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Obviously a once-in-a-lifetime situation such as the Zap Zone (Uranus in Aries Square Pluto in Capricorn until 2016) is difficult to predict, let alone make glib fashion predictions for but that sort of thing never stops someone with Mercury in Aries, ie; me.

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* 40% Chinese Supermodels Quota – they’re the new luxury goods market, not the Euros. See The Imagist for more. Fascinating. Note: China IS a Capricorn. So technically is Australia. With good management, could both countries become Plutocracies?

* Functional Gardens with edible stuff in rows & screw the serenity, hives, edible flowers, sea vegetables. If it’s not functional – fuq off. Same with relationships and anything else you might reasonably expect to be about Growth, Nourishment & some sort of sane Ecology.

* Most of the M.S.M. (The Mainstream Media) tirelessly spruiking a world we know is over, gone forever and was mostly fake crap anyway. Not so much the news but the lifestyle or advice component of it.

* Diet Saturn Candy.

* Deleveraging – whether it was several billion or a few hundred, we leveraged way up. Real life wages etc went down since at LEAST Neptune in Capricorn (late 80s)  but none of us noticed/cared because personal debt was SO easy to acquire & if you purchased a home, it was said to be growth infinity. Deleveraging means you can buy what you want, no judgement, but with your own money.

* Jewelry that is actually magic.  Designer Bling is costly but it has no currency – let alone Qi – compared to talismanically powerful stuff like this

Or this

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  1. Gawd I’m so glad you exist to guide us thru this zap zone shenanigans mystic…… this website sometimes feels like a backstage pass to the eye of the storm… kinda…

  2. Thanks for all the posts lately. Mm love the hand with the evil eye.
    I think I have watched around 5 episodes of gossip girl today while I have played hooky from work.

    • New regimes always work better than diets :)


      I mean how does one sustain it. Great new BG!

      • 8O

        :lol: Thanks Scorchy! 8O

        Btw I should add that I am not overweight nor am I skinny, I have a love of endurance sport and sometimes I bulk up every now and then. This began around Saturn Return followed by Mars Return in Virgo 6th, which Kimmy said I will have like x3 because of retro! 8O

        • What is that line in Bridgette Jones diary?

          We love her just the way she is…x

          Okay, maybe they said “like”…but I essentially love.


        • I had absolutely no mental picture of where you were at BG :) I’m similar in as much as I’m part of the amazonian tribe.. tall, strong frame .. so thin is out and extra weight can be carried without it being obvious.. but doesn’t mean I want it there.

          The ‘regime’ is on my to-do list as well. I”m just not entirely on my game enough to kick it in and know how my sabotage cycles work… but this new moon.. hmm, well maybe! :)

  3. If this pluto in cap thing means that more people are aware of ecological processes and how humans fundamentally influence most of them, I will be happy.
    Ps. What’s not serene about one’s own beautiful, productive vegie garden? Nature working with us to provide nutrition and fresh, delicious food right in front of us, shiny healthy leafy things, juicy tomatoes…lemons from the tree…fresh corrn…yummo :)

  4. All my jewelery is magic or charged with something by me once I’ve got it. I’ll only purpose buy jewlery. I don’t buy it just because it’s pretty although the beauty of it is a consideration.

    Deleveraging is also high on the desire list. Mars in Cap (moon, natal 2nd) says so and is starting to get more assertive to Saggi sun who just wants to let the good times roll infinitum!

    Wages etc have not moved much at all. Yes, easy debt access is quite possibly an accessory to the fact that people have just sucked up the shitty personal cash flow situtation. Legislation changes to contracts has had it’s voice along with employment figures. So people just decide to settle, no bargaining power, reluctance to protest or strike in case the ‘dream of having a job’ (not the dream job) is taken from them.

    Still, buying recklessly or needlessly is bigger than that and a big thing in our society. Mass produced everything that always houses a component of waste is not good enough either.

    I have a donation bag from an organisation that came in my letterbox this week. They want the usual stuff and advise this is to go to 3rd world countries to be sold at a fair price and will reduce landfill.

    Ok.. so I pondered the idea of a price on my 2nds.. BUT I also found myself considering the false nature of the landfill concept. So of course it won’t be landfill in Australia but unless that person wants to wear my top until it becomes dust and no longer exists then surely it will become landfill elsewhere!!

    So.. we still make more stuff than we need in general. And we still have to find a place to put it when we’ve tired of it.

    Ok.. digressed a little. Rant complete. :)

    • No, i’m totally with you. Decluttering brings responsibilty and divesting of my unwanted goods is a slower process now as I need to know it’s not ending up toxic waste. Used to throw out junk like a decluttering robot on electrohype speed but now i have to dispose of thoughtfully.

      Didn’t BootesLacuna mention cheap goods=toxicity on an earlier thread? Yes, agreed. Buy thoughtfully.

      • Heard that there are now more cell phones on earth than people..

        Someone talkin’ to themselves…hmm?

        ~Hello? Are you there?~

        “You’ve been forwarded to voicemail. The person you are trying to reach is currently unavailable. We detect that the lights are on, but ain’t nobody home”…


        • You cracked me up Sweets!

          It’s such an unfortunately thing.. the speed of technology developments meeting the psychological marketing gurus manipulating us all into ‘must have’ new technology.

          And people are too paranoid to recycle their tech gear in case there’s stuff that can be retrieved.

          AND.. the cost of breaking down tech gear is extreme. I was quoted several hundred bucks from an independant (and I applaude them) organisation. Why isn’t there govt subsidies on this??

          I’m going back to your post now.. it makes me feel better about it all :)

      • Yes.. which is why I agonise over furniture that I want to change or upgrade when it’s still functional and fine.. groaaan!

        Decluttering Robot on Electrohype Speed!! LOL :)

      • Yes, I’ve been doing this for years. When you go to buy something, try to think of the whole of its life. not just the time you’ll possess it. But before you even buy it, ask yourself – could I get it second hand or vintage first? Try ebay. And if you can’t get it second-hand, try to buy the best that money can afford. Think about your stuff in a Karmic way – when you have finished with it, will it be a disgusting stretchy piece of see-through viscose blend, or could you conceivably give it to someone and they’d think it was great? Plus, giving away stylie clothes in pure fabrics to someone who could use them more than you could is just so COOL! Heaps cooler than throwing trashbags of polyester viscose nylon spandex from Sportsgirl Portmans Zara etc in the bin, or worse, trying to convince someone they’re still worth wearing, or even worse, trying to sell them at the Glebe/Camberwell markets or the MOST worst, dumping them in a charity bin and letting them sort the guff out.

    • Yah – the old mantra was “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” but somehow it ended up as “Recycle, Recycle, Recycle”.

      I give everything to the Salvos/Vinnies/Anglicare etc. Everything they can’t use, clotheswise, gets shredded and turned into insulation.

      • DT.. I hates to be the bubble burster but it’s not true.

        I have recently spent some time in a large Salvo’s warehouse as part of our organisation’s rehabilitation for people back into work. Yes.. it takes me into some different places you wouldn’t necessarily expect with mental heatth!

        So.. their annual budget for wast nationally is about 4 million. They get crappy donatons that they aren’t salable and they’re dumped. They get excesses during all the holiday periods and they may at times become more vigilant on what is salable etc. They get stuff they can’t use and it doesn’t get kept. Crockery that isn’t a set will be part culled to make a set. Crockery/glassware that that is scratched up and/or chipped will be culled. Anything damaged will be dumped.

        Honestly, it was a really big eye opener into how this all works. They’re a NGO so of course have to work with what they have and rely on donations to continue business but there is still discernment.

        A lot doesn’t make it, even to the Africa pile.. (oh these bales/bins are to the roof of the warehouse too for all stuff, not just Africa. Some may sit for a season if it can’t be sold. It may get mouldy or ruined.. it may not.

        Anything contra-Christian is automatically binned eg a buddha statue, incense, alt religious prints and so forth. Anything related to gambling or alcohol is also trashed. So, card decks, certain games, glasses with alcohol logos on them. No hesitation. The exception being wine glasses as you could reasonably drink non-alcoholic beverages in them. Occassionally retro is saved but even old retro ashtrays (I saved 2) are trashed.

        I’ve been around there for a year or so now and old clothing/bedding etc that isn’t suitable to sell ends up in a big bin not insulation.

        It did my head in.. I wanted to save everything I could initially… but had to find a way to be ok with it and train others to be. Wasn’t easy. Glad it’s over for me but it ain’t over in general.

        I’m not bagging them. They do a great job where they can. Often it’s the donator.. let’s face it, we all think our stuff is valuable or we want someone else to make use of something rather than have to deal with throwing it. But it’s not as simple as dropping it off and being confident it’ll be reused with everything.

        Obviously everything that is salable is boxed/bagged and shipped to stores and resold and that’s a great thing.

        And yes, I scored a few cool things along the way :)

        Can’t speak for Vinnies or Anglicare.

        • Thank you, Scorched, for detailing this. I have looked at all the overflowing donation bins, often full of shit, and suspected exactly this scenario. I tried shopping at some thrift stores and that is how i realised that one person’s trash is often another person’s trash, too.

          Seabird, i shop like this too, but i never put it into conscious words or ideas until this last year or two. I have clothes that i have looked after and tucked away for years then made friends with again. Compliments on an outfit someone has never seen me in often met with a laugh: he heh this is 14 years old! Perhaps that’s the upside to Saturn square Venus :) Or the thrifty “i use” motto of second house Capricorn :D

          ..or could be Piscean forgettery.

          • Yes.. the bringer of not so cheery news but is necessary to understand how it all flows I feel. Glad my post was useful! I’ve had ‘issues’ reconciling it.

            Cap 2nd sees mee whipping out pieces from over 2 decades ago that look fab and fresh and new. They could be worn frequently but my Saggi tires of them and needs to put them away for a while until the thrill of donning them again arises :)

            Don’t now if I have the PIscean forgettery.. or do I.. sometimes it’s like ..oh yeah I forgot about that piece and I have to wear it and then don’t do so for ages again :)

        • No that pisces me off, that information needs to be exposed! its fucked up these Christian charities get welfare contracts to deliver govt Mandates, and this is the narrowmindedness!

          not that I don’t think that lifeline or whoever does not have a huge job sorting the consumerist societies junk!

            • Yeah it’s a bigger problem I expect and I don’t have the answer, nor can I say they’re all the same but it’s just as encumbent on the consumer to be discerning about what they donate because just leaving a p!ss stained mattress and a chair with 3 legs isn’t going to see any charity jumping up and down with glee about how much they’re going to get for it eh! It’s almost like some people use charities as alternatives to the dump.. whether for convenience, extra karma points or a genuine belief that the article is valuable. In addition to the complexity of it all it’s hard to argue about ‘worth’ of a perceived item with a donator. Sometimes it has to be accepted and managed later as the essence of ‘good will’ and continued custom needs to be retained. It’s a complicated biz actually and yep, not all of it is great like most things in our world I guess.

              I hear ya Gem!

          • What I find far worse is the proliferation of decorating shows in the US where perfectly good flooring, walls etc. are ripped up and trashed due to changing tastes.

            Cap rising here, choose something timeless – there is no ‘Throw Away’ trash remains here to glut our earth and seas.

            I grow & garden & preserve all I can no pesticides. Hope I don’t have to tangle with the neighbors over dandelions again this year, but I will go head to head if I have to.

            Love all the points above, btw. Thanks

            • Yes, in abundance aren’t they.. even here!

              It’s a bit chicken/egg but is it supply or demand now? I can’t tell but that’s the point to hit it all not at the end of the chain. Even if people don’t buy things.. what happens to the leftover stuff post sale? Is it all sold? I reckon not. I reckon stuff is chucked indiscriminantly there too.

              Good on you for going head to head over the dandelions!

              Cap 2nd/moon here. I’m always agonising over throwing stuff out. Yet simultenously not a hoarder. Sometimes it’s frustrating :)

    • Love the magickal infused jewelry Scorchy, I do the same and treasure my Odin and stone rings. (The best of which are from ebay.) I smudge and elixir my stones as well.

      My fav junk shop is gone now, my friend retired, Her son was a trash hauler and we were amazed at the stuff people unloaded with no care for even trying to resell or donate.

      I did get a vacume cleaner via freecycle in my area after my divorce, from another divorcee.
      As far as fabric try donating clothing / costumes to local schools, quilting is also an option. Furniture – students are always on the lookout for an old couch for the porch. :)

      • Another devotee! Your Odin ring sounds interesting GR!

        You’re right there are other places as you mentioned. Some organisations will just make rags and use/sell them.

        Freecycle is another option.

        I guess the dilemma comes in how much time people actually want to invest in disposing of an item… remembering it actually has no worth for them any more. I think that self responsibility needs to be further cultivated in our society but it goes up against the need to upgrade/replace advertising & culture around it so it’s a tough one.

        Still.. some folk donate amazing almost new stuff.. the shoppers eh.. bored now, designer, new styles of housewares etch. I was like huh?

        Back to jewelry… today is Sunday Smudge.. so I’ll quite probably do mine… a couple are feeling a little tired.. possibly zap-zoned? :)

        • Zap zone indeed, Pluto is hitting up my natal Moon bigtime, rx energy zapped and Sun conj Neptune (my biggie ) and things are feeling weird.
          I thought after I wrote, all my stone rings are from ebay + for a song too. The Odin I spoke of is a holey stone, a pendant I wear on a leather thong that a friend gave me. A river rock aged by water.

          I am sorry I can’t remember which library book this was from, but there is reportedly a sea of trash in the pacific nearly as big as texas. I will try to find the source. This is extremely upseting, I am major earth girl.
          Ye gads, an easy find as it turns out:

          • A naturally aged stone.. shaped by water. Love!

            I know the sea tip! I’ve seen it on a doco and I can’t remember… don’t quote me on the Pacific?! The reason is that several oceans or currents all move that way therefore pushing waste along as well. The doco I saw had a guy swim through it to highlight this lesser known ugly sea-sore and still it’s not attracting enough attention. I was shocked that I’d not heard even a peep about it untl he raised awareness. It’s still relatively unknown or conveniently ignored.

            • Yes, the horse latitudes.
              I will join you for smudging ~ though here it will be Saturday smudge xo

      • Perhaps this IS a Saggi-Cap trait, buying quality, timeless, valuable then storing it away for eaons, bringing it out & it’s all new again. I have my own boutique in an large Indonesian trunk.
        Working part-time, have the opportunity to wade thro’ the masses of clothes at op-shops, and as aprevious life in fashion, really know quality, so can skim fast for pigment & colour.
        Let me tell you about last week’s find. Ralph
        Lauren brand new bikini & safari pure linen shirt with genuine tortoishell buttons. New Carla
        Zampatti trousers, tag said 275, op shop tix, 30!
        SOmehow i think they were hot as RL in opshop rather unusual?

        What came first the chicken or the egg? My ethical butcher has a pix of the farm where his eggs chicken & turkey are from on the wall.Lovely looking property. Often of 6 eggs, 4 can be double yolkers. If it wasn’t for him i would be a vegetarian.

  5. Diet Saturn Candy? There is so such thing unless it comes with a box where if you reach for a piece of a candy, a hand comes out of an opening in the box to bitch-slap your face for trying to eat the candy.

  6. Maybe its an Aqua/Libra thing but i feel like i’ve been living the ‘zap zone’ for the past 6 years! I turned off mainstream media years ago and happily live without tv or newspapers/magazines. I only buy crystal jewellry that has an energy that speaks to me and as for debt… everything i owned disappeared years ago and I’ve been without a job for long periods so I’ve already learnt to value the essentials in the life and be more aware of what I put my money towards. Simplifying life can come in many ways… the zap zone’s just hurrying things along for those who haven’t started yet

    • Ditto, lived years without a tv at all. Now a tv, (no cable) for 6-7 years, watch library DVDs where the whole community shares the resources. No magazines or papers. Now if I could only banish junk mail.

  7. Cute predictions, Mystic. Edible gardens are already taking off, and i love the rooftop metropolitan beehive trend (you didn’t mention it but it’s related).

    Quick q: does anyone get really confused by egg labelling? Yesterday a man standing in front of the eggs told me free range does not make happy chickens. He explained that chickens are forest birds and being in the open field stresses them. WHOAH. I stood there imagining Hansel and Gretel beginning their journey into the dark forest, every bough winking with sinister chickens. I stared at this tall golden bearded motorbike rider in awe and could only say, “Chickens are FOREST birds?”

    Last night i was watching a Hong Kong movie about three chicks, completely glued to the screen. Dumb plot and some overacting but such beautiful elegance. Living in Japan made me feel rather gauche in comparison.

    I have to say the MSM (nice abbrev, Mystic) has not died it’s worsening, it’s stupid and viral. It does not realise itself! But it’s an interesting counterpoint.

    …and Saturn doesn’t bring you diet candy. You learn not to crave nutritionless shit and to enjoy fresh produce, or a real dessert made with true chocolate and fresh whole cream, not chemical sludge with tartrazine and synthetic flavouring agent.

    • True – the ancestors of chickens came from forests, where they slept on twigs/branches as high as they could get to. As to whether ‘our’ current chooks are unhappy in open fields, I’m not sure. My grandparents kept chooks, and they didn’t seem to be unhappy being out there, coz they had their safe houses with perches. They held their own with the doggies. :) Genuine free-range places employ guards, e.g. Maremma dogs to ward off any potential dangers. (well, except when the humans send off the mama chooks for slaughter once they’re past their egg-laying prime years. There’s a farm in Vic that adopts out all their hens at the end of their tour of duty, instead of sending them to the slaughterhouse, can’t remember the name at the mo)

    • not sure about chickens…..but turkeys wander through meadows and forests. When in danger they take their short flights up into the tree branches though.

      Was at a friend’s house today who has guinea hens…pretty birds. They were roaming about the yard. They must of thought I might have food cause they followed me up to my car.

    • You need to be careful about egg labelling because the Free to Roam label is often a lie. Only buy free range that have been certified by someone respectable or you are certain of the providence.
      I’m sure chickens in a field are happier than chickens in tiny cages.
      Or scrub turkey eggs?

      • Just wanted to second that comment regarding chickens being happier in a field than crammed together in tiny tiny cages.

        Obviously do your research and make sure the company is legit, labeling can be really abused – but true Free Range is always better than what factory farm chickens have to endure.

        • All this talk of chickens… a lady I work with raises chickens & harvests eggs. We were speaking of ‘setting eggs’ (they lay less when sunlight lessens) anyhow, she said one chicken doesn’t like her and pecks her feet. “chickens think they’re real bad ass” is her quote. hilarious !
          Natural History of the Chicken

          • OMG incredible! Hilarious! Beautiful lady… you know, this makes me think of Equliibrium Girl’s recent story. What a gentle soul. I’ve always been afraid of them *awkward blush* as little girl me tended to get chased by “bad ass” chickens, erm, including bantams.

            • awww… I grew up near cows, not chicks – had no idea chickens were so rowdy, Mille :) I re-watched the doco, weird chick stories.

              Cows. They are so curious, if you moOo at them, they come right up to ya battin big ole lashes & a chewin’. Didn’t know then I was a Toro Moon. How fitting I would croon to them haha

    • I know they roam free on Lord Howe Island. No fences, no predators but not sure it’s forest, maybe a bit scrub like. Only 350 residents and also home to 150 species of birds including the rare Petril.

      Yes.. I’m researching it a little at the mo.. considering a quick jaunt :)

      I try to go free range/organic or farm (usually = same thing) but don’t have a preference. Well I did.. they were in a black carton and only had 10 but they were amazing and now they’re gone.. probably not enough sales as they weren’t cheep (lol) but were worth the price!

    • This is going to sound really mean,but until we’re living in a perfect world, worrying about how stressed our chicken are is only wasting time.
      so many tiny problems pop up in modern life (depending on gender of course) that we’re forever exhausted (like the working class of the UK during the Industrial Revolution, who were too exhausted from all their work to even want to care about how they can fix their problems, about organizing themselves, etc) which causes us to fail to see the big picture around us….how to put an end to MSMs, how to organize otherwise scattered people, how to turn brainless sheeple into functioning human beings…all this nobody has a chance to think about because they’re always stuck in this circle of other shit or believe that the problem is not in their hands.
      the internet is an example of how we waste time with our day-to-day lifestyles- the internet takes up too much time with its need to be checked daily. What will you be remembered for doing in this life, having a well-kept social profile?
      we’re not in a perfect world, the biggest problem we have certainly is not checking where your chickens come from, it is checking where YOU are going in your life and what problems are going on all around you.
      i understand that caring for animals and the environment IS a way of saving the world around you but in this day and age it is a luxury. it is a way for normal people to do what they can. the things that these people do isn’t, however, annihilating the people MAKING the problems, not making big changes but by tackling big problems in tiny ways (holding campaigns, having a few celebrities as support for advertising, getting money- it’s all great but what does it achieve in the end?)
      the problem is that everyone who is fed up with modern life tries saving it in those small ways (and unfortunately they ARE small) while those who aren’t make HUGE problems behind them that no one can fix. it’s too much. culture is taking us backwards and we choose to plug our ears and do whatever we can to ease our consciences or get entranced by it. this isn’t what the world needs.

      • also as a disclaimer before head gets chomped off- am in NO way whatsoever criticizing milluenanotte or any of the other repliers. i know that all this is written as a way to spread useful knowledge and that it’s all done to better our world and find solutions to problems all omnivores (and idk carnivores) here have. it is a very noble thing to do.

        • Not at all, coward. To me it’s a funny vignette: I was amazed by the replies. Certainly interesting, but yes you can see my attitude from my immediate envisioning of Hansel and Gretel in a forest full of sinister chickens. I mean, yes I’d like to make conscious choices but to me that whole conversation with the man at the eggs sums up exactly what you’re saying.

          Except this: organising people, annihilating people, the problem is… your language suggests something rather revolutionary and extreme. Me, i’m happy to learn, happy to hear thoughts and happy to share vignettes. I do not wish to tell anyone what the problem with society is, i feel i have so much to learn about us that i could never make such a judgement for all. That extreme labelling of people around you as brainless or living in luxury is simplistic. I prefer a quiet revolution, coward. I’m tired of the shouting and the preaching, i’m tired of the labels and the self righteous anger.

          This has been a fun and interesting thread, started unwittingly by a simple relating of a funny supermarket story. I wouldn’t call myself noble, it may not be what the world needs, coward, but i’m in physical pain and pisces’d off (cheers plutonic) about having time off work again, and trying to gather all my resources to make it in tomorrow to do what i love. I get your frustration but me, i’m after a simple exchange of ideas, some interaction, some astro.

          And hey, not trying to bite your head off, it all matters, but sometimes the little things can make a world of difference to someone, too xx

          • : ) glad you like millie, I agree I feel the little things do make a difference, while I don’t deny there are massive global problems I dint know what the fuq to do about, and can end up in foetal rocking position, I want the chooks to roam free actually, I care about that a lot! Along with all other animals, who are caged, hunted, tortured, whose environment is being destroyed, and then we have sex slavery of women and children, genocide, economic slavery, nuclear and chemical pollution of earth and water, and air! Starvation, food manipulation so they don’t reproduce, privatisation of water including personal ownership of some of the worlds biggest aquifers! Racism, genocide and multinational rule. Etc etc, and I still want the chooks to be free to roam!

        • coward anon, I believe sharing knowledge makes people aware. Living in Western society often equals a disconnect from the web of life, i.e. where does our food come from.

          Raising awareness contributes to raising our consciousness as a group. Our collective raised consciousness will be the impetus to tackle problems large and small.

          You said, ‘the biggest problem we have certainly is not checking where your chickens come from, it is checking where YOU are going in your life and what problems are going on all around you’

          The way a society treats animals is important. How can we grow as individuals if we choose to ignore inhumane (factory farming) conditions, or decide that that cruelty or whatever the issue is, doesn’t fit in with MY personal growth.

          We are all connected. Everything is connected.

          • I know you weren’t responding to factory farming as such, but it seemed you were implying that the way we treat a chicken is unimportant.

          • I agree, until we treat animals as also having emotions, and give them respect & compassion we will not spiritually evolve.
            To me this is The Biggie….how we treat them.

      • @ coward:
        Am thinking we have this moment to live and give love. Then another. There is no such thing as ‘tackling big issues’! There is just one thing done right and another and another… The success habit is ingrained in every action you make.
        Making love and gentleness a habit is a priority for true success to take place – be it towards a horse, a chicken – or yourself.

        • hello, i’d like to clear out that i DO believe in love and gentleness etc etc but let’s put it this way:
          if you were angry about psychiatry in america, you could write an angry letter and vow never to go to a shrink or take their stupid pills or give into their beliefs or or or or any defiances on a personal level….
          or you could do what rosenhan did:

          really powerful stuff, pls watch and tell me, which would would make the bigger difference? xx

          • I think you are comparing apples and oranges. Am sure you believe in the power of love.
            I get that Rosenhans action was based upon concern and love too. It was a clever way to demonstrate his concerns (though the victims ending up incarcerated for months is playing a dangerous game with his volunteers – very risky).
            Are you frustrated that people talk about their concerns and don’t act? This is a ‘talking’ space, not a space for creating action in the way you seem to desire.

            • look, i understand this is talking space. people talk about their actions more often than not. talking usually leads to action (usually). but that isn’t my point, nor is it yours.
              it was risky, but Rosenhan’s experiment was effective. There. That’s my point. And unless there were some ulterior motives behind the experiment which we’ll probably never know about then yes, it was done out of love for the people getting affected by that big bad system of psychiatry.
              That’s all I’d like from the world. Effective change.
              and so i don;t get accused of switched topics every five seconds, i’ve said before but my comments got deleted- chicken awareness, environmental awareness, anyy and all of those things are extremely important.. What I tried and failed to say was that even if we did succeed in saving the chickens, a thousand more species (including ourselves) would get endangered because we still wouldn’t have gotten to the root of the problem. That /that/ should be the world’s focus for now, getting to the roots of all the shit that’s going on now. Big dreams right =P

    • O c’mon you know you want some “bitch-slap” candy or that auto-electocute candy as Mystic describes! Even if you aren’t going to eat it it would make a great gag gift to have laying about the house for nosy guests

      • Yeah go on, Foxy, smack me up! I could go with anything right now :)

        Just give me a mo to get changed…i feel an outfit coming on x

        • Hello Millie, hope you feel better soon. I alos get very frustrated if off work with injuries or being out of sorts.
          After having a CAT scan last Tuesday, have felt out of sorts, not in my shoes, outta balance.
          Doc did say i would have a dose of radiation, keep wondering if that is the cause.
          Not glowing in the dark though…..i wish :-)

          • Glowing with health? Glowing with pride? ;)

            Thanks for your good wishes, Pegasus, and boomerang to you. Hope the scan results are normal.

            I’m hanging in there. Inching towards goodness again, and definitely loving the good vibes and interesting voices here. You all take the edge off, and i’m deeply grateful.

            • Sorry to hear of health worries pegs and millie. Love hearing your voices here. Hope you’re chirping with healthy gusto again soon.

              • Yes, sorry that things are rough for you two stunning ladies, feel better soon lovelies, xx.

  8. Brilliant obs on Capricorn end, I would add that Aries in Uranus is making transport, the mere act of getting from A to B, a living hell. Its never ever fast enough without a crash or a ticket en route . Prior to this era I only ever had parking violations ( plus the unlicensed riding of an unroadworthy unregistered motorbike once but otherwise ….) NOW I haven’t owned a car since I wrote off last one during first Uranus Aries days, going through a red I just didn’t see, and have just picked up a ticket driving as a one off to the shops for not completely stopping at a stop sign. Never ever in my lengthy driving career, even as a taxi driver , have I been done for speeding or not stopping.

    *pedals off into the sunset*

    Anyone else

    • ME! Twice fined for not wearing seat-belt. Huge fines for that. .Dislike the restriction of them.

  9. Do you know what they call those who feed off of other people?

    It is not alien…it is not sci-fi…

    They are called The Watchers,,,Very Saturnian, time like.

    Like Captain Picard said “engage”…It’ll’ do ya good. Was a “time” when I knew all about standing on the sidelines of life. x

  10. Love it when Mystic does a countries astrology. That Australia and China are both Capricorn is hugely fascinating. China’s work ethic should have given me a clue. i know the USA is Cancer (good at business but also about home values ie. apple pie) and France is Libra (designer goods and elegance) so what is Russia ? Gemini ? slightly crazy (I am one, so i can say that)

    Does this relate. An article in The Guardian on investigating the wealth of African politians and the huge home, cars and assets they harbour in France and the USA.

    • Is this why the world is bankrupt???’Ill Gotten Gains?
      Soo despotic. Oil, the black gold, huh? Talk about pissing in each other’s pockets allowing it.
      Belgium has just stopped money being transferred to Iran,
      economic warfare.

  11. Too true, my Saturn candy is cream with berries and nuts, true candy too synthetic. where do YouTube clips with millions of hits fall? MSM?

  12. too freaking weird…I was at this EXACT SITE just two days ago thru a random tumblr…hello universe, anything else you’d like to say?

  13. I feel like this” huge for me” transit is like what” down to earth” really means..
    basic but good and true
    A talisman is your power all the way. Something which is saturated with cosmic particles and resides at your core. that is why some can clear away bullshit and be content to hide in the cave and make things which nourish not make you in to a robot consumer searching always for the most perfect boots and hair spray.
    Then again for me, Pluto squares my 10th house Sun, Venus and north node, I am wearing eyeliner (1st time ever) and jeans..
    dark eyeliner, heh :D (brand is from Mineral Fussion)
    I bought an amber strand from a guy on etsy and have been wearing it over my Isis pendant. They say amber is good for aching bones and teething,
    Oh Mighty Isis

  14. I’m stoked. Tragedy brought awareness which made many of my old habits — mental and routine — and vices totally unenjoyable. I feel like mars in Virgo is prep for the zap zone.

    I am a zap zone! Natal Venus in cap square mars in Aries (issues guh-lore)

    • Hi Andie ~ love the jewelry, have had my eye on the merkaba for awhile, but instead recently found a merkaba crystal pendulum on a sci-fi field trip. Love it, gettng fab results. Another win for gender prediction recently. :) Been so busy been missing everyone here xo

      • Hi Gniess Lady, glad you are busy, means you are happy. I miss everyone, I drop in and I can’t make sense of things. Too much information in my real life is muddling my brain too. I have a crystal merkaba that I wear while healing. Unbalanced it’s perfection by adding an azeztulite stone to the chain it’s on but it feels sweet and zingy.

        Had to get a new pendulum the other day to check my head – my head is screwed on! Cool jewellery isn’t it, I love some of the scarabs – oh to afford them one day. :)

        • Wonderful idea ! I haven’t done the pendulum on myself for an age. Perfect timing with the astro, thanks love xo Smudge and swing is on tonight’s menu.
          I am getting the incoming in high gear as well, a symptom of the Neptuner in water I suspect. hugs and blessings take care, love the stone bits too xo

        • Hold the top of your head,Andie. Close your Crown chakra off for a while if you are receiving an overload of info. Let the water run over it when in the shower. More walks for grounding to bring the energy back to your feet & into earth from the astral.

          • Thanks Pegasus! Replied to this earlier but it deleted itself. Had a really wacky few weeks. My guides upgraded my information on things personal, which are pertinent to the work… It was hard to accept and I felt like packing all my crystals in a box and selling them on eBay! But I am doing okay now.. I don’t think I can close my crown off even temporarily… It’s how the love that keeps me cocooned reaches down. But yes a bath in blessed waters wouldn’t go amiss. Focus on grounding too right. My littlest is needing more anchorage of late, best way is thru me!

  15. New Moon will be on my Pisces son in law’s Solar Return..2 Pisces.

    Am going to do a little chart for him. I have not yet done so and don’t know what area will be hi-lighted for him for his coming year but it should be somewhat fascinating and fortuitous what with his recent raise and bonus and now he and daughter talking about a baby….a home….a move…Huge stuff going on for them…She is Gemini, Pisces rules her 7th.

    Meanwhile taking Libran gdaughter up the tram this weekend to the snow.. Just got the plastic sled and my Fry cowgirl boots outta storage…lol

  16. Mystic’s scopes so right on….Gem daughter wants me to check for good times to conceive (will have to do a crash course in that area of astro…if anyone knows off hand do tell..5th house ruler, the Moon transits ..stuff like that Igather) and Mystic’s scopes talking about fertility for Gems.

    This is why I can’t leave you Mystic. Pisces Myst makes it HARD…lol

      • lol….yes it’s nuts because I ran his Solar Return Chart for the 21st and all of the current Pisces planets are in the SR fifth…Sun-Mn-Mercury-Chiron-Neptune

        My daughter said he feels like his clock is ticking …guess she wasn’t kidding!

  17. Also got him a super hero gift bag for the chart I will put in a little notebook type thing along with his card.

    It depicts the Avenger (with an”A” on his helmet)…

    This for the super hero Mystic says is in every Leo…His Moon in Leo, conjunct Saturn natally. It has been a hell of a ride for him these past two years as Mystic has been attesting to.

    Mentioned here before that he was seeking to adopt gdaughter. He did but it was not without a battle. The grandmother on daugher’s ex side put up a huge stink.

    They must have thought he was a whimp or did not have the resources to fight…

    Oh but he did. This is someone (Pisces Sun in 8th) who lost $100,000 in the stock market in the crash here a few years ago…

    Meanwhile, he still had money stashed away and so he fought and he won.

    So there… ;)

    • How so, Rashid? It is pretty pointless to say something so contrary without explaining the reasons why.

    • well Australia as Sag makes more sense to me than Capricorn but China ruled by LIbra? You gotta be kidding me!!

      • Countries ruled by Libra: Argentina, Austria, China, Egypt (upper), Japan, Siberia, Tibet, Belgium, Botswana, Fiji, Nigeria, Uganda

    • There is a saying ‘how do you make something sacred’?
      The answer is you deem it so, you SAY ‘this is sacred-magical’.
      ‘Magical’ jewellry is not mass produced, although you can make it magical by methods, like wearing it 24/7 if it is genuine, not faux anything. Holistically- speaking, hand made with the intention of the maker woven into it, then add your own.

  18. Gumtree is the answer (well part of it)

    I have recently discovered gumtree (online brilliance for selling second hand stuff in your own city) and this totally rocks as a much better way of connecting She That Has Something To Be Got Rid Of with She Who Wants Just Such A Thing.

    I bought a fabulous TV cabinet recently, instead of trawling around 100 shops, I looked online, there were all the photos and al the measurements, found the perfect one within 1 hour. Went down and made the deal the same day.

    Yes, Salvos are fussy these days, a couch I had for a couple of years is not good enough for them, despite no scratches or holes. But probably on Gumtree there would be someone who wants it for free.

    Totally agree with the idea that we need to be responsible about what we buy and minimise waste. My personal challenge for this year is to waste less food, as I seem to be a genius at it. The best way to do this so far is for me to do as little cooking as poss, its all those stupid vegetables and fruit that are the ones that go off.

    • Try Free Cycle if you want to give away stuff. it’s a Yahoo group and you join your area (i.e Inner West Sydney) i have given away old sheets and towels, bikes etc that would not work at charity stores (ie. too old or just wouldn’t get to a shelf for the right people) You will literally get a stack of people all emailing you to pick up your stuff and the nice thing is they come, they pick up and they are happy to get something for free
      btw. my old sheets went to a young lady who organises a retreat, a perfect giveaway.

  19. wtf?????????????????????????
    today was weird….can someone please explain.
    will be back to report tomorrow. But anyone else?

  20. Country Astrology.

    Yay, I love Country Astrology.

    Saw a chart for Australia once – Federation of Australia born on Jan 1, 1901… forget what time, but it has Libra rising. This makes total sense to me, as what is the first impression people get of us? pretty country, the fair go (the idea anyway)… and Australia the country is always at its most beautiful at sunrise./ sunset. But sunrise is special.

    We also have a Taurus moon (Sun-Moon trine so that’s where all our fabulous stability and keep-growing comes from)… almost NO water (what a surprise, figuratively or literally). And we have heaps of planets in Sag, I forget all of them but at the least Venus, Mars. By “tradition” Australia is a Sag country (like Spain and Argentina). But by horoscope we are a Capricorn. I can’t remember the planets, but all the arty planets (mercury, venus and others) are in Sag… the interpretation was that our artists have to make it big overseas before they are appreciated at home, which seems to be true in most cases.

    Note that the UK in its latest official incarnation was “born” on the 1 Jan 1801 (ie. exactly 100 years before Australia), thus making them also quite Cappy (and our two countries quite simpatico). I think by tradition, the UK is Aries, which would fit in with all their exploring, innovation, and world-conquering.

    By tradition, I have heard that Russia and Sweden are both Aquarius, but I don’t know where that idea comes from. Having been in Sweden mid last year, that seems to fit to me.

    Canada is a Cancerian, as well as the US.

    Pluto must be getting just about ready to smash on both the UK and Australian Suns any minute now, should be interesting.

  21. and PS – chickens matter. I do not want it on my conscience that I am responsible for chickens or workers in 3rd world countries, or anyone, being treated like shit just so that I can get my consumer fix of whatever the consumer product is.

    I realise that in the long run this doesn’t actually undermine the evil people who do things the bad way – they are too big. But every little step helps. Help support kindness in the world where you can, especially where they are producing something worthwhile.

    • you have a great heart but you don’t get my point. but maybe i dont have a heart. stay hopeful- and no, they aren’t too big if we are.

  22. uhm…. mine and a thousand other replies to me were deleted? i was looking forward to answering frodo, k? and no way in hell am i going to type all that again. MM, what?

      • I wa looking forward to reading it.
        I am listening.

        Will click on your vid link above, thanks.

        • :D Hey Frodo.
          Honestly, idk if you were being serious or making fun or being ironic by asking what we regular people can do for this world (sarcasm dies on its way through the www) but i’ve taken your question seriously and i think i’ve reached a pretty okay answer.

          If all of us picked a way to make the world better, and then became experts in doing what we do, eventually we’d have to make /some/ sort of change. the problem is that our previous generations were too slow to be inspired- especially not for such big ideals. Thus the hard-workers started working hard on more tangible ambitions. Hey, we’re on mystic’s site- the age of aquarius won’t be achieved on its own right? we have to change a bit for it.
          i really think if we all picked one thing to be amazing at that would bring change then soon the world would be transformed….correct me if i’m wrong of course :)

          • Thanks Anon, I was serious.
            I agree, we must all take our own action – do our best to best flesh out the innate talents given at birth.
            I have Merc MC so I talk and write.
            Cap rising, Virgo stellium, toro moon, I work hard.
            I will brainstorm where I might be of best use for the good of all. thanks

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