Happy New Moon In Pisces

Happy New Moon in Pisces…the good news? Thus ends the merde phase that was the most draggiest of Dark Moons i’ve seen in a long time. Severe emo undertow amplified by Mars Retrograde in Virgo crap, right?

The need-to-know: One of the reasons that the last seven days or whatever WERE so hard is that Venus was triggering the Zap Zone. So the idea is to get on top of any issues raised NOW….Or of course you just blob out and wait till the Uranus square Pluto Zap Zone IS exact later in the year.

New Moon, Sun, Chiron, Neptune, Mercury and Sekhmet all in Pisces = Magic-Art-Synchronicity-Surrealism-Soulmating-Mysteries-Healing-Dreams-Set-In-Other-Dimensions.  Stay ultra-lucid.

More in your Horoscopes, obviously.




77 thoughts on “Happy New Moon In Pisces

  1. oh yay, happy Piscean New Moon+Sun+Merc.

    they’re all in my 7th and it’s beautiful.


    • Ditto.
      I am so glad I survived this shit without making any major knee jerk decisions I’d be regretting today.

    • Same here, it was awful but I’m sure others had it worse.
      Now we get to look fwd to being zapped later in the year? How about some happy news?

        • 2011 was WORSE I was arrested b/c my lawyer neglected to inform me I had court. Spent the night screaming my big mouth off calling them every cuss word in the book b/c they actually appeared to have enjoed seeing me there. who are they? well apprently ‘they’ know me but I dont knwonthem as anyone but police. Next day judge hollaring at me treating me like I was a criminal. I became shell shock for most of 2011 b/c not long after m license was revolked but guess what I’ve never had a DWI and nothing on my license. No it want an error somebody up there’s got it in for me. Had to retake the test, failed b/c having a breakdown the 2 women were c#nty. I could go ion & on but maybe should get a solar return since I’ll be 60 end of april. Seriously Im living robotically.

          • This year i ddnt enjoy my birthday i ddnt get presents and only few people said Haypp birthday :( … I wish it could br much better next year

  2. Last 6 weeks have been dreadful, the last few days dirged on but today was glorious and I just meditated my way through the new moon, sent out some love and positive intentions. Now to sleep surrounded by ylang, ylang oil and my favourite animal by my side.

    Happy Pisces everyone.

  3. Reading the posts and kind of expecting to feel as many people have described – horrible, neither here nor there, in deep shit…..but no, I don’t, and I’m actually feeling quite good.
    All the planetary movement in Pisces is in my 7th, but I’m kind of just going with the flow, not stressing, not getting worked up about anything.
    Odd things have caused some inconvenience – phone line’s dead and I’m waiting for it to be fixed, car’s at the mechanic’s, again, waiting for it to be repaired, one of the doors at my place needs adjusting,…but they’re not really situations I can alter by stressing, so I’m not.
    I don’t know, maybe I’m just oblivious to what’s actually going on around me.

  4. I’ve had a good few weeks. What’s wrong with me?! But seriously speaking many of my close friends have not been as fortunate. One in particular — my absentee Aquarian ex — reemerged yesterday to say that he had had a hell of a week having lost his father to cancer and apologizing for having dropped off the radar. (Thanks to learning about the ever elusive Aquarian from these pages I no longer hold any resentments about the disappearing act they do. They are simply being true to their nature :) ) Other friends are dealing with work merde. Being the ever paranoid Scorp that I am I’m waiting for the other show to drop any day now. Oy.

  5. This year starting at 20 minutes past midnight January 1 has been one hell of a ride! The last week was certainly very emo, but the clarity gained & the adult manner I handled it all I’m surprised & relieved. I could have gone ballistic, sunk into a boozy cell. Fuq that! It’s been very interesting the way people have shown their true selves, sometimes incredibly hurtful & so very disappointing. Oh well, forward motion!

  6. right on the new moon (2:45 pacific time) a lead that happened a week ago re: screenwriting position called me back and i got two modeling jobs booked in the same hour! w00000t

    new moon in Pisces right on my Mercury in the 10th!!!

  7. Guys… what is SNAFU? ;-) sorry I somehow never got that one.

    HAPPY NEW MOON btw!!! woohoo… I am teaching myself to program synths and it just got incredible!! hehe.. I like this moon!

  8. Does this count as a New Moon triumph? Our CEO announces this morning that one of his most senior deputies has ‘decided to leave’ – need I say that this deputy is much-distrusted (with good reason) and an appalling manager to boot. There is bound to be a lot of happiness company-wide over this, but I wonder if it is right (morally, ethically, spiritually) to gloat over the deputy’s departure, which I suspect is due to their own failings becoming very very obvious to all concerned. Am in a moral quandary.

  9. thank you dear mystic for putting this up ! i woke feeling much better about well almost everything as if some great unhappiness had fnally llifted. I got rid of some crap old furniture too – i think i broke a force field that was in operation in my house. happy birthday watersprite :)

  10. Dunno could be just me but I feel this year is going to have quite a few weeks like the last one dotted all the way through it to keep every one honest & on their stamped on toes lol.

  11. must admit, my super-immature cancer ex put me in a huuuuuuge funk these last two weeks – decided to hurt me by a) telling me he hasn’t been attracted to me in months (broken up for 6.5 months now, but why feel the need still to hurt me?) and aaaalllllllll about how happy his last 3 months have been: new gf who he’s already planning his big escape from (and who only posts photos of herself from her bathroom mirror on fbook… who he had to have pointed out twice to that he hadnt claimed her like she had him… just saying xD), wanted my love advice & for me to tell him “no, baby, you were just emotionally abusive bc you were in the wrong relationship, not bc you’re just an abusive person – this time will be better bc i deserved it somehow.” nope, told him EXACTLY what i thought and he begged (literally pleaded) me to tell him what he wanted me to say. then i’m crazy and not worth being friends with? (um, hello, you treat me like crap and expect 9 months out of 16 filled with emotional abuse to go away bc now you kinda realize you dont have any friends you can actually talk to abt stuff? hm.)

    fuq him. knowing has led me to some ultramegahealing and so much growth these last 6 weeks of exactly the kind of person he is. and i’ve a lunch date tomorrow with the nicest guy i met 6.5 months ago… it’s like mystic says, “stay stuck and you are fuqed.” well, hello solar-month-before-mine. i’m ready for you. (and thanks for the job opps and poss, bc it’s amazing as an almost-college-grad!)

      • Thanks! :D

        And you know you’re an astro-addict when you’re dyyyyyyying to know someone’s birthday!

          • Totally! I finally found out the birth time of a prospective manager… (i’m in music)… turns out he has mars in aries conjunct his 7th house & north node… Does that mean he will FIGHT for his relationships? That’s what I thought…. that could be good for a manager ;)

            • my ex has mars in aries in his 8th house, so… no, not exactly. look at the rest of his chart to possibly determine THAT, and his maturity ;)

              aries mars in the 7th I would think is a hard place for it to be in,,, think more “me-first” in love relationships (once he’s firmly established in them – we’re very charming until we win you over, then it becomes a matter of personal tastes). also, probably wrecklessly-action-oriented in relationships, too. like the kind who might marry eleven thousand times by their 50s. so yeah.

              unless you overcome aries mars, which CAN be done (as my momma’s proven), you tend to fuq yourself with the same mistakes more so than most until you stop ramming your head into shyt and actually, like, grow up a little and stuff. think: personal responsibility/accountability.

              hope that helped!

              (and i’m also going on my experience as a quad-aries. thank god my mars isn’t in there, or i’d be soooo screwed.)

            • conjunct his nn, too, i’d think that’d mean his responsibility/LIFE BURDEN is to learn how to reign in his aries mars approp, learning how to not run over people to prove how awesome he is and to learn to slow down and be sensitive and the AWESOME kindo f aries. sorry i forgot that bit :D

  12. So nice to see all that Blue on the ”Current Planets” little box on the left.

    Woo-Hoo Love It ! xx

  13. Perfect time to have 7 days off. I worked during the Dark Moon Merde which is a big no-no if you’re a hospital employee. LOTS of work merde…..being thrown in my face.. Now I can forget about it for 7 days.

    • Thank you hospital employee who worked through the dark moon merde. I was in the hospital during that time and I was treated so well. I appreciates people like you.

      • And thank you appreciative patient for not throwing any merde in my face! :) That was the upside: the patients (or rather…their parents) behaved. It was mostly administrative peeps that I wanted to pie in the face.

  14. WooHoo, Happy new moon in Picses! The last week had me in a near death experience, not that I think I would have died, there are too many people around to actually slip over the edge without some kind of intervention, but being hospitalized trying to get well enough to withstand surgery was NO FUN.

    Where did that come from??! That was a dark, merde moon all right.

    Whatever lessons I’ll grok from the experience later, I am even more energized to follow through with Mars in V plans.

    The lovely Pisces sun is on my IC, soon to have tea with my venus, circe and moon.

    Wishes of happiness and joy to everyone!

  15. Can someone shed some light on why I’m so preoccupied with why my darling Gemini Asc Scorpio Sun Virgo Moon has yet to contact Sag Asc Pisces Sun Cancer Moon me? I’ve been trying to work with Mars in Virgo retrograde and have Zen-like patience and detachment and all that but le sigh :(

    Is it the moon? and Pisces or something something else?

    Insight and Advice much appreciated.

  16. Happy new moon everybody!
    Did a nice ritual this morning with candles, Kwan yin, other goddesses and gods, amethyst and flowers… all about love, self-love and soulmating and letting old patterns and behaviours and worry and fear go… have been cleaning de-cluttering and letting go… felt soooo good. I feel hopeful… now hope I can relax and have some good sleeps ;-)

  17. I had the worst day EVER in biz on Monday… And then yesterday new job opportunities showed up. I might not take them (they’re fine but not great, and I’m not going to settle for just anything) but still, it was so good to feel a bit appreciated again. I’m hoping for a good day today, too!

  18. …PLUS my boyfriend went on holiday, alone, last week and met some woman… He says nothing happened but kept smiling whenever he mentioned her. And he did so a LOT! A jealous Scorp can’t but get suspicious. Trouble is, I can’t stand him at the moment. Plain dislike. Of course I’m not an angel myself, but I feel my trust has been misused. I need some time off to cool off (which he won’t give me).

    • Ewww that sounds horrible, from one Scorpio to another I’m not sure how you can deal with that. I’d want to strangle the smile off his face ;)

      • Giggle… Well, as I said, I don’t think anything happened, but I’m still kind of suspicious…

  19. happy new dimension! yes the dark moon was all you mentioned above…the last week was ok but the last 24h not!
    Glad it’s over now good to know Venus was doing the zap dance pheeew, it’s going to be an intense summer l guess best is to deal with the issues now indeed!! l will keep that in mind!
    thank you!

  20. The last month has been incredibly intense with family mental health issues, dealing with old debt (a good thing but stressful), having a very heavy workload at my job, and moving into a new apartment.

    During the Dark Moon, I discovered that my new place has black mold growing in one of the closets and that explains the slightly acrid odor beneath the smell of fresh paint. Neptune is opposing my natal Jupiter in the 4th, but I never expected it to manifest like this.

    With all the Pluto energy in my chart right now, I’m ready to rip off my landlord’s head if they don’t resolve the problem properly. Wish me luck.

  21. After feeling good-great even- leading up to the New Moon (as posted earlier today), this evening I’ve been feeling a bit down. Remembered
    and dwelt on an ex whose birthday is tomorrow and started to feel less than great..
    Wish I had been differnet towards him.

    • Libra1Leo that’s a beautiful thing to realise and think and say aloud. Don’t be too hard on yourself though. You’ve really learnt something. We are all constantly works in progress.

      • Thank you for your comment, you’ve verbalised my sentiments. Yes, I did learn a lot from the whole experience, including an overwhelming amount about myself.

  22. Yes, it was a tough little battle. Took two very important and painful bits of the psyche out of my guts with my bare hands, supported of course by my inspirational army of straight-shooting truth tellers, and am building something good out of it. Working differently, finding MORE declutter missions, got some inspirational people (Gem, Capricornx2, Ariesx2, couple of Aquas and a couple of Scorps…can’t go fqn wrong baby!) to help balance out the hypercritical Virgo, and help me deal with her sanely and constructively AND got the bosses at my back (love them love them love them – human, imperfect but solid as hell). Oh and hopefully money well spent on the tech side before the you-know-what. Topped off with a slightly more luxurious scientific beauty treatment than even this hedonistic little Piscean has ever had. PLUS got some unexpected work, so a 6day week to get my teeth into. OH speaking of teeth, the bit gets removed from this little pony tomorrow. :D Neigh!

    • Did i mention i’m having Pluto transitting my Mars in Capricorn 2nd house? Flip, it’s hard work but when you stop feeling tired out it’s just SO WORTH IT.

      • I’m about to have the SAME transit (in the second house and everything). tell me about ti!!!!!

  23. the above ex has mars in aries in his 8th trine his nn… so… no, not exactly. think more “wrecklessly-action-oriented (once he feels confident moving forward), and very me-first in love/sex.” depending on what you have in your chart you’ll either know instinctively how to work with it or not. his mars is conjunct my sun/moon/venus/merc in my 10th house (and in his 8th), so i was the ambitious one who wanted to grow up & he just wanted a trophy who made him feel manly – or treated him like a bitch ;) gotta love the masc/fem duality in that boy’s sex life. granted, his neeeew gf is a cap with mars in cancer, so i think he’ll be having a) a hard time expressing that bit of himself if he chooses to, and b) a taste of his own medicine soon, as all his cancer goodness is in his 11th karmic house :)

    side note: why are cancer mars so… not-horribly kinky in bed? dated another water/earth sign with mars cancer years ago, and he was kind of… eh. like, very sweet and loving but dull-ish. maybe it’s a small town thing?

  24. How lovely…I hope I will start to feel this lovely new moon soon. I have Venus 6 deg Pisces.

    I still feel bats from rx Mars…I feel like crap most of the time, and I’m still pretty accident prone at work. I am just feeling pretty burned out too. At at times I feel high strung.

    Interesting about Venus triggering zap zone…that must of been why booking a spa apt. over my 4 day weekend was impossible!

    But if rx Mars feels really bad…Mars going forward again, will hopefully feel really good.

    • I see that rx Mars, is exactly sextile my moon today. and a degree away doing the same thing to my Puto….

      I wonder if rx Mars is squaring(or soon will) my Gem ASC…I have it 11 deg. Gem and Virgo aspects make a square right?

  25. my ex has mars in aries in his 8th and conjunct his nn, so… no, not exactly. think more being very me-first once he’s firmly in a relationship.

  26. last week sucked! and was amazing! i broke it off with my weird are-we-going-out-or-what? dude and spent most of the week having random crying fits while my mom declared war on me via text message. i also went to st john’s cathedral in harlem and saw one of the most amazing shows of my life (piano and vocal in the candle light) while kkind of Fuqed up on drugs. couldnt be more neptune/pluto, really. that same night i made friends with non-boyfriend’s ex who i had never met. i figured, hey, we’re not “hanging out” so i might as well make friends with her! and i really liked her! i totally got why she dumped him! ha! then lo and behold, mr. aries returns and we hung out for 3 DAYS straight, minus about 4 hours where i stayed home for a minute. i mean…what? we played music at my (pisces) friend’s house, the boy has pisces moon, and I am a 12th houser all the way…it was magic! i guess what i’m getting at here is I love pisces…the music, the confusion, the drugs and alcohol, the strange dreams, the images….i really can’t tell if i’m coming or going