Leo Of History

Georges Croegaert

Heh heh…Or, if that truly is a massive flask of scent on the bottom shelf there, below all the cognac, she may just as well be a Libra (perfume-crazed) or a Pisces practicing some winsome expression to con seduce her next suitor.

ANYWAY, Daily Horoscopes through until the end of the weekend are up and so are the Weekly Horoscopes for the week from Jan 7.

Loads of fun with Venus-Neptune hooking up, an emo Full Moon and psycho-bats but productive Mars in Virgo.


10 thoughts on “Leo Of History

  1. Oh, I wanted to share about a Libra I know that hates perfumes! What an oddity, right? Well, turns out that particular Libra is crazy about natural scents – earth, skin, smoke, books but utterly dislikes perfumes! I find it very interesting. I attribute it to lots of Virgo in the chart – Mars, Venus and Moon are residing there.
    Is there any signifier about the love of perfumes? (asks a perfume-crazed Virgo)

  2. lol no. i am casually cougaring with the knight of pentacles. Not saying more.

    there is often a spate of posts re one thing.

    leos are on my mind as they’ve done it so hard in some ways, with neptune opposing them since the late 90s & now they’re going to come roaring back.

  3. So – this perfume adoring Libran has been suffering anosmia the last few months (disrupted sense/absence of sense of smell). I can barely detect any of my perfumes (nor BO, the cat litter tray, or a musty mouldy shower – things I was hyper-sensitive to a few months back!). It appears to be coming back SLOWLY – but hey – what a way to shake up something you took for granted!

    Suspect when it comes back I’ll be even MORE perfume obsessed!

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