Chloe Sevigny Is A Multiple Conjunct Scorpio

Chloe Sevigny with cat artThat Chloe Sevigny is a multiple conjunct Scorpio and Scorp Rising has already been established but i would just like to add that she also has Asteroid Ubasti (a.k.a. the Cat Goddess Bast) in Aquarius and that i would really love to know who did this painting. Bast is currently at 9 Aqua, trine Venus in Gemini. Feline love strategies are very now.

Image: Patrick O’Dell – Self Service Magazine

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87 thoughts on “Chloe Sevigny Is A Multiple Conjunct Scorpio

  1. I’ve tried, I really have, but I don’t just get the whole ” thing” with Chloe.

        • Duuuuuudes…..I think she’s worse than meh. I was always neutral about her, but kinda enjoyed her in Big Love despite the extreme unlikability of the role she played!
          Just the other day, finished watching the final season with my boyfriend, and then watched the special feature on ending the series. The interviews with Chloe were unbearable…she came across like the ultimate pretentious twat. Remember when Madonna was trying to speak with a British accent, over-annunciating everything to the point of ridiculousness? She does that too and is very up herself about “her craft” et all. Unbearable.
          Gay men & fashionistas need to stop rewarding her terrible style and blowing her head up about her over-inflated self-importance by calling her a fashion icon. Puh-leaze.

          • Hahaha…. Agree on all points.

            “her craft” yeah, some actors take themselves way too seriously!

          • Agree totes.
            Plus totally don’t get the ‘fashion leader’ bullsh*t about Alexa Chung and the Olsens. WTF???

            • Yeah, seemed like at some point someone decided that bad fashion from the 80s (like Chloe’s 80s glasses or the Olsens’ weird baglady aesthetic) equaled the height of fashion. I don’t get it!

              I’ll give Chloe this tho: sista’s got a great body!

  2. 😯


    I just wouldn’t want to meet her in person because of that whole weird Gem/Scorpio thing… 😯

    See Mystic’s post on Prince/Prince Charles… 😯

    Btw I saw a doco recently by Joanna Lumley on cats… if you’re a cat lover you’ll LOVE it! She even talks about the Cat Goddess Bast!


    • Bonjour ! I picked this up for my Mutli Mutli Gem friend who runs a hotel in Luxor , Joanna stayed there and videoed some of her cats … Isn’t Joanna wonderful ? I checked her astro and she’s a haute Toro of course, such grace. style, charm, and that voice ! Great Video/DVD.

      My fav Joanna bit from Ab Fab was when she’s walking downstairs to Eddies place with about a pack of cigarettes in her mouth, trying to light them all saying ”Bloody Bastard asthmatic cab drivers” – back when smoking was good for you of course !

        • Oh that is golden, another fav was Patsy describing a man as “buns so tight he was bouncing off the walls”..xxxx had torrential rain and flooding here…pruned toes must go. X

  3. Mines in Aquarius too – one degree nexxt to my moon. what does it mean? ho hum

  4. Hey Im also multiple conjunct scorpio im going to check her out more sorry to keep multi posting

    • omg ,,,omg…this just totally worked last night. I employed feline love strategies (was so funny just completely gave this guy the eye like soooo badly it was great) …. and I think it may be on?? Might not though. Weird but amazing. Anyway, work to do and Dark Moon stuf to do (broke that a bit last night darn).

  5. OOOOO so glad i read this right now; got natal ascendant at 9 aqua [bast 21aqua]. NO.WONDER i cant leave my house without seeing cats/ stopping to pet them lately. waterbearer of kitty love

  6. How cool, Bast is currently sextiling my Mars and Saturn Rx ~
    just tonight I got a great shot of my girl kitty as we played in the grass.
    Natal kitty asteroids near Neptuner opp Leo 8th and this cat is very happy – finished several things today esp. taxes ! (Pluto in 8 here)

  7. Not conjunct anything important, filling a t-square with my natal Pluto-Lilith opp.

    Wondering so, what are feline love strategies?

  8. I think she’s great – but this photo’s a bit disconcerting – what’s happening with her other leg? Is she standing on one and lifting up the other?

    • Hmm to me it looks like she is sitting and the leg we see is up on a coffee table or something like that.

  9. First question I ask when meeting cute.
    “are you a dog person or a cat person?”
    If the answer dog, well sorry honey, it just ain’t gonna work….

    • Oh, it is essential, no likey cats, no can do.

      In my household, if we split up, I’d have to fight my Scorp for custody of the cats! (they are officially mine, but madly in love with him)

      On another note, I have found that if there is someone I dislike, I will cut them (a little) slack if they like cats.

  10. I just looked up Bast and transits and my sun is currently almost on top of my Natal Bast (1 deg Taurus 1st house). What could this mean?

  11. My Sun is at 10 degrees Aquarius. I’ve been thinking so much lately about my cat who is now passed on but who was my familiar. I miss her so much but I do feel her energy and it’s really been coming through lately.

  12. Princess Wilhelmina aka Puss puss (RIP) found herself at my house after clawing herself up my dear mother’s skirt, arms and face at the Cat Haven.

    She then proceeded to knock out the fancy looking long haired number who was in her arms and had already been chosen as a gift for me.

    SHe yowled, which gave away her Siamese heritage although she was heavily disguised by a plain black and white coat.

    She ruled the household well for 16 years, training 2 pups (with great distaste), 2 children, an Arab, a Thoroughbred (really?), and a Welsh.

    I really miss the way she sunk her claws into your soft spots if she was scratched 0.5mm away from optimal position (it changed according to her moods OK, I did my best!) and occasionally I can STILL hear her footsteps trip trapping up the stairs.
    But 5 years after we have Blue wrens, geckos, strange lizards, ok and mice too. Strange things cats.

  13. Feline love strategies = I love you, no, I hate you.

    Rinse, Repeat, Push, Pull. Punctuate with sensually luxurious bodily stretches accompanied by unabashed peering. And purring.

    General attitude is “My presence is a gift to you, therefore you are welcome.” (The gratitude is assumed naturally). Elegant indifference employed as a seduction technique, alternated with sudden attentiveness when receiving worship.

    Oh, and of course, l’amour as performance art. Let the show begin! Me-ooow.

    • “I love you, no, I hate you” does sound very appropriate for Venus in Gemini! (I should know, I have it natally…)

    • Oh My God Angel, you are too too TOO tres eloquent!
      Hilarious! – as you totally called me out on my seduction strategy!
      Always thought it was a Scorpio thang! In love games, we do like to play the cat who got the cream….

    • :0 yes! Thanks for the reminders! This leo moon is taking notes for the weekend.

      “Elegant indifference employed as a seduction technique, alternated with sudden attentiveness when receiving worship.”

      That has been me!
      Currently in the…I am off away in my own world. I will return for your attentions when I feel like it. You will give them to me then.

    • Haha.. merci beaucoup darklings. Is not exactly “treat ’em mean” as that statement implies one spares a thought (as feeding pearls to swine).. but being feline implies more of a languorous fascination with one’s self and by extension, one’s kingdom. Anyone who’s not riveted is simply not worthy, obviously.

      It’s very AC/DC with the love currents you know?

    • I really think I will try to practice that, it goes rather well with my natural predisposition of ehr being shy, and that stuff. Very unfortunate

      So this works on men yes?

      • Generally it works with anyone who has a surplus of testosterone, regardless of actual gender. It invokes The Hunt, with you as the prize of course.

        I tripped into it rather haphazardly with the WHU (Well Hung Uranian), a man who once actually FORGOT he was meant to be on a date with me once in 2004. Ergo he is my longest test subject.

        Mind I’m not saying he’s ideal, but judging by the increasing frequency of his orbit and yes, it’s longevity, my alternating nonchalance and sometime attention seems to have sustained the thing. Who knew? And there I was thinking just being a lovely was enough.

        • Yes I too thought being lovely was enough, especially since my libra frenemy is extremely sugar lovely, and it seems that everything male luvs her, but it’s something that doesn’t really come to me easily. If I like someone, I freeze. Annoying. Unfortunate. But I refuse to remain the ugly duckling sidekick, especially because I am not.

          Feline Seduction, now this I can incooperate much easier as “fake it till you make it” hmmm?

  14. You know, I have only just realised / decided that I really can’t keep up the ole feline inscrutiable female thing for long. I just don’t have the patience for it, as much as I would really, truly like to be one of those reclining, seductive, cooing types who whisper little things into mens’ ears and they turn all like, “duuuuuuuuhh” and are putty in one’s hands. No, I just can’t cut it. I think my venus in aries is actually true to form – I need some sort of combat arena to manage my seductions. That, or just, you know, start making out (Mars in 8th/Aqua). I mean, they’re either hot or not right? you know within a few seconds…

    • I have moon in leo, but venus in virgo. I can’t do it for long either….sigh.
      That virgo starts analyzing and organizing. NOt good for romance. But I have been fighting it.

  15. I love that painting

    Really like Chloe, can’t remember if I’ve seen her in anything but magazines but she always has a look, it’s not about the what she wears but about an attitude… and in her face there is always an air of mystery, like you’d never really get to know her…

    • S/he’s a scream!
      Now I can’t stop watching them and it’s like 12:30 on a work night!
      Oh well, haven’t slept properly in like ova a week anyway – and at least this is a pleasant diversion from listening to my incessant brain-whirrrrrrr…….
      Thanks for posting this!

      • I was the same when I first watched them. I think the Tom Cruise one has to be one of my faves.

  16. HA Just looked my Ubasti up. Mine is conjunct my virgo ascendant in my 1st house.

    Even more feline energy to add to my Leo moon. I am a cat person for sure. I love my dog, but I need cats.
    I have my own form of purring.

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