The Real Virgo Sandpit

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Hey Guys, a few days ago i surmised that the child presiding over this terrifically organized sandpit was a Virgo, even though – yes – the pic was most likely totally set up by the photographer – a controlling Taurus, no doubt.

BUT I have just been sent this picture of an adorable REAL-LIFE VIRGO toddler with his genuine Virgo sandpit.

Note how the toys, cars and trucks etc are actually all lined up. This IS the real deal.

Now i just have to wait for a pic of a Scorpio child with their sandpit that they detonated or a Pisces using their sandpit to cultivate catnip.

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74 thoughts on “The Real Virgo Sandpit

  1. pisces would have a little mini movie set going on, with an intricate story and drama all set up, when I was a kid, it wasnt the color or size of a toy, but its story possibilities and the made up personalities, it would be like toy story basically

    • ahhh yes David! spoken like a true pisces! my little stepstool became a condo for my dolls, socks became sleeping bags (my barbies camped a lot!), nothing like the child’s imagination!

      • ah yeah, you’ve summarised years of Barbie story telling. Don’t get me started on the table that was a whole house or the intricate television sets made of boxes with whole days of programming mapped out…

        • tell me about it, from watching cartoons I would get inspired and have these intricate little scenarios and stories all mapped out, oh how it frustrated me to have a character missing, or to have the complete set of heroes only to be missing a villain, luckily I was resourceful, apparently my little sister was so intrigued by this she would stop her playing and just watch me as I put on a little show for myself

      • i know, I would go to friends houses and be so perplexed at how they would play with toys or their choice of toys, for one I never cared for toy cars, I never really understood the appeal, I would much rather have an action figure to play with, and unlike a lot of other kids I would actually play with my toys, in fact at that age all I did was lock myself in my room and just pretend the day away

  2. “yes – the pic was most likely totally set up by the photographer – a controlling Taurus, no doubt.”

    Why do I want to read that as:

    “yes – the pic was most likely totally set up by the photographer – a fat controlling Taurus, no doubt.”

    ? πŸ˜€

  3. yeah, that is one happy virgo – great work!

    tidy, orderly, organised, completed – no wonder he looks so happy!

  4. or could just be Asperger’s. My Asperger’s Virgo son used to do the same with his Matchbox cars.

    • asbergers! oh dear my grandson has been lining his tricks and toys up since he was 1 and 1/2! he is 4 !

    • Let’s clarify something about lining up toys and Asperger’s or Autism. I’m saying this in response to the comments posted here and on the other sandpit entry.

      Some kids like to order and classify, and that’s perfectly NORMAL cognitive development. (Ex: Virgos, Cappy and Taureans –all for different reasons!) But kids on the spectrum are unlikely to have other play “plots” and definitely struggle in interpersonal skills. It’s not the ordering and classifying that distinguishes them, it’s their inability to expand their play preferences and engage others in the process.

      And now I’m taking off my Autism Pedant hat…

      • thanks for that comment, right on! as a kid i would totes organise my toys and things, arrange by colour etc. it satisfied my Virgo drive for order.

        i may be somewhere on the autism spectrum (apaz we all are) but i am also a totally functional, healthy human being who is great at filing!

  5. Hey guys – let’s not go there so hard with the remote diagnoses BUT who wants to tell how you were the Archetype of your sign as a child?

    i was like classic Pisces with Aqua Rising – lived in total dream world. convinced was alien, saw ghosts, attempted to get into alternative dimensions, sci-fi addict, doodled hieroglyphics etc

    • Leo Sun, Sagg Moon, Aqua Rising

      I feel like I almost had a split personality as a kid. One side was the obviously Leo: super imaginative, costume loving, hyperactive, ballet at four (and continued dance for a long time), never felt any apprehension on stage, etc.

      But I was also extremely nerdy, introverted, and shy (Merc in Cancer for the shyness maybe?). I usually wanted to either play alone or read (mostly fantasy and science), and I was a Girl Scout for eleven years. Computers were an early interest as well; there’s even a pic of me at age one using a Mac 1984. :)

    • As a child: Taurus sun and Leo rising. Loved animals, books about animals, loved the secret garden and anything with an escape or tunnel or hidden world. Loved the idea of magic and magical spells. Still do! I think taurean children love animals and security- warmth, food, nature and calmness (or restored calm). Any stories or books that embodied all of those things were brilliant- e.g. strega nona; Lion, Witch & the Wardrobe; Secret Garden, The magic faraway tree and Adventures of the Wishing Chair.

      The reason I liked books so much is that my parents didn’t spend a lot of time with me and didn’t believe in such interesting and fascinating things as magic, journeys and hidden treasures or secret spaces. Neither did my sibling. Taurean children would usually prefer to have the warmth of being read to and leo would prefer to act out the play scenario with real props, real food, real everything (or as much as possible) and as colourful as possible. Again parents not interested- even if you had practiced dress-ups for hours.

      That’s great that Virgo loves the sand pit as some signs might not like sand or the feeling of sand? Very cute photo above!! I think a taurus child would like the sandpit if the games were not rough or if they included everybody and there were rules agreed by everyone. Leo rising might prefer dramatic play out of sand pit?? I think it also depends on how you fit in with the other children- if they don’t include you or like you or your play ideas you can end up not being able to do things that express your sun and rising sign in a group or social situation.

      Part of my uni work was playing with children and spending time in the sand pit and I wish I had known all of their signs. It would have been interesting to pay closer attention to sun signs with those kids… But then again, it’s only part of the picture.

      • Oh and aqua moon did make me feel the need for some time alone even as a child.

      • You liked a lot of same books I did as a child too! The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe was actually the first chapter book I read.

        I do disagree about Leo’s needing something real in order to act something out since acting comes so naturally without any sort of aid.

        Leo in a sandpit: If it can stand getting a little dirty, it will be building castles.

      • I LOVED ‘The Secret Garden’ :) It’s one of my faves!

        Interesting about the sand… my Saggo niece loves it but Gemini nephew hates it.

      • Yeah?. I got a pair of Guinea pigs (sisters; got them in my intray while I’m working on my website..nice for a Gem moon..)…but for my Daughter’s b-day a few weeks back.
        Now I’m 1000% sure THEY are them space Ay-leens. Stare at me and chipper tween themselves. big eyes. depthless. V-cute.

        • Yeah. Watch those Guinea Pigs man, they’re probably observing your earthling ways from the comfort of your in tray as they hatch their plot for world domination…

    • Can totally relate Water Pig. I’m a Cap sun w/Virgo rising so ‘splain how I was totally into fairies, mythology and anything magical. I was also notorious for having my nose in a book. Read Lord of the Rings twice. Wrote fairy stories (that became quite naughty as puberty kicked in…:) Knew all the names & stories of all the gods/goddesses both Greek & Roman. At a week-long tennis camp, I sat under a tree and read the entire Chronicles of Narnia…

      • Naught pubescent fairy stories πŸ˜€ Go! “rockin’ robin, ’cause we’re really gonna rock tonight” tweet tweet tweedly deet!

    • I can’t say for myself. My story seems more 12th house (misplaced). But my girl is so completely Aries. As a toddler – I still don’t know where it came from – she was in the car seat in the back and starting singing “I. NEED. TO FEEL MY POWER!” I was totally shocked, but impressed and started chanting with her. We were both feeling a bit ick with the energy of the other weekend, so I pulled out her old chant. Magic. Love my Aries baby.

    • Everything I did as a kid rings so true with my chart. I have libra sun in 12th…spent a lot of time drawing alone, or paired with my younger brother who was forced to be the other side of my duo obsession (I am still searching for a new partner in crime). Moon in Libra, too. And Scorp rising so a lot of the things we acted out were spookily psychological purging. The loaded 12th house including Saturn…lots of crazy fears of ghosts and aliens until I became Hindu at age 7 (thanks to kooky mum). Then I would pray and chant to keep nightmares and ghosts away. Then Venus in Sagg….many long long journeys into the woods, or playing with dogs, wishing I was an animal, especially a wolf or dolphin, or planning the most exciting way to run away from home and jump on the back of a semi truck, to freedom…

        • Aqua sun, Gem rising, Virgo moon. BOOKS! Books, books, books. Lil Virgo sis always wanted to play Barbies, I’d sort of play, then go back to …. BOOKS.

          My sister has changed a lot since she was little. I feel the same. Still have over 2,000 books in my house. And I’m a writer even today.

    • great question mystic!

      I am a Virgo with Aqua rising and I think basically smart, studious and eccentric! I did actually used to enjoy organising pegs on the clothes line by colour and type. weird i know. always loved reading, loved to escape through reading. enjoyed playing music but couldn’t stand the whole stuffy rigmarole around learning musical instruments, rote exercises, etc. apply myself to a new task or concept and quickly grasp the meaning and significance, then immediately lose interest and move on. thrive well in structured but non-authoritarian environments – couldn’t strucutre myself very well – had to learn that skill as an adult!

  6. he is soooooooooooo cute. i was bit of leo/aqua. all dress ups and ruling the backyard kids shows for parents but don’t make me do anything remotely stifling or i would refuse and find some way to get out of it. Not into leo histronics just used my moon in scorpio sneaky ways.

  7. I’m Toro sun, loved art, books and magic, read every Enid Blyton also loved flowers, plants (propogating geraniums and growing things), drawing and cooking. Also pretty active climbing, riding, running…never realised till writing this how close to type I was !!

  8. Lovely Virgo child! My boy is Scorpio (with Virgo rising) but repeatedly, repeatedly, buried things in his sandpit. Sometimes you’d see just a tip emerging from the sand…

    • Yes! Was waiting to see if anyone mentioned this. I’m a Scorp Sun and Virgo Moon and to me a sandbox become a desert where secret treasures are buried, only to be unearthed at a later date. One of my favorite things as a kid was this block of clay that encased a model of a dinosaur skeleton. You had to soak it in water and then meticulously scrape and brush away at it with cotton swabs and toothpicks to reveal the skeleton under all that mud. πŸ˜€

  9. Left to our own devices I realised life was not all turf and vegetable garden. Enlisting Virgo sibling’s help, after authoritatively informing her of the faeries (Leo MC, moi), we set up an undercover “shoppe” and made little labelled paper packages containing actual food. It was easy to get the Virgo on board since my first model package contained muesli. She looked askance at the candlenuts which we had earlier investigated and found .. er, well, they’re candlenuts .. until i confirmed that of course we didn’t like them because that is exactly what faeries eat. Piscean me became convinced by my own story and was completely shocked a week later that stocks didn’t need replenishing.

    We turned our attention to a brick stack and began an ogre breadmaking business, the bricks being bones that we ground to make our bread. We had several creepy songs to accompany our ogrish labours. The Virgo made more ‘flour’ grinding a brick than i’ve yet to see again (Sun Merc Mars in Virgo).

    We got into trouble (both of us Sag Rising) for moving the bricks for the new wall about, and destroying some of them. So I suggested we might need some money to go to the deli. We were put to good use at the deli and were paid in cherries (both Cap 2nd house).

  10. What a lovely idea mystic!!! (and what a cute kid up there!!)

    gem sun, scorp rising, pisces moon

    lurrrrrved dress ups, and can surely remember wanting everyone to dress up, really remember feeling the power of transforming with dress ups, and swapping gender roles and stuff, seriously believed I would be wonder woman when a friend told me how to do the trick… was very influenced by friends a couple of years older…

    Very similar to millie, i told my sister stories about the fairies, and we found lots of special fairy places in the bush and left them offerings, and would return at a later date to see they had been taken…. very magical nature time… remember staring into the grass and having some sort of third eye opening….

    Was also a tomboy and loved to play with the boys, and play cars, go bmx biking, horseriding and break many arms and constantly had bruises and grazes on my kneess….

    Was very sexually aware as a child, must be my scorp rising, wont gross you out, but was just very aware, and my mum had to tell me where it was ok and not ok to masturbate, before i was school age…. ( no sexual abuse – which apparently is indicated by sexually active children, but i prove that theory wrong).

    Very dreamy and not of this world, thought everything was good and kind to discover it was not, and i lived with violence… had a strong sense of justice as a child.

      • uh yeah same here with scorp rising and other scorp/pluto stuff..sexually aware very much at a young age but no abuse.

  11. Taurus sun AND moon I was building forts (taurus rules real estate) in the woods as a child. Indoor building was included using large boxes, making windows & doors hanging napkin window coverings. Then I’d get inside and admire my work.

    I cant help but mention we-got-it- together Taurueans seem to attract those falling apart, the emotional cripples. They need us ‘controlling’ Taurus’ we’ve slowing attained the houses and food-. while everyoe else was out drinking or drugging.

    • I love my controlling taurus sister, more than anybodyelse, i think it was when she started ironing her undies in grade 5 that i realised we were quite different…
      But we all have different aspects of our selves, forgive me my asshole taurus comment, I apologise, I am dealing with a particularly nasty one at work, and was just spouting off… I love you cow peeps too much!!!

    • Putting an end to the attraction of (& to) “those falling apart, the emotional cripples” is literally my current number one self-improvement resolution. I do not want to be your mother. I do not want to be your saviour. I do not want to be your scapegoat. I may be single for awhile… but at least I’ll keep a hold of my sanity for a little bit longer : )

  12. My beautiful taurean nearly 5yo loves plants too, it has gotten to the point where when I am weeding the garden, he wants to rescue and pot everything that I pull out! He has an awesome amount of respect for plant life, but is happy to kill ants, even after I told him that if you’re going to kill something you have to eat it. You can guess the rest!!

  13. Virgo Sun, Virgo Rising, Taurus Moon.

    As a child, I worked to master everything I did, and once I reached this perceived “mastery,” I was completely bored/done with the given job & ready to move on to the next thing.

    I feel like I was always in competition with myself, as far back as I can remember. There has never been a time in my life where I felt un-pressured (as a result of both internal & external causes). I was never in competition with other kids, though. I actually don’t think I even noticed them lol. I was always so caught up in my own mental, emotional, physical & spiritual processing of things. I didn’t want to get distracted or shift my focus to the other kids’ processes, because that would just slow down my momentum, waste time/energy, etc.

    • Brea that was a great way of explaining how I’ve always felt even as a child. I couldn’t ever really articulate it as well as you just did. I’ve always been in competition with myself but haven’t been able to explain it properly. But not even NOTICING the other kids long enough to compete with them sure makes sense! And even now as an adult, I’m always too focused on whatever new self-improvement scheme I’ve got going on to notice other people all that much. So it’s always somewhat hilarious to me when I notice other people trying to compete with me because they think I’m trying to out do them & really I’m just trying to out do myself and never quite living up to my ridiculous expectations.

      I’m a Virgo, Libra Moon (tightly conj Pluto in Scorp) with Cancer Rising. I’m told that I was always quiet, perceptive and wise beyond my years.

  14. Virgo Sun: Avid reader, liked to organize things and people and direct plays.
    Scorpio Rising: Liked my alone/me time to plot mysteries.
    Pisces Moon: Daydreamy, super-sensitive, loved being alone to daydream, paint, sing, play piano and write stories.
    Leo MC: Loved acting, performing in the plays I wrote and directed.

    I’d say I was 50/50 extrovert/introvert.
    Pretty much still the same except I manage my band and direct short art films, videos instead of plays.

  15. In the pic it looks like those trucks are stuck in traffic. ah!!

    I’m not a Virgo, but I use to line up my Barbies, and pretend they where in a parade. This was a game I played around age 2.
    And by the time I got to preschool. I remember I liked to make volcanoes in the sand. And at the beach I liked to make sand castles. Looked a lot like my volcanoes but for my castles I would find a bird feather and stick it on top. Now I would not be caught dead touching a bird feather. haha

    Gemini Rising
    Aries Sun 11
    Scorpio Moon 6
    Taurus Mercury 12

  16. Love it! Shows care for social organization and teamwork – lining up all those autos to work together! A true Virgo.

  17. Very Virgoan pic! Child is adorable too :)

    I had a sandpit at the back of my house with bushes growing around. One day as I was sitting with my bucket and spade I felt a wiggle behind my back. I got up and saw 2 small snakes. Ran for my father who thengrabbed a shovel and killed them. I helped him with my plastic shovel and then felt such a guilty feeling for their deaths.
    Scorpio stellium.

  18. Ha…this is so funny, Mystic, I should mail you the pic of me with my “My Little Ponies” organized in a line when I was 5. And I mean ORGANIZED. From largest to smallest, first the non-My Little Ponies (the big poseurs), then all others organized by type and size. Mars and Jupiter conjunct in Capricorn. Duh.

  19. virgo sun and rising moon in pisces…

    well the first time i ever went to the beach i balled my eyes out and refused to go on the sand because it was “dirty” lol

  20. Leo Sun, Gem Rising, (Scorp Moon). Flying: The cardboard wings I had made at four weren’t working, so I used to try to levitate the carpets to make them fly. Sun + Mercury’s Wings?

    Then I used ruin all my textas by making jars of brightly coloured water.
    I would arrange them in rows on top of each other in windows so the sun would shine through them.
    (Later I saw aura soma colour therapy and something ping! in my head!)

    • Later on, I had a foundry where I would ‘make’ swords, but my favourite thing was making bamboo bows and arrows – which kind of worked! Climbing trees to check on the advancing enemy. Lots of martial arts Monkey Magic fighting long-pole style and flying on a little pink cloud featured.

    • Dear friend the New Edition Psychic Aqua said all the flying was because I was in disbelief I coudn’t fly as the memory of being disincarnate was so strong.

  21. oh that boy is soo cute. Today I discovered just how much of a virgo my baby boy is. 12/09/2011 Rising, sun, mercury and mars. I am mostly air/fire so feeling a little nervous
    : )