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  1. ME!!!! Although I thought there was a sense of calmness occurring for me until yesterday! Let’s see what happens today! ugh!!

  2. I’ve started attacking people in the Comments sections :D

    Usually I just read their vicious rubbish and think “Sigh. At least I don’t know any people like this in real life” but for some reason I’ve been letting people have it with both barrels for the last two days. And then not going back and reading their responses.

    I have NO idea what’s gotten into me, as I’m actually quite happy with things/my lifepath/relationships at the moment… And I just don’t write in the Comments of sites usually.

    Maybe its the extra emotional energy that’s been freed up ? Anyway, all I can say is, thank Godde I’m not still on Essential Baby ! It’d be a bloodbath !! :D

  3. I”m not sure if it’s plutonic or just , shall we say, rather interested in the opposite sex right now, but rather suddenly I am not my usual self – I am applying my piscean powers of perception specifically to sexual relationships past and potential. But my consideration (?) feels heavier and more loaded with ‘have you got what it takes / are you strong enough’ kind of thinking than my usual MO, or at least – all the frills have been removed and this essentialist approach is now laid bare. It’s kind of wierd when you’re just sitting on the bus, some hot guy gets on, and you find yourself lasering his existence (from behind dark wraparound sunglasses) and analysing everything you can see about him :D

    Is this how scorpios generally think?? it’s terrifying.

    Like a home-built muscle car with a turbocharged V12 engine (WHOAA does that even exist!!) and spraypainted matte black – you know, all power and no frills (lots of thrills tho ;) ) gawd, cars like that turn me on! hahah well I do have venus in aries still …

  4. Loving this pic as an illustration for Pluto in Cap. And look: one goat is pooping! My fave is the smoking goat. I wonder what’s in his pipe? All’s eyes are pink– Plutonic Pink.

    Excellent choice, Mystic. I think I’ll wear pink today.

    • haha! i agree on the appropriateness of the pic. my fave is the badass duck in the bottom right corner. there’s something going on behind those black eyes.

  5. Yes, I guess I’m feeling a little tired of holding up a structure (or two) that I don’t need.
    I try to clear my head and sweep out all the rooms of my emotions and the baggage that seems to still exist. It is awesome navigating through with awareness and a sense of humor though.

    • I hear you. I’m thinking of wiping my fb profile from existence, speaking of supporting unnecessary structures. For a start.

      What would you like to mushroom cloud?

  6. I am feeling very psyched out, and not entirely sure where my head is … had a lot of psyche-crap triggered in the last days, bleargh, for no good reasons whatsoever … or maybe some part of me is trying to cling onto old, known patterns whilst the wave is incoming.

    Is this (below) ment in a good or a bad way?:

    “By mid next week, Mars sets the future (and past) of a relationship into start relief. It’s intense but clear-as. It may even be late 2011 all over again, only this time you’re ultra-lucid, strong and determined.”

    • Yep – that passage set my mind into overdrive as well. Had a very tense and fiery end of 2011, (turned down job that took me out of career I’d pursued for last 7 years and made the first four months of this year fiscally difficult except for generosity of friends and family in making loans to me – that I now desparately want to repay to rebalance the relationship) but can see it has taken me to a new work place, clarified a lot of my thinking re me, my life and goals, and also i’ve done a lot of inner work in the interim.

      Am hanging on to the last part of the sentence – ‘only this time you’re ultra-lucid, strong and determined.’ Yes to all of that, so I know I can handle what will come along. No, not just handle but manage it with grace and style.

      • I’ve done a lot of inner work as well since Nov. 2011, especially on my hang-ups relating to people in all sort of ways and I’d rather hope that work is going to fruit around ;)

  7. Still Crazy Present. Zero desire to indulge in fantasies these days. Wtf.

    Oh! Also! I threw the gauntlet DOWN between my mother’s youngest sister yesterday. I am still surprised that I did that. I am Miss Non-Confrontation usually but I was getting tired of reading her “I love being an aunt! An aunt is like a second mom and your best friend and magic and unicorns!” stuff on Facebook when she literally ignores me at family events, so I just pointed out all of it, told her that her behavior hurt me, and ended our relationship.

    • Good on you bright, sometimes people only perform to our expectations, so by raising the expectations, we’re giving them the chance to raise their behaviour….hopefully she goes in deep to see what the real feeling is behind her comments, sounds sad and lonely to this outsider. Blessings Hun, and good on you for beng brave and honest.

    • Yeah, i second the applause for your honesty, Bright. I don’t know what to make of it yet but I’ve noticed for the last decade or so that members of my extended family who don’t make the effort are always crapping on about their strong sense of family, while the so-called black sheep independent people have proved to be the ones holding it together and truly giving a damn. Bravo for wearing your truth.

  8. Let me add an exceptionally interesting Taurus to the list. I recently rediscovered Toyah Willcox, when I saw her stunning performance in the Punk documentary “URGH! A Music War.” That is the only performance of hers that I have ever seen, but that is enough to get me interested. Everything else from her punk era is virtually unobtainable.

    Check out her wikipedia bio, OMFG what a life. And she’s married to Robert Fripp. I am probably giving too much information when I say one of the reasons I am so interested in her is that we have the same birthday.

    • OMG! Toyah was my heroine as a teenage, just moved her & still do. I died my hair flamingo pink ‘…so what if I die my haie, I’ve still got a brain up their, I’m going to be free, I’m going to be me….’ !!! Fab.
      I remember she was in a rather obscure TV drama called ‘Marigold’ – stunning.

    • Had a crush on Toyah as a teen!! Can’t believe she’s married to Robert Fripp. I love his music and still listen to him and Brian Eno to this day.

  9. Well, I’ve been bawling my eyes out reading Sally Morgans My Place. I’m booked in for an Aboriginal Healing mans camp out under the stars in the Alice (Springs) in September. I’ve been thinking of Fabienne aka Blue Libra. Looking at art by Angelique Houtcamp (as a pressie for someone) and came across her one called Fabienne. feeling sad about Australia’s rascist past, also a teary pmt week so that’s doesn’t help. sad Bob Brown from the Greens is retiring, so have ordered a couple of the greens t’s for my extreme liberal neighbourhood…even have my quite quick witted rant cemented in my head….dear oh dear, looking forward to boxing it out tonight. Peace and blessings all.

    • 8O

      *hugs Rammy!*

      Sally Morgan’s book is brilliant! I read it as a teenager and I just loved it!

      I have always been drawn to indigenous studies and Australia’s history is absolutely appalling.

      • Hey, i can’t quite recall her surname but you might like to read Ruby …’s book “Don’t Take Your Love into Town”. It’s a true story but her attitude and many of the people around her held tight and shared a lot of warmth. Langford? My book’s gone missing.

        • Greetings gorgeous ones,
          Did you read it for school BGem?
          Have read Ruby don’t take your love to town, I remember her bird messenger was a willie wagtail. I was given my place over 20 years ago, but at the time I was into Isabelle Allende and the mists of Avalon, I overlooked it.

          I bought a copy of blood on the wattle from a bookstore in lismore for my 18th and hope I get to see in my time an indigenous prime minister…hopefully a leader of the greens, I would die completed !..

          Have ordered a copy of Sally Morgan’s next book the story of jack McPhee…looking forward to it.
          You know i feel ashamed, my beautiful Piscean grandmother grew up on a sheep farm in country new, they had a young aboriginal girl work at their homestead, there is still an abrasivenss nan feels towards indigenous Australians, I really hope she doesn’t take that attitude to her grave, I know she’s from a different time, but when it’s quite and we are alone, I open up the conversation gently, rightly or wrongly, without judgement..

          I wonder what was happening astro wise when Australia were Biko re taking the kids away from their parents…the pain would have been unbearable, Kevin Rudd may have been a control freak, but I respect him his apology.

          Off to bed…I’ve been attacked by grass ticks for the second time in a month, I look like I am recovering from chicken pox, must be up high near the clothes line….kids are tick free…all over neck, shoulders, collarbone, buggers, oh and one of the twin possums from last year is back, the female, and has been found 2 nights in a row in the house…pregnant, probably trying to locate the fruit bowl.

          That’s enough rambling from moi, B Gemmie, I’m glad to hear mention of Dr Aqua, I was hoping a few weeks ago that he was in your life still Hun..spesh when I get teary bout your parents missing out on being on this plane and sharing your fabulousness!

    • Bob Brown *sigh* Love him… always have. The only man in politics with any integrity. A haute Cappy for sure.

      • Hello gorgeousness,
        Did you hear him say that he tried electric shock treatment to help cure im of his sexuality, I cried (teary ram this week)…how frightening and alone he must have felt. Much respect to the man, how wicked we were (as humans) to not accept one another.

        I confessed to my scorp father that I was a greens supporter, we spoke about his sexuality(bob browns) it makes my father uncomfortable, then he mentioned the bible, that’s when I struck re abuse in the church to small children, who are not consensting adults…etc…He seemed to really hear what i was saying and agreed, i seem fighting what I think is the good fight with my family at the mo, this time without flames, more mind and feelings, seems to be working, holy smoke batman…that’s a first!

        • Scuse my atrocious spelling and sentence structure, on the boys iPad and it’s crap or I am at knowing how to go back and change words and not use their words…hoo-roo. Xx computer taken over by other ram of the household. Peace earthlings. X

          • yes! I saw that. A whole hour of just Bob on Q&A. Was heaven!! :) Not so heaven re the shock treatment! The poor man. Really felt for him. He’s very special… such a beautiful soul.

            Well done on the fighting without flames!! It’s an achievement for a fire sign.

            No worries about spelling or sentence structure. Damn technology! My iphone started doing weird things today when I went to the blog. These weird graphics are taken up the first 3 lines of the comments section, so I can’t read them. Grrr. It’s not even Merc Rx… Ah well..

            good night x

  10. Hooray for everyone not tolerating fakeness and crap.
    Especially to you, Bright. I can’t stand that fake ‘niceness’ unicorny crap that gets posted on FB by peeps who think it makes THEM LOOK GOOD.


    • Sure giant fail, but the naughty side of me is thinking of trying it on the small crew of office b* s. Just to be infuriating and confusing ;)

  11. OMG discussions re: sex, shared $$, debt can get to DEFCON1 v. quickly!

    Must not nuke anyone… must not nuke anyone… must not

  12. I have been waking up in the middle of the night having close-to panic attacks. Free floating fear seems to have me in its grips at the moment. Pluto? I already went through my horrid- sorry, growth filled- pluto/sun transit in 2005!

    • You poor thing! I know what you mean about the panic attacks! I’m waking up too in the middle of the night and completely freaking out about some dream I’ve just woken from because it’s too horrible to keep on dreaming about. What are you having panic attacks about?

  13. Oo Iistening to Stevie Nicks who is currently having a Pluto transit conjunct her moon opposing venus. So yes yes

    Had to add this song

    • ha, its funny cause on south park they had a goat, and all the periphery character kept mistaking it for stevie nicks, ha

      • Shangrila by Stevie is the music i put on when i need a dose of Power, loudly, very.

  14. I just cancelled out of doing some work I’m ‘over qualified’ for that I was going to do anyway cause I need the cash. But as I was getting ready to go I was feeling increasingly depressed at reducing myself to that level and I’ve chickened out. Im not sure it really makes me feel any better because it doesn’t change my broke, unemployed, no apparent options status, but fuck it would have been demoralising.

  15. I know I am, anytime I have a few more years of pluto in capricorn to flow with for people to see whats really going on with there Governments. Im always a happy camper, espeically when camping then im like double the happy camper.

    I know my scorpio moon makes Some people a little uncomfortable, but any true believer in astrology knows its quite harmless and thats it just working.

    im far from dropping nukes, but some countrys do carry them.

  16. Thanks everyone for sharing, because it makes me feel less crazy! Since yesterday I’ve been in existential crisis mode … like, what’s my mission? what’s my purpose? how am i adding value to society and not just contributing to the over-consumptive, soulless status quo. Am becoming increasingly impatient with myself (and thus, everyone else, too). Thinking that’s Pluto in Cap for me … esp b/c Cap is the only earth sign in my chart, and it’s 3rd house and houses Mars. Work. Drive. Ambition. So, guessing that this unsettled feeling is gonna continue until 2013? Good Lord!

    Funny … this weekend was so blissful (per Mystic’s weekend scopes). Don’t think I’ll be able to go “back” … but not quite sure where “forward” is. Or what it looks like.

  17. Never been into faux anything, ever.

    Transiting pluto in my 5th house of romance, children, and creativity. All 3 of those better than ever!!!!!
    Pluto is opposing my juno right now and conjunct my Toro lovers north node. Interesting times romance wise. I am loving it, feeling more balanced and healthy regarding romance. Relationship with my kids is fabulous. Still playing my instruments.

    Left for a vacation today. super excited! Taurus is my 9th house and finally getting to travel!