Starting Over: Weekly Horoscopes From Feb 11 Are Up Now

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Rene Lynch

This pic is mega-evocative – anyone care to analyze? 

It makes me think of the Moon & the Dark Moon – Artemis versus Lilith.

Hey the Weekly Horoscopes for the week from Feb 11 are up…of course, they go on about a lot more than just those seven days.

This is going to be a BIG year.  It demands a BIGGER version of you.  Not like you bulk up lol – unless you want to – but that you’re bigger in guts, vision, brain, energy, psyche – everything.

Yes, it is a challenge & we ideally don’t all float off to some imaginary Neptune in Pisces oceanic commune…Pls see the Zap Zone rant on the Monthly Horoscopes page as well.


27 thoughts on “Starting Over: Weekly Horoscopes From Feb 11 Are Up Now

  1. Honey, you are flipping awesome! LOVE this, love you, can’t say enough. Peeps who even dare complain should simply be exiled. Harsh? But you know what I mean. xxx

      • If you’ve forgotten dahling so much the better! Was just recalling your note reassuring peeps you still write the scopes (when have you never without telling us), and the random emails whilst you were so very diligently on slog with the site redevi. xx

  2. oh my Mystic…. i really have to say outloud how grateful I am!! Your Daily Mystic this morning triggered a whole flow of light bulb revelations over breakfast, finally giving me the answers on the continuous loss, disappointment, let downs and false starts that have continuously occurred over the past 6yrs as I tried to break out into a new life for myself. Through all this this morning I received the guidance, ‘its over’, and you can’t imagine the relief thats filled every part of my body today. A more authentic me, yes. A more awakened me, absolutely yes. What a journey its been and now you write of next week as starting over. Hallelujah xx

  3. Love the pic, to me represents the shadow, but its what I feel like doing to my girlfriend at the mo, straight between the eyes. xc

    • Yes, I agree, it’s about the shadow. But you can’t ‘fight’ the shade. It is pure martial arts – one cannot resort to negative emotion, one must believe in oneself.

  4. Ah…… forever the struggle between right/wrong, good/bad, desire/temperance, life/death. The duality of every human. I think even 3 sides to each individual The “pro”, punctual, works hard, works OT, dependable, knows how to behave in public, lol The “weekend hellraiser”, “The Hangover” style and the one that sits back and just watches. The “Observer”.

    Everyone says that “If this ever happened I would!” Well, When TSHTF, you will be so shocked that you will be lucky to make it out alive. Much less play out your little Rambo fantasy. lol

    Trying to stay positive in a negative world.

    • And here I always thought that Rose Red was the true definition of goodness! : )

  5. actually ive been wanting to ask someone for a while, what interpretation would you give to having artemis exact conjunct ascendant in taurus and lilith one degree off the descendant in scorpio?

  6. Well, without much thinking, from the astro viewpoint – what i see here is Sagitter and Scorpio .. if you look more carefully, the arrow is pointed somewhat asside from the Scorp lady, on the horizon, not at her .. We know what lays inbetween those two signs, the Galactic Centre. I wonder why miss Sag has her eyes shut .. and i wonder to about the symbology of those purple, trumpet-like flowers, i dont know what they’re called in english .. As much, i guess :)

    • Those flowers are blue morning glories.
      They are one of the true blue “blue” flowers. Most “blue” flowers are more lavender.
      They are an annual, grow up fences, and selfseed easily.

      The blue morning glories seeds have an hallucinogenic quality if taken in large enough quantities.

      Maybe She collected her seeds carefully, made a tea and consumed it. During mediation this was her vision: The light part and the dark part of herself, both lovely, contend for the lead role in her current state. Her black cat familiar waits on the edge, protecting her scared space.

      • You are too cute Catfish ! ^ ^ <3

        I'm sick as a dog currently ( Mars Rx Virgo simply dosent forgive i guess :D ) so my brain works on backup support 4 now .. :/

        Yes, Morning Glory, in the language of flowers is said to mean
        ~ coquetry
        ~ affection/affect
        ~ vain glory

        I've checked the background 4 the paint, it's within the Leda's Daughter cycle, carring the name "War of the Roses" hm .. Would that have anything to do with the York and Lancaster discourse ? o.O

        From what i can discern, the painted flowers are the following :

        Burgundy Rose
        ~ unconscious beauty

        Dog rose
        ~ pleasure and pain
        Carolina rose
        ~ love is dangerous

        and what is this big, pink one ? Is this Rosa Centifolia(Cabbage Rose)?
        ~ ambasador of love
        ~ my heart is in flames

        If this is a "War of Roses", i gues engaging flower symbology could be pretty important then.

      • OMG don’t say that! In quantities, they are toxic, you only need a few seeds believe me! And stay away from the rest of this plant, it’s deadly.

    • I thought that straight away, that the arrow wasn’t pointed at the other figure. I think they are the different aspects of the same person. The scorpy/dark one is leading other to embrace the unknown subconscious and trust it (hence the eyes closed). And the saggy/light one is leading the other into the world of action and achievement and out of the internal world of thought (hence the drawn bow and arrow reading to fire/launch into action). Both are helping the each other to face the dangerous and unknown.

  7. The Virgin vs The Crone! And where is the Mother? In the roses, as a bridge of love between the two. Perhaps our human psyche is screaming out for Oneness now! Hmm looks like the crows know who’s got the trump card.

  8. my venus, lilith, north node are all in leo. it fels like my taurus moon, however stubborn she may be doesnt stand a chance, dont you think? id love to hear someone’s suggestions on how to handle. it causes no end of trouble.

  9. Speaking as a saggie/scorpio split, I find it interesting that the Archer has her eyes closed, but is active and firing arrows, and the Thinker has her eyes open, but is doing nothing….

    • Great point Domestic ! The one who acts without (in)sight, and the one who (over)see’s without acting, as if simply supervising .. (?)

      And now that we put it like that, i can see that within the arched maiden’s iconography, her ear is positioned in the very middle of her face .. Symbolically relevant, if not crucial i guess ..

      They’re both taken from their profiles, could imply that each carries “half/of the picture” and bilaterality like “two parts of a one” ..

  10. I love the beauty of the picture but i hate yet again some chick with terrible form drawing back the bow.

  11. I love the picture. These are two images I have been coming across quite a bit in my own dreams. I am going to pinterest it :)

  12. The Ravens are all over this scene. They symbolise wisdom, the bringer of light, the power of thought and ability to interpret meaning. They also, according to Carl Jung, represent the shadow side of the self. By acknowledging this dark side of the psyche we can effectively communicate with both sides of ourselves, giving us valuable self wisdom. In other words, through the consistent unveiling of inner depths, and the positive/active utilization of inner impulses the esoteric secrets become exposed to the light of our own consciousness. So Artemis here seems to have her arrow trained on the Raven perched on Lilith’s head, but is having a realisation/second thought symbolised through the contrast of dark/light or dawning of the day (morning glory) in the picture. She has noticed the Cat is ignoring the Ravens. In ancient Rome, the cat was sacred to Diana, the Roman version of Artemis. The Cat is sending her the message not fall prey to false beliefs, to not be a fool out of ignorance. The Cat is reminding Artemis to turn within to her own heart, mind and soul, and trust that we will always be shown the truth of matters.