Astro Oscars

Capricorn (Moon in Leo and Leo Rising lol) the morning after getting her Oscar. Love this pic.

But okay the current Oscars.

Moon in Taurus = trad, I think. It will be a George and Meryl moment, it has to be.

The horse should still get something, even though not nominated as such.

And would anyone be mad enough for vote For Midnight In Paris?

I would love for someone to turn up without a bra or wearing a feathered headpiece or something but Taurus Moon/Venus moving to oppose Saturn, it’s unlikely. Retro-Mars in Virgo could poss manifest as some crazy-bats speeches by repressed-feeling Mars types.

Your thoughts please…




45 thoughts on “Astro Oscars

  1. Sorry, totally off topic, but I LOVED the photo for the Daily Horoscope – here is the page from the original artist. Just gorgeous… – You want the black tab down the bottom on the left (its all in French :))

    Also: as long as the little black & white doggie gets a gong, I don’t care about the Oscars (and I haven’t even seen the movie yet !!)

  2. Cool call Mystic as for the traditional there was some hubbub over here about Sacha Baron Cohen showing up on the red carpet in character for the movie The Dictator. Guess the Acadamy wasn’t keen on the idea.

    I haven’t seen any of the movies but I usually watch.

    • Was just thinking yesterday how they prop up the illusions. Paid millions to mirror back an illusion..

      “Risky business” (pun intended) as one can potentially get lost. For that I have compassion. No wonder they get paid so much…(joke but not really…)

      Was watching an episode of Charmed yesterday….two of the witch sisters had to drink a potion and then step into a movie screen in a theatre to be part of the story and engage a demon…

      One sister did not drink the potion and stayed outside of the movie..She was able to save the others…

      Unfortuneately we have to step into the movie and change it from the inside out and not get lost in the process..

      • Great insight sweat pea, thanks so much for sharing.
        Once you see through the illusion of it all it’s difficult to be drawn in on a consistent basis isn’t it? I personally believe as the consciousness of the planet continues to raise, we will one day look back at this entire Hollywood era and be amazed that not only did we find it entertaining to be lulled into illusion and deception on such a deep level, but we actually paid for, and celebrated the ones who were able to deceive us so well. Amazing experience to be alive at this point in time. It’s fascinating to poke holes in this particular illusion because it’s so large…. but then… they say life is but a dream as well. hmmm topic for another time aye? ;)

        • ~paid for and celebrated~….talk about a sponsorship… ;)

          Had a little inner convo with myself the other day over some issues…said “you like the drama, don’t you?” lol

          • lol… I know. After all we ARE still human yes? I enjoy stepping into it from time to time myself. Although more and more I find myself being hugely selective on which illusion I feel like participating in. Like stepping into a hologram yes??? Ok so which mind fuquery do I feel like participating in today…….. or not. I mean seriously… what’s the option? Stillness, Meditation, peace and enlightenment?? I wonder if it’s ok to just “be still and know”… then do whatever. lol (decisions decisions)

              • reading king lear in class, today we reached the point where the poor, homeless former King Lear is in the woods with his fool and one servant after being kicked out of a castle by his own daughters. He meets Tom o’Bedlam, completely naked but pretty wise, and Lear has an EPIPHANY (never got to use that one before)- mankind puts on all their clothes and illusions to comfort themselves, to make distinctions between one human and another, when in the end all men are just naked animals with lots of stuff on them….and that royalty, power, and any type of materialism means nothing. and we’re all just starting to realize this now, centuries later at the height of capitalism…says a lot about people in general, no?

                • Beautiful rosebud. Thanks for sharing that. This is what I love about the younger generation… you all are going to turn this world on it’s axis. It’s amazing to watch. and I’m so happy I get to see it’s beginnings. Simply awesome.

  3. Couldn’t care less about the Oscars, haven’t watched any of the movies and do not even know the titles. But I do love this photo of Faye Dunaway. Ah to have her cheekbones!

    • She is George? You been there done that, eh?

      Hey, looked at Faye’s chart. Cap Sun..Moon and rising Leo.

      She seems suited as also a grand earth trine with Virgo Neptune (illusions/film) in 1st conjunct NN …trine Cap Sun and Mercury 5th….actors, artistry…trine Toro MC and Uranus.

      She was quite the hey day in her time. Me and my ex dressed up as Bonnie and Clyde one year for a Halloween party.

      Yes Aries me had a machine gun (fake of course…lol)

  4. LOVE the Oscars, one of my fave nights of the year … love movies, love Hollywood glamour … was just talking about that magical silver-screen moment that movies sometimes have. We saw “The Artist” and thought it was really cute. The best pictures of the last few years have been too safe – The King’s Speech over Social Network? Big movie buffs in my household, lol. I read an article that “The Help” could win best picture. Hmmm …

    My fave categories are best adapted screenplay (I’m a writer and would love to have one of my books featured), best score and best costumes. Love it!

    • O me too Meggles, been a film buff since age 5 & the afternoon matinees with the Dick Tracey, Batman etc serials.
      As my folks were working peeps & was only child living in the CBD, the movies were my baby-sitter as all the theatres were closeby.

    • Gem Sun or Gem Moon by any chance?

      My Gem Moon buddy took day-off to watch them live; she has always done this since I have known her.

  5. I don’t watch the Oscars. It’s probably rigged. Most of the movies I watch are indie flicks anyways.

  6. Was watching ~Gia~ yesterday starring Angelina Joli. Gia had been a model back when…a super model before it became common place..She later became hooked on heroin and got HIV.

    Someone said “you look like a model”..

    Looking back over her shoulder and flippant Gia said “you think I look stupid?”‘

    Love Gem Angelina

  7. Thoughts ? …every time I see Faye all I hear is “my angels in the centerfold” written by Peter Wolf ( J. Geils)
    Insightful comments on the illusions of film above. I read and watch primarily non fic docos, but when I do watch films they involve swords, heroes and usually monsters of some kind. Plutonic stuff plus mars in saggo which is my 12th house sign. Funny odd that I am trying to practice and preach the peace love and acceptance, but when the lights go out I want swords scruff running and fighting. Pluto sq Saturn and the influx of zombie library rentals here is stunning even for me.

    • A paradoxical juxtaposition Rox, i also watch violent films
      the more outrageous the better. The japanese splatter & explode thing. Has to be un-real as possible for this peace love & incense person :-)

      • Is ROX, Roxie & Gniess Rox same person?
        I only know who’s who by the avatars so i wish everyone would have them!

        • Yes. Sweets and whatevs nicknamed me Rox, Roxie. Gneiss Moon too though I quit using that one. I gotta tell you I laughed earlier at the irony, at my morphing names of late. I wrote of T. Pluto sq Saturn ruler early on before exact (now) being like the mimetic metal shapeshifting Terminator grasping each previous persona in the final throes of death. yep. it IS like that. Going a bit bonkers with T. Uranus applying to Saturn too. expect the unexpected. ?!

          ps. I’m glad you get the movie thing. I had to stop watching the Road (Viggo) it freaked me the fuq out- so realistic. Same of Silence of the Lambs type stuff- can’t go there, but zombies and orcs can totally get slaughtered on film and I’m cool with that.

  8. Saw The Artist and Iron Lady. The Artist is charming and quite clever but a bit too cutesy for me. The iron lady was AMAZING. Meryl was fantastic. And the script writing impeccable. Really like how it was about her losing her memory to dementia. Close to home for me as this is happening to my Gran. My pick iron lady.

  9. Gary Oldman better get one. I secretly wish the Tom Hardy was nominated for something so I could see him in a suit…. but yes. Gary. All the way.