We’re Not Scared Of Saturn in Scorpio

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Dan Danger

We’re not scared of Saturn in Scorpio…much.

Okay, it’s in October – yes, that’s October 2012 peeps – and everytime i go to put it off,  I think about it.

That’s not a typo.  Saturn transits are always in my “later” basket and/or what i think about at 3am. It’s my pre-dawn automatic ‘go-to’ thought subject.

It is, for a start, going to be on my Midheaven at 8 Scorpio at some point. See – i haven’t even got the dates yet. Whereas i know my next series of Jupiter-Uranus-Venus-Pluto-Mars thingies off by heart.  So please god let my Saturn-Midheaven transit be something awesome – not just more maturity, more responsibility, more humility etc.

See how Saturn transits reduce people to pathetic whining? And i KNOW this is not how to do it.  I am forever telling people to never take their eye off Saturn – to look forward to their next Saturn transit and plan for it.  So, today’s resolution –  a Saturn Midheaven Strategy.

You should have one too – think about what you’ve got going on in the first ten degrees of Scorpio and what Saturn there could mean. If it helps, imagine Saturn as a lean, mean personal trainer-coach-accountant type.

And what of Saturn in Scorpio in general???  

It will try the Pluto in Leo generation — the baby boomers & many of their assumptions re how things are. It will favour Gen X – the new work world will suit Pluto in Virgo.  It’s neutral for Pluto in Libras and the Pluto in Scorps are going to show us what they’re made of. We ain’t seen nothing yet.

Andl, Iran is a Scorpio.  I’m not going there today. But like i say in the Zap Zone rants, Uranus square Pluto is geo-politically volatile.

It’s also going to be hanging out at the same place Pluto was in 1983/1984 – historians will note an echo or even some consequences from political decisions made at that time.  Saturn going from Libra to the sign of Pluto when Uranus is square Pluto suggests a shift from diplomacy to power-tripping.

What WE can do is get our own power oomphed up – make our lives more juiced and authentic – get over the psychic anemia already & keep our own house in order. Given that we can’t run the globe, unfortunately. Deleveraging down from debt is a real good idea.

Excellent news: Saturn in Scorpio WILL make fabulous aspects with Neptune & Pluto.

More in your Horoscopes as I DO take Saturn madly into account when writing them…

And what are your thoughts on Saturn in Scorpio and your personal Saturn Strategy please?




147 thoughts on “We’re Not Scared Of Saturn in Scorpio

  1. It’s my Saturn Return! I have natal Saturn (zero Scorp) conjunct late Pluto in Libra Square my late Cap Moon. Eeeeek!! Big plans in place. I’m scared & excited in equal parts : )

    • Same here! My natal Saturn is at 24 Scorp(10th house), and it will also be passing over my natal Pluto (9th house) here pretty shortly too. Here we go, I guess *_*.

    • I think saturn square moon is one of my worst transits ever. Is it easier if you have it natally?

      • Ahhh… No. Anyone that actually knows me will tell you that I am emotionally retarded. & I’m not just saying that because I’m one of those people that always puts themselves down. I’ve definitely got family/work/study/money/friends etc covered but intimate relationships & I do not play well together (my Gem Venus opposite my Sagg Neptune probably doesn’t help either). I hate emotional displays & I have serious trust issues. Will chat for hours about any other topic but anything personal is completely off limits to 99.9% of people.

  2. Mystic, I have Neptune at 2 degrees Scorpio, Conjoined with Mars at 1 Degree Scorpio and my ascendant at 4 degrees Scorpio… they sextile Venus in the 2nd as well as Pluto in the 10th. And of course I still have Pluto banging away on my Venus in the 2nd. .. I’m very busy! :)

    • So is this NOT GOOD? I’m reading some of this other stuff and now I’m thinking having all of this going on so closely to my ascendant is not such happy news. Quite possibly a Major Life change…. ? Like even death? hmmmm.Seriously… Is that possible to tell?

      • Really! I have scorp ascendant too and I did not read that, though doesn’t surprise me, I read some other great stuff, will have to share later.

    • We share a few sign placements.
      I am curious how this will all play out in October.
      I have Scorp Rising like you.
      Saturn in Scorpio 1st House. Not looking forward to some of these things so, am working on exercising and getting good habits started now.

  3. I agree, plan ahead. Saturn likes that!

    Myself, Almost all of Scorpio except the last 2 degrees are in the 3rd house, so that is where all the magic(ha!) will be happening.
    I will get a opposition to my natal mars at 6 * Taurus at the same time I get a square to my natal 6 degree Leo Moon. FUN TIMES AHEAD!!!

    so plan I will. I am using this mars virgo action to help with that!
    Just read up on saturn in the 3rd, squaring my moon, and opposing my mars….UGH!!!!!

    Plus, I will be dealing with my ex hubby who has 4 planets in scorpio. He should be a bowl of cherries….NOT.

    • wouldn’t you know it….saturn will go over that 6* three times. I may have to lock myself away cause the description my books give is ugly. very ugly. sigh.
      I refuse. I am going to ride this out haute saturn style!!!

        • Mystic, thanks for chiming in. yes! It is such the time to do it. I know we are so up for a new contract(so to speak). Right now we both have Uranus in the 1st third of our 8th houses…joint resources.

          At least I’ll have a saturn sextile venus transit first. Hey, I’ll take what I can get!

  4. I’ve got Mars conjunct Jupiter at 4 and 3 degrees Scorp. Natally, Saturn and Pluto are conjunct my Midheaven, and I had my first Saturn return around last Sept. I just finished a two year forestry tech. degree, and now I’m in a slump. I totally don’t know what to do with myself, I am absolutely lacking the confidence necessary to proceed and I keep making excuses. It seems to me that the impending Saturn in Scorpio transit could mean some great things if I get it together.
    And I love all this talk about Mars in Virgo, it makes me want to get my s&*t together, which I really need right now!

  5. Sun, Mercury and Uranus all in Scorp but late degrees of and the the 8th house. Meh, I’m sure it’ll be hard but I’m always in a hard zone with transits it seems. I’m more concerned about both my parents hitting their second Saturn Return.

    • Yeah me too, all late — multiple conjunct Scorp in 10th — Sun, Venus, Mercury and Neptune. All starting at 22 degrees thru 26. Have to say that I’m more concerned about my Crab husband’s moon at 2 degrees in 6th.

  6. ” imagine Saturn as a lean, mean personal trainer-coach-accountant type”…. hmmm THAT is me !! ha ha Thanks for the descriptor, MM, I have never put all my elements together succinctly before. I am all of these things but lets add a meditating, loving kindness distributor – I just like the love to be truthful, authentic, have a physical result and be useful/conserving of all energy sources!! sorry if a little OT

  7. I have already had a Saturn transiting my MC when i was in Virgo so thankfully I’m through that. phew! When that happens you get a lot more work opportunities but they are all hard work. You work a lot more.

    I have to admit I’m somewhat worried about how Saturn will treat my natal Moon around 17 degs. What is it like to have Saturn on your moon? Do you go nuts emotionally? Because I’m not sure i can stand that. When Saturn was on my Venus, that sucked so much. Saturn on my natal mercury seems like not too much of a big deal.

    • I have mine coming– MC at 15 degrees. Thanks for sharing your experience. I’m up for more work opportunities! I am a little nervous though about all my other planets in Scorp….

      • Just be prepared to budget the time to do it. Also, don’t get all disheartened if your work doesn’t yield immediate fruit. What i found is that I worked my ass off when Saturn was transiting my MC, but sometimes i would still end up with very little cash to show for it. It’s like delayed gratitude.
        When Saturn went through my 10th house which is where my SUn and stelium are, I worked hard at work, but I got immediate gratification for my work. So even though you are getting whipped hard, you feel like you are going somewhere, whearas when it was on my MC, it sometimes felt like I wasn’t going anywhere at all.

        but keep pulling all the same!

        • Guess I better start preparing then. Have Stellium of planets in Scorp but in late degrees. Have to admit that I’m much better when I’m working. Must be my moon in Cap that saves me from being a whiner… Thanks for the reassurances!

    • Interesting YOF!

      I have Saturn smack bang on my MC right now and I’m itching to get back to work after taking 8 months off.
      The frustrating thing is that I’m going back to an industry I don’t particularly like ’cause I haven’t the foggiest what else to do! Neptune is transiting my 2nd where I have natal Saturn in Aqua. So I’m like “meh, i don’t care about money, then I start looking at recruitment ads and suddenly I’m very concerned about the $$.

      Happy to take a pay cut if I’m enjoying it but if I’m not and I’m working my arse off, I want to be financially rewarded!

      I’ve heard Saturn on Moon transit sucks but maybe not so much for you because yours is in Scorp and Scorps are comfortable with emotions. They’re the masters of processing! :) I think peeps with Air sign Moons would have a tougher time with Saturn/Moon transit.

      Saturn on my Libra venus transit was truly gut-wrenchingly awful. So awful I had to go back on my meds for the first time in 14 years!
      I mean they call it the ‘Hag’ transit and I reckon if I had it in my 20’s or even early 30’s it wouldn’t have been so bad.

      • What planet is closest to your MC? That gives you a hint of what you are supposed to be doing and if your MC is in Libra, that means Libran ruled things like law, beauty, art, related jobs will be blessed!

        I’m hoping Trans. Sat on my natal moon will be ok but i think Mystic was saying something about depressing it was when it was on her moon.

        • closest is venus in LIbra 7°. Beauty very important in my life. Already doing something creative work wise. I have Sun Scorp conjunct Neptune too. “Avoid artistic pursuits at your peril” is what Mystic said about that placement.
          I have another work idea brewing :)

          Feel for you Foxy. I have moon Saggo. So i’ll get my turn after Saturn finishes with Scorpio. It never ends does it. *sigh* But at least Neptune isn’t in Aqua anymore!!

  8. oh crap, my saturn return is going to be exact in Feb next year. then Saturn helpfully retrogrades and then goes exact again in October 2013. Double return, yeah! Is that normal?

    I anticipate a lot of whining from people in my age cohort over this period.

    My pluto is 0 Scorp so it’s going to cross in early October this year. That’s when my Honours thesis should be done and dusted so I will be free and hopefully ready for some transformative change.

    My plan has always been to work hard during saturn return but hopefully spend the birthday closest to it on top of some mountain somewhere, kayaking the alaskan ice fields, trekking the kalahari – WHATEVER. something adventurous and huge. looks like i better hurry up.

  9. Okay, I’ve nothing to say on the topic of Saturn given my current carnival of orbital weirdness, but I just had to pop in to say: Dan Danger?! How incredibly cool is that moniker?!!

  10. I’m going to have Saturn in Scorpio move into my 8th house and hit my south node in November, then conjunct my Pluto in December! Not sure how all of this is going to manifest, hope the lessons ain’t too nasty. Will be finally finishing my degree around then. Power tripping here I come!

  11. Thought I had no scorpio in my chart. Well I have scorp in the 5th house 21 degrees. Creativity. Passions. Couldn’t be a better placement but not in the first 10 degrees. This is what I am working on right now. Geez hope this plays out in a good way. This is really important to me.

  12. I’ll admit it, I’m a little afraid. Starting at the end of this year, I’ll have THREE Saturn returns in a row, thanks to Saturn retrograde. That’s just cruel.

    At least it’ll hit my Pluto first–hopefully a Saturn return won’t feel like such a big deal right after Saturn/Pluto.

    • WOW. Wish you the best of luck. Maybe its like a vicious dog don’t show any fear and be dominant, show saturn who boss. He he he.

    • I’m VERY scared. I have my Sun in early Scorpio and then Mercury, Venus, Mars and Uranus in late degrees. So I’m thinking it’ll be like BOOM…..Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom! I’m trying to rise above the tough times so the last thing I need is to be hindered with more structure and rules…though if they come within the context of a job with an ample paycheck, then I’m cool with Saturn. My Sun is in the 10th house, so that might mean a sense of greater self fulfillment through finding my place in the world, yes? ;)

      I also have Pluto in Libra, but I don’t think the “neutral” aspect of that will stand a chance with all that Scorpio.

      • ah, another Scorp with Sun in the 10th house :)

        I’m thinking Saturn there won’t be so scary because Saturn is at home in the 10th. :)

    • when pluto transited over my natal saturn conjunct mars in sagg i went off to work in warzone.
      I have 29*Scorp asc….offered spy jobs several times because it was known that no door was closed to me..from UN offices to former resistance fighters hiding places…talked my way through road ambush ( just me and one young local girl in the middle of the night- far from phone reception and military bases)
      learn the local language real fast,
      watch unobserved patterns of local customs and rituals
      have plan A,B,C,D and E options in the front of your mind…
      dancing with 600 men with guns…fittest I’ve ever been…most vitally alive.
      got more than ever could imagined achieved but lived letting get of everything…..just not possible to carry baggage…only basic integrity

  13. 8O

    Saturn strategy is all about finances, clearing debt and making considered investments. Have stayed away from the stock market but am about to delve back in there. I have been into stock market since I was 17 and I love it, it is really fascinating but I won’t go into that here… 8O

    It is nice being debt free!

    • Seriously – you’re getting in…NOW? They say there is a killing to be made but only if you totally know what you are doing…do u use astrology with it at all?

      • 8O

        It is an interesting time, definitely thinking differently about it, not the usual stocks I’d go for. I have never used astrology but I have wanted to ask you at different times what your thoughts were on the ASX. I read charts, keep up with info and try and go from there, I had some great returns last time I was in and got out at a good time, for me anyway.

  14. Kind of worried because my last Saturn transit was brutal (over my Virgo Sun and mercury). I have my moon conjunct my Ascendent exact in Scorpio and Pluto in Scorp. Please tell me this transit won’t be as painful as my last—although I have a feeling its going to be even more intense. Ugh. Granted I grew a tremendous amount when Saturn went through Virgo. Completely different person than before. Still its been a lovely break from Saturn since I have nothing in Libra.

  15. The only planet I have in the first 10 degrees of Scorp is my Uranus at 8 degrees in the 12th house. Soooo…some stabilization?? Who knows.

    It would be interesting (I say this for now) to see how Saturn goes/does/things my Grand Water Trine, pinging off my Scorp Uranus-Pisces Moon-Cancer Jupiter. I’m envisioning great things, not simply coz it’s a good thing to do, but also coz I just feel that there’s a culmination of sorts. Backed up by a recent Reiki session, and to quote the practitioner: “You’re ripe”, to which I said I was gonna pluck myself, immediately realizing it didn’t sound/come out right. =)
    But yeah, astrologically, developementally, all the other ways-ly, I’m ripe.

    Then Saturn conjuncts my tight Scorpy ascendant-Juno pair later around 18 degrees. Hm.

  16. At 10 scorp, saturn goes into my 5th house. At 11 scorp Saturn will be conjunct my natal Uranus. At the same time, It will also square my saturn in Leo, 2nd house. This is all very interesting. I think I may need to prepare to face challenges to my values and worth, and strengthen and refine what’s left. My creative life may be a bit grind-y. Since my new Standard Operating Procedures include provisions for creative fulfilment and recognition/income from same, I may need to work extra-hard to achieve this. I think ultimately the outcome will be good, the timing should work for a maturing/5evelopment of the creative process. I presume since it a 5th house ‘reality check’ transit I need to be extra-diligent – as always- with, shall we say, contraception. “Romance” may continue to feel like a beige fluorescent-lit public sector back-office matter for the forseeable future? Make my social life more focused and useful?

  17. Like you said, thinking if Saturn like a personal trainer helps. Which means -scarily enough – Saturn makes the strategy and you fuqing listen or waste your resources faking it.

    • “or waste your resources faking it.”

      that’s also very zap zone consciousness – authentic growth not steroided up debt fuelled growth is the way of the now with uranus sq pluto

  18. Oh that’s so hot.

    I’m launching a Scorp-y business this fall and the timing will be perfect.

  19. Is it ok to say you are really fuqing tired of Saturn? Aye, I know this is whining but again 2.5 years of return + 2.5 years of sitting on my sun no matter how “exalted” he is in Libra. I am hoping Saturn going into Scorpio will make things a little less “challenging.” However, he will now be conjunct my natal Uranus, Venus and Mars and Midheaven and square my natal Jupiter. This is on top of the lovely Pluto dance I am engaged in. So, I am not sure if this is going to get rougher or just rough still in a different way. Thoughts?

  20. nattily i have saturn scorpio conjunct my scorpio rising….plus pluto in scorpio in the 12….plus sun, mars and mercury in the 8th house…..i view it as, i have a whole lot of time for regeneration and action. looking forward to it.

  21. oooohhh….i’m definitely going to win the “who’s saturn transit sucks worse?” competitiion. i don’t know who made it into a competition…guess i did. ANYWAY after Saturn ran over my Libra moon not long ago, he decided to go retro exact on my 29 libra sun in 12th. thanks. so he’ll be running over my sun on his way back to scorpio, where he will run over the rest of my 12th stellium of pluto merc and finally saturn in scorp, 7 degrees conj my ascendent in scorp. FUCK MY LIFE what are we thinking here? death? prison? disappearing for three years?

    • No, think personal trainer, you won’t need to hire one because you will be one in all those areas of your life, cross your t’s and dot your i’s, look after yourself like you are the most valuable thing that ever existed – because you are, look after your feet in particular, budget, no to hedonism, boundaries in personal relationships, do what you say you’re going to do, don’t lie – cause u won’t get away with it, let your love guide you to integrity, not bad fucking wonderful!

      • @plutonic gem

        that’s interesting about feet…i have major foot problems and in the last year while saturn was in libra i’ve gone crazy with health stuff…bought 500$ orthotics and really researched what i need to do to stand up like a regular person…interesting.

        but no hedonism? i don’t know about that…i DO have venus and neptune in sag…

        its just insane for me to think that saturn has been floating aimlessly through my chart for years (houses 3-10 are empty), and now he’ll be hitting my “stuff” for the next 8. what da hell?

        but maybe you’re right, maybe all of this put a “hard line” on all kinds of jello crap going on….hmmm

        • hedonism says YES to me too. I just bought new lingerie that actually fits me (as I am a bit fatter at the moment!). also, books and shoes. all of these things are good for me. I decided I don’t like the flavour of New Asceticism. I mean, it’s not as though I am going around eating whale meat and blue fin tuna. I have spent many many years going low-key in my life, whats a pleasant shopping habit going to do to anyone apart from be a little more widely read and better dressed…besides, hessian and sackcloth gets really itchy after a while. So my contribution is going to be to finally get some postgrad quals in ‘sustainable enterprise’ and make a difference that way.. ;)

    • Yup I had saturn over my libra moon it f*#king sucked. Never cried so much in my life. But have to say I am seeing the benefits. It really has changed my way of thinking for the better. Like a personal trainer (bootcamp style) for the mind.

  22. Scorpio is where my True Node is so I guess I’ll be busy trying to figure out what Saturn conjunct True Node means….

  23. OH … MY … GOD/DESS

    Saturn just contacted my 5th house moon (24 Libra) & is currently stationing opposite my natal Saturn (which means I’m halfway to my next Saturn return – gulp!) … so when Saturn gets to 8 Scorpio, darling Mystic, it will be opposite my Sun.

    The whole Saturn-Moon-in-5th thing killed off my fertility & creativity – I now have the world’s most boring government job and find being a mother very very taxing. I’m being beaurocratted to death & my offspring feel like work & not the joy they always were. I am always grumpy.

    Saturn opposing my natal 11th house Saturn at 0 Taurus makes me feel like I have to WORK REALLY REALLY HARD to achieve anything/make money & I have never felt lonelier. Plus, I’m always grumpy (OH did I mention that already?)

    Saturn right where it is in the last minutes of Libra is putting a dampener on all of my 0 degrees planets/points – Mercury espesh.. so now I not only do not remember my dreams I am finding it hard to write stuff. And, yes.. I’m always grumpy.


    • Sorry to hear that TA. Being a mum who works for the man while being a frothy, joyous horned goddess-like, Hathor type who loves her kids makes for some hard integration. Then the lonely feeling… :( Hope you have some love and inspiration soon.

      Have Saturn exactly conjunct my Isis at the moment and I feel like she is my natural & best self (in libra in the 5th – pretty!). Weird dreams, weird meditations.. Leo Moon was scorching.

    • Dear Grumpy. This just in, hot from the presses. You absolutely have a right to be. I mean, Grumpy is not such an unreasonable word to expect if it’s preceded by “government job” and “children”. Or the fact that somehow in all that you’ll find the words tripping off your pen into the page.

      Personally, I’m on your side. I ain’t excited about Saturn. That’s like doing a literal inventory and marking up all the consequences of every choice/mistake I made. Ick. However, that being said, I think we need to have perspective that how we feel doing Saturn may not actually indicate how WELL we’re doing it. Isn’t this the transit that leaves a gift at the end of a long, dry period of slog? At least, that’s the prize I’m keeping my eye on.

      Oh dear. So I guess what I’m saying is, don’t let Saturn, Saturn your good looks or your skin. Or your Fun and Hot Bone hidden beneath all the layers of sensible clothing. You’re doing everything you can and need to do, it’s difficult – but fuq you’re doing it all. I’m giving you tons of credit for that, and anytime you want to grump in my house/corner/cave/space camp TA, you’re definitely welcome to.

      • Thank you Darlings…

        I just found something while researching the feminine ideal – it is a photograph of ME on exhibition in NEW YORK & on sale at CHRISTIES -> google it if you like – “Beautiful Feet” by Stephane Graff – it sold for over $10K. It was exhibited alongside Mapplethorpes and Newtons and other photography greats. Rockefeller Plaza.

        I’m less grumpy now. xx

    • aww TA baby. *hug* we love you. I’m sorry that you are feeling like your life is a beige manila folder crammed with faded 8-year-old tax records and empty lolly wrappers, or something like that. Saturn and loneliness do seem to crop up together a lot don’t they darling? I think about all the major saturn transits I have had and they seem to have gone hand in hand with gales of tears (alone, depth of night) of irreconcilable isolation and self-criticism more harsh than Jif and a scourer. Feeling saturned out is so…ordinary. (Also your moon is the same degree as my NN, if that is of interest.) I know soon the sun will come out for you. Saturn transits are a uniquely testing experience aren’t they. Maybe you can write about this too in whichever language comes to you the most easily – forget the inspiration and just go for neo-neo-realist journal-writing? take heart, sweet, we’re here for you MWA xxx

  24. Ain’t go nothin’ in Scorpio early degrees… it will oppose my Hygeia in Taurus though – I take that seriously!

    Iran is going to be interesting. Can Saturn here be a good thing? I hope so.
    Everyone has been predicting war in Iran forever. When you start seeing the articles about how Iranian soldiers have been invading their own hospitals and orphanages, you will know the U.S. gov & it’s cronies are ready to invade.

    India and now China I believe (?) are buying their oil direct from Iran in gold now? Not in U.S. ‘interests’ to not use the old dollarooney. Biggest fuk u to the world dominators in ages… Also makes gold into a currency again with great clarity, gather ye golde bars while ye may..
    Anyway, Fi can do the money talk, her domain!

    Saturn in Scorp is the great divider no? Isn’t that what Saturn does best? Divide day from night, winter from spring etc. I suppose this is about dividing the Phoenix from the Mud Wrestlers. Who are you? What are your choices? Do you willingly blaze away your impurities or do you embrace your dark side. I think Saturn in Scorpio says, “So, take a side. Be clear and stop arsing about. Know thyself”.

    • I’m no expert on how to invest, Andie, but I’d agree: reasons for the gold for oil thing very political indeed – both a statement, hedge against inflation and devaluation, and an attempt to help hasten that devaluation/loss of influence. also, my guess is that it means that Iran, like may other oil exporters, is looking to the not too distant future when it has no more oil to use as a geopolitical weapon/to buy it’s influence and independence. thus, on top of nuclear weapons capability, it wants lots of a currency – gold – that it predicts will be THE currency du jour by then. if yuan is undervalued and greenback is overvalued then gold – the only real stalwart in crazy times – is obvious choice. Very savvy, the Iranians.

      • Very interesting Fi! Always love hearing your words. Would love to listen to you fire up at the mythical MM Virtual Club Blog Meet & Greet!!! Let’s hope the Iranians savviness can see them avoid being invaded.

        I have stopped signing petitions from Avaaz as I realised they are just ways of igniting the masses to agree to war.

        Latest in my inbox: “The Assad regime is slaughtering its citizens and tearing cities apart”. How awful. Let’s see, what about most of Africa? But there are oil pipelines running through Syria. Go Avaaz…not.

  25. I have been pondering this as well, given my Scorpio Mars and Neptune (in the 12th) and Scorpio rising. But the last time it happened, it just meant I was in uni, working hard to get out of there as fast as I could. That wasn’t such a bad thing; maybe there will be some new edifying albeit isolated experience this time around as well.

  26. Saturn will be transitting my natal Pluto, then Saturn, then Venus, and the Midheaven, all planets in 9h Scorpio.

    For the past I dunno how many years Pluto was transitting my Neptune/Mars/Jupiter loose conjunct in Cap 11h.

    Have barely recovered from that and Saturn recently passing over my natal Sun/Merc conjunct Libra 8h and opposing my Aries 2h moon.

    I too hope this is awesome and not more (shudder) bleak sh!t. I’m hoping that this will be me reaching my potential, which for reasons both in and out of my control I haven’t been able to realize.

    also – I have heard/read that a Saturn return in 9h is one of the more bearable ones. I’m not sure I understand why, but it seems better than one in the 2h or 8h. Hoping it results in me finally completing my education. 9h Saturn people please share your thoughts?

    • oh, i think that your idea of “finally completing your education” is definitely a good way to interpret saturn in 9th house. Remember that that is a decision you can easily control, too – simply by enrolling! your pluto transits sounded pretty heavy. I think the saturn transits involve less plutonic upheaval / sense of trauma, and more nose -to-the-grindstone “just get on with it / do it”. Personally I love the eternal quest for knowledge so I am totally for you (anyone!) getting involved in more education.

      Saturn was transiting my 9th house (many years ago, mind) as I went through my final two years of high school and started university. When it came to study, and I am a tad bookish at the best of times, I felt like a finely tuned racehorse. I was dedicated and focused (after saturn left my 9th house that was a different story!)

      So, yes, good luck, and do everything you can to achieve what you know in your heart wants to / has to happen. Make a plan – where and what do you want to study? What schedule will work best for you? Do you need to build some flexiiblity into your timetable (for work, children etc)? Do you need a student loan, or to save some “rainy day” money before you begin? Engage (and maintain) support from loved ones? best of luck.

      • I don’t know how to thank you for this.

        Everything you’ve said truly resonates. What I have been lacking is a concrete plan. All those questions you listed, I have been too afraid/unfocused to ask myself.

        I’m printing this out and keeping it as a reminder… a template.

        Thank you again!

  27. okay, i know this is childish, but i can’t be spiritual and positive 24/7. my ex’s new gf has lots of planets in scorp and i am secretly looking forward to saturn stomping – i mean transiting -all over them. i hope she turns into a royal pain in the ass and drives him crazy, mwah ha ha ha ha.

  28. okay, i know this is childish, but i can’t be spiritual and positive 24/7. my ex’s new gf has lots of planets in scorp and i am secretly looking forward to saturn stomping – i mean transiting -all over them. i hope she turns into a royal pain in the ass and drives him crazy, mwah ha ha ha ha.

    • I don’t think the Saturn stuff will make her a royal pain… It might help the relationship endure (even if it sux, is that a bright side?). Have observed this a lot.

    • lol! Kinda funny.
      If she is annoying she’ll get on his nerves regardless f old devil Saturn.

  29. It trines my Sun and Venus so that’s gotta be good! Squares my midheaven, mars and merc tho’ …. so guess it can’t ALL be plain sailing. Ermm nothing at 10 degrees Scorp so yay for that. Anything’s gotta be better than Saturn in Libra which quite frankly sucked.

  30. Well, I AM a little scared, seeing as how I have Saturn (retrograde, even) in the 12th in my chart. I’m going to study up on this one, because knowledge truly is power. Thanks for the heads up!

  31. I have a scorpio stellium 13 – 20 degrees with my sun, venus, jupiter and mercury all opposed by saturn.

    Does this mean I get a chance of balancing out the opposition or am I just up for even more of a saturn experience than I’ve already been living with?

    • In my natal chart I have also Mars (7°34´59), Venus (15°17´49), Jupiter (24°56`41) in Scorpio and Neptune (1°32´57) in Sag – all in the 5th house.

      Mars, Venus and Jupiter are in opposition to Saturn (16°30´31) in Taurus.

      Whether they call Saturn “malefic” or “teacher” – it has no good effects on my life. I am experiencing very hard times since August 2009. It seems it will never take an end. It´s like a thriller – private and career. Does anybody have a clue how to deal with this shit?

  32. Scorp Sun 13° conjunct Neptune in 10th house.

    Not scared at all. I’m just relieved that Neptune has finally moved into Pisces – HALLELUJAH!! and Saturn is off my Venus. Saturn/Venus was the toughest transit I’ve ever had. So anything after that is a walk in the park!

    Lots to look forward to this year. There’s the Saturn in Scorp fabulous aspects with Neptune & Pluto. My Jupiter return, then Jupes conjunct my NN when he moves into Gemini. Yeehah Bring it on!

  33. Scorpio is my 8th house with natal Neptune at 5 deg.
    Anyone familiar with a sat nep conj ?
    The rest is all good from a quick glance, very loose compared to all my hard angles for the last few years.

    • Familiar with saturn transiting natal neptune? Tick. So are you Dave – can you remember what was going down in Jan-March and Sept-Nov 1983, and then June-Aug 1984. Saturn was with a few degrees of your natal Neptune then.
      By then, he’d also walloped my 12th house Eros-Psyche conjunction at 2-3 degrees Scorp and was hitting heavily on my 12th house Venus-Neptune-Bast-Dark Moon Lilith-Ascendant conjunction between about 10-16 degrees. While simultaneously squaring my natal Aqua Saturn, and natal Leo Mars and NN.
      Er, Saturn has just entered my 12th again, and while being determined not to repeat the mistakes I made at age 20-22, I can’t say I am looking forward to it. Hideous, it was, for love, looks, self-confidence, money, death of hopes and wishes and illusions etc. Maybe, it is best not to look back….
      The good news that is in your case, it is not your 12th, and your Venus/Asc and square to Mars and Saturn are not involved!

      • OMG, OMG.. they were 2 tough years for me, I was torn to shreds in multiple layers for the first time. All my ambition, fantasies stuffed down my throat.
        I remember during the healing process after that phase, healers of all kind could see the fresh scars.
        An iridologist asked if I had just been through a mental breakdown. Well, no, but come to think of it , yes.
        My only hope is coming at it from a more ‘mature’ angle ? That my friend is the real problem here ;)

  34. I’ve got Neptune in the 6th house in Scorpio, with oppositions, squares and sextiles coming out the wazoo.

    “Saturn in Scorpio WILL make fabulous aspects with Neptune” you say? Oh thank God thank God thank God. I will just be emerging from Saturn in Libra and I honestly don’t know how much more of this I can take.

  35. I’m a newbie at this – I think I’ve got Neptune and Mars in Scorpio – can anyone tell me what this means in terms of the Saturn in scorpio coming??

    • This is just my view and anyone can correct me if I am wrong but I see Saturn as a strict father figure or a drill sargent. If your bed is not made and your house isn’t in order he is kinda going to give you at the very least a stern talking to until you straighten up and fly right. So before he arrives across your Neptune make sure the things Neptune rules are in order Same with Mars. That is the best analogy I can think of at the moment. If you are prepared you should be ok if you are not, start battening down the hatches now.

    • Saturn is firm and wise. Doesn’t take wishy=washy excuses easily. You need to be on your game and have a game plan. You will be called to be accountable for your actions.

      Neptune is dreamy and deep, wafting in the depths of subconscious and psychic realms both specifically and nebulously. Simultaneously collecting data from the collective conscious and merging all. Indiscriminantly providing information not necessarily with the filter on. Some active discernment is required for filtering.

      Mars will assist with drive and determination. Mars may also assist with disgruntled views on why said drive and determination is not achieving desired results and may insist on them now! Mars will sharpen focus.

      It also depends on where Scorpio is and the relationship the planets have to eachother and others/houses eg squares, trines etc. This I can’t comment on. Short answer, not savvy enough on it all but there are plenty here that are!

  36. I’m trying to understand this Saturn thing. Gently you know. Because the first time I got a whiff that Saturn would be in Scorpio, I asked Carmen San Diego this question: “Fuq, Saturn’s going into Scorpio late 2012 – WTF IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN?? Do you know? Should we batten down the hatches???!!!”

    Yeah, it was panic. I have Saturn trining my Sun I think, so I’m taking the thought that Hard Work Becomes Me? I’m working loads already as it is, that I seriously asked my tax accountant if I should incorporate. You know, for just being me. She said no, just do the work and you’ll be fine.

    Saturn speaks through the accountant. A Saturn message if there ever was one.

    Oh and I also read somewhere else that Saturn in Scorp heralds stability in my house of love as a Kataka, the 5th house that is. I’m taking faith that stability means STEADY, not flatlining. :)

      • Are you talking about the Cappos I dated Scorched? tee hee.. I can get down with Saturn, probably better now that Neptune moving into Pisces is meant to make my finances a happier thought.

  37. From MM on FB:

    “Okay – pls can those of you who can access my site go comment saying daily horoscopes for friday up later than usual because of stupid optus”

  38. I’m going to embrace Saturn as a lean, mean personal trainer on as many aspects of my life as humanly possible… and as I write this feely strangely excited and positive about it 8)

    • It’s the best way to go into it- I agree! I was very nervous when Saturn went into my 12th House. I read some horrible things happening to people. But, I am thinking positive it’s for me to gather the strength to face past merde that keeps holding me back and push forward. It’s a good through psyche cleanse and detox.
      I am stronger for it.

      • that’s the spirit… i find that it’s really only when we least expect it that fit hits the shan… so move forth and conquer! (or something like that ;-))

  39. Nothing in early Scorp. Neptune at 20 degrees, my natal 12th. If Saturne is doing some positive dance steps with Neptune then I’m doing the optimistic smile and .. well maybe some fancy foot work?

  40. this is an awesome post mystic. Mid heaven strategy
    you have scorp mid heaven? amazing.

    I used to fear saturn but I am really getting into it now. I think it took me some time to get what saturn really IS, and in fact I still am. Everything saturn is about is what I need to embrace. I am naturally mercurial, uranian, scorponic and neptunian love drugged so having a saturn plan is like gold.

    Saturn in my world right now is like a skeleton, everything I need is discipline and framework so I am going to knuckle down and go with the grain. It’s going to hit my 5th house after its finished with my 4th. The building of a nest to support myself is finally starting. So the framework will be all about saturnian lovers and probably a biz plan and shape to my creative universe that is has never had before.

    • That’s an inspiring take on it, Ms. I like the idea of Saturn providing a skeleton. The meat may still be neptunian, ephemeral, free-associative, mystical, right-brain, but hang it on a titanium core and it can become something powerful. I’m going to think on that.

      • Odette, what you wrote makes me feel like building a better robot! But yes, all those taken together and worked on the high versions can be amazing.

  41. Fuq

    The only good thing is 1983-84 was a pivotal turn for me in terms of strengthening my foundations (metaphorical—4th house) and I really got sh__t together in new way. People/authority figures were challenging me right and left, but I won. Not sure how exactly I won except they were wrong and I was right (really and truly…even upon reflection).

  42. After Saturn finishes in Libra – where I already have five planets incl. sun – I’ve got Venus (12′, 7th hs) and Uranus (27′, 8th hs) in Scorp.
    Then once it’s past my Neptune in Sag, I look forward to getting Saturn out of my life for a LONG LONG TIME! haha..

  43. I have Jupiter, Neptune and Mercury in my Midheaven soI hope it isn’t more maturity and lesson learning, unless it is lesson learning about something good..so far Saturn there is stellar for me being conjunct with Venus and my Sun also in the 10th..I feel like I am on fire in a quiet and very determined way..so I am getting things done..
    I am not in love, so don’t forget it..ha ha ha..it is my motto lately:)

  44. Saturn will be transiting my ascendent into my 1st House of Scorp and hitting a stellium of planets: Jupiter, Venus and Neptune. This will be a busy few years.
    Last Saturn in Scorpio 1983-1985 it was very difficult time period for me but, the most growth resulted from it it. I didn’t die, I survived and thrived. oh, and the music rocked!

  45. Scorpio rules my 6th and got a jump on that as of this morning I have lost 17 pounds since the 9th of Jan (no carbs…don ‘t miss ‘em and feel great)..

    Saturn will be in 5th conjunct Scorp Neptune opposite Venus trine Pisces MC. I see this as postivie as Neptune rules MC…structure to the Veenie/Neptune stuff.

  46. Saturn opposes my neptune, trines my pluto,and squares my midheaven. Sco rpio doesnt feature prominently for me – it is just in my sixth house, albeit at 10.13.

    • Oh, and I dont look forward to repeating those months of 83–84! They were all about departure and transition — none of it easy, as I was just about a teenager then and A LOT HAPPENED. Please say it aint so.

  47. As a Sat Scorpio Ascendant and having been through the Sat return at almost the same time as Pluto over the Ascendant. I say bring it on. With your Scorp on the midheaven, no wonder you are “mystic medusa” and, really the picture says it all. So wouldnt Saturn to the midheaven and Plutos current long sojourn in Capricorn bring you into a place of teaching more people, enlightening more people with astrology in the very way you do it?

  48. Saturn in Scorp might be the one transit that won’t destroy me. None of my poor planets will be challenged so severely. Okay, we’ll there is Anaretic Jupiter in Taurus…..but srsly, I’m ready for it to get out of libra and stop squaring my sun. ????

  49. Saturn in Scorp is arriving at the exact right time, as if it were all planned for me to be here and Saturn to be there at this very moment, like magical stuff. In October. This very moment in Oct.

    It will be finishing up my life in the 12th and then cross my acendant. And what will happen? I will go from being whatever you are before your 50s to comtemplating what you are after. Life will never be the same again.

    Then Saturn will go around my chart once again to make me learn how to live in the new “age” reality. Am I looking forward to it?

    No. Not really.

    I have a fever because I was locked in a meeting room with crappy recycled air. I sat next to Mr. I am best and you are new and I spit on you, till I blew him away with knowing more than he. So give the “old lady” some respect person whose job I will probably redefine! :)

  50. during Saturn in Scorp it will be transiting my 6th house
    first it will trine my Jupiter 4 deg in Cancer
    then trine my 6 deg Venus in Pisces

    and then way later it will conjunct my Pluto 17 deg
    and then my Moon 18 deg.

    But since it is going rx in Libra it will oppose my 22 deg Aries Sun again soon, but it also trines my 23 deg Aqua Mars to help ballance out the negative transit out.

  51. Will first conjunct my 8th house cusp BML, then conjunct my Neptune. The last time Saturn toured my 8th house some of the worst heartbreak and then best resuscitation happened for me … think I’ll ease up on the coffee and have another whack at meditation … sometime soon.

  52. Saturn in Scorpio will go first over my Pluto at 4º and then my Ascendant at 8º, then my part of fotune at 11º, and when it goes to Saggo, my Saturn return!
    I’m not *that* scared for some reason… but maybe I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about…

    • yeah, it’s like being pregnant with your first baby. You have no idea what you’re talkin’ bout. But having a lot of pluto factors in my chart, I have learned a few things.

      • There is a book called “Cracking Pluto” If you can get through the initiation of “cracking Pluto” you got it made. PLuto went over my Mars/ Galactic Center conj in 2006 and I’m barely crawling to the finish line now.

        But, Pluto -as God of the Underworld – does have a lot of Gold. There is a flower essence for Pluto- called Pluto. The 1st couple of times I took it, I was literally in hell, but then one day I was giving an energy healing to a client and saw there were some Pluto issues and I took a few drops . WOW! I broke through to the Golden Bliss of Pluto!.

        Pluto “simply” wants use to break through our crap so we can experience more bliss. It can be ruthless about it , but it wants to get to that orgasmic bliss. That was when I really understood and appreciated Pluto.

        Saturn and Scorpio (pluto ) actually works quite well together in in a dominitrix kind of way. Work hard and disciplined at your bliss.

        It may have been mentioned before, but Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn will be in mutual reception so it’s really a wonderful opportunity to get down and dirty with the work of Scorpio Saturn
        Pluto in Cappy.

        Also if there is anybody whose head you just need to off, this is the time. There is a season for everything. Perhaps it is your own head. Scorpio doesn’t really operate from the head.

        • Maggie, this is brilliantly clear. Thank you for your wording here. Saturn will traverse my 12th house Scorpio for a time before pinging of the multiconjunction of my late 12th house and Asc.

          After all the soulsearching and new regime perhaps this means i can finally really get into the deepest core beliefs or lack thereof i hold about myself. At first i felt tired: what?? After all this hard work there’s more cr@%?? But suddenly i get it (ha ha there’s these giant bell sounds going off from the Bose just as an ACDC song pops up on random shuffle! Love it!) – sorry, i get it: without all this groundwork, the real core of it could never be reached.

          Wow it’s going to rock my world like never before! And that’s saying something :) Fq it’s going to be hard work. Phew! But great stuff.

        • Thank you Maggie.
          Wow, I can’t even imagine what’s ahead, but i guess it will be good after all!

  53. Whew!!!
    Saturn is in my 12th house….. I haven’t been too upset by it, as these two and a half years have passed… married on Saturn entry in 2009 – separated in 2011. Married a scorpio, still dealing with the divorce, because she was uncooperative when the timing was right.
    Now I am beside myself with grief over the transit into Scorpio. My Ascendant is at 10 degrees; my part of fortune is at 4 degrees, and my spirit is conjunct my ascendant at 11 degrees. Other than that Neptune is retrograde at 24 degrees….. and I do have natal pluto in Virgo….17 degrees… I keep analyzing the past looking for clues of the first pass…. and I was 15…. not a lot to tell really….
    As Saturn was approaching Scorpio before the retrograde, I had several women attracted to me that were into BDSM. with Saturn in retrograde that has retreated as well…. Now I am getting major broadcasts from the psyche to clean up my finances…
    So, the question I have is this; My health is better than average; always has been….. however the thought of death is prevalent most days, and though I have lived my life as the fearless Scorpio you mentioned earlier; and my Scorpio Ascendant has given me in exhaustible powers of recreation; I am wondering if this is the final chapter that will be written in the story of “Brooks Tayler”??…………
    Saturn Return was an Arse kicking loss of self, as Saturn is conjunct my North node in Aries….. I was never as free loving and fun after that experience…. I thought I had until about 60 or 65 before another crucial Saturn time would come and uproot my life …… and by then I would have lived enough to let go of my spirit………
    It is a serious question; Is it possible that this transit will take my life?

    • Hang on sweet. x there have been many brave, kind and wonderful people who have felt like you. You’re not alone. Keep breathing, that little heart was born for you and beats for you, not for anyone else. It believes in you. If you’re really troubled please talk to your family or someone you trust. You are meant to be here, living.

  54. I will have Saturn transiting my 5th house, so wondering if that means no fun, loneliness and isolation? I kind of already have that scenario in my life, so it might be more of the same. Saturn is actually already in my 5th house, even in late Libra, so I’m already getting these effects. Nobody loves me!

    Saturn will trine my moon and my ascendant, though, which are in early Pisces and Cancer, respectively, so maybe that will be good in other ways.

    I have Neptune late in Scorpio, so Saturn won’t transit that for awhile..

    I want to plan to use this period to hone and enrich my guitar skills and be more disciplined and focused in the area of music, in general. It’s not my profession, but it’s been an mostly unused talent and creative outlet for me that I want to take more seriously. Practice, practice, practice!

  55. In my Natal Chart I have Neptun and Saturn in my 4th house in Skorpio. I am waiting for a Wonderful return….as I am 57 !

  56. I’m not sure what all the old faff is about:) I have Saturn conjunct MC/ Chiron in Pisces in 9th, as handle of bucket chart, opposing Uranus/Pluto in 3rd, squaring Jupiter conj nn in 12th in Gemini, and making a grandtrine to the sun in cancer and neptune in scorps. It’s not all that bad peeps! It’s a good one!: Believe in your dreams.

    From The Tempest: (Caliban, the Monster):


    Be not afeard; the isle is full of noises,
    Sounds and sweet airs, that give delight and hurt not.
    Sometimes a thousand twangling instruments
    Will hum about mine ears, and sometime voices
    That, if I then had waked after long sleep,
    Will make me sleep again: and then, in dreaming,
    The clouds methought would open and show riches
    Ready to drop upon me that, when I waked,
    I cried to dream again.

  57. Everyone is scaring me a bit. I’m great at astrology for others, but not so great for myself…maybe its my virgo north node in the 11th….

    anyway, I thought the mutual reception could be just so great in this situation. I have sun and uranus in scorp, in the 1st house, scorp/sag cusp in the second for venus. mars in leo in the 10th, taurus chiron in the 7th. i can’t tell if this is any effect of a skyrocket or not…sun at 8 degrees means I’ll find out earlier rather than later? I’m 32, just graduated college (finally!), got married to a lovely frenchman (taurus 11th house sun) and have a libra rising so have really been stewing in this saturn in my 12th house conjoint AC. I’m ready for some release! Cant figure out whether or not I should be in school for film directing like my nagging insides suggest, or if i’ll get the chance to do this in the field just with these aspects…anybody got an opinion on this? I’ll happily look at your stuff in return, i just can’t assess myself well ;)

    • also moon at 0 degress aries. So far I can at least report what has been happening…An incident with my father has me psychologically rooting him and his influence out of my life…so literal with Pluto and Saturn involved! The rooting and processing is being aided by psychotherapy, and is an amazing experience. This is a huge deal for me, and I relate it to when I was a child and my father first became a problem in my life, when Pluto was in my first house and it conjunct my Sun at 8 degrees. Its all on the table now, and the potential for me is quite different than if I had decided to keep my attachments to him. Just posting this wo that others may piece together the evidence of this influence in their own charts/lives/ Peace.

  58. Saturn coming up to conjunct my moon in Scorpio in the 4th House. Instant Karma is possibly on the way, like oats but just how palatable(?), then opposition my natal Saturn in the 10th. Hello Daddy hello mum guess it’s time to be a serious little cherry bomb. :/

  59. I feel something happening. Saturn coming into my Scorpio rising, with all that Uranus/Pluto/Neptune stuff. Oh yeah, I have Neptune rising, too. I kind of feel like I might die, even if just spiritually.