Dear Pluto

Hotel Room

O.M.G. She’d just remembered.

Estella’s retro-Mars in Virgo was going really well, all things considered. Constant bathing, exercise and exfoliation had left her skin looking better than ever. She was mostly too tired to make a scene over anything. People mistook this for a degree of serenity, which was excellent, albeit untrue.

She’d prepped fpr retro-Mercury in Aries (easy: a ban on talking to f-wits and an USB flash drive for her key ring + backing her entire life up to the cloud – this had forced a satisfying unclutter, like an admin colonic) and even her Zap Zone was to be mostly career-linked: how could she evolve enough to handle the inevitable envy?  She’d already booked a success coach.

But then she remembered: ‘fuq-fuq-fuq…Saturn in Scorpio.’  How the hell could she have forgotten this impending scenario? ‘Dear Pluto, Lord of the Underworld,’ she prayed, ‘ please let this be all about ground-breakingly primal sex and a karmic soulmate reunion?’

88 thoughts on “Dear Pluto

  1. Thanks for the reminder about Saturn while I am still coming to terms with Pluto opposite my sun/venus for the next ten months…not to mention Uranus having just squared my natal Saturn and Opposed my Neptune…but wait there’s more…Uranus now moving to create a square to my Mercury, Sun Venus conjunction in Cancer… all of which looks like it goes on for well over a year..
    this all coinciding with setting up a couple of blog sites…as well as writing the story of the mission impossible that has been the last 35 years of my life. Good thing I have learned to make intensity my norm…breathing helps as does creating a lot of empty space around myself, silence and solitude…
    Saturn will trine my natal Saturn at 1 degree Scorp…at the same time Uranus squares Mercury in October…I’m expecting only good things and recognition for my life’s work…. I love the intensity…makes me feel truly alive…and demands that I be fully awake…

  2. too much to prepare for…taking it day by day myself. Trying to get things backed up from computer though and get it ready to get repaired.

  3. ahahaha. love the commentary, so true! Except I am actually looking FORWARD to saturn in scorp, finally some rewarding hard work in an area I love to be in, my scorpy 5th house. xx

  4. I thought I was handling the Zap Zone well….but I just found off I will be laid off in 2 months. Way to bring me to my knees Zap Zone.

  5. I know I can’t be the only Libran thinking thank goodness King party-pooper is moving on to Scorpio. =)

    • Pass the Saturn baton :)
      He’ll be off my MC then getting to work in my 10th house – yaaay! After 8 months of not having to wake up to an alarm clock, I’m ready to get back to work. Saturn’s on my side :)

    • I feel for you having Saturn on your moon though. I’ll get my turn when Saturn moves into Saggo in 2 years time

      • Yeah he’ll be on my moon but that won’t happen instantly. My moon is in the middle deg of Scorpio so I’ll have a tiny reprieve.

    • Preach it – I’ve got natal Sun/Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto/Mercury all in Libra, all in 7th house (except Sun in 6th). Sick of it. Happy to pass it on, feeling all grown-up now, thankyouverymuch.

      Then again, I’ve got Venus (still in the 7th) in Scorpio so I’m not really looking forward to that conjunction….

      • Oh MiloBloom I feel for you. When Saturn was in virgo, it was grinding my Venus down. Nothing but heartache for 2 yrs. :( But i also hear that Saturn hates Virgo which may not be the case for Scorpio. He might be more neutral.

    • My current repeat song is ‘Avalon’ by Roxy Music. It just won’t come unstuck. I’m just floating along with it. I’m usually a Tom Waits type of girl, so this particular mental-music-stalk is quite unusual.

    • Lyrics:

      ~rubber bands expand in a frustrating sigh~

      Reminds me of what I’m reading on Shakti….it will get stuck and not be fulfilled due to the breaks we put on it..or have been put on it and the subsequent things that need to be healed and cleared..

      ~Set adrift on memory bliss of you~

      Sounds very Neptunian but apropo between me and my Higher Self..

      Great song to share Gem…x

  6. Advice needed: is it foolish to set up new admin systems during this mercury retro? I like to use them generally as times to review and refine rather than start new things. Aries isn’t exactly the sign of administration so maybe it’s better that I should rifle thru my books on exercise and nutrition to write myself a post-baby program to start when mercury goes direct. Anyone?

    • Hmmm, good question. I have Aries Mercury Rx natally.

      Maybe just get the systems ready for “go”. I haven’t given this mutual reception with Mars in Virgo – Mercury in Aries coming up much thought. I have that mutual reception but with Mars in Gemini.

      Hey but good luck on the post baby project…

        • My natal mars in virgo rx and mercury in aries rx. I feel as if I am downioading right now and every day is groundhog day. It doesn’t pay to push anything along.

  7. And Mystic, per your email, DO love the current Sun sextile Jupiter…Sun exact on my MC right now (5 deg)…..Moon on Sun/PofF/SN…. Venus recently too..

    Pluto square my Sun and Uranus on Mercury…loads going on but
    haven’t felt this good in a long while and never more clear in years…Things appear when you need them and sometimes you had them all along..

    Feel like I’ve been saved…. x

  8. ground breaking primal sex… the words shocked me… but thanks for saying what my subconscious was wanting out aloud…. It’s ok to want thisi isn’t it?

  9. The woman modelling in this pic looks like the actress from that Spanish film, Sex and Lucia. But she also looks a bit like Eva Green from the 007 movies. I’m tripping on this picture…

      • No way. Different nose, breasts, mouth, eyebrow to eyeline span, weight and face shape (esp. jaw & cheek width).

          • Gosh didn’t mean to be a pedant (but then i never do yet am!)

            Check out the link just below the picture, the words Hotel Room. You’ll see the rest of the photo shoot, too. You might like them :)

  10. Saturn out of Libra. Good. Into Scorp, well clearly we’re ready (and waiting) Librans will be relieved and no doubt Saturn will be too. :) Faffing about with air heads,. Geebs. er . . .sorry ’bout that. (takes one to know one). Saturn shmattern. I can do without morose Librans. Happy convival Librans welcome back . . . . sometime in . . .. towards the end of . . . around your birthday. October. Symptoms should start to disappear . . . move on . . . 25 June, THIS YEAR!

    • This Libran’s scales have been rattling for too long!
      Looking forward to Saturn leaving my pink candy cloud so I can get back to the business of making things pretty again, hee hee :-)

      • Hee hee… as Oscar Wilde (Libran) said ” beauty is everything” .There was nothing pretty about Saturn on my Libra Venus transit. I’m more mature with all things Venusian but I’ve yet to test the extent of “growth”. I think Saturn killed my incurable romantic nature though. He probably thinks that’s a good thing but I kinda miss my rose-tinted glasses. I have enough Saturnine aspects in my chart to keep things real! 
         Venus in Scorp is made of tougher stuff.  I can’t imagine your Venus/Saturn transit being as vile as mine was. It didn’t help having Pluto on my Asc at the same time! 

  11. Speaking of Pluto – Mr. Happy is currently squaring my Sun/Jupiter/Saturn/Ascendant AND conjunction my Midheaven.

    So that’s fun.

        • Pluto is hovering in my 10th house just past my Midheaven (lost my job last year when those two were exactly conjunct), so it’s been a lot of upheaval in my work life. Felt lucky to get part-time work at a bar a couple months ago, but it feels like a holding pattern before I make my next move. Lately, I’ve been questioning whether I’ve chosen the right career path, whether I “fit in” with others in my industry, etc.

          As soon as Saturn was done with my Sun in the 6th and Jupiter/Saturn in the 7th (all Libra), Pluto was there to square all three.
          Had a devastating affair/breakup a couple years ago (with a coworker, of course) – an emotional roller coaster that taught me so many lessons about love and relationships… I’m finally starting to feel at peace with it all, and really believe that having been through all that, I can get through anything!

          When both Saturn and Pluto are serving you hard transits at the same time – rough stuff, in my opinion!

        • Saturn on my Mercury has been interesting, actually.. I’m learning how to work more efficiently these days, sharpening my focus and using less time to actually get more done (by reducing the distractions around me, simplifying my approach, turning my cell phone off, etc)

          As far as Saturn on my Pluto, that appears to be bringing lots of latent resentments to the fore. I’m being forced to address emotions that I’ve been harboring towards a few authority figures in my life (jealousy, bitterness, anger, bleh). The process of dissolving these feelings is becoming more of a focus for me lately.
          It’s the last planet for me in Libra (of 5), so I feel like it’s been one life lesson after another for the past few years.

  12. looking forward to Scorpio Saturn…!!! My progressed chart is all water and earth so that will go good.
    It will be conjunct natal Uranus, Moon&Juno at some point but my man’s Saturn is already conjunct Moon&Juno so l feel very serious indeed already! l know the feeling by now.

    it will fall into my 3rd always better then 2nd house pheeew! I think some houses are easyer to handle.
    natal Mercury in Taurus will have the opposition.
    with Libra Saturn Venus&Mars has the opposition…and at last it will square natal Saturn in Leo so much fun!!
    bring it on!

  13. Natal merc in Aries at 0 deg stationing in the 10th , this should be interesting ? Mars retro is shitting me no end, can’t wait for April now. Saturn moves out of conj with Pluto and moves out of my 7th in to my empty 8th. That’s another thing to look forward to believe me. Hope your all well x

    • Jesus Christ man, where you been? lol

      All okay as long as you are? I, Aries sis, love yo doll.x

      • Im good sweetest of all peas x just doing 24/7s . Want to take the family on a big adventure to middle east for sons initiation. so madly schmoozing potential customers etc. I’m pretty sure that Megiddo will be lovely in late June . Glad your well x

        • You know I had to google that city in the middle east but so wonderful for your son and your family…. Epic.

          So lovely davidl. May all of God’s blessings shine down upon you. Next to Sanskrit, Hewbrew the most ancient and sacred. Sure nothing you don’t already know. x

        • haha what sweets said !!
          been thinking about you – and whatevs too, drinking my clematis essence every am !
          Thanks to you both for your book recs and tips and everyone else here too, while I’m at it

  14. Dear Pluto,

    It’s late at night, you’re knocking at my door and I’m tired because your buddy saturn just got off conjuncting my sun, and now your mate uranus is queueing behind you to oppose it. Doesn’t it feel good to be alive! I know you know exactly what I mean so, dear Pluto, here’s the deal, this year I’m gonna sip my Lapsang Souchong and calmly unravel the wisdom of your transit, and just so you know I’ve got a plan B. Yep, Jupiter is hooking up with my MC a few times and trine my sun and mercury, square my venus and trine my North Node, and Uranus is going to trine my ascendant – that budding romance, that good news I’m soooo not going to miss out on ALL that just because you think you- lord of the underworld – can square my sun! Pluto, you’re not going to hog my attention in twentytwelve! xxx

  15. I love how everyone is so nonchalant about Saturn into Scorpio. In at least a year and a half,, people will be screaming for IV drip bags of Blue Hoochie Juice. Just sayin’ .. been there…got the t-shirt already.

    • Right? I love the f-you bravado of the Scorp clan.
      It’ll be fine for them – maybe worse for everyone around them, though ;-D

      And I say that with love! One of my besties is ScorpSun/CancerMoon – moody doesn’t even begin to describe it. And that’s before Saturn.

      • oh i know. we Libras are total pussies about this crap and the worst part is that Saturn actually “likes” us (exalted).. But I also know Scorps are secretly soft and squishy on the M&Ms. They probably won’t even complain publicly on here with their known handles. Ruins the tough poker face thing. =D

        • We can be very sensitive, moody and emotional but I wouldn’t call us soft and squishy!!!
          Perhaps it’s my Cap Asc that takes offence to that squishy statement.

          My moon in Saggo renders me an open book. Truth and honesty above all else. You’ll always know how I feel even if I don’t want you too (Uranus square moon) :)
          I’m still kicking myself for revealing too much to the barista yesterday. When someone asks me a question I can’t help but answer honestly and spontaneously. Too often speak before I think (Saggo foot-in-mouth)

            • yes! hehe. Probably why I’m still single. Sun in 10th, empty 7th and my Libra venus squares my Asc. Guys don’t see how nice I can be :(

              The Tin Man was my fave character from Wizard of Oz because he wanted a heart ;)

  16. LMAO! Fuqing brilliant. Thank you. Needed that today, and right there with you….hahahahahaha.

  17. Oh…. and in a fluke I backed up my lap top for the first time in five years last week. Last night it was stolen from the lounge, whilst I slept three metres away with my godbabies…. now for a new lap top and to hope that back up worked! x