Ground Control To Major Mars

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Neptune is still being magic in Pisces.

Jupiter is still amazing in Taurus and moving into an audacity-reeking fresh sex-money-love-empire vibe for March. Uranus is still fuqing in hot in Aries.  So take that Retro-Mars in Virgo opposite Sun in Pisces + Venus opposite Saturn.

Yes there is astro-crap at work right now – if you have not noticed – but there is also deep fabulousness.

We just get to use Retro-Mars to cleanse off all the grunge on top of it, sigh. I’m sending subscribers out an early Daily Mystic with a particular rant re the Mars nonsense.

You know, this retro-Mars is the first time ever i have thought about doing two things that are totally un-me: running away to an imaginary hippy commune where i would be breatharian and douche with rainwater or taking sleeping pills so as not to lie awake, mind racing with tech-admin-details crap.

But it will pass and there are heaps of peeps having a hell of a time of it.

From my in-box this week alone:

* a person who woke up with half her hair on the pillow. No, not a hair extensions/hot sex scenario. An actual sudden and scary auto-immune issue. Cue costly and yet non-productive consults with untold specialists.

* a person who got home drunk after a shockingly sleazy and unsatisfying date to realize she did not have cat food, went out to get it, slipped on a (yes) banana peel and broke her ankle. Cue agonizing limp up to convenience store to get cat food, feed cats and then get to emergency to queue up with junkies recovering from their knife-fight. This on the eve of an important presentation.

* a person who is being haunted by a ghost – literally – and is hoping to be made redundant this week so she can afford a divorce and to move.

SO COUNT THY BLESSINGS.  I am saying this to me as well. It’s not the end of our worlds if this site is not perfect or not functioning to expectation. Believe me nobody freaks out more about this than I – Mars in Virgo/Mercury in Aries/Moon in Libra, this messes with my mind on a number of levels.  But, as we have to believe, perfection is imminent.


148 thoughts on “Ground Control To Major Mars

  1. You are brill Mystic!

    I am witnessing this insane bats-shit seething behaviour from peeps now.



    • relieved I am getting on a plane and will exit he vercinity of peeps about to swing at one another. ground control to major tom alright

    • Me too – seeing it manifesting everywhere! Making every attempt to stay right out of the whole nasty mess. Everyone really seems to have their high maintenence hats on!! Craziness at every turn. Me, I’m meditating a lot and getting my Om, on.

      • High Mantenence Hats. lol !

        Harry to Sally : There are two kinds of women: high maintenance and low maintenance.
        Sally: Which one am I?
        Harry: You’re the worst kind; you’re high maintenance but you think you’re low maintenance.

      • That’s my approach. Staying at home, doing my best to mainline zen and praying that the antagonists leave me the eff alone.

    • Not to mention the folks who while simultaneously appear to have had a personality transplant or possession, projecting their own issues onto you, calling you crazy while sitting on a high horse of assumed moral righteousness and perfect rationality?

      Nope, no-one in my world’s acting like that, either.

      *kicks can*

      • Oh Thankyou ‘Diana The (Virgo Vegan) Huntress’, for voicing exactly that…
        You are not alone.

        Mwah mwah mwah *blows several air kisses*

        I too am so ‘Over’ those particular projections.

        • Ugh. And the worst thing is there’s no way to refute it because they’re so convinced they’re right. So upsetting!

    • Me too! Isn’t it gorgeous. I love bunnies :)
      Counting my blessings too after reading the above.

      • I adore this picture….
        me kataka sun born in the year of the rabbit….It is perfect for me.

        • But you do grok the rabbit don’t you? We in the southern hemisphere have a rabbit in the moon, not a man.

  2. Good grief. Half her what on the pillow?

    I’ve heard quite a few injured feet broken ankle stories of late.

    Ghosts are easily dealt with; either treat as being completely banal, don’t acknowledge, don’t engage in with any emotion, sing loudly and a lot whilst sweeping or cleaning. Or more simply,if you are a praying type, that works absolutely instantaneously for getting them out of your face/space.

    • seeing a lot of broken ankle/foot stuff, too! most notably my pisces friend with mars in virgo broke his foot :( he was having too much fun

    • . . .”half her ‘hair”. oh. (was that there before?) Gawd, I thought it was going to be something gruesome like half her ectoplasm or something liquidy.

    • Also, if s/he isn’t a deliberate troublemaker, asking politely and loudly that they please leave. I’ve heard that can work for some people.

  3. Good news from lung function tests that were nasty to experience. That is good news on what i DON’T have, but repair necessary on what i do have. Some old yoga books say to be carefulof over-extending lung capacity. Seeing the scans & graphs it assists in visualisations of how
    where & what to work on.
    As breathwork has proven results then i better get to it & set a healing regime ie: putting my conciousness into it.
    (When i would rather go shopping :-)
    Not attempting to design website till Easter whilst communications reorganising themselves. With my Sagg Mercury, i’ll chomp at the bit then.
    Wasn’t this year predicted to be a bout Communications remember.
    Have enough doves in my courtyard who spend their day eating, maybe i can train them for message delivery. They can earn their keep!

    • That’s good to hear Pegs! So glad most is clear. I think Mars Retro is a good time to think about what you want on the web, perhaps start writing headings to subjects you want to post on? Collect images that are relevant?

      Then come spring and the release from retro, you wing it all together..non?

    • Relieved to hear it, Lady Pegasus. Good news. I know better than to try reining in a wild horse but try to take it easy, huh? xxx

  4. Well, Im just going to hide here in my little shack and ‘try’ to keep out of trouble!

  5. The Hippie retreat at Byron is not quite the same as it was 40 years ago…..
    dammit. House rental on 200 acres, 20 dollars a week then. Abnormal inflation thanx to Paul Hogan’s mate, his wife & their cook.
    I was supposed to have an advocado farm & breed Irish Setters till they fruited, the trees that is.
    No wonder i spend time figuring the energy of money (emotional :-).

    Wallaroo will have to do for this old surfie chick, no waves but crystal water & dolphins.

  6. There’s always someone worse off, it’s been a theme with my son this year. Speaking of this year would it be the right time to get in a tardis and fuq off to November this year or maybe 2016 with all the lessons and wisdom downloaded as you step out of the phone box?

      • Oh, for reals. Seriously, if it weren’t for my cat I would get on a plane tomorrow. To where? Not particularly fussed, really…

          • Maybe I live in a tardis? It looks like a house but… ?? LOL. Uranus in Virgo for me.. and now Mars rets. Does that equate to random moments of spontaneous combustion? Today I was mock-shooting peeps with banana guns and cheesy vocal noises accompanying it. I thank the amazingly cheezy Danger 5 show that started on SBS last nite. Awesome retro camp spy trash that had me in fits :)

  7. Ok.ok. Fully-loaded ute with (3 passengers and luggage) after week-long festival major breakdown on the way out. Making it just perfectly to a service station in the first town with local yokel tow-truck driver arriving on the scene within 30 minutes who happens to know a “specialist”… (Ive known the car was about to die and it has miraculously ended up far from home but getting fixed by the best in record time for much less than originally quoted)… crazy crazy missions to get home but make it whilst realising I am only responsible for myself and that the others involvement in my predicament is not my fault or responsibility.

    Come home to face evicting a vagrant housemate who has now vindictively stolen (“rescued”) a beautiful desert python in my care which he has let out of the tank 3 times in his short sojourn in my space… A friend from Japan arrives at my house after midnight and on my telling of the tale, states he has just spotted the man and the snake at a house far in the hills…. much strange synchronicity and realizations and general haute Neptunian feelings…..

    perfection does feel imminent.

  8. We are having nonstop dramas at work – new staff who can’t log into the systems, multiple clients with fuq-ups that we can’t see via our computer systems etc etc. Yes, it could be worse.

  9. Females in the house not sleeping males sleeping very little.Plenty of weird dreamin. I have developed a taste for rum straight on the rocks. Island rum.

  10. I have to give hugs to the broken ankle lady for still feeding the cats. So many people wouldn’t have bothered. You rule, selfless, responsible cat mama.

  11. I’m at home sick with viral sore throat… had it for 2 days, been dosing myself with hot lemon and honey and aspirin and gargling like there’s no tomorrow, even saw a Dr this morning… and got a $120 ticket for parking in the wrong place ;-( I saw the sign which said 1P, parked, came back 40 mins later to find ticket on windscreen, check sign which said 1P 8-6 Sat/Sun, No standing Mon-Fri, community buses excepted.
    BUT… feeling super inspired bout my art and money making schemes and ‘day job’ hunting and can almost smell the cash coming in… also ridiculously hopeful re romance on no evidence! Am finding it hard to sleep though… mind racing with plans and excitement. A mixed bag indeed.

    • “ridiculously hopeful re romance on no evidence!”… love it! :)

      Me too!… although I do have a little evidence in the form of email/txts etc.

      Been going to bed around 1– 2am and mind racing.

      Sorry to hear about your sore throat and parking ticket. It could be a lot worse.

      • Thanks Scorpy (hope it’s OK if I call you that)… yes it could be a LOT worse, I could be still depressed and lethargic…

        • Call me anything you like… I’m not fussed. Quite like Scorpy.
          Hope you’re feeling better soon :)

    • Himalayan rock salt dissolved in warm water is AWESOMELY HEALING for throat infection Gemyogi (Olive Leaf Extract is great too for overall boost)… & much gentler on the bod than aspirin ; )

  12. I must admit that I am coming to realise that Neptune square Sun, exact on Saturday, is a bit of a blessing in disguise in all this.
    Worrying about money and job things gone awol and study I’m not doing and non-affordability of housing to get me away from unpleasant neighbours and the why have all my fabulous opportunities and dreams for the future just disappeared into silence and never-ending time, has all faded into a numbness that mostly makes me want to lie on the couch and talk to the cat whilst watching telly and drinking red wine.

    If only the real world would disappear or time would stop or similar so that this pause in functionality has no future consequences.

    I am wondering though whether in such a circumstance I can use alcohol as an antidote – like with homeopathics where you take a dose of the cause to reduce the effect. I’ve been pondering it for about an hour now. i think it’s wine-o-clock by now.

    • although if I don’t hear you this job soon I’m gonna pop. You hear me gods of bureaucracy?!!!

        • yeah I know what you mean.. The job has passed me by,so clearly it wasn’t meant for me and soething better will come along. I remember the last time I missed out on a freelance job my friend ended up getting she ended up quitting and said I would have hated it.

          oh, so that was you! I know how you feel!!! I don’t have unpleasant neighbours but unpleasant noises in my neighbourhood. Every day it’s something new. I’m going mad!!!
          Finally the fog clears and I have some idea of what I want my future to look like but things aren’t moving fast enough. Bloody Mars Rx!!
          Well, I did find out about a job. I didnt get it. Gutted! So clearly the person who go the job isn’t being affected by Mars Rx – all happened within a week! Something fishy about the whole thing. Anyway, it’s passed me by so clearly not meant to be and there are a few other jobs I could apply for but I don’t have the enthusiasm for it right now. I wanted THAT one. I’m in a sulking mood. I’m going to lie on my bed and listen to the rain…

          Hope when your news finally arrives it’s worth waiting for.

          • oh fuck! that first para was meant for someone else I was writing an email to. Damn it. We must be in shadow Merc Rx territory now. Happy days!!

            • Ah yes the sneaky paste. I’ve had those too. Amazing how long an iPhone remembers a cut n paste.
              This job was supposed to be all sorted prior Christmas. Now its march and still waiting for the funding to be approved. I can’t even be certain I’ve got it (which’ll truly suck). So I’ve kinda been treading water waiting for the new world to begin since then. Box tickers!!!!
              It’s a grey world it the employment waiting room. I’ve reached the point of being excited about getting a health care card, cheap public transport and prescriptions! If only I knew a dodgy doctor I could sideline in Dexies and Valium.
              Anyway, I have tr Uranus trine mars today, tr Pluto sq Pluto tomorrow, and tr Neptune sq Sun on Friday, you think that lot would get something happening right? Thankfully I’m going to NZ Friday, cause I would pop if I got through all that and it was still all same same.
              Glad to hear your fog has cleared, bummer about the job, but, as you were saying to someone else, itd prob suck anyway. :)
              I’m a big fan of listening to the rain as a recovery tool, goes well with wine!

                  • typing long comments on iPhone are a pain. Those thin long boxes and grey type so hard to read.
                    If it’s a long comment I usually do my typing in another program, then paste when I’m done, hence the rogue para. I hadn’t even spell checked it!!. Oh the Mars in Virgo horror! LOL. Thank God it wasn’t some other email!!

                    Oh Lord, I remember you telling me about that job, Can’t believe you’re STILL waiting on that! I’d be beside myself! A fish treading water is a sad thing. You guys need to swim!! Oh, keep forgetting you’re a Gem. Your moon comes through strongly :)

                    Maybe a trip away will help you take your mind off waiting for news. Yes, you’d think Uranus/Mars would deliver sudden news but one never knows with Uranus. Expect the unexpected! Keep us posted! and have fun in New ZELL’nd. :)

  13. wow that is a run of some bad luck. I do feel lucky as much as I complain. At least nothing actively shitty is happening to me. A state of naught is much better.
    Best of luck to your peeps suffering with ghosts, broken ankles, and other drama!

  14. Emergency auto repairs. Phone died and possibly can’t be repaired. Got out of shower this morning and the hot water would not turn off. Enough already.

  15. Mars Rx is smack bang on my Uranus. I think I blew a light bulb in my lounge room two weeks ago. I changed the bulb but the light’s not working.
    Have been trying to get real estate agents to fix for ages now and they’re all a bunch of incompetent buffoons!! Sheesh how many of them does it take to call an electrician to fix the light!?!! Could be a lot worse I suppose…. At least I woke up with a full head of hair on my head… feel for that poor girl.

  16. I’ve been on an extended shitty attitude bender combined with too vivid dreaming keeping me from real sleep and winter dragging on too long.
    Also my nerves are jumbled which I am not used to at all. I usually feel like I am internally gliding now just a clumsy mess inside and out.
    Wake me when it’s over.

    • Ditto. Major emo meltdown. I’m either a sobbing mess or cursing banshee this week.
      Today decided sleep in the afternoon was the only thing to do… If I could put myself in hibernation until June, I would

      • That’s my answer too! Unfortunately can’t implement so I am attempting to look at the positive. Attempting being the keyword.
        Wanted to make a tshirt saying” I should be hibernating”

  17. Phew. So it’s not just me. Although I’m really sorry for those folks in the post, and the subsequent comments.

    Well. Mine: massive family/friendship dramas. Hug past guilt/terror stuff. Being stabbed in the back by someone I trusted implicitly. Scary health stuff I’m too chicken shiz to go to the doctor about. And the minorest of whinges but valid just the same, I’m so effing lonely- where is my dream woman?

    Although I did score a Radiohead ticket, so there’s a silver lining. :)

    • That’s “huge”, not “hug”. Although I could use several of those right now…

    • Radiohead ticket!!! :) Very, very lucky of you!! I just got an update on Facebook from the pre-sale ticket site. The server crashed! Hardly surprising. I saw them last time they came out. Freakin’ love them and Thom Yorke :)

      • I know, I’m a massive fan, I saw them in ’04 as well. I’m feeling very fortunate, I saw on the FB page there are lots of upset folk who missed out.

        Thought of some blessings out of all the drama I’ve been going through- I’m learning major lessons about judgment, compassion, gratitude and trust. Major ones. It’s just a matter of getting through it all intact. But if I do I know I’ll be a better person for it.

      • YaY ! Radiohead, one of the best live shows ever, and that’s saying something !
        Have a * blast *

        • Heh. You’ve probably missed out on pre-sale (though I’d still try) but general public tickets go on sale this Thursday at 9am. :)

          • yes, thank you. Panic averted. though it’s like I’ve failed as a Gemini when I realise I’ve missed out on these announcements (I was even telling a friend recently that it’d be announced soon because I ‘knew’)

            • though that little adrenalin shot has completely messed with the wine as homeopathy approach, now I need a nap.

            • don’t worry Shell. I found out pre-sale tix from friends on Facebook.

              I’m not going this time. When I saw them in ’04 I was surrounded by fuckwit fans singing every single song and trying to guess the next sing from the first few bars. UGH! Shut the fuq up and let Thom sing!! I didn’t pay for a Radiohead Karaoke night!

              They ruined it for me. I couldn’t get lost in the moment.

              • Oh my god, yes.

                Moron: “Play Creep!”

                Me (inwardly): “Bitch, I will cut you.”

              • I was living in bris then and they didn’t play up there. So some friends and I flew to Syd, got upgraded to business class, spent the arvo drinking cocktails in icebergs, locked ourselves out of my mums ritzy flat, tickets inside, a few frantic phone calls later and shots of whatever on the way, I didn’t care about the karaoke. We had shite seats too. It’s just a joy to see them live. That was the year Melb got cancelled, which most other people i knew were going to. So I felt lucky.
                Ok Computer tour at festival hall in Brisbane though, kicked arse.
                Radiohead, Bill Callahan and Yo La Tengo are my if stuck on a desert island I could survive with just there back catalogues (yes ok that’s prob at least 40 albums).
                Anyway. Good way to reinforce the need to snap back to reality. Bloody Neptune.

                  • Ha, I always know its you when you mention Bill Callahan.*love*
                    I would seriously struggle to choose 3 albums. Too many genres to choose from. Is that island scenario even relevant these days? Can’t we just take our entire collection on our iPods? :)

                    • Relevant in my fantasy world. Andthat’s artists not albums, the restriction onlyworks if entire back catalogues are allowed. It’s technology making me’s weird enough typing a word a line let alone remembering to scroll all the wayback to the name box to ensure its there. Bill must be due for a visit soon.

  18. thankful i haven’t had any major drama but my energy is WHACKED.

    one day i’m all energy, the next day i can do NOTHING which makes me feel horribly guilty. guess thats why when the energy comes i go absolutely crazy and over do it.

    virgo friends all seem to be sick/depressed/on the warpath or just whiney.

    • Miss Fine, I’m probably all of those things right now. ;)

      Seriously. I’ve had to limit my whinging to friends about it all because I could hear myself becoming “that person”.

      • Hey talking it through and inflicting it are two different things. Good buds don’t mind lending an ear to a struggling friend x

        • Aw. It’s true, my friends (well, the ones who aren’t part of the problem) have been absolutely beautiful. I do feel very supported at the moment. <3

  19. Oh Mystic… ‘Breatharian’ is just brilliant. I am/want/will be one this minute.
    Also, go the sleepers I reckon. Having been a zonko sleeper all my life and a never-taker of pills, it took me a year of intermittent, crippling, insomnia to resort, finally to the occasional pill. Now, having finally passed through that load of emo-merde, I am zonko again, but would not hesitate in future. Anything can be a blessing.

    • same…. i agree…. they only work for me for one night anyway…. take a second night and if the anxiety is strong, makes no difference… but that first night of deep sleep, so restorative, when everything is going haywire, and the cammomile tea, excercise, orgasm, hot bath, relaxation cd, hot milk and honey, counting bats and bitches…. ooh did i say that… i mean saying mantras to rid the mind of previously mentioned, then the one off sleeping tablet is quite a gift….

  20. This mars retrograde has been really good for me. I feel better than I have in ages!!! I have gotten so much work done/started/redone around my yard and in my house. FABULOUS.

    downsides: need money, but lined up work for the first time in a long time. Needing to sell some art too. PRaying!
    romance…HA. what’s that. Only thing there is drunk friend with crush on me, and young sapling who threw major mixed messages a la sex….ugh I am trying not to keep checking in virtually on the 2 ghosts that I don’t completely think the universe has cut out of my life completely. ONe is on the fringe, but very far away…
    Also have some serious frustration towards the exes. ..

    • That’s gotta feel good, catfish. I am making progress…
      but so s l o w it feels like spinning wheels.
      Will send up prayers for those in trauma above. xo
      For you too Mystic, even if only admin stuff.
      Also going to wear a hat tomorrow and have a giggle

      • Thanks! Glad your making progress too and hope you get some traction under those wheels. Slow but steady progress is better than none. I have Taurus moon so I am usually like that.

  21. I love every inch of this post, the scary crazy stories, the picture, the title. Reading so many posts about Mars in Virgo (& Rx) has really inspired me to get it together. Couldn’t figure it out, I have no 6th house placements, and Merc. at 5 degrees Virg, nothing major. Then I realized that my progressed Sun (currently at 15 deg Virgo) was crossed and recrossed by the retrograde, and will be crossed once more when Mars goes direct. Now all I need is a million more posts about how FABulous Leos are, and I’m set!
    Thanks Mystic, I love your website, even with its faults. It’s only an affirmation, really.

  22. bless the cat owner who went out to get food for her kitty and broke her ankle :( i love good pet owners! but am so sorry to hear about her terrible injury!!! :(

  23. i was feeling really positive about 2012 at the start, but i think it is going to be a tough one and a doozy with the Zap Zone etc. but hopefully that all means ‘progress’!

    • That’s what I’m clinging desperately to, as well. ;)

      “Growth, growth, growth, growth, SERENITY NOW, mutter, grumble…..””

  24. Wow – I thought I was the only one wanting to run away to Nimbin – lying awake at night and my auto-immune thing with my eye that I haven’t had for years has kicked in! Am taking two weeks off to do zip so hope that helps!

  25. Mystic you’re doing great with the website and all! Thanks for the hard work and energy you put into it!!

    what can l say this retro Mars is crazyyy indeed…hahaha i would love the sleeping pill thank you!
    Mars is squaring natal Neptune at the moment yay! so much fun help!
    if l read the stories of others l think l’m doing good & counting my blessings…
    l am not launching anyhting at the moment l wait untill the end of april for that…..

    l see people around me who are doing very good as well yay!! l drink some water to that! ;)

  26. Sure is a little wild ‘n wacky out there! I’m impressing myself. I want to go nutso at least several times a day and I’m not. I hope I can hold it all week. I’m stepping up to the plate with a smile. I also want to take time to chill somewhere quiet without all this ‘stuff’ everywhere. I came home with the unusual psychic attack headache today. Haven’t had one in yonks and the fire agate was penetrated!! Eeek! So.. it’s still there and I’m yet to loate the sender to return the ‘gift’ (with love of course) but a few are coming to mind. Misuse of power in that way displeases me and it must have been a doosy to get in. Last time I copped one like that was at an Italian wedding a hundred years ago (ok.. Sag embellishment) and NO I essentially do not believe in that kinda stuff but all thought is energy, all IS energy.. so get me whilst I’m flogged and pmt’d and being super nice about everything and I will ensure your gift is no further cost to me :)

    Great pic MM!! Rabbit energy.. it’s pretty cool actually.

    Mars retro.. well we just ride this out like any other planetary storm but I may just wear more armour tomorrow :)

    • Cool compress for your head? Lavender for the temples? Sorry you’re in pain, Scorchy. What does it mean, the fire agate was penetrated? (I have some crazy theories and imagery but possibly far too fanciful if not rude.) Get well soon xx

      • Hahaha.. I just had to laugh. Nothing rud Mille. My fire agate is a stone of protection. It’s usually great at that and has a beautiful energy aside from it’s physical glory.

        The line was breached.. the defence didn’t hold.. I’m now acting out some kind of obscure drama in my mind complete with war mongers and a scrambling to rebuild the bombed moat kinda thing. Being satirical.

        But the headache reminds me of an Italian BF way back and his moma who used to clear evil eye stuff (yeah witchy ju-ju) and I had a shocker for 2 weeks. She ‘apparently’ cured it with the oil/water thing that gets handed down from generation to generation. I concluded it was her own doing in the end. She never liked me.

        The curious thing was no headache tab or other remedy would stop it. It was pretty awful and the fatigue of consistency was just as bad.

        These days I’m more adept at clearing but.. it’s got that familar feel.. they are distinctly different to stress, neck, period whatever headaches. I encounter them only rarely these days.

        Bless you for fanciful thoughts and cold compresses!

        • How do you know when you’re under attack from someone and taking on their crap? It feels very much like that’s what’s happening to me. I have no knowledge in this area on how to know or how to block it. Advice appreciated!

          • Hi Diana. I’m not sure there is an absolute way as know thyself takes precedence.

            You did say under attack or taking on their crap’ so they are different.

            For example.. I’m built to pick up vibes, moods etc and constantly have to watch a thought/feeling that has come on quite quickly to see if it’s mine or anothers. This coudl be because I was too open and I would put it more in the the idea of taking on stuff. An attack is a little different and honestly, usually I can move these quickly too however I still have a niggle of this one. Regarding my headached I guess the best way I could describe it as feeling different was that it was immediate. It’s placement for me is distinctive and it also hits my solar plexus and/or sacral chakra eg nausea. Sometimes where something hits will offer insight also.

            So there are numerous ways and what works for one may not suit another.hence a reluctance to provide absolutes. There are numerous crystals that work and fire agate is one, so is green amber, obsidian etc. Smudging will work to clear any negativity. Tie cuttng if it’s done correctly and respectfully considering all parties, healings of various sorts, chakra protection and cleansing, other amulets, cloacking yourself and putting up energetic boundaries, violet flame. I could go on but it could get confusing.

            Having said that you can also choose anything you have and charge it to be protective for you.

            The idea behind protection should always be balanced with a no harm response. You may be feeling something from someone else but it must not be returned in a hateful or hurtful manner. All you should be seeking to do is protect yourself and clear anything that has worked its way into your energetic field.

            So yes, even though I may have sounded peeved I have not been on a vengeful mission to return it via a fireball :) That is not how universal energy works.

            I find once I’ve been enlightened and cleared something/someone I’m usually very comfortable to thank and release the energy and the lesson if there is one also. Many’s the time these things serve as great teachers that spur our growth also.

            Ok.. well that was a little bit more of a ramble than I intended but I hope it’s given you some insight. There is an abundance of literature on this and most likely a heap of online data as well.

            Luck and success in your quest :)

            • Oh, absolutely on board with the no vengeance vibe. I just want her to leave me alone, is all.

              But thank you for response. I will read through it a few times to digest properly. Definitely identify with the “coming on suddenly” thing. And I’ve been told a few times that I’m a “sensitive” but if I am it’s undeveloped- i.e. I have no counter-skills. In fact up until a year or so ago I was a complete sceptic about all of this stuff.

  27. maybe I’m having an Aqua moment or just caught up in some Neptune delusion as despite my own iMac doing bizarre inexplicable things over the past 4 months, my gemini ex doing his own bizarre inexplicable things over the past 4 months, losing yet another job, that I’ve only had for 4 months and soon having to move out of my flat that I haven’t even been in for 4 months…. i feel so good….!! The clearest & strongest I’ve been in a long time. I feel something amazing is building and the energy of that is enough to topple any old world crap that retro Mars or any other planet can try and fling at me :)

  28. mmmm its an interesting time, for sure… there are definitely some sweet things planned, happening and just around the corner, if I look in the right direction they are here right now too!….

    But… the big but…. some shit is going on too! Definitely the friction that creates fire and growth…. Definitely the opportunities to stay stuck and be fuqed or evolve, move on, expand! Definitely being called to get up stand up!

    • whoa that is such a venus squ saturn statement and an old pattern I need to address and work on.

      • soz Pg the above reply was a note to myself not a comment on your post. but i am with you on the standing tall -if only i could get out of this rut i’d be a giant..

  29. running fairly cool channeling my aqua instead of hot headed leo during this Rx. read dailys funny as for aqua types and so spot on. sometimes i feel like a mad scientist in a laboratory of love- its fun and i don’t get hurt that way.

  30. The sudden reoccurrence of acne which started the day after Mars went RX has progressed to being infected so I’m now on 3 types of antibiotics and in total lock down as I can’t stand to be seen. I’m totally unconvinced that it’s proper acne as I’d been crystal clear for almost 9 months and it literally happened overnight. As an Aries Rising/Scorp I’m totally blaming this Martian fuckery, I’ve hated every second of this transit it turned RX perfectly squaring my Moon + Mars in Sag, men are acting ridiculously, my work which was flying is totally stalled, yuk, yuk, yuk.

    Of course everything could be so much worse, daily gratitude and all that but there are limits when you have a bleeding, inflamed face that hurts to smile.

    • I read on Lynn Koiner’s site that acne/skin probs can pop up during mars retro esp. if you have strong Aries energy. Within hours of mars Rx I was feeling itchy and pin pricks all over my body. I thought I had scabies! She suggests taking Kali sulphate homeopathic salt. I tried it and I haven’t been affected much anymore. Also cutting back on sweets. Apparently blood sugar affects this.

      • I heard that too and considering the exact timing it makes some weird sense, I had back acne from the minute Saturn plonked down on my Venus in summer 2010, when it eased off last year my skin cleared overnight. I’m a dairy free, sugar free, health food junkie who does everything ‘right’ for skin and I’ve had all the herbs/acupuncture in the world for hormone balancing yet here I am. I’m kind of at my wits end this time. We’ll see what happens when this RX ends.

  31. just found out that Eros is in Virgo too….hehe is almost on my Asc sweet!
    Cap Pluto is almost conjunct natal Cap Eros sweeter!
    hehe very nice indeed!
    l am flowting big time today l feel super drunk on water!! :)

    • oh and l bumped into a picture of an old flame….l looked him up on the net found his birthdate interesting his Gemini Venus smack on my Sun…He is a gemini Sun himself amazing,his NN conjunct my Sun
      …..this must be the gemini south node @work

  32. I’m just in a wierd transition phase. Now that neptune left my Asc. I can feel something clearer. It’s a transition phase but I’m having a hard time keeping up with life now that mars is rx. I’m a Ram and this has been bad for my health. I’ve realized I need to calm down. I can’t be a speed racer now and I need to focus on my health. My back issues returned and my sciatic nerve is killing me. Anybody know any natural remedies for sciatica? I started Glucosamine last night but no change yet. Work has been just so tough to deal with.
    Regardless of that, I’m feeling more optimistic than I have been in weeks ;)

    • I second acupuncture, Kata. Had a single acupuncture treatment which rid me of sciatic pain a few years ago. However, it was undone two days later by having to sit in a hard plastic sebel chair on a wooden parquetry floor for almost 12 hours. A second visit eased that, too, but if i have any other suggestion it is to be mindful of how you sit afterwards and what you sit in. Best wishes for pain relief xx

      • I’ve been thinking about accupuncture. Funds are the prob. tho. So expensive. Have been going to a chiropractor for the last 3 years but the adjustments do not seem to be working lately. Maybe I shall trade chiro for accu. and see what happens. Thanks!

        • Yeah it’s a shame it always costs so much, I’ve had wonderful success with it for all manner of ailments though. Worth a try, good luck!

        • I have both chiro and acupuncture, but to me they do quite different things. Acu good for issues that may be related to blood or energy blockages in certain areas – but if it is actually about spine being out, then in itself I wouldn’t suggest acu will help that much. If spine goes out because muscles are tense and pull it out, then it may help with reducing the muscle tension, but you’d also want to combine that with something like exercises the strengthen those muscles from a physio for e.g..

          • True, I’ve been thinking of starting a core strengthening program like pilates or such. Guess I need to attack this problem from all angles

  33. I know I said I wouldn’t complain about this retro mars but what happens when it means the people around you are generally moving at a slower pace or move two steps forward/three steps back. And what happens when it means being C-blocked…..twice in the same weekend…….by the same fucking douchebag? My weekend trip was seriously a waste of money.

  34. What a gorgeous image! I really love this. It’s really picked me up from a bad few days. I see that and think endless possibility but also a magical place that is far, far away. I wish I could take my little dog and run away from the issues i’m having trying to get voluntary work and then hopefully paid work. i’m a taurus sun-mars-mer-chiron and I don’t usually run from anything I just endure but this is a crap time. It’s really made me physically ill and it’s a time where I am completely alone with no guidance- no clear dream messages and I can’t hear my angels clearly, though I know they are there. It’s a chiron lesson to find my own path but I still have no idea where i’m going- it doesn’t sit well with leo rising and second house virgo. My moon has progressed to pisces balancing out my chart a bit with water but it’s in 8th house and still next to neptune.

    Despite the crap, I was sorting through years of sheet music and one fell out on the floor. A song called ‘FREEDOM IS COMING” I kid you not. It’s a three-part a cappella. I wonder if freedom will come with three layers :-) First though i’m feeling the saturn return- it’s going to be exact in October at 0 deg Scorpio. I have felt freedom coming for ages but I still don’t know how and i’m 28. It’s pathetic, really.

    Mystic told me to keep a dream journal about 18 months ago and I did. I went to the psychic and she said I see you living in Sydney this year- by your birthday in may (um two months away yeah right). For me that was completely unexpected. I go home and get out my dream diary….My dreams about Sydney and a man in Sydney go back to the start of the diary (18 months ago) and I didn’t even make the connection! I had full conversations with people I don’t know yet. The conversations were about this guy and his trust issues. The very first Sydney dream I had was someone saying ‘welcome to Sydney’ and it went from there. I just love piecing it all together. The last Sydney dream I had was where a woman said to me, ‘you will get married at centennial park in Sydney’ and I didn’t think much of it until I saw the psychic. I’m glad I wrote it all down now. If in doubt, keep a dream journal. If it does happen, that journal will give me the courage to do it as i’m not too good with change and not an overly confident person. I only think the psychic told me because I might not build the courage to move otherwise. Uranus is in my 8th house, jupiter and venus are in my 9th so it might happen quickly. Natal venus conjunct NN (26deg) in gemini could happen in June.

    Sorry to bore everyone it’s just although my friends and select family know I like and study astro in my spare time none of them really get it and they don’t like me talking about it.

    • Hey Water Pig, It’s okay not to know where you’re going. That means a breakthrough is nigh… well, that’s what I keep trying to tell myself. I have a clearer picture of where I’m headed since Neptune hopped off my Saturn but I can’t get there fast enough due to Mars Rx and the impending Merc Rx.
      If you think it’s hard not knowing where you’re going with a Leo rising, imagine having a Cap Asc and Saturn in the 2nd house! I’ve learned to just chill though and trust that all will come in good time.

      Don’t be so hard on yourself. You’re only 28! You’re a spring chicken in my eyes! Go at your own pace. What’s the hurry?…You’ll get there eventually… maybe after Saturn return. I had a great Saturn return btw. Sure, I had a few responsibilities but 19 years later, I can see that they’ve turned into rewards.

      I know a few Taureans going through a tough time now. Maybe Jupiter is expanding the not so pleasant aspects.

      Take care :)

      • Thanks Scorpalicious! I really feel many of the saturn lessons come with rewards. You’ve just reminded me that it might take a while to see the results- mars retro! I think because I have saturn square my ascendant I am very critical of myself but I always realise that when critical of self, you can be critical of others and that is something I do not like about myself. I might think a critical thought of someone but not say it and then I feel bad and I go “OMG why did I think that”. I do that often.

        I don’t mean to sound negative or entirely critical of saturn return just that i’m trying to make sure I don’t miss or ignore the lessons. I really should direct the positive energy and see what comes back!

        I see what you mean about cap and saturn in second. Second house is so tied into the everyday and how we feel about ourselves and finances and security. On Dana Gerhardt says the second house “rules both what money can buy and what money can’t buy”. I have virgo in second- hate ever owing money and don’t like to buy things I can’t afford. Though I do buy things I don’t need- jupiter expansion.

        I really agree re the universe can send you more of everything. It has unfortunately sent me more lollies, chocolate, biscuits etc. of late. I have increased my exercise though so that helps. I would prefer to get off sugar completely though it makes me feel unwell- I think aqua moon finds it too much. I guess that when you get increased options and choices you have to use it wisely and work hard to make the most of it- something I have to do with the last three months of Jupiter in taurus. It’s going to be passing my mars, sun, merc, chiron. Then will go on to my venus-NN in gem. I like to hope that I can share some of my luck with others too during this time.

        Sorry to ramble scorpalicious. Thanks so much for your reply. WP

    • Actually i found that really interesting, Water Pig. All your posts are eloquent. Do i remember correctly that you were born Merc Retro? I seem to recall you saying you take time to write your thoughts.

      • Oh good! Yes, I was born in merc retro. I really do have to take my time to be really clear but part of it is just over thinking as well. And my writing doesn’t really show a sense of humour even though I do have one. A few people have said they like my writing but you do have to balance with efficiency and style is important, too. I still get the speech probs in merc retro. I forget what I was going to say and i’ll mumble accidentally from time to time. I just laugh to myself about it now. Merc retro can be such a blessing for many things though- especially how Mystic says you can complete tasks that were already in progress, review and edit etc.

  35. Hehe, I’m posting so much in this thread it feels like I’m trolling it. Needless to say, it’s very resonant and very cathartic!

    Feeling quite proud of my restraint. I was very, verrrrrry close last night to sending a big ol’ “FAAAAAAR Q!” email to someone (the original aggressor I referred to upthread) upon hearing more has been said about me. But! I remembered the Retro biz and I went with quiet dignity instead. She can keep shouting into her vacuum all she likes (responding to her assumptions won’t do any good anyway, she’s already decided I’m full of shite and a terrible person) and I will just keep on keeping on.


    • Hehe, I feel the same way when I comment too much but you can’t shut up a Saggo moon! :)

      Well done on the restraint. I’m in the same boat. It’s taken all I have to not send a ‘fuq you’ email!!
      Sheesh, I thought Mars Retro in Leo last year was intolerable but this one sucks big hair King Kong balls!! I have Mars in Virgo natally.

  36. So homework= Neptune in my 7th….. Ohhhhhh. Lol maybe AWOL is not that one after all. Fuq apparently a very limited few are.

    Does anyone know if god puts out?

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