Coming Soon: Astro-Weirding Like Never Before

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Priscilla Wilson

Hey Guys no posts today as the site was migrating to a new host, always a bit hairy but completed now….if you have any probs clear your cache & try again. If it persists, email me. 

The lost comments on the Tarot post WILL return, i promise. Thanks for your patience. The site will now run faster and you can hit on the Oracle as often as you want without it making the site crash, sigh.

The astro – f.y.i. – is about to get real weird. Exciting but weird. Good but contradictory. Amazing but evolutionary. You get the idea.

Who’s feeling it?  Who’s resisting it?  Who’s over it?

And btw a quick Mars Retro In Virgo flash – i will tease this out in the Daily Mystic/the Horoscopes — with this Mars transit, thy enemies reveal themselves via the details.  Micro-analyze for moment to get a mini eureka flash re this.

More soon…

35 thoughts on “Coming Soon: Astro-Weirding Like Never Before

  1. Yay, details for my Scorpion energy to obsess paranoiaedly over. Because, just because you are paranoid does not mean they are not out to get you. lol

  2. Venus conjunct Saturn in Cancer. Yeah.. Not into it Valentine’s Day. It feels like being ordered to love by the Retail Industry.
    I am so into Love though!
    (A champagne *clink* to soft, sweet powerful stuff)

    • Okay, that was meant to be on the Valentine’s Day post… (blushes and ponders how this is exactly like the last two weeks keeps turning out!).

  3. yes, have you got it in wierder ? only joking, some days is a challenge enough as it is….walking in the dark etc, etc, life and self and others do seem more noticeably paradoxical lately or maybe i’m just imagining it or waking up from apathy or something

  4. I’m being a total recluse at the mo. Right in the middle of my Pluto-AC transit. Also feel as if I’m adapting to Neptune in Pisces.
    + it’s winter over here ;)
    The love action has totally come to a standstill, as if it all happened in a different lifetime. Thanks to the forever retro Mars in Virgo.
    (and THANK you Mystic to keep reminding us Piscians not to expect much action in that area.XX)
    BUTTTT……. I know lots of movement is on the way.
    I’ve got a very sexy solaar coming up the 28th + an incredible lunaar 14/3
    Maybe half the world population will have love action halfway march.
    Eros and Pysche reuniting conjunct Mars….Amor conjunct Pluto….Lilith conjunct Venus conjunct Jupiter. Wowww

    • I can relate to the recluse comment. I’m also having a Pluto/Asc transit. What degree is you Asc? Mine’s 3°. It’s within 5° orb with Pluto but still feeling it….

      My transformation is not complete yet. Every day it’s something new. I’m constantly surprised and shocked at times. I’m even considering going blonde!! and I’ve always said I would never, ever go down that path.

      Yes, love feels like it’s from another life time. Lots to look forward too though :)

      • oh!!!! how do you type the little degree symbol???
        My AC is at 7 degrees. And I’m feeling VERRRRRRY Plutonic lately.
        I had to reread some chapters of Donna Cunninghams “Healing Pluto problems” a couple of nights ago. And that really put it all in perspective again.
        Have you ever read it?
        As for being a recluse….. I’m a Pisces and I love being a recluse every so often. I know party time wil come again.
        So then we we also share the Zap Zone Uranus square transit over the AC/DC!

        • Hey-

          Same here. Pluto on my AC at 7°. All love stuff came to a complete standstill as of this past weekend. I’m a Leo Sun/Aqua Moon/Cap Rising. I feel like I’ve been through battle and now I’m hibernating. It’s so depressing.

          I thought I knew what a Qi Vampire was, and what it felt like to be drained by a person like that, but a Scorpio stellium ex who dumped me in December, started getting in touch again…everytime I start to feel better. And I literally feel drained, depleted, and run down each and every time he does. No word from him as of Sunday night.

          Also, as of Sunday night, another guy I met (first person I’ve met that I actually liked in 6 years – aside from Qi Vampire above), just seemed to disappear. I’m also not hearing from friends, and I’m basically turning into a hermit. And I STILL feel so run down.

          • yes! pluto always up my ass, always. this last week my un-relationship came to an end (for the millionth time but for real this time i swear) and i was wondering if I was the vampire (interestingly, I’M a scorp stellium and HE’s a cap rising), so i cleared up my head, got really active and happy and was like fuck this shit i’m going to the bar, i don’t care if i see him! so i get there all full of fire and killin it, he’s there, i coast a long, not reallly caring and then….slowwww drraaaaaaaaag by the end of the night i was at home crying hysterically and totally drained. HE’S the vampire! Rrrrrrrr just thought i’d vent, sorry

        • wow, Pluto just 1° away.
          Well, I’m a Scorp so I love my alone time too!! Thank the Universe for my Saggo moon, otherwise I would never get out n about. It

          Where’s you moon?
          Pisces/Cap Asc is a nice mix. Yes we share the Zap Zone… oh joy! :)

          Thanks for the book recommendation. I don’t have that one. I’m actually more concerned with Saturn, especially since he’ll be transiting my Sun & Merc in October. I have ‘Saturn – A New Look at an Old Devil’ by Liz Greene’ sitting on my shelf waiting to be read. It’s been sitting there for YEARS!! :lol: There’s just not enough hours in the day to do everything on my long list.

          You can get the ° symbol by holding down the “shift/option and #8″ on the keyboard. That’s on a Mac. No idea what it is on PC keyboard :)

          • hmmm, shift 8 gives me *, oh well, never mind :)
            Saggo Moon!
            Yay, me too LOL
            I am soooo grateful for the forever optimist in me.

            @Star & missfine
            Honestly, read the book I mentioned above. To me (as a Plutonian) it’s been the most insightful astrology book up until now
            Pluto bang on your AC is ROUGH, but it will help you move mountains these coming years (Pluto in your 1st)
            the sun will always shine again!
            take care XX

            • will DEFINITELY read that book, should have read it years ago. my entire life has been a pluto transit. i’m not joking. i have a bundle chart and pluto started from the top when i was born with pluto conj sun and has been hitting every planet in the bundle since. the last one is mars which will be over in 2014. it will finally be over! but then saturn will be working its way through the bundle. (sigh) can a girl get a break, please?!

          • @lafolie
            for what it’s worth-> saturn over my sun also helped me (just like over the MC, like i wrote the other day)
            At the time it crossed my sun i really worked hard from the bottum up.
            I was in a rough situation and it helped me out of it.
            Although I’m cap rising, Saturn isn’t strong in my chart. So I don’t mind it’s help once in a while

  5. Feeling it, resisting it and over it! At least I think this discomfort/unrest is resistance…bring on the amazing and evolutionary – hell make that revolutionary !

  6. astro wierding? yeah… nah. Don’t believe ya. Fumbled (final) chance to talk to a major honey at my work. I need shyness-with-men counselling. For serious. Let’s see how the Oracle can upbraid me this time. *wanders off in direction of Oracle*

  7. So I have natal mars in Virgo and I’m getting my butt kicked now ny this retrograde I presume.

  8. weird? not so much. For me calm. I am really getting stuff done now though. Just fixed one cabinet dorr and two drawers that had fallen apart. Now to go paint some more…did that all day yesterday.

    Romance….my younger friend and I have reconnected. Shall see….


    WOW said I’d get a love omen and what an omen, I have NEVER had something like this happen before SPOOKY

    Well last April to August romance she said would return – I poo poo’d this but we have been in touch again once just recently


    I decided to treat myself to a new fragrance, I don’t like many but I had written down the name of one I liked but couldn’t afford over a year ago.. They don’t sell it everywhere so I had to go out of my way, they said they had it online but when I got there couldn’t find it, just about to give up and the assistant found it. So looking at bottle, trying tester and noticed a little gold stick on card the kind you put on a parcel, I picked it up thinking it was a tester card but someone had written in it “To my valentine, all my love, name” and the NAME was HIM!!!

    Just can’t believe it…

      • Isnt it just- Still can’t believe it :) how synchronicitious can you get……I can only tell one friend I’m sure most people would think I was making it up or delusional!

  10. WEird. yes. But enjoying it. Yes I’m getting the enemies revealing themselves – one in particular who was my self proclaimed best friend, was always a little suspicious of her, but I liked her ‘cos she made me laugh. Never been taken in by anybody for so long – should have looked at her chart much earlier…….Oh well.
    Over it now, but the devil is in the detail and more detail keeps getting exposed. If you give someone enough rope they’ll hang themselves – I’m not the only one she or her OH has betrayed in this way ( business dealings) so let the hanging commence!
    But all that’s in the background really, I’m high on vitamin B12 and getting organised. REally chuffed, ‘cos I just couldn’t focus before & was getting quite distressed about it – I may be rather chaotic, but I am also by nature organised – the chaos thing is just surface, underneath I run like Virgoan clockwork. Have made my schedule as suggested by both astro & oracle and am breaking it already, but thats the fun – rules are made for breaking, but you got to know them or make them first.

  11. 8O

    My kettle blew up late last night and took out all the power on one side of the house… 8O

    I also have a massive sinus headache…


    Btw! Great work on the site Mystic, really appreciate all your hard work here. We are very lucky to have you firstly upgrading and figuring out all the tech issues asap while making sure everyone is happy. AND still posting! Bloody amazing work Mystic! Thanks so much and really I should be sending you endless crates of Moet because I do get so much from your site, more than you may realise! 8O