54 thoughts on “iPhone & Smart Phone Peeps Read This

  1. Works perfectly – my iPhone is back in Mystic action.

    Meanwhile – I too would like to “accept cookies”. mmmm…. Coookies.
    3pm = Gingerbread o’clock!

  2. Nope, didn’t work.
    Well worked for one close page reopen test, but not for the second one.

    Also, I had to clear the history of cookies/data (mine was already set to ‘from visited’) to get it to work that once

  3. I have the same issue. I log in then once the page is closed or refreshed I’m automatically logged out, then I can’t get back in ? My cookies are set correctly etc. I think it’s your cookie that might be the problem ?
    David L iPhone 4GS. Oh yeah, on my desktop I can login but it doesn’t stick, I have to login each time. Thanks.

    • that log in-log out thing has been fixed but u may need to clear cache for it to have it set.

      the cookies thing is fixed too – can you please email me if still probs thanks

  4. Works for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! HOORAY FOR BREAKFAST AND HOROSCOPES!

  5. Safari is exclusively an Apple browser.
    Just checked every corner of my smartphone (aptly named & subtle cool aluminium case… chic thank you) and there is no ‘cookies’ tab to alter.
    Hope gorgeous Lachlan can demystify other browsers too?!
    Dolphin or Opera?!? Till then, still weirdings xx

  6. Dolphin Browser – i just got this off the net


    Dolphin Browser HD
    Click the menu button.
    Click the More button.
    Click the Settings button.
    Choose Data storage settings.
    Click Privacy & security.
    Check the box next to Allow cookies.

  7. But googling “dolphin browser” and “cookies” made me aware that there are a lot of people out there having issues with that particular browser and using any site with passwords, just so you know

  8. I may be overtired, and wired, but i cant see where the FAQ page,link, dropdown menu is???

  9. I washaving probs, good to know my stupidphone can be blamed! Well, until I fail to fix it by following the same instructions that have worked for everyone else. (Then it will be my fault). :)

  10. Thank you Mystie for googling other browser cookies info. I am tired and did not do this…
    Followed instructions & found cookies already enabled in both browsers.
    You still CANNOT log in!!
    Does this mean peeps can only access you with an iPhone?!?
    My Scorp Moon is tetchy. Venus in Cap is miffed badly xx

      • Yes. Have cleared cache dozens of times in each of three browsers on my phone
        No effect xx

      • Yes. Have cleared cache dozens of times in each of three browsers on my phone
        No effect.
        This is something to do with over zealous security in web format.
        Astrodeinst: can access via password no probs.

        This is NOT a prob with my beloved Android.
        I successfully use it for netbanking etc & loads of other international sites….

        • P.S. Astrodeinst site also recognises whether you are on computer or mobile and gives you appropriate web format for viewing.

          • Hi Sara,

            I’ve just logged in on my Google Nexus (Android) phone using your username and password on Dolphin HD and the inbuilt Android browser and I’ve been able to log in with both browsers. When I logged in on Dolphin HD for the first time it had a popup along the lines of ‘Do you want to remember this password’ and the options were ‘Always, One Time and Never’. There is a chance that you might’ve tapped ‘Never’ perhaps and this is causing an issue for you.

            • Thank you so much lovely Bronson… i appreciate your advice.
              I dont remember if there was a pop up re password the first time i tried Dolphin log in.
              Surely though, regardless of IF i tapped ‘never’, i should be able to simply re-enter password and enter site?! I have not been able to successfully log in AT ALL using phone (so obviously each time i try, start by re-entering deets).
              Each time i retry logging in and press Enter, it goes to Log In Required page.

              I have had no problems with entering passwords on other sites (not even doing boring banking).
              When i was unable to log in with. inbuilt browser, i downloaded Dolphin HD etc.
              I have enabled cookies, emptied caches, rebookmarked whatevs!!

              Why was i having NO probs with old site but now, on stunning new site, YES?!
              Thank you for trying, and succeeding(?!?) to log in my deets.
              Lovely gesture.
              I will try AGAIN and again.
              Usually a quiet calm no-fuss type but have been forced to speak up about this xx

              • P.S. Sure, i’m not overly ‘techie’, but my IQ is 137.
                High enough to handle this. Thank you for your kindness xx

  11. Hi Bronson/Mystic

    I have a very small android phone and I like reading Mystic on my way to work.

    Old site resized pages to fit my browser but new site doesn’t and i’m having to scroll across on every line whicm makes it too frustrating to do.

    Any chance of doing the magic resizing thing on the new site?


    • Hi Samantha….
      PLEASE which Android browser are you using to log into new site?!? Is it the in-built browser?
      My Android WONT log in properly.
      Thanks darling xx

  12. Hi Orchid, logging in okay on the android browser.

    Weirdly can’t log on PC or phone using email address seems to only like loggin in with the user name.

    Hope you get it sorted.

    • Thank you sweetie.
      Yes, i can log in using friend’s Android but NOT MINE?!?
      This is first & ONLY prob have had with my phone & EEK(!!) it is happening ONLY with beloved Mystic new site?!?

      • Actually, NO. Just tried log in on friend’s Android again and does NOT work….
        Please HELP Bronson!!
        Emailed Mystic to ask Bronson to very please try logging my deets on his phone again AND (if it works) to try staying logged in while shifting thru site pages.
        Just gorgeous lush stars to him if that’s poss.
        Immensely grateful xx

        • Hi Sara,

          I’ve just tried logging in with the username and password that you had yesterday but it looks like your password have changed.

          It looks like a password reset was triggered by someone since yesterday

          • Thanks treasure…
            Darling, there IS some sort of glitch!
            I did not suceed in logging in y’day – so was not ABLE to reset password.
            Are you able to revert password back & then try to log in AND (if successful) then try to navigate site without getting auto logged out?
            Thanks xx

            • Hi – The tech guys and i can log in with your details on iPhone, Android, Mac and Windows computers and on a variety of browsers.
              I just tried it – for example – on my iPhone and went to every bit of the site without being logged out.
              The instructions on the FAQ page work. Please see also my email to you

  13. Hey iPhone peeps – if you are still having troubles staying logged in on your phone, I have done a bit of a test today and here’s my findings…

    I can login on my phone and use all the site perfectly if I am in the office and my phone is hooked up to the wifi broadband. Away from the office and when doing my data via Vodafone 3G rays, I get logged out any time I click a button. This happens with my work webmail on the iPhone too, and we believe it is because the 3G signal is so unstable. Basically the internet connection is dropping out for a nano-second every two seconds, and when it does that, the program you’re logging into resets itself.

    So other peeps with iPhone troubles – perhaps test this out for yourself and report back. If you can, try it on a wireless broadband connection AND your mobile data service AND if you can, when in good reception and bad reception (yes, if you are on Vodafone in Sydney that is the latter ALL the time…)

    I suspect this may just be an unavoidable annoyance of life on mobile connecting…


    • Immense thanks Lexicorn for unravelling this mobile phone ‘knot’….
      It applies to any phone model & successful log in via phone seems to depend on your phone server.
      Mystic has been a goddess trying to help me sort this out behind the scenes.
      Your above comment just spotlit the problem…
      Thanks treasure xx

    • Hey Lex,
      Thanks for the heads up re this. I’m still experiencing the logout prob on the iPhone 4s. I get what you’re saying but why then does astro.com not have the same problem?

  14. Yes, I’m also still getting logged out, which is pretty tedious given the multiple clicks of small text and typing of additional login info.

    I can see that a dodgy Internet connection would exacerbate the situation Lex, but being logged in is about cookies and caches not about Internet connections. Of course if the cookies don’t hold then drop outs in your connection also equal log outs, but cookies should hold if one chooses to stay logged in.

    Is this likely to get resolved?