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I think with a lot of tarot readers doing it for $, they want to give you a load of bang for your buck so they go a bit over the top with the esoteric references.  Which – don’t get me wrong – is amazing and valuable in so many ways.

But in my experience, Tarot is insanely practical.

For example, the Knight Of Swords could be all about the journey of Parsifal to redeem his father’s crown/holy grail/jungian whatever BUT i see it showing up when someone is about to make trouble and an unpleasant discussion ensues.

The Devil = someone in trouble via drugs or alcohol.  Seven of Swords = someone stealing off you.  Page of Cups – to go with a more pleasant example – = someone revealing his/her romantic regard for you. It’s subtle but it’s there. “Sincere & foretold” as old Tarot saying goes.

See also – Using Tarot To Tell If Someone Is Taken…lol.

I get that there are deeper dimensions of these cards but i think it’s good to remember the Tarot also tells a very hands-on, useful-in-the-now type saga.




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  1. I bought Tarot for Dummies and it was all Kabalah psychotherapy stuff . As a reffference tool it was doing exactly what you’re suggesting, adding confusion as a form of value adding.
    The astrology for dummies on the other hand is brilliant basically .

    • My tarot deck has been excellent and I picked it up at a newsagency sale for $9
      The interps with it are so straightforward you can’t mistake cards when you learn them that way. Eg. “Ten swords – the worst card in the tarot pack. Misery, pain, suffering , emotional death. But take heart as it will end eventually . “

      • I see the ten of swords a little more positively, like you’ve been stabbed in the back by life/person whatever, but there is a new awareness dawning. The dark is dissipating and the new dawn is just ahead. It asks what have you learnt, what are you wiser about.

  2. I ponder the deeper esoteric dimensions for meditation and study and go for the practical dimension when doing readings for myself or others.

  3. LOL, my first thought was: gawd, is that the Cane Toad Tarot?
    Then I read the post and thought: damn, my Scorp rising/Sagg Sun so loves no-bullshit cut through interpretations.
    It’s like, I look back at all those weird spreads and weird esoteric interps I’ve had in the past from the net, and all the time I’ve wasted trying to translate to the NOW, and I’m thinking,
    Can you please do a series on ALL the cards, Mystic, one by one when you feel like it? I know you’ve done some – on which I’ve assiduously taken notes – but in the zap zone, we really need them ALL interpreted by someone as no-bs as you!

  4. Ugh.. I’m in IE.. should be with the foxy-fire but about to head to bed.

    Just wanted to say ABSOLITELY timely for me regarding tarot or any omen, symbology!

    Keep it simple. Look at what’s obvious. Don’t delve for deeper meaning. Sometimes (yes, concede not always) the idea of delving suggests not being happy with what is immediately presented. So, looking to change or distort it. Elaborating is a different matter entirely.

    It’s can be a sign that truth is being denied in favour of flights of fancy.

    • like your perspective in the comments you posted here… i agree – keep it simple and don’t overlook the obvious – don’t look for things to be complicated when they’re not (perspective and acceptance).

      And I like both absolutely and absoiltely – it’s like absulote combined with politely! x

  5. Hi! Long time lurker, occasional poster. My clients like a mix of hard detail (e.g. you need to talk to your lawyer again because your ex is going to reject your proposed custody arrangement) and spiritual guidance (e.g. your psychic abilities lead you to empathise with everyone and you need to work on your personal boundaries). I hardly ever refer to myth or esoteric systems. People go to fortune tellers…to have their fortune told. That all said, my favourite clients come to me because their spirit guides told them I have a message for them, but that happens almost never! I can live in hope ;) Part of the fun of gaining experience in tarot is learning all the real life, practical meanings of the cards. Like, The Sun is a great birthday party. The 3 of Cups, a girls night out. I see the Knight of Swords time and time again as a client’s troublemaking brother. And the Page of Pentacles, going back to school. The Knight of Pentacles, he is the dude in your office who always knows how to fix the photocopier, bless his heart.

    • hey SaraBlueBird – thanks for sharing the insights to how the cards relate to everyday life – in office, birthdays, school etc. You’ve actually made me want to get my tarot cards out again, and look at it from this practical perspective – fun! Thanks.

      • No worries. Neptune in Pisces + Mars in Virgo are definitely at work – have had two separate people bring this topic up in conversation this week.

  6. I think reading Tarot is in itself , an exercise in using esoteric concepts on the everyday. However the insights present themselves, it’s always about being a spiritual soul in human form, I believe.
    As for the Knight of Swords, guard against rash, thoughtless behaviour in yourself, or a male associate.
    Ten of Swords is such a reassuring card in a spread, because it tells you that the situation will not / can not get any worse. Sometimes that’s all you need to know , to get through a difficult time.

  7. Hey People – the server migration IS complete but unfortunately 15 comments from the last 15 hours were lost – just off this post – forever….there is a long and boring reason for this but in short please come back and re do your comment as there were some good ones!

  8. getting the same cards coming up on three diff tarot decks…awesome and scary…and cards i recognise as particularly relevant too…tres psychedelic

      • Knight of wands, a Pluto catalyst i think now see Mystic’s The Pluto Who Loved Me 31 Jan post I stayed haute tho, don’t know how as he was gorgeous
        King of swords don’t know what exactly this one
        High priestess and strength card I’d guess “I’ve changed” is an understatement re turning life around and suspect more challenges close ahead
        Pluto transit tenth sun from natal seventh

        What about your astro and tarot insights SaraBluebird?

  9. I think I prefer the more practical side of it. Sometimes things get so caught up in the esoteric stuff that it almost doesn’t seem relevant.

    I actually think that you, Mystic, have a very practical perspective on astrology which is one of the reasons I follow your blog!

  10. Damn, now I have to remember my dream! I have never gone into esoteric stuff when doing readings, probably because I reckon people I’m doing readings for want practical advice and don’t want to feel they’ve strayed into la-la land. Having said that, I read the Tarot intuitively, some cards may have a central theme but a quite different application according to each person. And interestingly I had a clear dream of high-up people, including Tanya Pliebersek, the Health Minister, coming to me for readings. Each time the card was The Tower, and I was explaining how hit’s about upheaval, drastic change, Spirit giving you a kick up the arse when you’ve got lethargic (or you’re screaming into a Pluto transit!). I was very happy doing the readings and everyone else was happy too. Weird dream, but perpahs to do with I fly out to Cyrpus on Sunday (and away from a screamingly hot Perth, lol).

  11. oh no! Hi everyone – I had posted a question about useful Tarot books that people can recommend. That and all the lovely replies have disappeare into cyberspace before I could (A) write down the details and (b) say thank you to the people who replied! If anyone is still reading, could you please re-post your answer? would appreciate xxxxx

  12. I was one of the lost ones ( from the glitch that is).
    I use the Thoth tarot ‘cos I like the astrological references.
    I find it gives clarity & focxus when there’ too much going on in my head.
    about 15 years ago I was obssessive ( a bit like how I’m becoming now with this site & the Oracle! ( didn’t include that last time)) and laying cards all the time. What I found is that when I got my answers and kept on asking the cards would give me the same answer in different ways I learned alot from this.

  13. Hello LibAqua,
    perhaps a prophetic dream?
    For me it’s always been foreign countries that appreciate me more, maybe more intuitiveness vis a vis intelligence per se
    on their part.
    Enjoy your flight out of Ozland to your new exciting life in the Mediiterranean.
    Don’t forget us.
    And for sure old stuctures are crumbling. We need more chopping wood carrying water so to speak.
    Have you checked out Kim Falconer’s mini video’s aboyt her books? Wondrous art work.
    A ‘portal’ openng for you?

  14. Wotcha, Pegasus, yes, the more I think about it the more I thought it was prophetic. Although The Tower was the central theme, everyone was really happy and laidback. And yes, I’ll be back once we get settled. I’ve booked the taxi to take us to Buyukkonuk from Larnaca and now I’m getting excited but also very very nervous, got collywobbles big-time. No, haven’t checked out Kim’s video but will do. Thanks for the heads-up.