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Nicoletta Ceccoli

Weirder than weird and all to do with the planet of Love, Beauty, Art etc…in Gemini? That’s the cosmic bonus.

A deluxe version of Venusian Weirding will be seen in the early days of June 2012, with the transit of Venus. Venus, Earth & the Sun line up in amazing alignment, it will look like Venus is crossing the Sun.

Yes, this is what the Mayans were banging on about, their calendar has a new era beginning with this astro event. Some interps say it’s the start of a stronger female goddess energy; a goddessey. 

It’s in the middle degrees of Gemini, if you know your chart.

Whatever, it’s rare – the last one was in 2004 and after this one it’s not occurring again till 2117. 

More on all this soon, obviously, it’s definitely being taken into account in your Horoscopes & checked out in any charts i am doing.

It’s on my North Node!  And, oh yeah, for various reasons it is heaps more powerful than the one in 2004 – that was just like a little opener.


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  1. 2004? That didn’t go so well.
    I’ve got natal Saturn in Gemini in the middle degrees smack dab in the 7th house.

    But it’s hard to do worse than none, that’s the good part.

  2. holy shit, this will be all over my natal bml (11°), moon (14°), chiron (15°) and sun (16°) what a weird solar return, again *sigh*

  3. I really feel that the Mayans referred to a new human consiciousness on earth beginning, and NOT the end of the world. Let’s be hopeful for a better world with this new beginning!

  4. nothing in the middle of Gemini for me. Gemini is intercepted in my 10th house. In fact, nothing in the middle of any of my signs but Cancer….

    2004 was hard. My saturn return in the 11th house though….

    • My dear friend and her young son died. Her son and mine were best friends. My whole family went into deep mourning and I developed horrid anxiety that lasted for many years.
      But it pulled my family together and we were very close that year.

  5. The Curator of Astronomy at the Sydney Observatory from 1979-2009 has put a book out about Venus. (The review was in the weekend edition of the Sydney Morming Herald).

    The book is called Transit of Venus, its a bit pricey, howvevrr, you can always ask your local library to get it in (keep badgering if they are a little passe about it- the squeeky gate gets the oil). Author is Nick Lomb.

    I read the transit happens ”in pairs of eight years apart and then not for more than a hundred yaers”. Imagine a new born coming along then, what a sparkle to the eye they’d have.

    • Written up as teh companion book for the event. So much to read, so little time (or not). x

  6. I have nothing in Gemini, not a planet even remotely close to Gemini. Except, of course, for the IC: my IC is 17 degrees Gem. What say you to that?

      • Ic is important as are the other angles that are probs. in mutable signs. any planets in stable signs that may be squared or opposed by Venus are important.

        • I don’t get that. Are you saying that chart angles in mutable signs are problematic in some way?

    • Sincere gratitude for your insights. <3

      During sleeptime wanderings last night, I found myself in a shabby grocery store. It was stocked full of highly processed foods and simple carbohydrates, and had a dusty floor and bad lighting.

      I picked up loaf after loaf of bread, turning it over and over in my hands, looking at it baffled, disgusted: "What is this shit? This can't be the only bread they have." The other grocers, many of whom were people I have loved, sighed, "Yes, this is it: isles and isles of not-so-great foods, as far as we can see. It's really not a good grocery."

      I am allergic to dust. And contrived substances.

      Leaving the grocers, my son and I walked isles and isles of shit food, all the way to the back of the store, where *heavenly chorus* there lay spread before us a gorgeous bounty of whole, fresh foods. Shiny-ness, color, sunlight. I grabbed a warm loaf of bread in its twistied baggie just as my ex-bff caught up to us, mouth agape with the beauty of what I'd unearthed in this seemingly-dreary port of nourishment. I won't lie: I felt a little, "Yeah, that's right: fuck you," as I triumphantly put the bread into our cart. But, I shone a simple, humble, satisfied smile, nothing more. That was enough.

      * * * * * * *

      In the same way the IC is a point of death, it is a point of rebirth; never is there one without the other. That my Gem/IC is completely without planets suggests that my tablet is blank; that Venus alone will soon grace my IC
      suggests that I am


      to create and right– write– my history and legacy under the most beautiful Venutian sway…

      I am spending this new day creating, preparing for that first stroke after Midnight. In the moonlight, the seeds have germinated. My IC, my AD. We are on our way.

  7. Uh oh… I’m a Gem having a crazy plutonic love transit (cap rising) and this will be bang on my Venus… But hell yeah to the Goddessy!!… so sick of fighting all that male energy in my industry. (music) BRING IT ON!!

        • Oooo! It’s crossing my Venus too. And I work in radio. A little but of same same going on!
          I would settle for a lusty relationship with someone who isn’t a manipulative jerk face.
          Or a new job.
          I have been working in sound since I was about 15. The boys club doesn’t even make me blink these days.

    • Was that a bad hair transit time for you? Come to think about it, I think I had one too. I somehow decided dreads were a good idea.

      • Mystic had been banging about it, then Venus was retro in Aries…It took two months to look passable – such a hideous cut. We decided to experiment out of blue, blew it. Actually it is not just hair, I think it applies to eyebrows as well.

      • I have South Node@ 28degrees , Mars @ 21 deg and Mercury @ 11 deg of Gemini all in the 11th House! What does all this mean for me?! Brief reply would be so appreciated!!

    • On my north node and chiron 6 degreesalso . will it be going over that? In my first house…No makeovers for me..

  8. Mid-Gemini is my Descendant. I’ve got nothing happening in my 6th, but Chiron is in my 7th. Didn’t know much about Chiron until now, decided to do some Googling. I’m now finding it somewhat interesting that with Sagg rising, I’ve got Chiron hanging out in my 7th house.. but then again, I’ve been noticing interesting patterns everywhere lately. I guess Neptune transits will do that to you.

  9. What about this being bang on my South Node? Am I going to have a “blast from the past” moment? Will somebody pop up from a past life?


      • Lost 30 lbs (good), then entered the most toxic love/relationship of my existence later that year. It pretty much resulted in 3 years of destructive patterns. I envied my skinnier sister and friends for all the male attention they got and well….. they do say “be careful what you wish for”. I ended up with a jealous/insecure/needy scorpio after I lost all the weight, who was/probably still is just as destructive as I am.

        I have a feeling the issue of envy and “be careful of what you wish for” will come up again this year. My venus is unaspected after all…..*sigh*

        • I lost a lot of weight that year too. My venus is opposite yours which happens to be my exs venus, who i started talking to again that year. 3 years ago confirmed he is a lying selfish jerk. but live and learn right?

  10. Could this event in Gemini signal a rebirth of love for the ‘other’ part of ourselves beit male/female, black/white, whatever?

    • I like your thinking, mulltiair! No need to panic, people – all you need to handle these transits (and any others) is within you.

  11. Just checked my chart out, i have Venus and Mars at 13 Degrees in Gemini, 4th house. Am goign to be reading up on 4th house stuff asap.

    Looking forward to reading of Twinfish and Barsitagem,whose Gemmie house is loaded.

    • This is extraordainary, have been reading on 4th house through She talks about the Seal sotyr, of the woman who comes to shore, and her husbands hides her pelt away so she can stay on shore.;jsessionid=DCD2DC86C3B4FE589D72089C51F7C6AC is a massive blerb on 4th ouse, in the 12th paragraph she talks about this.

      beautiful syncronicity once again.

      PS – Am ready to come out of the closet re The Shaman in the Supermarket now. Was a little frightened of drawing attention to myself rather than the event if you know what i mean.

      Thank you so much for all your lovely comments, and honestly i couldnt have got to the point i was at without the help and support recenlty of all of you.


        • i thought you might guess it was me twinnie when i started teh sentence ‘hello gorgeous!” … i didnt realise till after i posted, so was .. she’ll know for sure (or think ”what a crackpot!” xxxxx

        • HaHa, I knew you’d be onto me Millie (intuitive piscean woman )! xxx i had been keeping imagery of your words ” try and visualise yourself walking beside husband – he’ll be thankful afterwards, you really helped me hun. x

          i also thought my shocking typos would give it away.

          i was so spun out an doff the planet when i emailed Mystic, i felt off the planet..xx

          Im so glad i found you all here. xx

          • No, doll, it wasn’t typos it was your moniker: Cosmic Ram, plus your humble gentle voice, the mention of being diagnosed with depression but not really fitting that, and your deep gratitude and awe. It all sounded like “Goldfleece” to me. You ARE a cosmic ram.

            …do you know, in a Celtic story the bridge between two worlds is a sword.

            • No Millie, i didnt know that, re the sword i had emailed Kim Falconer (Mystics close friend) to see if she could do a reading for me, but she was flat chat. i know from her blog that she does a form of martial arts with a sword, i had been trying to find a class in Sydney to no avail. So it was the swords and thinking of Kim and martial arts that gave me push to talk to her gently.
              little did i know. xx
              Thank you Millie. xx

  12. I have Sun (13 degrees), Mercury (4), Venus (27), Jupiter (9) and North Node (13 -in the 5th House) in Gemini. Am I going to explode?? ;-)

    • Maybe – from too much doin’ it! :) (joke!!! cause it’s the fifth house – house or romance) hope this transit goes awesome for you :)

  13. Oh blah, right over my birthday and my sun (and a near swipe on mercury) in fourth house, opposing sag mars in 10 house and once out of its’ shadow zone opposes my sag moon…lovely…feel like I’m just having to do things over and over again

    • south node on 4th house sun right now too – am trying work really hard with that and not fall into a hole. At least north node hits my mars soon so that might give me a boost in 10th house (or at least I’ll FEEL like it will!)

  14. It’s also in my fifth. Sounds like fun (can do with some of that :) ).
    Opposite my Moon (15 Sag)
    First there is a lunar eclipse on the 4th (Europe), 1 1/2 day later the Venus transit.
    my Lunar return is on the eclipse.
    We’ll see…. !
    2004 was the year I did not feel any connection with the people around me at all though. (the transit was at 18* Gemini then, the last 2 degrees of my 5th hse)
    I had Saturn giving my 7th a nice work over at the time

  15. I eloped on that date the first time around, to a man who had huge anger issues and tended to project his insecurities on me. He dumped me on the last day of February two years ago and two days later told me he was interested in a peer of mine at school (who was NOT interested in him). Then he spent the next year or so trying to win me back, to no avail.

    Now I’m waiting for the petition for divorce to arrive at my door, after finally (?) wrangling it from me. . . and I’m in love with a wonderful man who wants to marry ASAP. This time it’s right on my Lilith, so I wonder what that bodes.

  16. So that is what I am feeling. I am a gem and middle º (also in the 12th house is that same as sun sign??). Bring on the goddess. It is like I am bursting at the seams creatively. Ooooohhhh want to keep this energy. (Could help that I actually had a good nights sleep for once!)

    • Sorry for silly comment above looked 12th house up.
      Subconcious, self sabotaging, hidden enemies and addictions. Gulp.

      on the positive …
      the 12th house can also be our connection with dreams, imagination, visions, fantasy, romance, illusions, and redemption. Phew.

      I’m going with the positive.

  17. Hmm. Mid Gem is my second house Venus-North Node conjunction. Maybe I’ll win the lotto? lol It’s also potentially opposite my Sagg Jupiter, Uranus & Neptune though… Depending on the degree : )

    • Second house is money you earn. I think eighth house would be more lotto. You could get a raise or find a great way to increase your income? Second house is also about values. Maybe there will be some lightbulb moments here?

      • Or you could find some awesome new ways to make money that are more aligned with your values.

      • Haha that does seem more likely! Starting post graduate study next week. Plus, I never actually buy lotto : )

  18. As far as my love life is concerned, 2004 was pretty awful. Lots of broken-heart scenarios: my own…and some that I caused. It took many years to repair that damage.

    I have nothing going on in Gemini. My third house starts 13degGem, but that’s it.

    So if 2004 was just the opening act for the events of this summer? Well, I’m going to look on the bright side and say I learned HEAPS from the last time around, so hopefully I’ll be prepared for the big show :-)

    • I’m going with this theory too. We’ve had time to learn and grow and be strong and it will be better this time around :-)

  19. I’m actually terrified. May/June 2004 was the worst 8 week period of my life, suffered massive heartbreak/rejection which triggered an intense depression lasting 2 years and ruined my ability to trust anyone or fall in love again. Sounds a little melodramatic but it was awful, awful. I’m genuinely worried :(

    • I went through something similar during that time too Charley. Good news is… I doubt very seriously I will ever be taken by surprise like THAT again. :)

      • True, I’m just on one long self sabotage fear mission of the heart instead though and let me tell you it’s DULL. Haha. Ugh.

        • I am so sorry for your heartbreak.
          I too went through a horrid heartbreak in may june of 2004, but of a different kind… of my besties and her young son died, leaving her family and mine devastated(my son and hers were best friends). It left me grief stricken and super anxious for a long time.
          It was just before saturn went over my sun then my saturn return, so other transits this time around are different.
          I am sure you are having different transits as well, as we all are.
          Keeping hope, prayers high, that light will shine in!

    • There’s always other astro stuff going on – have to look at whole picture – it will be different this time Charley – maybe a chance to finally put your old issues to bed. All mine recently came up again too and thought I’d already dealt with them! Gawd ugh. Looking forward to hopefully finally laying them to rest and starting anew. Good luck with you

    • Hang in there. Sometimes the bad stuff happens so the good stuff can come in and replace it. :(

      • I know you’re right, I just almost had the good stuff after a lot of bad then it vanished in a week. Like seriously vanished, I’m feeling brow beaten and the thought of a transit echoing that time is enough to finish me off. I hope you’re right, maybe it will be closure because I never really had any, I’m still mad about the scenario that happened.


        • Yes, the hard stuff deepens us, makes us more wise. Daughter was just saying tonight that she would not be who she is if certain things had not happened. Of course I concurred. Still I would love to protect her and loved ones from any further heartache but unfortuneately I’m not God (as Aries of course I try… ;) kidding…)

          • Thanks guys, I’m sure you’re right. I think it scares me because firstly I had no idea such a dark place existed and I never, ever want to go back there and secondly because of how much it’s defined everything since. You’re all right though, some of it in very good ways when I think about it. I just freaked out thinking about it.

    • I’ve got the Gem 8th House too just zero planets.
      2004 was a good year for me.
      Here’s hoping for that same good luck!!!

    • oh and my last serious relationship started April 2004. I did fall in love but I don’t think he did or did but it didn’t last.

      I have changed so much since then. Much more in touch with my spiritual side.

      You know i’ve only just realised that venus 9th house I would be much better off with someone from OS or very spiritual. The last relationship was with a man who was half english, quarter jamacian, quarter chinese but he’d been in Aus since he was 2. andI don’t think we had a strong spiritual connection.

      Brand new lover is also OS, from India and much more spiritual. who knows??

    • Gemini sun and Chiron in Gemini….. in the 8th house idk what is considered mid….i am 22 degrees Gemini sun….is that mid? either way 2004 was a good year. can’t wait for 2012 to be better.

  20. So Gemini is my sun sign, is in my first house, and covers my South Node. What’s gonna happen? Sounds cool!

  21. Venus Weirding……2004 June alignment 6 months later Tsunami, I do wonder what the deluxe alignment will bring us.

  22. Oh I love planetary transits across the sun. Somewhere I have an old Polaroid photo I took through my first little 2″ refractor telescope of the 1970 transit of Mercury, when I was a precocious little kid.

    I was poking around the web and there are tons of technical sites on Venus Transits. The most interesting so far: NASA’s Catalog of Transits of Venus from 2000BC to 4000AD.

    There are only 81 Venus transits in that 6000 year period. There are ascending node transits and descending node transits, and they are in interleaved cycles of 243 years, sort of like the lunar eclipse Saros Series calculations. The 2012 transit is in Cycle 5, the previous transits in that cycle were in 1769, 1526, 1283, 1040 etc. OK I better stop there, this is took geeky even for technically inclined astrologers.

    The last transit in this cycle in 1769 was a really interesting time. There was a solar eclipse 5 hours after the Venus transit. The American Colonies were on the verge of the Revolutionary War, Boston was garrisoned by the British. Captain James Cook sailed south from Tahiti and discovered the mythical land called Terra Australis. James Watt patented the steam engine and started the Industrial Revolution. The KJV Bible was released.

    1526 was an interesting time too. The Renaissance was at its end, Michelangelo was painting the Sistine Chapel ceiling. The Four Years War in Italy ended, and the War of the League of Cognac started, pitting Florence vs. Venice as a proxy for Spain vs. France, resulting in the Sack of Rome. The Spanish met the Mayans and Incas, began a genocide, and started colonies in the Americas. The first English translation of the New Testament was printed.

    I’m not sure what was happening in 1283 and 1040. It was the Middle Ages and everyone was poor, ignorant, and badly dressed.

    Well anyway, it looks like a couple of big epochal shifts happened in 1769 and 1526, I wonder what new epoch 2012 will bring.

    • Those two years were incredible, when you put the events in a nutshell like this. Eras changed quite drastically, in the arts, industry, geopolitical territory and religious accessibility… can you imagine what this may herald in our year? The only thing is the wars, genocide, all of which shaped nations (trite statement perhaps, i suppose wars tend to do that) and i wonder if this too is due. I have had certain areas of the world creep into dreams over the last year or so, the weird dreams i’m in but aren’t about me. This happens sometimes and is usually political though i’m not always terribly informed of those nations or political figures until the dream makes me research.

      Also, some new overseas clients..on meeting them i saw behind their faces to a tremendous sadness but not personal past, something that made me kind of tremble and feel watchful. I could never (WOULD never) voice that anywhere but here. We may have many people to look after in this country if … but i don’t jump ahead. It’s only a feeling and who knows where it comes from.

  23. 8O

    I fell in love during the early months 2004! 8O

    I have Moon conjunct Varuna in Gemini at 18 degrees in the 3rd house…

    Also in Gemini – Sun, Venus and IC. 8O

  24. I love the sound of more Goddess energy. What this planet needs!!
    I’ve got Gem Sun 17 deg in my 2nd house. So I’m taking it as a good time for money, career and love! (About time!!!)

  25. Whoa! This is going to be interesting… also when in 2004 did this happen? I’m curious and wondering because of certain events that happened during that time in my life.

  26. Gemini is my 3rd house, and in May 2004 I was in a job i was thriving in, and about to be accepted into a PhD program. So this bodes well.

    Of course as a Sagg Gem is my 7th house though, and at that time was in an on and off again relationship with an alooof game playing Aqua who devastated me. I was young though and put up with crap. He was chasing other women etc.

    Now i am in a really strong happy relationship where we talk about marriage, etc :). I am hoping that this Venus-Gemini moment is about the culmination of that and maybe reveling in the love i deserve with a man i adore. (and he is a devoted Gemini with Scorpio rising- perfect for me).

    • The culmination….sounds right :) I hope for me if my exs come back it is a closure type situation

  27. In my 6th house it will be opposing my venus in the 12th. Gemini is my 7th house cusp though. And the lunar eclipse in june will conjunct my venus also. WOW! 2004 was quite a year for me with love. 2 exs came back into the picture. and i had met a new guy, who interestingly enough contacted me on a dating site 2 months ago. We did not get along then and it seems to be the same thing again this time lol. Lots to learn from eachother and seems im learning more than he is. does venus retro(gemini 7th house cusp) and opposing my venus necesarily mean someone from the past will come back? Im just waiting for the days that exs dont come back anymore and on to bigger and better relationships. And if they do come back for a bit do you think its for some purpose? and not to fight it?

  28. Mercury 18degrees Gemini, 5th house.

    Maybe I’ll start some creative writing, about love?

    I am currently enjoying my first love, and therefore experiencing a more poetic side that I never knew I had, so very possible.

    Or maybe I’ll just flirt. A lot.

  29. I was born with Venus in Gemini in the…11th or 12th. Am definitely feeling the goddess stuff intensely lately, so this is all very interesting. Really don’t need a repeat of 2004 (broken heart, life falling apart, downward spiral that lasted several years) but I have learned and changed immensely from all that.

    • It was on June 8th, 2004 Twinfish @ about 17-18 degreesGemini.

      I remember it well as I was in the throes of recognizing that something from the past was repeating itself with someone….if I should let it..

      At that time Venus was conjunct my Gemini Eros in 12th and opposite the Pluto transit that was slowly inching it’s way toward my Descendant.

      The Venus transit was square someone’s Sun and my Lucifer. It took a bit longer but afterwards that was that. I deemed it done. However I just dreamt of this person last night…lol..In the dream I realized he was involved with two other women as well…It wasn’t that bad in real life but nearly…who knows, eh? Just glad I listened to my Goddessy parts and got out no matter how much I may have bleated on about the pain of it all..

      There are pix on the web if one should want to look at what a Venus occultation looks like. Like Mystic states it shows Venus crossing in front of the Sun.

      • Thanks Sweetpea. Sounds like you rode a tough one down the back paddock and out to ” no thankyou ” land . Amazing that you dreamt of him lastnight . ;)

        I left coey stagnating relationship last time round ( 2004) and I have been seeing someone casually lately who seems to lapse into codependent relationship behaviour all too easily even though we both agreed it’s just casual
        ending things nicely is not my strong in my skills set… with venus and mars in kataka I do what Mystic described recently as Kataka’s style , which is pass-agg to begin with .
        But if I can be bothered typing this then logically I can just have that talk , right ? Oh to have more fire in my chart . Seems I was wrong, Not all of life’s problems can be solved with a hot bath and a good read..

        • A hot bath and a good read my help us get our bearings a bit until the moment comes when we have to take our stand… x

          It was certainly not a good realization to know that I had to let this person go as I paced the balcony in the late hours of the night and slept on the couch instead of in bed with him, but I’d come too far at that point and yes was a bit miffed I’d let him back in in the first place. Yet, even tho the angst was rekindled, the universe was fair in letting it be on my terms that time.

          My Libran NN/Juno/Pallas 5th has always believed the universe is fair and all will be balanced in the outcome no matter this life or another..x

          • However, if it was going to be, can’t help but add that I’m glad it was sooner than later..

            (let’s just get on with the fuqer…lol )

                • Just want to come back and say that what is fair to Libran energy (to me) is ~options~…

                  Someone just posted about being honest…being honest gives people options…I don’t care who you sleep with or need to be with otherwise…

                  Just be fair in the sense of honesty and give me the option to make a concerted decsison for myself…otherwise you disprect me..kapeesh?

  30. Am partaking in the Goddessey! My astro is feeling super destined atm.
    Gem asc at 13 deg. MC in Pisces. Sun in Leo (so Neptune off opposing my sun at last)
    I feel like people are finally starting to ‘see’ me, especially in a work sense. Pluto and I have been having a bit of a discussion over my ‘look’ lately too..

    Opened my little crystal healing room for bizness January 2012 after intense learning (and re-learning) all 2011. So intense has this journey been but it all feels exactly right and I feel so at home in my abilities, it’s just so empowering.
    I know now that we are all pretty special beings. Love and Gemini light to all Medusarians.

    • Sorry asc is 11 deg. And 2004 I started studying hypno and getting closer to my little bro who eventually die a few years later.
      The love that we had for each other and the incredible excitement I felt of studying my dream subject (at that time) is what I remember of 2004,

        • Thank you Barista & Shell! You guys are awesome. Xx. p.s. shell yr knitting stories are brill, love hearing about them. Knitting in black on a dark moon, mmm! There must be astro themes to yr craft?!

    • Hey Andie, I’m really glad to hear you are up and running with your biz. Break a leg darling!
      xxo shell

        • Hey, been thinking of you, and wondering about your relocation plans. Still active?

          Ah, neptune in pisces is just neptune closer to square my sun unfortunately. Which is possibly part of why I’m doing little and don’t have much to say.

          I hope there is more activity in your world love xxo

          • Not much activity in my world either. Same old, same old… :( Pluto still on my Asc. This phoenix needs to rise but couldn’t be arsed right now. It’s hard to get motivated to get off the couch. :) Can’t wait for Jupiter to move out of my 4th!!

            Have decided not to relocate. I think I just wanted to get away from everybody at the time. Better job opps in Sydney anyway. If only I knew what I wanted to actually do *sigh*. My lease expires soon and I can’t even decide whether I want to renew it or not. So many options and decisions to make. It’s all too hard. Neptune transiting my 2nd doesn’t help, and it’s going t be there for a LONG time.
            Hopefully Mystic’s consult will give me some clarity.

            You have Neptune conjunct your moon to look forward to though. That’s gotta be good right? :)

            • Pluto still on your Asc? Sounds to me like you need to reduce your orbs :)
              My conclusion with these slow movers is that one really only worries for a degree or so, and once it’s a second past – thank you – transit over!
              Got a few years till Neptune on my moon, thankfully, and the first pass of Neptune Sun is done next weekend. In fact I get Uranus trine Mars, Pluto square Pluto and Neptune square Sun all one day after the other. Crazy. Lucky I have no money and am not leaving the house.
              Good luck rustling up the energy to make a decision – they certainly can be tiring some times :)

              • reduce my orbs… Hahaha…. well they say to give the outer planets an orb of 10°. Pluto is currently 5° away. So I guess he’s kinda packed his bags already…. or packed mine… except I don’t know where to go?

                Maybe it’s just Mars Retro that I’m feeling or Saturn on my MC… Who knows. I have so many squares and oppositions in my chart it’s hard to keep track of what’s going on.

                Feels like I’m in a boxing ring all the time. It’s exhausting… tired of fighting. I’m just gonna go with the flow… :)

  31. Hmm. 2004. Started working at the radio station I love. Got me back into the sound game and met so many lovely friends and like minded people. I would love for that to happen again, only more:)


        I would settle for doing something that I feel passionate about again (and get paid for it)

    • Been meaning to ask how the cardi ended up? Fabulous and wearable and an inspiration to create I hope xxo

      • Anon be Shell, right?
        I finished seeing it up in january, so I haven’t really worn it yet, but you have no idea how pleased I am at completing it!
        What to news, btw? Any hot knitting projects you can suggest?

        • yes be me.
          yay, congratulations!
          And now you can purl there is a whole world of knitting possibilities that have opened up to you – rib, lace stitch, etc.
          Just finished a long sleeved shirt type thing, out of beautifully soft black wool, and then using the remainder to whip up a lace stitch scarf, because I’m procrastinating on more important things.
          What do you fancy? Clothing? or patterned scarves?

          • Clothing is exciting. I have done many, many, many scarves:D

            GIVE ME PROJECTS!
            What are you procrastinating from?

  32. My Venus is in Gemeni, but not in the center. Does that mean anything or would if have to be closer in degree? Or generally speaking, if a planet goes into a sign that it was in when you were born, is that a good thing?

  33. Gemini IC/4th house, natal Venus end of Gem conj NN. 2004? Memorable! In my Solar Return chart for 2011/12 my IC is 14 Gemini; this is good, v v good :-)

  34. 2004 was a year of mega opportunities for me . I fulfilled a dream to do 2 things I love to do and get paid for them, ( massaging in the Blue Mountains independent of clinics and leading ecotours in the valleys ) then immediately an offer came up for another dream of mine to teach English with a friend in country China..I would never recommend anyone to try living in rural China without a foreign friend. All three experiences were life changing turning points for me.. I also left behind a going- nowhere codependent relationship. We’re still soul friends.
    It was a huge year. Remember the Athens Olympics? and look at poor Greece now..
    Some years are like tidal waves and others are slow simmered ..2004 definately a tidal wave of growth and optimism for me.

    Yes, GFleece I have a tight clan of planets in mid Gemini..and this year is one THOSE birthdays also. I might start making some wings now ;)

    Bring on the new drumbeat ! I hope some of the obsession with brutality dissapears with a change in consciousness ….. including destroying ancient forests in Tasmania for a few dollars on the markets to make loo paper and newspaper out of..yes I know humans torturing eachother is insane and totally fucked up but wrecking the planet you rely on for everything instead of managing it is an issue for anything that lives and breathes..and if we can’t find a consciousness to do that then no super lineup of raising our missing consciousness can effect positive outcomes.
    rant over lol

  35. Its going to be bang on my Natal Saturn – within 2 degrees. AAAGAGAGAGAGAGAGGAGAHHHHHHHHH……

    I was pretty goddamn miserable in 2004. There’s an odd gap in my diaries around the time of the last transit….

    • Right, deep breath.

      :A transit of Venus to the 10th House usually indicates a time of lucky breaks in the career.


      The breaks, which occur if H10 is tenanted, are likely to represent major advances.

      So… hard work, follow-up details, and I will get a lucky break….

      Off to polish up my website and Pintrest Board :D

  36. Oh awesome!! 23°Gem NN in 6th house. In 2004 I had a mad love affair with a Gem artist from New York. His Sun conjunct my NN. His NN opposite mine. My Venus his Pluto conjunct. It was hot & karmic. All started with an accidental email at work. It didn’t end well but we’re still friends and I learned a lot from that experience. If 2004 was just an opener and this year is heaps more powerful, then bring it on!! My heart is ready for an awakening.

  37. Just 1 degree before my Sun last time. I think I had an unpleasant battle followed by amazing reconciliation with my Taurean friend who I was living with as the only other native English speaker for miles and also had a terrible bronchitis ( from pollution ) then. My Venus is conjunct her rising in Kataka . Call it a stella coincidence .

  38. I have the moon at 6 degrees Gemini in the 10th House, house along with Venus in 13 degrees Gemini. Wonder if I will get some sort of raise, award, or public recognition?? I’m currently hooking up with a gemini man who is “semi-single” and still living with his girlfriend of 8 years, and his reason for it is his son loves his girlfriend…This guy is the epitome of douchbag! But for whatever reason he holds this mesmirising curiosity, and attractiveness, and he’s quite intelligent, I keep thinking “what the fuq is wrong with me?” Like gemini guy I have to have several intimate relationships going at the same time, I dunno it’s the way I roll. It sounds awful

  39. My take on the Venus Gemini transit….what I noticed 8 years ago was Gemini energy in the middle of two people, keeping them apart, wanting each person for themselves as one supports them and the other is beneath them power-wise, kind of a power trip (maybe intentional, maybe not). Not wanting the truth to come out and upset the apple cart. That’s how I experienced it. I noticed it but the more I talked about it (Mid-Gemini is in my 3rd house natal/4th house solar) the more the Gemini people complicated things and it all got impossible. Uranus was in my first house and I was on a mission to wake everyone up, lol, and nobody appreciated that. Neptune is teaching me to affect change in a different way, by removing support from “triangles”, and then that just naturally changes the dynamic/energy…..if something good comes out of it, great, if not I’m already seeking new experiences and it doesn’t matter as much. I’m in the same darn kinds of situations again and am much more awake but frustrated. Nothing against Gemini’s, in my case they just seem to feel over responsible for people and think they’re helping, and also needing appreciation (who can hate that?) I’m awake though….just wishing a few other people would wake up and take a little responsibility for themselves so we can all get along and live happily ever after :) The Gemini eclipses in December seem to have sent me down memory lane again, hopefully there is a happy ending this time.

    • So true. As a Gem I do tend to overcomplicate. It is the damn seeing things form all sides. Confusing. Got myself into many a difficult situation with the traits you describe. One thing I have learnt is that you can’t please everyone so you may as well please yourself. (Silly I know but it took me ages). Thanks for making me aware. Hope you unravel your problem.

      • I have always gotten along so well with Geminis, my mom’s moon is Gemini….but being a Pisces I get very confused at times with all the info. overload and “spin”. I’m learning that I really have to concentrate and observe to see and feel the truth instead of taking their interpretation as truth, just takes practice and focus, which is hard for my double Pisces nature :) I sense no malice but it still pays for me to stay very quiet and not draw attention to the fact that I’m aware, lol. Developing and trusting my intuition has been mandatory the past few years.

  40. I remember your site back in 2004 Mystic. Was it pre-blog?
    You had moonscopes . And I sent you a poem praising your awesomeness . Hehe …

  41. WooHoo!
    Fell in love for the first time in 2004. Gem Sun at 2 degrees in the 8th house.
    But 2004 was high school. Sounds like it’s time to get real serious. And after this Saturn on my Lib asc. I am ready!!!

  42. I stayed with a person i thought i loved in Germany for two weeks when i travelled o/s in 2003/4. I then Left to go back home and he told me he didnt love me. was heart broken. Actually thought that i had known him for such a long time then i did, I was really touched by him…

    Im now seeing a guy that i feel the exact same for. He is great and everything i have wanted. Really hope this is a good retro..

  43. Interesting, sounds like fun for my 11 deg Gem ASC (that’s pretty middle right?)

    Was the one one in 2004 also in Gemini. (don’t really want to relive my teens. lol)

  44. Venus is allover my natal chiron today . On this darkest of moons. Now that I have wrung out the hanky I should be in fine fettle for magical massage giving tonight .

    • gentle hug hun. xx

      PS>. lovely reading ”fettle” and ”hanky” in the same sentence. xx

  45. Well, I am a Gemini… and been feeling like crap since last week. Found all pics from my 2005-2008 era, which were the years my ex and me were really happy (at least I was… although it’s easy to feel this way when you compare to the last years when things started to get weird first and dunzo after).
    I am very critical of my looks, to the point where I’m suspecting I might have body dysmorphia. I remember feeling not so great about myself (but not really bad because woohoo, I had a guy who adored me so that must have meant something!…) but looking through all those pictures I couldn’t stop thinking how great I looked (as compared to now, where I am older, fatter and single &no prospects). I also took a look at my journals and, of course, I was surprised to find a warm, witty, interesting person reflected there. Someone I’d like to get to know and maybe be friends with. As opposed to a younger (and brattier) version of myself.
    To make things even worse, saw some photos of my ex having an awesome time this last weekend. I cut all contact last May and so far I’ve been focusing on recovering, rebuilding my life… I don’t know, I feel I was doing a great job at not caring about him. But this weekend was awful for me.
    I realised that whereas he’s moved to another city, has been with someone else, has changed careers, etc… (it’s like he’s someone else for me, really), I’m very much stuck in the same place, metaphorically and literally (and this town sucks, believe me).

    Ugh sorry for the novel. I really don’t know what to do at this point and why I went berserk this weekend. I’m usually quite strong when it comes to nostalgic feelings…

  46. I have heaps of planets in Gemini in the 5th. This venus retro will be smack bang on my Saturn at 12 deg. MORE SATURN!! WTF?!?!?

    Back in 2004 I was in the midst of a series of non committal blokes, (seven in total – yes, I AM learning impaired) who appeared in a flurry of amazingness and disappeared into the ether quicker than you can say “relationship?’

    Heartbroken? Yes. End of tether? Yup. Quietly rocking in the corner. You know it.

    This time round though i feel I’ve developed some great bullshit detecting abilities and clearer boundaries (oh yeah, thanks Saturn in Libra transit) so I’m kinda excited to see what happens… :)

  47. OK, I normally wouldn’t pester you fine folks but being very Gemini I get the impression I should be prepared for this one.

    My Sun (25°), NNode (25°), Mars (21°) and Mercury (03°) are all in Gemini – 8th house. Venus is (10°) in Leo, 10th house – and I’m a Libra rising (27°) 1st house.

    So what do you think? Should I be worried or buy leather pants? both? Any help would be great!

  48. My daughters sun, my husbands moon and my sons mars are all more or less conjunct in early/mid Gemini. I have none, though I have mercury conjunct my sun ( interestingly my grandmother & mother-in-law – both passed on now – shared a birthday with my daughter)
    2004 my husband underwent a 6- month medical treatment just before my daughter started primary school, my son ( 21 now and at uni – still!) was at home then too. Really difficult, but due to previous experience we knew how to pace ourselves & the treatment was successful.
    What sign was it in then?

    • ah yes middle I see. hmm part fortune. what is part fortune exactly. I am going to sneak a look now

  49. I’m looking forward to this gemini venusian weirding…2004 was deeply fun and lots of love… venus will be conjunct my lilith, trine my sun-TN-descendant-3rd house, over my MC and 11th house of other people

  50. hhhmmmm 2004 was a very good year. I was in the right place seizing the best time…. TESOL – foreign island. I wrote the intensive program and taught it to great success…onto other important & well paid contract….transiting Venus (retrograded) in my 7th house opposite natal saturn conjunct mars in 1st house-Sagittarius- transitting Pluto conjunct natal Saturn
    transiting venus trine natal sun/venus/ chiron.

    A gorgeous Brazilian military man courted me gorgeously…( he has pisces sun)…it seemed that I just didn’t have up my personal boundaries to him that had worked upon 100’s of others….emotional fences seemed dissolved and the door to my heart opened like ‘sesame’ ….he had the sweetest smile and he would serenade me in front of his complete military company….I was danced to heaven.

    In this time there were earthquake rumbles and tsunami threat…I felt cool, calm and collected.(passport, bottled water, insect repellent and extra sarong in my bag-I walked away from all else after waking all those still sleeping).

    I formally confronted the leader of an international army demanding an apology from 1 or 2 of his officers (not our Aussies whom we can be completely proud of as wonderful peacekeepers and all round good guys all the time)…some jealous officers had said extremely unsavoury things due to the fact t I preferred a Brazilian officer as my companion.The whole island seemed to reverberate with his bark to those officers…. I told him without an apology from the officers and a guarantee from him the officers behaving badly would cease immediately, I would allow some of my U.N friends to report those officers to U.N. officially..

    Happy now sculpting and feeling that I may be opening to the magic of love again…….perhap its time to write a film script….

  51. Gemini governs my 10th and 11th house ( I think), but no planets are there…
    North Node is in Gemini though, late, 11th house.
    Ideas anyone as to what this means?
    Many thanks