Witch Priestesses, Magic Amulets & Cannabis Seeds

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If you like history starring Witch Priestesses, magic amulets & cannabis seeds (they’re said to be shamanic vision prompting, right?) you will love this clip.  I’m oh-my-godding over it.  I think it’s magic. Mind you, i love Freya & Norse mythology madly.

I feel like archeologists are going OFF (in a good way) lately.

Because then there was this as well today: Ancient astrological tablets discovered in a secret cave that ALSO had a giant phallus thing and – say some reports – evidence of Blue Devil Hoochie Juice.  So don’t go getting any ideas now but fascinating, yah?


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31 thoughts on “Witch Priestesses, Magic Amulets & Cannabis Seeds

      • It is the middle one – you click the play button – if you can’t see it you may have some odd browser settings? you can also click the link to go through to you tube and watch it there if you want

  1. Hehe, when I first loaded this post the boxes showed up as black squares. I thought maybe you were “blacking out” your site Mystic, to join with the SOPA and PIPA protests online, like Wikapedia US is doing right now. Has to do with new legislation over pirating laws on the web. Scorpio Moon Viewing (an all black screen, hidden content) is even an apt title for it!

  2. MM, have you read juliet marillier then??? includes some of this mythology in her fiction, beautiful and easy reads

  3. This is an extraordinary unearthing. It gave me goosebumps watching the speculation unfold. Royalty, high priestess, witches??? That the initiation into witchcraft and the cult of Disir (sp?) allowed women to transcend class is of particular interest. How did these women, once slaves, wind up with so much power and respect?

    Now that would be an interesting story . . .

    Thank you, Mystic, for posting!!!!

  4. That’s so cool. Can you imagine if we had travelling shamanesses that went to Canberra to initiate the PM to his role?
    Can you see Virgo Rudd shaking in his boots? Wondering if this witch is really going to turn into a giantess, what having sex with Gaia is really like?

    Don’t you think it would make you think twice about ordering fracking can take place or selling off Australia’s uranium once you have had sex with the earth goddess?

    And I wonder how our female PM Julia would be initiated? I guess she would have to be a trained shaman. How wonderful that could be. Or more dangerous than she is as a disconnected seeming type, not sure which.

      • Tee hee. But I suppose the flaw in that thinking is the idea that our leaders actually do any leading in a real sense. It’d be something to see Bernanke have to be initiated by having relations with a goddess. (Some say a reptilian is the order of the day in those realms, lol). CEO’s everywhere would need initiating – those Shamaness-Priestesses would be busy ladies..

        • It was said in ancient history, that a man couldn’t reach his true potential
          without initiation from a high priestess, that includes Christ.

  5. Cool… interesting…. and sounds more like the right story/mythology than a lot off other explanations i have read, big archaeology fan.

    I think a lot of the old texts/stories/christian recorded folk Lalor have been twisted out of context to suit the male dominated society at the times, they where recorded in writing.

    There are too many interlocking names for all the old goddess, to be so scattered in the stories and all with bad intent towards the male hero’s.

    Thanks Mystic…. now if only they could/would bring the artefacts to Australia for a exhibition traveling the country for all to see, and include many of the other Celtic items that have been found all over europe… Please.

  6. Cool. But Is it bad if I critique the font (why do ppl always choose some sort of faux-celtic design when they talk about these things. And hey it was Norse stuff anyway), choice of music (a bit 1990’s no?) and incredibly slow-to-read text that appeared? I want an article I can skim thru. Just saying. But interesting ntl thanks xx

    • Haha… That font is papyrus. It looks “ancient” that’s why everyone uses it. Lack of imagination s’pose

  7. Sorry for posting on this section but I am unable to find an email address for direct contact on your site. I am trying to buy a mega mystic year subscription but checkout keeps saying my cart is empty even though I have 1 listed and total reads $55. Please help! Ta!!

  8. What a fascintaing post to wake up to, thank you Mystic. Goosbumpery material!

    There is no way i could be an archeologist (umm not that anyone is asking me ), although its mindblowing to know whats buried beneath, something in me shudders to think of it being disturbed. (too much Gemini with Pisces rising maybe, undecided but can see both sides).
    Will stick to gardening instead me thinks.

  9. Totally agree it’s good what archaeologists have been unearthing, especially in relation to women’s roles throughout history.

    It annoys me no end that our academic institutions are based pretty strictly on written history i.e, from about Homer onwards, in which women arrive on the scene conveniently already subjugated. Any reference to artifacts that suggest more matriarchal or more balanced cultures are considered too unreliable to be taken seriously or as anything other than interesting speculation. Archaeology has been challenging what we think we know about history.

    When I studied Ancient History at Uni, it amazed me that it was a ‘given’ that in the Early Bronze Age women were in short supply, but nobody seemed to be in the least bit interested as to why exactly this was. Something happened to destroy matriarchal societies and wipe out women so much so that they were in short supply. You’d think somebody would have made enquiries? Apparently not. Too unknown, too scary.

    An entire civilization (the one we’s in), has been founded with women in a subordinate role, based on a narrative history or surviving written records as interpreted by men, and anything pre-dating this time as not much more than speculative archaeology.

    Viva la revolution is all I can say. Bring it on. I will not be subjugated!

    • Well articulated. Where did those women of the Bronze Age go? Must there always be a vendetta against women? The Burning Times of the Middle Ages was bad enough and then there’s the ongoing infanticide of girls in China and India. We just won’t go away will we?!

  10. Fantastic! I too love Norse Mythology. I think one of my fave characters, all be that he is a secondary one, would be Finn the Squinter. lol

  11. Yeah, that link to the story about the 2000 year old ivory astrological board in Croatia is way cool. This is one of my special interests, “Cultural Astronomy” and this subset, arcaheoastronomy. The oldest astronomical charts I know are some silk scrolls from China around 200BC, but they are basically tables of written observations and aren’t very interesting unless you can read the ancient text.

    But my favorite is the Kitora Kofun in Japan. It’s a tomb estimated to date from the 7th century. It has a complete star chart painted in gold leaf on the arched ceiling. This would have been like visiting a planetarium, to the ancient Japanese. Check out the pics this link:


    Also follow the other links to the Takamatsu Zuka Kofun, which has similar star charts but with more stylized diagrams of the Chinese constellations. There is a ton of stuff in other links, I could study this stuff for hours. I have studied this stuff for hours.

      • Great link Charles! I love the idea of the four cardinal directions and their correspondences and how they are essentially holding our World together: The Black Turtle of the North (Earth,Taurus,Gnomes) the Blue Dragon of the East (Air, Aquarius, Sylphs), the Red Phoenix of the South (Fire,Leo,Salamanders), and the White Tiger of the West (Water,Scorpio,Undines). Timeless stuff.

  12. I like the fact the, essentially, slave girls ended up with a better funeral than royalty (sorry for the spoiler)
    Very inspirational.