Horoscopes, Mars Mania & Beyond The Valley Of The Spreadsheets

THIS model – Lara Stone – actually is a Sagg & i love the Sagg-themed lifestyle tripping. Only i don’t think Sagg would wear those shoes and the stockings would presumably be tie-dyed, yes? But maybe some Saggos would pull this out for a waiting-the-airport-beach sort of a moment.

ANYWAY, this is not what i am here for.

FIRST: because the snazzy new server that will be amazing (ie; can handle compulsive hits on the Oracle etc) is conflicting with the log-in deets, i have just made it so you can see the Horoscopes/Oracle without having to log in.  The log-in will be back but only once it is perfected.  I said today it WAS fixed as dev guys thought it was but it was not. So i am sorry for that. It is not easy knowing that you’re coming across like Vodafone. (Non-Australian residents can ask anyone in the comments why that is a bad thing)

So log-in to be fixed soon but in the meantime  you can get the Oracle and Horoscopes. 

And WOW what can we say about Retro Mars in Virgo?  I did not anticipate it to be this intense. It is like some sort of a colonic for one’s basic life structure.   Seriously.  A lot of peeps this week have felt like crap, really harried and unsupported – having to keep it together, morbidly analyzing the shit not done, really aware of non-viable friendships/work situations,  intolerance for crap service and fake relationships…AND how is it that now i’ve made everyone clear their computer cache out like a thousand times.

Mars in Virgo has an agenda and i betcha you’re feeling it now. Yes?

Weekend Horoscopes in an hour from now – i am a bit delayed due to the techno-weirding that was my day.


PS: coming soon – a letter from the woman who broke the Oracle. You won’t BELIEVE what sign she is.


74 thoughts on “Horoscopes, Mars Mania & Beyond The Valley Of The Spreadsheets

  1. It broke me… I spent two hours in a physios office getting my spine unmangled. Then this morning curled up in foetal position. It’s telling me to sort my tension issues… In no uncertain terms!

    • aquaphone, I hear ya on the curling up in fetal position. Been doing a lot of that, too. We represent huh?
      Would love to go to a chiro or sim, except funds are currently not as abundant unfortunately.
      Even though I’m mental, I can still access my Pisces moon to sincerely wish you to have an unmangled spine in the next few months. :)

        • Lol… ;-)

          And my credit card had to take the hit… Nothing else was going to fix this. Except for apparently a tennis ball… So after being slugged with a bill I get told rolling against a wall with said ball between myself and wall would have achieved adequate results.

          I hope you find relief soon…. I’m sure the $ situation isn’t helping either… But hopefully soon???

    • Ughh same here. Went to acupuncture and then a massage but woke up feeling even more headaches and sore! I know I should stay in and rest and drink smoothies but I can’t slow down! Bikram and coffee and checking stuff of my todo list sounds way more fun!

  2. Well, this site has certainly been a roller-coaster ride for the last couple of days. Whoo-hoo! I’m enjoying the ride (now that it’s over!)

  3. Thinking on it, it has been a week when life has not moved forward in it’s usual way with me. Rather stuck in fact, lacking in inspiration.
    Brushing upon Bio-Harmonic massage & Feng Shui for the Soul books.
    B O R E D so i must be boring. Yes the energy does feel retro.

    • And this too shall pass…

      Flip it al on it’s ass and do something off the cuff, unpredictable or out of character :)

      Sometimes these apparent static moments are little gems. Life slows to a point where we can reflect, stabilise, change gear/direction or many other things without trying to do it at a full bolt! LOL, yes that is achievable and momentum can help those sharp turns but it’s also sometimes on two wheels instead of 4.. yeah, speaking from experience :)

    • Go with the retro vibe.
      I’ve been buying/shopping for retro, vintage clothes. I love, love the makeup from the 40-‘s-60’s lately.

  4. What am I doing right? I’ve had the most amazing kick-arse week (which is a massive fuqing relief after being pulverised non-stop for the past fuq knows how many years by Saturn, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto – and more recently Mars Rx.)

    If this week is an echo of Zap Zone to come, bring it the fuq on!

  5. I’ve had one of the shittiest weeks in recent memory. If next week doesn’t Improve with the new moon on my birthday I think. I’ll go Gateway.

    You’ll. Have to be from brisvegas to know what that’s all about.

    • The Gateway is a bridge, Mystic. It’s like Brisbane’s version of The Gap in Sydney.

      I hope things pick up, Anon. Nothing is ever bad enough for what you’re suggesting.

    • Ha. I’m a Queenslander too, and much like you, Anon, have had a prize shitty week, that the Gateway does not seem so out of the question. I thought with this retro mars in Virgo, I would be super health focused, instead all my mega-neg- dark eating-emo issues are sticking the nosy little heads out. Tell me is this really a sign of what is to come in the zap-zone or can we makes changes here because I don’t think I’m cool with this?

    • Nooo… not the Gateway! Yes, I know it.. seriously, all the effort to park (you can’t, you’d have to feign a breakdown) and then scale the new jump proor wire! It’s chaos there on a good day and if you’re trying to get a little less than that.. maybe the beach, a walk in some of our spectacular bush that’s too easy to access for a city. Try Melbourne.. for example (and nooo.. not for the westgate) you have to drive so much further to get a nature fix!

      Anon.. it’ll pass.. weekend is here and it’s time to scale back the outter hustle ‘n bustle, settle down the inner hustle ‘n bustle and relax.

      Dark moon too… so intensity should be tempered with lots of things that invoke lighness of soul and being.

    • If you’re going to do anything on the Gateway that’ll stop traffic and make it a refreshing birthday to remember, may I suggest a far less harmful Nude Bridge Walk? Seriously if you think you don’t care anymore just get your clothes off in public…you’ll realise you care a great deal about yourself. And wear shoes. That bridge is filthy.

  6. OMG, is it selfish to say I’m relieved it was someone else, not me, who broke the Oracle?? It got progressively narkier with me, then simply stopped taking my calls. I’m sure it was the universe telling me to get the fuq off the internet and get on with my work. Mystic, I promise no more Oracle abuse from me :)

  7. 8O

    Someone BROKE the oracle!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Was in prowln?!??!?! :green:

    Oh and I swear I am was a Sagg a past life, I totes forget my skirt when I go the airport, every – single – time!

  8. I really felt the wind being knocked out of my sails when Saturn went Rx, and realising this is going on for some time, I’ll have to find some contingency plan for feeling all of a sudden ‘down in the dumps’. Yoga helps. But all I really want to do is daydream, kinda morbidly, and feel a lot of ‘should’s.

    It feels a bit like Saturn coming down off harry? (whatever that could feel like). Mars pulling up in Virgo was a bit of a relief I found. Neptune in Pisces is nice, but the downer effect of Saturn grinding the point. Character building. again alright already.

  9. Put your feet up MM. It’s Friday, and most of us are either out on the BHJ or watching sad RomComs to get over this week. Thanks for the mass migration, a few wilderbeasts but you’ll get there and we fans know you are worth it x

    • why the fuq don’t i have a like button on these comments? Does anyone want them? Or we invent something new?

      and i am about to put feet up with some blue devil and some gossip girl – i am old school, easy to please

      • Hmmm.. y’know a ‘like’ or alternative version of might be worth a think Mystic. You might be onto something there!

        Many is the time I dig a post, would like to just indicate that without a comment.

        As far as the site goes.. well, it’s doing fine in the broader scheme of things.. when it comes to migration, ..many things cannot be understood until you’re in a live environment.

        Yes, it’s chill time. I’m with Sasha!

      • I think a like or fuq yeah! button would be great! I don’t always want to reply but I often think people’s comments are right on and would like to tell them so. Thanks for a great site Mystic!

      • Umm. NO to a “like” button. I don’t want this blog turning into Facebook!

        And Mystic, are you going to do anything about the light grey text in the comments box?
        Its’ hard to read!!!!

  10. thank you! yesterday l couldn’t log in and l thought OH NO!!
    Take your time fixing it all l know all about website bugs and trouble shooting! it can be a drag! l’m sure everyone understands :)

    have a great week-end!!
    …didn’t check the other post yet l bet the oracle person is a virgo ;)

  11. Speaking of spreadsheets… i’ve spent the last week and a half spreadsheeting 2011. Let me tell you – Not Pretty, but I’m loving it! Am about to start on 2012.
    I’ve also been completely reworking our e-filing system at work, so it’s no longer a piece of crap. Am disturbingly excited about the prospect of knowing exactly where a document should go, rather than just chucking it in any old folder…
    Aha moments re: family of origin and relationship history? Check.
    Finally noticing the superficial level of support from superiors at work? Check
    Feeling like certain friendships have taken a wrong turn back to high-school? Check . This one is particularly disturbing given high school was more than 20 years ago…
    Oh. the insights.

    But, loving the new site Mystic!

  12. Loving the new site, sorry it’s taking some tweaking and stress for you to get it smoothly running!

    I just wrote my Mars Retro rant in the previous post, needless to say stuff it it in it’s apparently backward motion planetary butt. Hateful.

  13. Saggo reporting on the week in review. I’ve had a mixed week. Bits of everything but I’d say positive overall.

    So on Monday I had 3 people (and a 4th talking to them about this)approach me about going for an open position at work. I hadn’t thought about it for various reasons but since this all happened in a short span of time.. eg the first hour at work I thought.. hmm, message from the ether better pay attention.

    My dilema was moving on from my excellent team and feeling or dealing with any resentment or disappointment. My Toro rising gets a little zealous on the loyalty thing.

    Mused for most of the day and also waited until I could get the director alone for 5 minutes. Spoke to him. He’s excited that I’ve nom’d for it and I said I’d consider overnight and advise the following day.

    I confirmed ‘yes’ on Tuesday. I’ve been feeling good then feeling angsty about letting my team know on Monday. If I take that aspect out of the equation then it’s awesome and I’m happy and it’s an evolutionary step for me.

    Date to be determined but it’s a done deal.

    Anyway.. aside from hiccups.. and some internal stuff churning it’s been good.

    And it would be remiss of me not to comment on the pic. NO to the shoes but yes to the stockings in certain circumstances .. better teamed with a pair of kick-ass boots and a different belt!.

    • Congrats Scorched Earth! A great way to take advantage of the Zap Zone and Mars retro in Virgo fuquery – getting yourself a new / better gig!!

      • Thanks Harp + Eagle! Yes, I’m pleased with the result and the way it just fell into place. I feel like I’m getting some of my drive back.. and it’s been particularly slow in building these last few months but the reinvention urge is starting to kick back in :)

    • Way to go, Scorchy. Evolutionary steps are the kicker, the inspiration. Gently with the hurt loyalty thing, though.

      My evolution hurts at the mo, and i’m ground down to a nub, unwell and cranky, yet strangely deeply inspired.

      It may take a Sagittarius to understand the joy i took in a compliment given to me yesterday: “I know who you remind me of now! Both Laverne AND Shirley.”

      Big hugs and blessings, Lady Scorched xxx

      • Ah.. lovely Mille, both of them! That’s like a yin yang balance as although it was a parody of sorts it was very much like alter ego’s of the same self. I recall them, and the notion that I couldn’t decide who I liked more as they both had aspects I liked. So tis a cool compliment meant in high regard I’m sure!

        Hang on for that beautiful new moon eh. It’s going to be like a fresh Autumn (nearly) shower on your face and will renew and invigorate!

        Thank you. I’m excited but angsty. I know one of my team (another Saggi and more Saggi than me.. seriously!) will not take this well. I’ve already intuited it and if it weren’t for her I think I’d be cruising this transition. Reigning back projection. It’s all learning non?

        Hugs to you hun. Look atter yourself.. don’t be so hard eh. Let it flow and let the idea of expectation be a little fluid around the edges thus lending itself scope to morph and grow. Huh.. dunno, just got this now (?) and had to write it. Blessings Mille-mazing x

        • Thank you so much, Scorchy. Such a beautiful idea, that New Moon rain on my face. And such a great hug to go with it! xxx

  14. Literally living off notebook filled with spreadsheets

    There are spreadsheets for the spreadsheets

    I keep getting the spreadsheets confused

    I had one entire day get taken over with sitting at the Apple Genius Bar (no one else was there the entire day, not even the employees) complete computer overhaul, now better, it could handle a “backup” technology, Mars retro was too much for it, backup tech had to go

    insanely intense schedule pinging from wildly divergent types of tasks, so I’m on treadmill of switching gears from courtroom proceeding to quick intense exercise to committee meeting to dinner for kids (what? they need food again?!) to writing new novel in odd off moments to insane backlog of (how?how?cause I’ve been working for 2 years on this stuff…) financial crap to obsessive attention to hygiene and beauty details (the no sleep thing isn’t great for the eye area…) but the hair is looking fairly good, oops time to whiten teeth then meeting carrying notebook of spreadsheets then sign design for an event then spreadsheet revision and just repeat all of above until April

  15. Hmmm. phoned my husband this morning ( from the smallholding) to rant at him for leaving the top off the codliver oil ( for the hens helps in calcium absorption – VERY EXPENSIVE). Normally I would just mutter under my breath & drop a comment later – not today – oh dear. As an Arian though he can take it and I’m lovin the assertiveness.

    • Me too Shawn! HAVE worn almost exact outfit (minus yuk belt) A LOT, particularly when younger – that is, when not barefoot and boho-casual. Have been known to sprint very successfully in delicate stilettos when late for something, but wouldn’t be seen dead in coloured stockings, or chunky shoes of any kind. Maybe it’s identification with the inner-racehorse – most are shod with lightest material available cos ““An ounce off the foot is a pound off the back”.

  16. I’m a fairly new subscriber and let me just say that Mystic is absolutely awesome, taking the time to answer my emails regarding the login problem. Even though I think my first email was terse (sorry, it wasn’t meant that way at all) she was still super sweet in her reply. Mystic, you’ve just earned a lifetime subscriber in me!!

  17. Interesting about the “feeling like crap” … literally.

    I have hip and glute issues (I’m a Saggo) and have had a dull, deep ache in my hip that almost immobilized me this week. Typically happens once a quarter, and so for the past few days I’ve been stretching, yoga-ing and trying to release the energy that’s stuck there. (Knowing it’s physical and mental) Finally had to go get a deep tissue massage that hurt like hell, but worked the kinks out.

    Meanwhile, I am totally *not* a spreadsheet person (I hate them), but they have become my *LIFE* this week. Ditto on the equal parts wanting to laze around, eat pasta & bread and drink wine vs. whip my life into shape and work out.

    Definitely interesting astro times … but man, I would like my passion and drive back. (I have Mars in Cap, 3rd house, my only earth sign and the backbone of my work ethic, I think).

  18. Watching Gossip girl as I sit her trying to recover from the most harried discombobulated, paperwork riddled whirlwind of a week ever.

  19. Dear Gem friend with his own Mars and Moon in Virgo has been absolutely intolerable company. Poor thing. He’s been chasing around in circles for weeks now, completely obsessive. Got so bad we had to sedate him on Tuesday for his/our safety. On the other hand, Mars in Virgo has been good for me, bringing a no nonsense clarity to life. Aha! At least now I know what the negatives are. I wasn’t so sure during that wretched Neptune in Capricorn era. Mystic, you’re right, it’s been a spiritual colonic.

  20. As Scorched Earth noted, it has been a mixed week for me too, positive, interesting, a weird journey there though.

    I started working on my own more from Monday – left my colleague behind, who is not focused on the gig – and I made much more forward progress. This little tweak was just what I needed.

    Tuesday my boss made me a lead on a project; I rounded up my colleagues from across Australia on another project; Thursday got praise for work on another thing, entered a new door on Friday.

    Argued with a multi-million $$ corp about how much $$ i am paying them for something – Yes reviewing that because it has not felt right for 12 months and finally doing something about it.

    But Friday was tough. I felt nervy, edgy, needed a day off, ended up exhausted, in bed, teary, then went for cocktails with my gals and then for the first time I heard an idea that has been in my life for several years – now I may finally listen and stop resisting – it’s not something I’ve wanted, but it’s something I think I may need.

    It’s too soon to reveal anything but I’m thinking of taking my life in a new direction, one that now appears obvious but I had been resisting for many many years now. We’ll see. I’m letting it marrinate for 6 months. I’ll know more yr when I test the waters of this new possible plan.

    Mystic, I think you mentioned in a daily email this week – that there’ll be scheming but not to reveal anything, let new info come to you??

    • Sounds like you’ve had a great week harp + eagle!

      If I’m testing a theory one of the things I like to ask myself is what I would want if there were no conditions required to have it .. so it’s a bit of an imaginative exercise. As soon as conditions (this before that etc) and limitations are removed I’ll get clear on what I’d love.

      Ok.. sure from there we will invariably have steps to complete to achieve a desire but this stops the mind from making theim more important than the desire and therefore blocking the flow etc.

      I think once you know.. and choose, the signs, steps and synchronisities just kick in. The universe will conspire to support you.. It does anyway.. with whatever you focus on, might as well be the great stuff :)

  21. Oh yes yes this week has been crap feel the weight of world on shoulders and am a bit of a mess! Thought it was venus Pluto square but relieved know mars retro is what’s involved – always easier deal with feelings when you know where they are coming from…

  22. Death before spreadsheets for me, however I have been pouring over timetables and journey planners, maps and speed of travel ratios in almost feverish focus of late. They say it’s not about the destination as much as the journey , and lately for me its about making that journey an efficiency gig worth remembering .
    This year I started a building design course and am getting high on building legislation codes and most minuscule details of concrete mixes, like wtf is happening to me? Traditionally I have violent reactions to details especially in tabular form unless they are astro or at least Jungian derivatives . I guess any taste can be acquired but the energy and drive for me in these purely abstracted rationales feels so Martian I could spit at it and hear a sizzle.

  23. I think Seven of Pentacles illustrates retrograde Mars in Virgo beautifully.
    There’s supposed to be this African saying:

    And I think you’re doing GREAT Mystic.
    You’ve given us plenty warning. Your site is doing great. You’ve become a different MM now-> Mega Mystic. More than 13 1/2 thousand on FB, ha!
    I felt kind of intimidated by that number at first.
    How DO you manage answering all those e mails in such a personal manner?
    And what percentage of your subscribers have been complaining?
    It will all run smoothly soon enough! XX

  24. i feel like I’m losing my mind a bit.
    Today rx Virgo Mas is exactly sextile to my Scorpio Moon house 6..
    I was about to go out the door, to pay my parking ticket. Then my mom called and asked me to check the mail. So I set the envelope down, check the mail, get off the phone with mom, and I can’t find where I set it down! I’m loosing my mind…my mom told me if I stop looking for it, it will show up…but this is driving me nuts!

  25. procrastination has taken over motivation…..cant get off the lounge…even though im thinking really hard about

  26. i just can’t wait till after 22nd.
    can identify with the image.
    five years ago i never dreamed it.
    alone but not lonely – spin it as
    ‘unattainable’ – & ‘busy’ ha ha hah
    self worth within anyway
    & life is a grander encompassing vista
    beauty, hope, humour, optimism, the soul,
    people & creativity, always will sustain me