Obsessive Virgo Disorder

“…Ashrita Furman went to Peru to climb the mountain above Machu Picchu, which is called Cerro Machu Picchu, and is ten thousand feet above sea level. This was late last July. Furman, who lives in Queens, where the highest point is two hundred and fifty-eight feet, allowed himself a day to become adjusted to the altitude. Furman hoped to climb higher than anyone ever had on stilts. The record, according to Guinness World Records, was 7,242 feet, set in South Dakota, in 2002.

No one had stopped Furman at the Great Wall of China in 2005, when he completed the fastest mile on a hop ball, fifteen minutes and three seconds—a record that he broke in 2010, doing thirteen minutes in Flushing Meadows Corona Park. Nor had anyone interfered when, in 1993, he climbed to the snowline of Mt. Fuji on a pogo stick, sixteen miles up and back, which was the greatest distance ever travelled on a pogo stick, or when, in 1987, he jumped underwater on a pogo stick in the Amazon River for three hours and forty minutes, longer than anyone ever had. Yet he was turned away at Cerro Machu Picchu by security.

Furman, who is fifty-seven and the part owner of a health-food store in Queens, is the world’s leading practitioner of a pursuit that is known as Guinnessport—the undertaking of challenges designed to get a person into an edition of Guinness World Records. He has set more world records than anyone ever has: three hundred and sixty-seven.

Currently, he holds a hundred and thirty-one records, one of which is the record for holding the most records. Twenty-seven thousand jumping jacks, done in six hours and forty-five minutes, was Furman’s first record, in 1979. Furman’s records involve at least seventy discrete skills, the bulk of which he learns for the attempt. Slicing apples in the air with a samurai sword took a year. A few years ago, in order to hold a hundred records simultaneously, Furman took up pure Guinnessport. Furman (who is celibate) has lived a little like a monk, in the same house, in Queens, for thirty-eight years…”

from the New Yorker magazine

Okay, well naturally this dude is just demanding a quick astro-analysis and voila Le Virgo.

So THIS is what happens when Virgos hit the Guinness Book Of Records & decide to ace the thing, yes?

So he is Virgo with Mars in Capricorn conjunct the North Node. That’s like a massive desire to over-achieve but notice how he’s still happily nesting in his South Node (deep past, path of least resistance, natural niche) of Cancer/Kataka, right?  Same house for 38 years and all but when he DOES leave it, he’s pogo-dancing along the Great Wall Of China or smashing world records for number of beer glances balanced on one’s chin.

He’s got Moon in should-be-sensible Taurus & Venus-Saturn in Scorpio + a Jupiter-Uranus conjunction.

It’s interesting he’s celibate – imagine being the lover attempting to distract him from his pursuits? Would be hell. Venus-Saturn in Scorp can be extreme in either direction.

His chart is here – no birthtime – but really WHAT do you think his Rising Sign would be?

I’m punting Aries.  Or, ahem, Sagg.


29 thoughts on “Obsessive Virgo Disorder

  1. OMG! Johnny Depp and Vanessa have broken up…. after 14 years! Neptune in Aqua much?

    Sorry mystic. I saw the words “obsessive Virgo” and just went “ignore ignore ignore”. It’s inducing peeps like myself who aren’t feeling the Mars in Virgo energy to suffer from severe GUILTING!

    • Maybe people not feeling the Mars in Virgo are supposed to be vacationing from intensity for this transit. Relaxing for me can be hard work sometimes. Recently, I wanted to bring up all my repressed feelings so I can be more zen, so I started driving the legal speed limit everywhere. It makes me want to scream with its utter inefficiency. I’m trusting I’ll get to the calmness part soon. Or maybe you’ll start organizing your life after Mars goes retro.

      Don’t feel guilty. I’m sure you’re in your perfect flow.

      • Thanks ArienScorp.
        True. It is hard for driven peeps to relax. Even when I’m on holiday I don’t relax cos I want to make the most of my time (there’s that key word again!) – frantically running around trying to see everything.
        I’ll be keeping a close watch on what happens during Mars retro :)

    • Thanks Mystic. I might revisit that post. I’d rather read about Neptune than obsessive Virgos – too close to the bone ya know. Hehe. :)
      I have a stellium in Virgo but I’m also having a Pluto transit so need to sort out the big stuff before I start obssessing over the details

  2. Got the call a little while ago to tell me I’ve secured the second job of three I’ve applied for. Two down and one to go… My Mars in V in 10 is working fine. Hopefully, taking all these jobs at once is not Virgo obsessing. With M in V, it’s probably normal.

    While having no inclination myself for pogo stick-jumping in or out of the water, I’ll admit to a small bit of admiration for his setting himself challenges and then attaining them, odd though they may be. Could be equally Aries for the challenge thing or Saggo for the sheer joy of doing weird stuff.

  3. Happy he didn’t bounce all over Manchu Piccu, it tells me some things are left

  4. Oh that’s good, I’m going to use “go climb Mt. Fuji with a pogo stick” as my new all-purpose Japanese insult. It’s even more ridiculous in Japanese. “Fuji-san wo hoppingu de tozan shite kite kure.” (lit. go climb Mt. Fuji by means of a “hopping stick” for me, and come back).

  5. and being part owner of a “health food store in Queens” is enough to fund all this displaced phallic crap? i don’t wish to disparage my sign but he may have leo rising, the attention seeking etc

  6. “you know what they say…’normal’ is just another cycle on the washing machine”

    Ashley Judd’s character in the movie “Flypaper”

    • well for his defence then, at least he/’s:

      1. def lives with passion
      2. def not dull
      3. prob “healthy”
      4. achieves…”stuff”
      5. is def individuated – stands out like no other in this world
      6. does what most won’t
      7. is consistently unique
      8. seems to be having fun
      9. appears to have a sense of humour &
      10. does what he says or makes his dreams real world
      11. is not an axe murderer or despot

      & would be fantastic inspiration for future comedy scripts am thinking :)

  7. That second picture of him in a sack pushing himself to keep going, panting beside the dude on a yak! He just doesn’t have children. Imagine if this was your dad. This’d be the pic you’d have in a frame on your desk: Oh that’s Dad. I don’t see him much.

    • :) jumping in a sack next to the dude on a yak – that was what I was thinking!
      I have Virgo stellium, but no desire to break such a record, not even a glimmer. But celibate I can do, workin on my third viginity as we speak ;)

  8. Too weird, my chart almost identical – some degrees slightly off and dif houses. Very strange.

  9. I definitely think he looks sag rising. He has the sag nose and smile. I think both aries and sag get bored easily but the NN-Mars in Cap would be the main driving force. He’s a fascinating person!

  10. Mystic,

    I was just wondering about the potential for Aries rising. You pointed out that with the South Node in Cancer, he’s lived at home for 38 years, and he’s rocking the whole “monk like” lifestyle/celibacy thing. If he is an Aries Rising, his South Node would be in his 7th house. Wouldn’t that make him more inclined to be partnered-up at home?