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So was just reading about the Nascar driver live-tweeting during a crash scenario in the Daytona 500.

“…collision with a large jet dryer vehicle touched off a huge fireball, bringing the race to a screeching halt. Montoya and the driver of the truck were OK.

NASCAR officials had the rest of the drivers stop their cars, and Keselowski took advantage of the break to post photos and answer questions from fans on his Twitter account, He apparently carries his mobile phone with him in his race car.

Asked by a fan whether other drivers were tweeting, Keselowski said no.
“They all think I’m crazy,” he wrote.”

Immediately thought Aquarius & voila…born on Feb 12.  Sun-Mercury in Aquarius…Mars-Saturn in Scorpio, that’s like a racing car driver signature for sure.

17 thoughts on “Lol Aqua

  1. Im not a racing officianado, but I find Guy Martin, the road-bike racer to be an interesting character. Maybe its the Lincolnshire accent, or his fascination with the industrial revolution (he made a documentary series called “The boat that Guy built” where he travels around the UK on a narrow-boat celebrating the golden era of British invention.) Or the side-burns.
    Scorpio sun, moon in aqua, mercury, jupiter, saturn and pluto in libra and of course *cough* mars in virgo.

    • wow that’s some intense astro indicators – scorp sun, all that ooomph in Libra on the pluto, virgoan mars and uranus ruled moon. I like it. Merc-Jup in Libra trine moon is nice.

  2. Mystic, I really like these posts about the atsro of racing car drivers and related sports/ mountain climbers and the like.

  3. Adelaide’s collective ego has not gotten over losing the Grand Prix to Melbourne, so instead we have Clipsal 500, a race for pertrol-rev heads,
    no class or panache to be seen anywhere.
    About a changing of attitudes, in the 70’s men in uniform were unappreciated to say the least. Now they are nothing but HOT :-)

    • Yes, I cannot even begin to tell you how terribly I fantasize about The Stig. Like really, just the thought of hearing those zippers/velcro give way..shudder.

  4. HA – that’s the same as my AquaBoy. He has Mars/Saturn in Scorp, and Sun/Mercury in Aqua, too! Swims with sharks, rock climbs without ropes, dreams of base-jumping… Super-chill. Smoking hot ;-)

  5. As long as he doesn’t tweet WHILE driving his racecar! Apparently the brain just kind of shuts down as the same part needed for driving is needed for texting – overload. HOWEVER, jet fighters have the kind of neurological wiring that means they are in the tiny, tiny percentage of people who could probably manage that without killing people. Ironic.

  6. swoon. how on earth can i wrangle a kismet-style meeting with a Uranian creative genius (with a heart and sky-high IQ and amazing biceps) while I am at art school and more broke than … an art student? surely this is possible somehow, probable even (more so than at a Cube Farm), such are the questions I ask of life….

  7. This guy probably tweets while driving. I’ve seen Aquas do that..but they usually wait until they are at stoplights. :) I am frightened of their driving skllz.

    • This Aqua will admit it! I’ve also…… better not the fun police will jump me & give me a lecture.

        • Oh totally. I believe it. My ex used to text while driving and he did it right in front of a police officer at a stop light. Of course he gets pulled over and still manages to get out of the ticket. crazy!

          I’ve got no room to talk being that sometimes I do simple makeup in car at stoplight.

  8. How absolutely ridiculous!!!
    Just like people who take hundreds of photos at an event, only to look at them , delete what they don’t like straightaway, rather than observing and paying attention to what’s actually happening!

  9. I was reading on Elsaelsa a few years ago that applarently the most common successful racing-driver sun sign was Capricorn, with Scorpio as a close second. I don’t REALLY get it- but maybe it’s like how Mars is exulted in Capricorn, something to do with the rage of Martian energy tempered with the control of Saturn. But I agree with MM that lady rev-heads are more likely to be Aries’.

  10. Saw Mr Cruise on tv show the other day doing loops, yes, loops in a helicopter, then landing on a racetrack doing a few laps in one of those grand prix formula cars, with David Coulthard giving him a few quick pointers. Then after a few laps, still craving more adrenaline, he gets back in the helicopter and does another loop or two, you know, where you fly the helicopter upside down and back up again…Totally Mars far out! and fearless.

  11. Furthermore, what is it with me and Aquarius men these days? Dating one now, the previous obsession was Aquarian, just found out this other cute boy is an Aquarius…

    Maybe because Uranus has been opposing Libra? I’ve got five planets (plus Sun) up in there. And it’s steadily approaching my ascendant in Aries, which I am totally looking forward to ;-)