ?? …what a way to go… (heaven…)

    Love for All, Peace… Harmony !

    • Welcome welcome welcome.

      I love to see Geminis come on around to not feeling put upon, and since your such great communicators you can be such amazing assets to Astrology and making others stronger with this knowledge like yourself.

      People may not notice right away but alot of times there is no greater gift. To yourself or anyone else.

  33. …Somebody said we “chose” our birth configuration ??? As if I could? THAT’S what makes it SO cool !! We can BE and stop wondering WHY

    • … it was a GIFT for me for reasons to be known soon?? :) Not “rational” and boring SQUARE stuff !! Wild & FREE and… ANYTHING… at ANY moment…

      • not to uncover some of the greatest mysteries, but who am i kidding I cant help it. If you wanna know read on, if not you can keep tricking yourself.

        All the things we do, were chosen so chosen from the last tear to all the times we will laugh before you incarnate. You play a trick with yourself to forget.

        just like when you sleep you dream your being chased or driving erratic and you think its so real. Then you wake up to a realer part of self safe. Well there is an even realer self than on earth. So feel but always step outside yourself to say this is wierd or funny.

        Even if you lose an arm, say wow this is amazing and know you will get another chance. Had many chances and will have an eternal amount of experiences. Astrology is cycles, like many other teachings it is proof, we go on. It will change and you will be givin a chance to life another life, or the same one agian, if you feel you didnt hit the mark, or learn hitting a mark is not even that important (this time around).

        If everyone was taught this from birth or sought varirous forms of proof. Or had there challenging Pallas Athene placements healed. Not many would be running around like a chicken with there head cut off, trying to fit 100 lifetimes into one lifetime.

        I hate you only live once lines, life is short. it is not true, dont beat yourself up. Stop rushing say no more especially to obsurd government. Nothing really happens there just counting on your fear that you think it will.

  34. Having a mars/virgo return in 6th house opposing natal saturn in pisces in 12th house. Not to mention jupiter return and pluto conjunct cap sun in 10th. What a year!!!!! One week off caffeine and boozen (cant spell for the life of me) Went into private practice and then great opportunity working with people in a prison. All very harrowing.

  35. Virgo rising, honestly hasn’t been that bad. Mars in Aqua conjunct true node in sixth. Slow project at work, the worst is trying to pace myself and deal with ultra methodical Project Manager.

    Home, Family and Friends all good, some nice social times but not exactly raging during this period. Have lost a little weight but just being a more health conscious nothing dramatic or hard core, i’m certainly not depriving myself of anything.

  36. Yes.. so as part of the Uranus-Pluto in Virgo gen.. in the 5th house of ‘fun’ & ‘creativity’ etc.. both closely aligned with my natal Mars in Virgo!!! All opposing *Saturn-Ceres-Chiron in Pisces.. in the 11th house.. And ‘T-square’ with the Sag-Gemini Nodal Axis.. 8th-2nd houses.. With a 9th house Cap Moon trine Taurus Sun.. 2nd house of ‘Self-worth’.. So I have been feeling this one big time…. with my writing a recent blog on the astrology of the Global Atheist Convention in Melbourne, Friday the 13th.. While I have also been learning more about the nudist lifestyle at sites like etc.. How, enlightening & refreshing to see people living without be ashamed or guilty about their own bodies.. regardless of age.. OMG.. Yes, the whole Virgo-Pisces, square Gem-Sag.. Taking us all back to the roots of our “distorted & wounded” Patriarchal so-called ‘modern’ views on sex, & sexualty & the shaming of the human body & all that was merely once “Natural”…… And then then was the deep feeling come over me of feeling such anger & rage for being lied to by the whole of so-called normal Society for my whole life……. How wounded are we all in regards to our attitudes to our own human baoies.. So it seems that Chiron & Neptune in Pisces ask for us all to heal all that was once merely natural in us all……….. And all this too under, Uranus in Aries.. squaring Pluto(r) in Capricorn et al………

    • And.. all this as I listen to the song ‘Only Time’ by Enya.. from the soothing sounds of the album, ‘A Day Without Rain’………

      • Meanwhile it’s now 11.12am.. & here I am now having just listened to the end of the song *‘Deora Ar Mo Chroi’ from the same album by Enya.. with this song translated from Latin meaning “Tears on my Heart”.. OMG.. as tears just began freely flowing down my face again this time with more my feeling more pain & grief over all the damage that I have not felt deep within my natural animal Self over the years……… All the damaging & Self-shaming beliefs that have deeply damaged us all.. in varying degrees etc………. meanwhile the song *‘Only Time’ once again begins playing………..

        Tears On My Heart
        It was beautiful all day
        The sweet voices by my side
        And beauty without despair everywhere
        Joy in my heart forever

        If I walk from the alive days
        The sun and the moon behind me
        I’ll only need thoughts from my life
        Tears sorrowfully on my heart

        • AND.. I forgot to mention *Uranus in Aries.. just recently moving into my natal 12th house.. for the one & only time in my life…. sextile my 2nd house natal Jupiter-Venus-Gemini Nth Node.. ie. Sudden uprisings of previously deeply hidden suppressed & or unconscious Collective energies….. I also did ‘Insight Seminars’ in Sydney back in 1998.. And did a lot of healing during that time with all the group process’ work etc.. But now some stuff is coming up for me again.. Damage to my basic sense of free expression of who I am.. ie. a 5th house Mars ruled of my 12th house.. conjunct Uranus-Pluto in Virgo… all opposed by Saturn in Pisces.. Rigid Collective moral values….. All square my natal Jupiter-Venus-Gemini Nth Node….. AND.. as Steve Forrest says.. “You have to get it in the guts.. before you truly understand anything”……. I also recommend an excellent podcast on Mars(r) in Virgo at

  37. Have venus at 0*virgo and my virgo ascendant is at 3*.

    Prior to the retrograde though, my romance life slowed way down. I hibernated for November and December. I don’t even really remember them I was in such a neptune fog. In October I drastically changed my diet.

    Loved the mars retrograde. Definately got my mars in virgo energy on then. Weird, but true. Really kicked it into gear with the projects, worked, sold some pieces. Romance has reentered. Then at the end lost weight really fast.

    Mars stationed on my Ascendant degree. He is still there. What have I done? Pigged out. Crappy chocolate, noodles, cheese. I gained 6 pounds in a week and a half. GEEZ. This stationary on my ascendant has left me bloated, pigged out, and sedentary. No more.

    • Guess I am not all that mars sensitive, except when it was retrograde. Neptune at end of Aqua was having it’s way with me too much.

      side note….mars went into shadowzone and Multivirgo and I stopped communicating. After retrograde and mars stationed, I heard from multi virgo. Now that it is direct, no word. I have pondered how thismars transit and retrograde has effected him with his 6 planets and rising in Virgo. But interestingly enough, I have lost all interest now beyond curiousity. I realized how much I was still holding onto him till mars went direct. Then bam, GONE. YEA!!!!!!!!!!

  38. I just dumped a Virgo. He was obsessed by things that didn’t matter and couldn’t find a way out. Who wants to be around that kind of anxiety? I’ll stick with the Libra for now.

  39. Work continues to be a battle zone with a female co-worker who feels she knows everything. She has been with this company for years and I am new. She is threatened right now because everything she had done is being exposed by the authorities as critical issues. I have experienced this once before with a female boss. I will continue to lay low and hope things improve because it is not going well with my health! I just don’t have the energy or enthusiasm to get on the treadmill. [sigh]. I hope everyone else is hanging in there! God Speed!! :)

  40. Anyone not sleeping… there is nothing good about insomnia!

    I had the Virgo-Mars opposite Neptune-Pisces (same transit everyone else has) almost along my Ascendant line => I think this is the reason I didn’t get any proper sleep for several months, which really peaked about 2 – 3 weeks ago.
    The answer is acupuncture, anyone else with this… I was recommended to a genius guy and he has fixed it really quickly. Admittedly you need to find teh “right” person. To anyone else with insomnia, hang in there, I hope it gets sorted for you soon… hope your appointment went well, current.