So I Became A Sociopathic Mars in Virgo Cyborg

Dan Matutina

So i became a Sociopathic Mars in Virgo Cyborg today. 

Info: if you don’t know it – Mars is in Virgo until July.  This is a extremely long time for a planet like Mars to spend in a sign like Virgo.

Having natal Mars in Virgo (that is, i was born with it) AND retrograde, i knew i was at high risk of becoming a Sociopathic Mars in Virgo cyborg.

But what i didn’t know was what would drive me to it:  The Cancerian who emailed me to ask why the site couldn’t tell her how much money was left in her account?  My iPhone breaking after i dropped it having been nearly run over by a lower Aries type in a black BMW?  The Scorpio Kitten throwing up on the just professionally cleaned carpet?

No-no-no.  It was medical. Virgo rules, amongst other things – healing & medicine. I sometimes think that asteroid Hygeia should be a co-ruler of Virgo. 

First a vase smashed (see Scorpio Kitten) scattering nanosonic shards of glass all over the floor – about three of them somehow got embedded in my foot and one i could not get out. So i ring the local doctor and guess what? She doesn’t do that sort of thing. Suggested i go to A & E. 

Cue Mars in Virgo style rant to receptionist re decline of healing, local doctors, big pharma, loss of simple values being behind global financial fuqery, that she would probably give me Prozac but would not extract glass from foot, that i was not going to spend ten hours waiting with forklift accident victims and people coming down off ice just to drain the hospital system etc etc.

So i go to another local doctor and was made to fill out a form describing drinking, smoking and drug taking habits, family history, birth order etc etc. How often did i inhale Skank Dust sort of thing?  As an oldest child perhaps the glass in my foot was bilateral or something? Fair enough.

Twenty mins of sitting in the disgusting waiting room, listening to the doctor crap on and on, chortling on the phone in his surgery, looking at hideous 1970s watercolours stained with what resembled urine, bilious carpet, the secretary tried to establish if i was in financial hardship or tweaking and then – THE FINAL IRONY. 

2008 copies of Womans Day magazine. If you are not familiar with this publication, let’s just say it relies very heavily on being contemporary. It dates real fast. And the magazine stacks were dusty too. They probably had mites.

That is when i became the Sociopathic Mars in Virgo Cyborg.  It’s not just the insult of me being punctual and the doctor not giving a fuq when i have glass in my foot nor even the decor, i said as i stormed out.

HOW can can an environment be healing when people cannot even be bothered to update magazines and dust things?

Is not cleanliness next to godliness? Hygiene, Florence Nightingale making everyone wash their hands,  punctuality, willingness to perform small and humble tasks for money and/or to help, cleanliness, up to date magazines – these are all things that could turn anyone into a Sociopathic Mars In Virgo Cyborg as well.

Oh and so i consulted Dr Google in the end. Genius. You soak your feet in a sugar bath and it dissolves the salt in the glass so it comes out.

Hands up who else is becoming a Sociopathic Mars In Venus Cyborg? 

Join me?

Gustav Klimt – Hygeia


70 thoughts on “So I Became A Sociopathic Mars in Virgo Cyborg

  1. yesterday I go to take care of some recycling which I basically collect in a bag for trash day. When I put the bottle in the bag, it crashed to the floor into a million shards of glass, being barefoot, I started to panic but I had one more glass bottle so being careful not to miss, i tossed it in the bag. It also crashed to the floor. The bag was ripped on the side and I hadn’t payed enough attention. 30 minutes later, i was still shaking my head….I cleaned that whole room till it sparkled. Then I cleaned the kitchen and bathroom floors, they were filthy..

  2. Aw Myst.. loved reading this post of yours.. yes, my heart goes out to you but I really appreciated the realness in it. Sometimes the stars, universe, regular peeps etc don’t align. It’s shite!

    Any clinical space that doesn’t uphold a certain standard does my head in. Reminds me of an incident a few weeks back. I’m getting bloods done. I’ve waited my turn, sitting patiently reading Michael Chugg’s new book (rock bio stuff) and a young female walks in. She’s antsy. I’m next and there’s a guy after me so she’s 3rd. I’m in. She’s out there pacing. I’m in the middle of getting stuff done. Another nurse interupts for whatever stuff and she sticks her head in.. starts going on about I just need to drop this off, I don’t wanna wait etc. The nurse sorts her out, she will wait her turn. I’m actually quite cool but mildly annoyed at the arrogance but not sweating the small stuff.

    Still, when I exit the room.. she’s there, standing, hidden dragon, crouching tiger style to leap through me and jump the queue. I stand at the doorway, close the door behind me and say ‘y’know, we all have to wait, we all have to exercise patience in frustrating situations and we all think we should be the first on the list, I was before you, you interupted the process, that’s not cool but I’m cool, You weren’t next and you might want to consider patience and everyone else and not just make it about you. It’s not like you won’t be attended to. I stood, rather imposing (I’m 5’11 incidentally) looking at her with a ‘push your luck b!tch smile’ as I was reeling in my own merde, but being civil and light.

    Surprisingly she was silent (coy smile) and just shrank back from her so called intimidating stance. Seriously…………..

    So… me, me, me.. outta the way.. what a great tip regarding glass. When it comes to splinters, barbs, glass etc my fave product is magnoplasm. Available at chemists. It’s a drawing ointment for infection and ‘things’. I have used this on myself and on previous infection and sharp objects caught in the soft part of a horses hoof etc. I found it a sh!tter to work with (very tacky) but effective.

    Hope your evening is chilled :)

    • Second vote for magnoplasm. And vinegar for the wound when the splinter comes out. When without magnoplasm I go after the little buggers with a razorblade and a pair of tweezers.

      I NEVER wait in a Doctors. Ever. I have fired three Doctors for this. Its just bad manners (IE; not training your Reception staff to make appointments correctly, or then to call patients and let them know that Dr so-and-so is running late – if they are too busy to do this, sell one of your f*cking yachts and hire another receptionist)

      • Hooray for Magnoplasm – love the name and it works. Poor Mystic get better soon xxx

  3. Yeah, count me in. I’ve got Mars in Virgo on my solar return ascendant this year… I’ve been fantasising about death by Filofax to fuqwits that don’t have their Virgo on.

  4. Can also attest to strange treatment and the pain of foot injury, from one who had a long splinter dug from the soul of my foot by my father (a GP) to whom I was not on speaking terms at the time. He wore magnifying goggles, I face down on the bed. “Do you want me to give you some local anaesthetic?” “No that will mean a needle to the foot which already really hurts. Just do it.” It was literally painful for me and I’ve no doubt symbolically painful for him. It did not miraculously repair whatever rift was between us at the time. Fast forward many years later to an island in Thailand where I tread on and have embedded in my foot 9 spines from a sea urchin. Ouch. Electric pain, I stood on the water. Presented myself to island expert, the cook, gingerly presenting tweezers and nail scissors, sure that spines must be dug out. “No, no. Lime juice he says, “rub lime juice on your foot” So I strapped half a lime to the ball of my foot and within a few days spines had turned to dust. My father would have dug them out I have no doubt. Thank God for local cures.

    So sugar for glass huh? Wow.

    I would recommend an A & E vs scummy doctors’ surgery, if you can manage to get out of town to a smaller hospital. Much more hygenic.

    Was it your left foot?

  5. lol guys it’s fine to laugh – i think it’s funny BUT you see i’m fine but imagine how peeps in pain, disempowered or unhappy must feel with this shit. You know?

    Actually just took my Sociopathic Mars In Virgo to the Vet but there was no need for defcon anything – the Vet was Virgo

    • Exactly. Short post (can she do it!?!?) .. working in mental health, went for a visit with someone to their psychiatrist a couple of weeks back. So, this person is becoming unwell. Psych ticks all the boxes, assumes all is fine, I can’t overly intervent, prompt some strategic dialogue to demonstrate my assumption, it’s glossed over.. psych is doing a hand over to someone else later that day so is officially out and doesn’t care. This person has continued to spiral and partner is also affected. We’re wearing the brunt ot that. First do no harm? Yeah.. (said in sarcastic tone), exactly.

      The loops and hoops…

        • Intervent! Yes! If no one’s doing their job, then by all mean intervent away! Tell ‘em like it is!!

          Intervent is the new retrograde Mars in Virgo word.

          • I love it… In fact, i do it all the time.
            Its something many of us do, who are often advocating for those who feel victimized, overwhelmed and/or disempowered.

  6. I’ve always been that way with hospitals/clinics and restaurants/eating places. Your experience sounds like one I had in the local A & E I was attending with my youngest son about 8 years ago……tiny spashes of dried blood and pubic hair. I went off!!

  7. Rehab clinic was in an old building but was super clean…i even used to donate interesting magazines as a token of gratitude.

    Had a small argument with self on the bus: please leave your wipes in your bag and do not clean all the stop buttons. It was a tough battle: i decided i could only do it if i was prepared to loudly announce to everyone that they should also wash their hands upon arrival at work. Horrified introvert Pisces won out over Mars in Virgo pressing upon natal Lilith.

    I’m going vote 3 for magnoplasm. I used to LOVE it when i was a kid. Excellent poultices.

  8. Multiple Virgo agrees. Find decor clues very indicative of truth of situation!

    Mutple Virgo MUST also suggest alternative remedy: soak in Epsom Salts. swells surrounding tissues and object pops right out!

    Also wondering why Apple hasn’t created some type of unbreakable iPhone glass; most everyone I know has cracked screens!

    Biggest Mars in Virgp problem is not acting to resolve situation of sudden resurfacing of ex, accompanied by major synchronostoc moments, but waiting for him to make first move this time. He moves excruciatingly slow even during the best of times! Luckily it’s also giving me the energy to happily focus on work!

  9. Hygeia is my favorite Klimt.

    The medical establishment can go fuck itself. With the end of my broom.

    • I love your handle.
      yeah, I agree I hate going to the doctor feel like a number in a long line of faceless crowd.
      Favorite healing experiences were at Homeopathic//Holistic clinics. Everyone deserves a healing environment and treatment.

  10. Me also trying very hard not to become sociopathic.
    Ever tried to order a carpet over the ‘phone ?
    About fifteen calls and log -in’s, only to find out that either the carpet is not in stock, or will never be in stock, or cannot be ordered over the ‘phone, or cannot be ordered online, or if it can be ordered on ‘phone, ” they” would prefer it if you go in store, despite 50 mile round trip, when am willing to pay for delivery !!! Was feeling quite calm about the small plan , until it came to putting it into action. Can’t blame it on a retrograde Mercury, maybe it’s the retrograde Mars on my I.C. Yeah, that must be it.

  11. Doing Mars in Virgo big time. Also not trusting doctors – with my teeth – doing it the alternative way with oil pulling etc.

    Natal Saturn is in 10th House in Virgo (Mars in 7th/Taurus). Afraid it’s just the beginning :(

  12. I am feeling strangely and wonderfully empowered. It is as if I am suddenly alive again. As if I’m just waking after a “dark night of the soul”. I’ve returned to that long forgotten sense of being on the cusp of wonderful new adventures. I am feeling in harmony with all as well as with myself in spite of many misadventures including: being nearly run over by a manic male driver while taking my sweet dog on a quiet walk as well as a near head-on collision a day earlier with a manic female (crazed smile while she was wildly maneuvering and peeling out of a busy shopping center) driving to purchase food for the same dog; having hives on my face from aggravated food and dust sensitivities; and yup cell phone failure too. Maybe its Neptune midway between and widely conjunct my Saturn & Venus and all the while edging nearer my 13/12Pisces Asc/Chiron … ?

  13. Oww. I hate glass in my feet. :( Good for you consulting Dr. Google instead of waiting for numbnut docs to get their act together! By the second one, I’d already be sterillizing my scalpel in a candle flame to slice what i needed to to get get the glass out. :( But sugar bath is genius!

  14. I am so sorry you had to deal with all that! Believe, I am Mars in Virgo natally as well and stuff like that just drives me NUTS. NUTS I tell you. I am trying to follow your directives — plenty of exercise, good eating habits (which naturally comes to me being Cappy Asc.), etc. to mitigate any negative actions on my part. It’s mostly working, so thank you.

    However, yesterday I learned from the Crab husband that we are to be sharing a house with another couple when we go shoot on location in March. I can not tell you how distressed I am by the thought of this. I really don’t know if I’ll be able to maintain by sanity. (Not to mention that our cats will also be joining us on this adventure and so there’s the added stress of making sure they’re happy.) Of course, there’s only one way to find out, isn’t there? lol

    Lastly, now I understand why I hate being late to anything. It’s Mars in Virgo. Duh!

  15. Goodness, it makes me wonder if the entire US is sociopathic Mars in Virgo. I’ve seen that happen, not unreasonably a few times over. THEN you go home and write a review on the medical sourcing sites – feedback is so full on here.

    And given that you were in pain, they could’ve done something interim – or given you a time frame of wait. When I got Saturned with a titanium tooth implant, I had to go to the pharmacy post oral surgery only to find out the doctor forgot to sign the prescription. Agony!

    The pharmacist duly informed me they couldn’t fill it. I graphically described how I’d just spent the last hour and half mouth open with a drill in my skull, and the now aching wound has been screwed shut with a bio-metal meant to keep it open and friendly for the final implant. The pharmacist blinked then pointed to the line where the signature was missing, “we need a signature,” she said. I looked at her, borrowed a pen then went off into one of the back aisles and signed the damn thing myself.

    Went back and she filled it. Sometimes there are small mercies even in the face of Big Medicine.

  16. Mars in Virgo retro natally here. I am finding this whole transit a cause for alarm for me, and wondering whether I will survive it unscathed. I am trying so hard to vibe in a new era of tolerance and calm but there is great anger bubbling away under the surface that is too powerful to ignore. Everything and everyone seems to be winding me up. This past week I have burst into tears on several occasions and have injured myself on countless occasions, from burning my fingers to treading on a rusty nail – ouch. Not sleeping well either. I feeling like biting heads off but am just about managing to stay calm however I think the anger is better out than in as I’ll probably feel better for it – but I know not to go there because I will lose.

  17. Incidentally, what would we do without Dr. Google – is this part of Neptune in Pisces and the amplification of self healing efforts?

    I know for a fact my own doctor will do everything in his power to get me what I need (and sometimes just what I want, he’s a bit of a drug dealer), but that he is constantly under pressure from the HMO to perform. It’s shocking really and I suppose symptomatic of how far from the Socratic Oath it’s departed.

    I’m so glad you got it out darkling! Now we need to get you a few slaves to fetch hmm?

  18. While empathising hugely, and agreeing with state of public healthcare system etc etc. I’m just wondering why Mystic’s I’s have gone lower case in this post? Virgo Sun….so maybe a symptom of Mars in Virgo…need for pristine grammar and spelling? Or is that a Mercury thing?

  19. I wish I had Mars in Virgo natally. I woke up 2 nights ago to see a brushtail possum crouching at my bedroom door. I spent yesterday on my hands and knees bleaching the entire premises, then had to lock all my doors and windows last night and swelter. I got 2 new kittens for my son on the weekend (my friend a vet made me take them or she would kill them) and I sort of hate them. They have fur and use their claws on my furniture. Not sure if I can last till July with them.

    • get the Feliway diffuser – it diffuses fake cat pheromones throughout your house so don’t scratch & basically get really chilled out. I swear they work on me too.

      also think of the goodwill from Bast for what you are doing. Ancient Egyptians said she bestowed great riches, peace and personal happiness on those who followed her and treated her subjects (cats) well.

      See previous Bast posts in the archives

      • Also learn to trim their claws yourself. Start it while they’re kittens so they get used to it and do it regularly.

        I can vouche for the Feliway spray. It’ll help to calm them while they’re transitioning into a new environment as well. Just as stressful for them as it is on you, remember.

    • “…and I sort of hate them.” LOLOL Yes, you’ve saved the sacrifical victims. Bast will be very pleased. They are cat gods/goddesses and they will show you magic.

  20. BMW says it all for me.. don’t know how many times one of them nearly ran me down.

    I’ve always wondered about doctors and their forms. Just hope all the class is out!

  21. Oh ohh….that was me at midgets primary school on Monday. I have virgo in aries and I am an Aries…(don’t understand more than that). Anywho, I was at the school, picking up the kids books, and the incompetence of the whole shebang upset me so much that I hollar’d ‘this is a f*cking travesty!!!’ Several middle class white mothers fell over themselves in utter horror that I should use the ‘f’ word in a ‘school’. and repeatedly at the top of their lungs pointed at the witch and cried, ‘Did you hear that, she swore’ like six year old dobbers.

    Honestly, the only thing that REALLY upsets me is school. The incompetence, the smarmyness, the smug self importance of involved school mum’s. The spoilt little white kids with their ipads and their total lack of awareness of the world, the real world. It all makes me ill. I had to teach my daughter how to read and am now teaching her math because the current system is so underfunded and teachers are so underpaid, and the current curriculum is so bland and generic that children sit around in comas or having fits for most of the day. Its AWFUL.

    So, epiphany of the week. HomeSchooling. Yup, I have been doing the research and I am going to try it out for 6months to a year. See if the homeschool community can do a better job.

    My little bod is very very sensitive to environments, when I start behaving like a madwoman on pcp with tourette’s syndrome, I know that there is something fundamentally wrong at the core of what I am reacting to. It is deep and primal. I had it when I ‘felt’ that my kids grandfather was trying to embezzle her inheritance. He has since had a nervous breakdown, realising he couldn’t hid the truth from his investors any more!!

    I have it every time I step foot into a place that proclaims it is ‘educating’ my child. I have no evidence she has learned anything of true value from this institution. Ye olde bullshit detector goes apesh*t.

    Looking forward to the next adventure on this path.

    • YAY ! Homeschooling :) I have it as a back-up the very second any of mine so much as twitch a whisker at school. We’ve been very lucky with schools so far – plus I have begged, pleaded and lied to get them into the ones I want :D

      There are some wonderful resources for homeschooling out there – my #1 has taught himself to read, and to do multiplication using Reading Eggs and Maths Lab respectively….

      Good Luck with your adventure !!

    • Cool. There is a post for aquarius on the blog. My. Rain is kind of foggy, so if this wee weirdo is going to get some clarity in the 12th house then ‘Im excited’ yay!

  22. I woke up to find that my Scorp housemate left food strewn across the bench tops and now we have ants. I HAVE NEVER HAD ANTS IN MY KITCHEN.
    I am livid, disgusted and confused. I can’t even bloody well find where they are coming from. There are just everywhere.

    • Ants are the worst thing EVER (as far as wee pesties that get into the house). I nearly cry when they come in. I had a bad experience as a kid I think. Good luck babe. Kick the flatmate in the shins when they get home!! Or put the ants in their bed.

        • Me too Domestic! Share households – ugh. Not since my early 20’s. Living solo is the best!

          Scorp Sun. Virgo stellium.

  23. Ouch. I had the glass in foot experience a few years back. It got so painful, I did the emergency wait and thankfully had it removed. Sugar water. wow.

  24. After all the crap this retro Mars brought me last week, my 8th house Virgo Moon/lilith could use this school of thought.

  25. Thanks Mystic. We are treated very badly by the health industry, from indifference to dirt, and it’s not good enough. The dusty mags are bad enough, but I find the TVs that have been installed everywhere even worse. I can ignore the mags but it can be difficult to zone out the intolerable drivel on TV. I have been known to wait outside in preference to putting up with the noise and inanity of TV.

  26. Lol. Love this post so much.
    My son the cap got hit by a car outside his school 6 months ago, and was taken by his dad to the local A&E. To cut a long story short, cappykid was OK sans lots of patches of skin. Fast forward to a month ago, when I get a bill for his public hospital treatment citing the item number “pedestrian vs car” and a post-it note attached saying “Pay now or you’ll hear from debt collection.” WTF? It was a public hospital. And listing the item number like that was somewhat unfeeling. What if there had been a terrible outcome and I got a bill like that? So I rang the hospital billing department, was told there was a mix up due to complicated billing arrangements between the traffic accident commission and medicare. Very sorry. You wont be referred to debt collection. Its TACs fault. Ring TAC. TAC say its the hospitals fault. I say I dont give a rats—, just fix it. So they tell me they will send me some new paperwork, no worries. A week goes by, I hear from no-one, no new paperwork, then I get a debt collectors visit. I tell debt collection agency in no uncertain terms that the account was issued in error. They tell me to thing myself, give us money, now. I ring hospital. Hospital very sorry, will fix problem. Account issued in error, they promise to have the account withdrawn, and mention that they had already personally told the debt collection agency that the account in question was NOT to be collected on.
    That was when I became a mars in virgo sociopathic cyborg. I ring back the debt collection agency, track down via quasi-sociopathic means the young man who originally tried to collect on the debt and told me to thing myself, and subject him to a half hour rant on his personal and professional shortcomings, his likely future career prospects, his lack of empathy and efficiency when dealing with paediatric clients of public hospitals and the nature and structure of the state government office of the Health complaints commissioner, including her first name, and what she is empowered by an act of state parliament to do to people like him. I also *may* have told him I had already escalated the call through his supervisor so that if he, for example, attempted to hang up on me mid-rant, a small flashing light would go off somewhere and his office chair could potentially explode. Or something.
    That’ll learn him. I have mars in aqua natally, social injustice gives me the irrits. And Saturn in virgo in the second house with transiting mars right on it. So let us just say I take issues of efficiency and billing VERY seriously at the moment.

    • that is outrageous – the whole thing – the inefficiency, the lack of sensitivity, wow. I think JG Ballard was right – the late Scorpio novelist – when he said the middle classes would riot at some point. Imagine if they start ramping up taxes to go to global financial fuqery & then we literally can’t get any services, wow.

  27. Ran out of a new dentist’s office once. Called him immediately from home and told him, he and his staff were poor. He said, “but we’ve come a long way.”

    Had dental anxiety issues after that & went back to a good one out of town, I should have gone to in the first place. Took a couple of visits before my anxiety abated. One of the hygenists from the crap dentist, (I bumped into her elsewhere after my incident, told me I may need to be put to sleep for treatments from now on.)

    “F–Off, you probably put yourself to sleep when you’re studying, “How to stay zen so you don’t freak the fuq out of your patients…”

    One crap doctor wanted to put me on anti-depressants & anti-anxiety meds because she didn’t think I could focus properly and thought I was too fruity.

    I told her an energy medicine practitioner & meditation was helping lots.
    She, did-not-like-that.

    Told her she was a terrible doctor, (her front staff were tools also…) She threw me out of the office. I enjoyed that.

    • Let me know if u want deets of my stunning Virgo Dentist. If he not in your area, you could always ring and ask for a referral as anyone he referred you to would be good, imo.

  28. My very virgo niece is having a much tougher time in hospital at the moment. She has an ankle reconstruction that went well, i went and saw her yesterday and all looked good, but my sister got a phone call at 6am this morning from the hospital saying that my niece had been “code blue” (whatever that means). The hospital had overdosed her on morphine and she required adrenalin to revive her.

    My niece’s text to me this morning before I knew about all of this.”i’m ok but i had a rough night, ask mum”

  29. Soak a folded-up pad of toilet tissue with castor oil (from the pharmacy). Tape it or bandage it onto the area infected or pierced ie. with a rusty nail or glass. (We use masking tape.) Put a sock on to keep bandage/tape in place). In 24 hrs the foreign body and (if it has been in there for a while) accompanying infected material) will have been floated out. Brilliant for tropical ulcers and coral polyps. An absolute must for first aid kit (imho).

  30. Love the rant, but very confused about the sugar water remedy for dissolving the salt in the glass?

    Out of curiosity I just googled the same thing and couldn’t find a single entry for a sugar water solution to treat glass imbedded in skin. How would sugar be capable of dissolving the sodium bicarbonate in glass? If sugar had the ability to break down glass then wouldn’t we be incapable of storing any sugary liquids or sugar itself in glass jars or containers?

    Scorp Sun and Virgo Moon has a need to know the facts behind this claim! ;)

  31. Am wondering is this retro mars in virgo has anything to do w/a predominance in medical issues / emergency type stuff? Last week one of my employees cuts his hand while washing dishes, badly! The strange this is that it just sort of shattered in his hand, he didn’t hit the glass on anything to break it. There was no sound (I was standing next to him), it just shattered. The next thing I know, he is holding his hand, moaning and running from one end of kitchen to the other and blood is everywhere. I could tell it was a very bad gash, he then fainted. This person is a musician, an incredibly talented and rather high-profile (in our little town on echo park) one and I almost fainted thinking of what might have just been lost. I rushed him to the urgent care up the street (clean, no vibe / very clinical) and they stitched him up. His hand looks like minced meat, I hope and pray it heals well. Then, yesterday, I had my eyelid lanced to kill the stye that had decided to grow and grow on my left eyelid. It hurt like a son of a bitch, no numbing. Thank god its better today, after a week, I couldn’t take it anymore. So – why all this medical crisis stuff, the kind that comes out of nowhere and needs some sort of intervention? I wonder!
    Leo sun, 12th house, virgo rising, libra moon.

    • Sorry for all the typos, this darned small phone keyboard doesn’t always come through

  32. My Gemini sister asked our Virgo Doctor of 30+ years why he never got sick, when he was dealing with sick people all day..his reply was he had trained himself not to touch his face at work. Makes Sense, he’s never had a ”sick day”, only been off twice – once when he was suffereing from the benz/bends from coming up too quickly after scuba diving, and another time when he went over his handlebars on whilst cycling from Sydney to Wollongong. He’s the King Pin Doctor of all Virgo’s i reckon – oh and his office is immaculate, (his brother cleans it for him, their parents passed a while ago and he helps him out with all manner of things) and… he buys a massive range of mags – motorcycle mags, national geographics, photography mags, the works… he’s a top Virgo Bloke. I love him dearly and travel 45 minutes in traffic to see him.