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We explored the extreme Scorpability of Ryan Gosling here – summary: multi Scorp – collects skeletons.

Yet somehow (because i missed this movie, basically) I only just now know about the unbelievably awesome Scorpio jacket he sports in Drive.

Love it, obviously.

Do you think it was HIS idea to wear it for the role?

I feel he identifies with being a multiple Scorpio quite strongly.

Buy your fave Scorpio their own jacket here.

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45 thoughts on “Scorpwear

  1. If we were on a date, I would take him to the Skeleton Room at the Museum. then we’d go and drink whisky (or absinthe, or something) at a darkened bar that no one knew about down a grungy alleyway. then i would take him to a cliff top overlooking the ocean and we could, you know, admire the view and, um, talk.

    • I reckon a walk through the cemetery at Clovelly (Sydney, Australia) or a trip to one of those bookshops with a great section on occult/astro/new age etc would go well too!

    • Hahaha… you know us so well!! For my 21st I took my lover to the cliff top ;). It really wasn’t very comfortable on the ledge. He thought I was MAD! but it was fun. :)

    • This also sounds like my idea date with Ryan Gosling. Especially the.. talking ..part. πŸ˜‰

  2. When i watched this film last year i had to keep pausing to get breath. The jacket… knew someone with scorpion tatt across whole back… the silent type… the colouring, hair and eyes. Character was so similar, and the behaviour, the motivations, skills. In old Hollywood actors were typecast. Some of them really played a heightened version of themselves in just about every movie. Drive was a very Scorpion movie. To the death.

    • I honestly couldn’t finish it. It frustrated me as the mystery felt contrived to me. Maybe it’s because I live in LA, and I don’t know many hot, stunt car driving dudes who’d be that amazing to a pretty single mother with an ex-con gang banger type husband fresh out of prison.

      Then somehow between Blue Valentine with Michelle Williams (which was another Gosling film I couldn’t finish) and Carrie Mulligan in Drive, I started to get confused. I liked him best in Crazy, Stupid Love.

      • The mystery? It might be poor memory, or just me but i don’t know what the mystery was, now you mention it. I am definitely biased, as i love to watch good character acting. Gosling played a part i had met in real life. I’m always willing to suspend disbelief if it’s about a person and motives, as i figure there ain’t none stranger than real live humans, especially sad ones.

        Yes Ccrazy Stupid Love was fun…Steve Carrell has awesome timing and a wonderful range of comic everyman expression.

        Gosling’s character in Blue V irritated me for quite some time.

  3. A walk? Pfft. I’d take him straight to bed, in a heartbeat. He looks like he would be, how do i say this? gifted. i feel the need to justify this with some intelligent astrological observation so yes, Milleunenotte, the movie was very scorpio because don’t they like extreme lifestyles but they are very deep emotionally?

    • Extreme in the extreme, deep and not a lot of talking. Plenty of letters and texts. Plenty of intrigue. Plenty of bed in a heartbeat. I’ve known a Leo or two but nothing like the drama played out by a Scorpio. Quiet but lethal defending your honour or their own. Irrationally jealous (oh the drama).

      • I just witnessed some Scorp drama firsthand! I decided after about four months I should break it off because I just wasn’t feeling a sexual connection. I thought I was very polite about it, told him I thought he was so nice and I didn’t want to hurt his feelings so I felt very badly about it, but did he have a minor meltdown! First he didn’t respond for two days then all of a sudden I get all kinds of texts, telling me he’s not going to our school anymore so I won’t have to worry about running into him, that he wanted a book back (that he had bought for me months earlier), that I was breaking up with him the week his dog was dying in his arms, (really?!), and that he didn’t want me telling one of my friends about his problems, and that he didn’t like that I had told said friend that I was breaking up with him (the Scorp) before I told him about it. Umm…what?! I had no idea what he was talking about, I hadn’t seen that friend in like a week. And I would never blab about my private affairs like that!

        Turns out the friend had merely “given him a look” at college that day, and Scorp just jumps to the conclusion that I had told him all about it. I’ve heard Scorpios are paranoid but wow!

        I’m a Leo with a Scorp asc and all of that was WAY too dramatic/emotional for me. Geewiz.

        • Haute Scorp would never let you see their pain, quietly let you miss them, wait for you to weaken then voila, stun you with their depth charge presence convincing you it was lunacy you ever left in the first place.

          Only Lo Scorp would pitch such a fit (to your face). Haute Scorp would do it very, very, very privately. Then once you’re firmly ensconced back in their arms, possibly let you know how much it had hurt them in a very touching confession that only endears them more to your tender little heart.

          • Yes this was my first Scorpio and up until this point I had thought him Haute. And in some respects I still think he is Haute. While we were going out he was actually very generous and thoughtful on a lot of things, but he said so himself that he bruises easily (he did try to apologize when I asked him what in the world he was talking about, regarding the friend).

            But yes, that was a very Low moment and I don’t regret breaking it off. Simply wasn’t meant to be!

            • Sorry you went through it, Catsmeow. Yes, it’s amazing how Haute some people appear until the crunch. It is actually how people respond to dark and difficult times that really shows their character, though, doesn’t it? Sometimes it is a great disappointment. I’m glad you’re happy with your decision. Glad you’re free πŸ˜€

              • Thank you, you are so kind! I agree that a person’s true character – or their most honest/raw nature – comes out when the going gets tough. Definitely shows how emotionally capable (or incapable) they really are.

    • There is, of course, always that option. I had forgotten about the direct approach πŸ˜€

  4. Yes he did have something to do woth it! I remember in the last ryan post saying how much i loved Drive and how i had to come check this blog to see if he was a Scorpio in real life because it soo made sense seeing him with that jacket on. Apparently he was the one who instigated the scorpio jacket in the movie and he and the director were making a reference to the movie Scorpio Rising ( which I haven’t seen so couldn’t really tell) . For more Ryan love check out this piece of hilarity

    • I love Kenneth Anger, love that film in particular.

      I’ve said it before but the Gos and I are practically astro twins (one day apart) he’s a dude.

  5. I love Gosling. He and I both also share a Cap moon. I liked him before I knew any of his astro but when I found out it all made sense….

  6. Meh. Hate the shiny jacket. Not that fond of Gosling either.

    • I agree! I don’t understand what all the fuss is about. But then Scorp men don’t really do anything for me. Except Joaquin Phoenix :)

      • Same here! I’ve never liked Ryan Gosling since the Notebook. His character was just so annoying to me and that’s stuck in my head whenever I see him. But Joaquin Phoenix is a whole ‘nother story.

        • Oh the Notebook – worst film ever! Ides of March was my intro to the RG factor. Amazing film. Then saw Blue Valentine, which I loved, and Drive, which I really love. So I get it. I get it! But the notebook, ugh. Love this jacket too, even tho I’m not one for overt Scorp symbology. There is just something so FU about it.

            • Hey now that was awesome! I agree. RG is not especially attractive to me either. But it seems to me he’s got some character acting talent…i’d like to know how far his repertoire can extend (hey no pun intended, smitten ladies out there! πŸ˜€ But i’ll leave it. )

  7. None of the scorpio men I know would wear this jacket ever.
    Not fond of it myself.
    Ryan is a cutie though.

  8. i’m all for the bomber jacket but the scorpio as an insignia has always been insanely naff to me. I’d rather an eagle :)

    • I don’t mind the scorpion too much, but I’ve never felt like it captured the full vibe of Scorpio. I’ve always thought the phoenix was the perfect symbol for the Scorpio experience.

      • I agree in spirit but I have never seen a good motif of a phoenix either. Garishly hippie only.

  9. Yeeees. I was going to post this on the other Ryan gosling posts, but I thought this film was already covered. The whole time I thought he was vibing scorp physically and theatrically. I wondered if I could rock a jacket like that but I doubt it lol. He did say he wanted people to dress up as him on halloween lol.

  10. OMG, that was one of my favorite parts about the movie. When I first saw it, I thought it was pretty tacky, snickering to myself. But then as the drama ensued, he was sooooo smooooooooth; I love a quiet and introspective guy. As long as what comes out of his mouth when he does speak isn’t mush. I feel like his character made that jacket work, I loved that movie. I don’t usually like stuff about car chases, mafia, robberies, blahblah, but I loved this movie only because Ryan Gosling is suuuch a hottie in it. Never thought he was that great before, but now it’s all changed!

  11. Then he gets it all splattered in blood whilst killing someone and keeps wearing it regardless for the rest of the film…. so VERY scorpio!!

    • So very Aries.
      Tho double breasted more my thing than bombers. Wind chill sucks.
      I reckon Aries gets away with motiffy stuff. All that extravagant coiled Antelope antler action.
      Oryx and whatnot.

  12. Ryan was on Conan the other night and there was this whole thing about the jacket – he took it in and even let Conan (who was chuffed) wear it. Not a fan of the jacket but then I haven’t seen the movie. I think it would look better if the scorpion was in black or red.

  13. I met Ryan Gosling once….
    It was Halloween and some friends and I were at the Griffith Park halloween haunted hayride here in LA. There were thousands of people but we spotted him in the crowd (he was with Eva Mendes and some other friends) and no one even noticed!
    Anyways my friend and I decided to see if we could get a picture with him so we stalked up to him while he and his group were walking towards their car in the parking lot.
    But he stops… and stares at this one car. There was a guy inside and apparently it looked very suspicisous. So Mr. Gosling goes right up to the car and taps on the window. Meanwhile we could hear the girls in his group sighing, “oh Ryan, not again” as if he plays the hero a lot. Bascially he thought this guy was stealing the car and started interrogating him. But turns out it was the guy’s own car haha.
    Once that passed we walked right up to him and asked for a picture (mind you it was Halloween so my friend was dressed as a Toddler and Tiara’s pageant girl and I was dressed as a man lol) but he told us another time, they were just leaving.
    When he said this he looked both of us individually in the eyes and I swear I melted. That stern, puppy look he always gives in the movies is 10 times better in real life! Ahh scops.

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