Zap Zone Rules

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Mark Zug

SO i just posted a special Uranus square Pluto rant. 

Zap Zone Protocol is now up on the Monthly Horoscopes page.

New era – new everything – new rules. Seriously.

Just my opinion but check them out & i’m leaving them up there for the duration.

That would be till 2016. 

I know, right?



26 thoughts on “Zap Zone Rules

    • you know what, I read this blogpost and immediately thought — yep I have felt a bit of the zappage this week in particular! v tired (can’t sleep for long) and a bit of grit and ruthlessness in the air at work ..

      great post on monthly page! Thank you


      • okay, this is all the motivation i need to get REAL serious about being in top form health + finance-wise, and that way i won’t feel so tired. Thank you, i get it now- cardinal, warrior, discipline, the abs – expensive watch example makes sense!… and health-wealth can be measured which is perfect for mars virgo, pluto sq sun, and saturn trans.

        • Does that mean no more Ebay for me? Damn. Lucky I got in BEST red go-go boots before the Zap. (And they were a bargain). This means I can go forth and kick arse. Now for a credit card diet!

  1. Such a motivating rant! Thanks MM I love your advice and attitude of not getting down on ourselves and being proactive and I love that image, it’s sublime, it makes me feel calm for some reason. I think cos it’s all floaty

  2. “People need to get into the 20th century, if not the 21st century”…

    Zap Zone style thinking from David Boies, lawyer, after yesterday’s successful result in the challenge of Prop 8.

    Homophobia and gender bias just seems so 1950s. If not neanderthal. I’m hoping ZZ will bring positive change. I don’t want to see people dragged kicking and screaming into a New Era. Do you think we could be more adult, more thoughtful and respectful on the world stage? While there’s uprising there IS also intelligent debate.

  3. I am finding this exciting! I have completely leapt into to the void and started a new life and to me the ZapZone represents my firm resolution to leave the past behind and thank the Universe there can never be any going back! An overhaul of attitude, lifestyle, social structures…cathartic and invigorating. I have done the ‘hard’ Pluto transit yards and so have already become adept at upheavel and change…solidified my own courage, tolerance and adaptability. Fascinating times ahead!

  4. LOVE IT!!! Funny about the new norm. My focus has changed so much in the last few months we need a new word for innovate. lol And this is on till 2016?!? OH MY!!!

  5. Love your rules MM!!!! think I should print out and post on my wall!!! BTW have been meaning to ask you re zapzone mention you made regarding travelling OS in June 2012, you recommended not too! could you elaborate? My friends have invited me to Thailand in June and I immediately remembered your advice!!! eek!

  6. Did you get your 2012 Astroscape?

    Check that as it varies sign by sign

    in general, it IS going to be geopolitically volatile time – that’s all i’m really meaning

    • yes got my astroscape!!! will reread, from memory astroscape sounded exciting and promising on a personal level….

      I guess it doesnt take much to see that volatility is brewing, with the middle east, china, US, etc… I might just go to Cairns… OS can wait till some other time…

  7. I’m so excited I just can’t hide it MM. lesser peeps will fall in my wake but i care not a jot. I’m on my way from misery to happiness today. so inspiring yes yes yes MM.

  8. There must be a fine line between a self empowered warrior and a neo conservative fascist. Even though they are so very different I am a tad concerned with all this Neptune looting of the boundaries….

  9. I got so worked up about the future, my knee swelled up like a basketball (fear of moving forward) plus that Mars in Virgo is cleaning up the debris in my head..
    i moved forward anyhow. I am keeping quiet, I am focused and my will is strong.
    you are the best babe and I have overflowing gratitude that you are in my life!

  10. LOVE IT! Just posted to my daughter, the fiesty (aren’t they all?) Gemini 21 year old. It just may help xx

  11. So my choice is to invest in designer handbags or developing “proper abs” – you know, for status? If those are the options, maybe the zap zone isn’t changing the world after all.

    Since Neptune went into Pisces I feel like I am swimming each day to get out past the breakers. All I want to do is meditate. I hardly feel like I’ve woken up in a week. And, no, I’m not hitting the juice. But my conscious is altered. This is a MAJOR shift. Whatever to the status.

  12. So check it out: Pluto is currently located 4 degrees away from my Midheaven (4’Cap), and Uranus is only 6 degrees away from my Ascendant (8’Ram).

    I’m squaring all over the place.

  13. SO excited to really get into 2012 – Zap Zone, Venus Retro – cannot wait… Already your tips are resonating, Mystic. My house is Declutter Central at the moment. Am packing in anticipation of moving (despite not having found anywhere to go yet), and am so tempted to go back through all the boxes already packed just to see what else I can get rid of…
    Am definitely feeling the warrior-ness of it all, embracing new dietary scheme which has already had a profound impact on my health and well-being. Next, new exercise schedule! Brilliant!