The Zap Zone, Neptune & Gay Marriage

Hi Mystic,

I’m trying to understand the outer-planets better by observing changes in the world, and also through studying your posts re: these big movers and shakers..

Pluto and Uranus at the moment are shaking up old paradigms and structures everywhere, as you’ve so well provided us evidence for, so I’m going to assume that this also goes for the “outdated” structure that marriage is between a man and a woman.

I know this issue has been popping up everywhere, but it also seems that it will become an election piece for Australia which is why it’s got me thinking about Neptune’s up and coming saunter into Pisces.

What I’m wondering about, is do you think that Neptune in Pisces (whom I think would love to see union with everything let alone just the same gender) is going to or could have some kind of influence on the progress of marriage equality?

Do you think Neptune in Pisces will fuel the fire of Uranus in Aries’ “CHANGE NOW!” with it’s idealistic nature and force changes? (i’m thinking about the religious fervor and fundamentalism of the Age of Pisces here)

Or will it instead confuse the issue more with it’s seductive charm and illusory nature, lending strength to those arguments against that are based on clouding the minds of the masses with fear of the unknown?

Please, if I’ve got this so wrong I’d really like to know, but would love to hear your thoughts if you have time.

 Thank you again for everything you publish, i learn so much from here.

Kindest Regards,


One Happy Soon-to-Be Goat”

Hi Nate,

I think you’ve got it all right lol!

Surely more equal marriage rights will be part of the Forced Growth that is Uranus square Pluto till 2015 aka the Zap Zone.

I see Neptune in Pisces are more surreal, spiritual & slippery – not really to do with ANY constrictions, even a chosen pair-bonding.

But i’ve noted that gay marriage has come way more on the agenda and in the media – a la celebrities getting married – since Saturn has been in Libra. Saturn is The Rules planet – Libra is the sign of the duly wedded duo, you know?

What do the rest of you think?

22 thoughts on “The Zap Zone, Neptune & Gay Marriage

  1. yes I would think Neptune in Pisces would be like… an upsurge in people having polyamorous encounters with people of any gender identity, sexual orientation, etc. perhaps a reduction in the number of people who can already get married actually doing so. increase in the number of pagan wedding ceremonies? no idea.

    but, as a rule, i’ve noticed that pisces just have the relationships that suit their desires – mono when it’s hot, poly when it’s not.

  2. How does one get to be a ‘soon-to-be-goat’?

    My thoughts are… that PIsces being a dual sign (and Libra for that matter) there will be a polarisation of the population on the matter (one fish will swim one way, the other one in the opposite direction). Religious people/politicians, for example, will remain opposed while the educated masses will embrace unions of all kinds.

    At the end of the day it all boils down to asset protection in the eyes of the law, so Neptune will have little say in THAT. Neptune would be like ‘meh, just flow with it peeps’…

    • I wonder if “asset protection” indicates that the change will come when Saturn moves into Scorpio.

  3. I think marriage is a bit of an anachronism for women, who no longer need to get married in order to survive in this world. It wasn’t so long ago that they did. Old habits die hard, but I’m in the camp who are a little incredulous that gay people would want to take on such a traditional and historically repressive institution. Or as my BF says, gay people should have as much right to be as miserable as heteros.

    • I’m gay and I feel the same way. Coming from a feminist background the idea of subscribing to marriage is anathema to me. I remember feeling relieved when I realised I was a lesbian (circa age 12) because suddenly there wasn’t all this pressure on me to have sprogs and get married!!

      You know when Amanda Vanstone comes out in support of a recognising same sex relationships that you’re not pushing the envelope

  4. 8O

    I’ve been thinking about this in conjunction with other global issues that are coming to ahead. I was wondering if it was Neptune in Aqua that really took it up a notch, Aqua being the justice sign? I am wondering if gay marriage began as people – gay and straight – demanding equal rights to marry and is now becoming more a need, people just really want to get married – emotional commitment (Pisces)

    Reminds me of a story I read a couple days ago about Brad Pitt – he and Ange originally decided they wouldn’t get married until everyone had the right to marry. It seems that he might not be able to wait that long, their kids really want them to marry asap.

    Interesting to think about… not brad and ange… 8O but gay marriage and astro.


    • Aqua might be the sign of doing one’s own thing and rebelling against societal norms and dogmas. But I think it’s a bridge too far to think that Aquas are as concerned about justice as they are for freedom from restrictions. There’s something cold about Aquarius who believes in furthering the freedom of humanity at large but is perhaps a bit callous regarding the individual. I am one, so I feel I can say this.

      it’s perfectly possible to emotionally commit to another person and some might argue more sincere without the need of having such a commitment endorsed by the State. The legal aspect of marriage has very little to do with emotional commitment but everything to do with property, which is undoubtedly why the State gets involved.

      I can’t help believing, having been married that for women in a world where they are expected to and want to compete on an equal footing with men, but a world, governed and dominated by the wishes of men, that it really is a dud deal.

  5. As a lesbian, on a personal (hell, on a societal) level, I sure hope so. But frankly whatever happens I can’t shake the feeling that this time in a couple of years the world and society will look completely different to the way it does now. Hope it’s for the better.

  6. Yeah I agree with whoever(?), marriage is a massively outdated institution; it comes from a time when a woman became a man’s property!! I could never buy into that. Mind you I am not married and have never met anyone I could imagine myself spending the rest of my life with (possibly the Neptunian Toro, i.e. Bad Idea). Witnessing my own parent’s unhappy marriage was probably also a formative experience for me in this regard.

    I think we’re seeing the vestiges of what “used to work” for society and the various ruling classes (former colonising countries, the patriarchy, wealthy minotiry etc) hanging onto what benefits them. It’s still around but I agree with diana the huntress that things are going to look quite different in the next couple of decades.

    • Call me cynical but I think it’s why we’re seeing tighter rules and surveillance along with greater corporate powers. ACTA/SOPA, NDAA, tighter regulations on homegrown fruit and veg, Monsanto corporation taking over industry. The governments and big business know the system is a sinking ship so rather than being smart and moving with those of us who are evolving, they’re using new tech to cling to old systems. I’d pity them if it weren’t for the fact it’s probably going to make life very difficult for those who haven’t seen it coming. And I’m not talking about stockpiling food or anything like that. I think we’re seeing a spiritual/mental shift (some of us are lucky enough to be waking up) and folks who are scared of that are in for a rough time. I say that with compassion not arrogance, by the way.

      • I agree. It does seem to me a pathetic power grab by the mega corrupt corporations, to panic out of fear of loosing control apply even more restrictive censorship.
        I really wish they’d evolve or just fade away.

  7. Call me brash ;) but if I was a gay man and wanted to ‘marry’ my beloved boyfriend no government would stop me ? I don’t actually get the problem ? I’ve been to plenty of gay marriages ? each of them agreed to their own vows, have their own legal arrangements. If people are waiting around for the government or the Church to agree to something then just get over it, it ain’t going to happen real soon. But does it need to ? Who cares what those duffers think ?

    • yeah, it’s like trying to change a system that is against you from the start. i mean go for it if you want to. But I think part of the problem is legal recognition of the union e.g. in the case of inheritance, being identified as next-of-kin etc. So that’s the crux?
      I also agree with you DL where trying to make a system such as this recognise you is like trying to befriend a bully who hates you simply because they’re all screwed up, in which case I’d walk away and tell em they can keep their bullsh*t to themselves~~ mind you i am not gay so maybe i have missed the point

      • I agree davidL and Anonymous. There’s a huge moral shift that has taken place which has transformed society. The law, church, the state need to catch up already. It’s about respect. It’s to do with inheritance issues and related legalities from birth to beyond the grave too.

  8. Wondering if the fact that the Pluto in Libra generation are hitting marrying age has anything to do with the obsession with pairbonding?

    In the eighties we wanted to stop the bomb and feed the world and be too sexy for this catwalk ( when pluto was in Libra but the Pluto Virgo gen were coming into adulthood and some of the Leo pluto gen were feeling generous) , in the nineties we wanted to score a hit or get pierced and lose our religions and pillage offshore labour like never before (pluto in Scorp), in the early noughties we wanted 15 mins of fame and be mind-body-spirit connected man! ( Pluto in Sag) ……and now the Libra Pluto born bunnies want to breed in pairs according to the Law (Capricorn) Perhaps? I realise I have omitted relevant references here on account of I had waaaayy to much to drink lastnight , for the first time in eons.

    I am blur

  9. I think Neptune in Pisces will do more to affect change in entertainment preferences. I expect trends in eating and other social/entertainment investments to morph. The gay marriage issue is just so….specific. Not sure Neptune cares about the law, as someone else commented.

    • I agree.

      I think we’ll also see an increase in alternative or non-biomed therapies – 12th house spirituality…. Mystic’s subscriber list and blog and others like it will go through the roof!!

      • I hope so. Being a Virgo, I used to be a believer in mainstream medical orthodoxy and pharmaceuticals, until I managed to see past my social conditioning and realise how many pharmaceuticals are like using a nuclear bomb to clear a field. And I hate to say it but in my experience a huge percentage of GPs haven’t got a clue, they’re just parroting *their* conditioning- book smart but not terribly wise, in my opinion. I wish people would realise that just because there are some charlatans and quack therapies that doesn’t mean alternative medicine is invalid. Going back to tighter controls- google Codex Alimentarius. Governments are tightening regulations on supplements and vitamins. But it’s not all doom and gloom- I think we are starting to see that we can to an extent choose our own reality. Be in the world but not of it, as it were. :)

  10. Never thought about marriage till my Gem proposed… I thought it was unimportant too (nn in Saggi) – till I did it!
    Saying the words, being recognised at all levels, socially, personally, across time and space etc. was incredibly emotional. So much more powerful than anticipated (nn in the 7th). ;)

    • Neptune in Pisces rules glamour, have not weddings become the pivotal glamour, movie star moment for many? I can imagine Uranus in Aries demanding spiritual glamour and authentic beauty of the soul – so yes to Gay Marriage! A good marriage is one that serves your evolution, not an financial gaol from the 16th century?

  11. Idk but I still have deep rooted classic astrology suggestion in my head saying that Pisces is the sign of old fashioned- kin to Christianity while exaggerating ideal humanity which nothing but illusion.

    I think Uranus in Aries is more into gay marriage thing since he’s the LGBT power player.