In The Valley Of The Scorps

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Fuq Yeah Itchy Witch


There ain’t no Moon more witchy and potentially bitched up than a Dark Moon in Scorpio.

It’s now & tomorrow but see Daily Horoscopes for exactness of duration.

It’s almost guaranteed to bring first up a challenge from someone mega-irking, some sort of a situation where you honestly want to rear up and hiss venom, scary python style.

Yes, pass-agg power tripping & secret grudge-lines abound.

But just because other peeps are going Low Scorpio

Subscribers; please re-read your Daily Mystic email if you think you’re at risk of going ape in a Lower Scorp way.  The rest of you: Vengeful seething and/or losing your cool in a power trip challenge = Not Good.

So go for the witchy benefits of this Dark Moon: Tarot, fixing up the Feng Shui in prep for the New Moon/Chinese Year of the Dragon, voomping up your psychic powers, spell craft, herblore, magical martial arts & using the power of your own wisdom to overcome mental crud.

Dark Moon Goddess Lilith near expansive Jupiter in Taurus = supernaturalistic, ultra-witch genius a go-go.

Witch and The Wardrobe

67 thoughts on “In The Valley Of The Scorps

  1. Challenge:
    My EX – the LOW Scorp mega-irking prick from HELL, being a TOTAL self righteous douche bag.
    He turns everything into this preachy, condescending fuqing lecture that makes me feel like a worthless piece of shit…which is his intention.
    I, however, have managed to vibe Haute Scorp, even though it stings like Christ.
    It is taking ALL of my self control and restraint , but I’m not even responding to his insulting messages, txts and e-mails. Exhausting!
    YAY ME!

    • Good for you! Being ignored is what people like that hate most, so take comfort in knowing that your silence is driving him nuts.

      • Feels a bit like Charlie Sheen ‘winning’ at the mo, but it’ll do…
        Would LOVE to serve him a big, steaming hot cup of “Shut The Fuq Up”, but I’m biting my tongue and sitting on my hands/stinger!

        • Oh, and FYI – this is all over $192 he owes for school supplies/uniforms for our daughter.
          He doesn’t pay a dime in child support, but can apparently afford a cruise and diamond ring for his new woman!

          • Grrrrr! How annoying!! It would take every bit of energy I had to hold back from letting it rip. I had one of those moments today too! Your doing well!

          • Baby, that is disgusting! Really. Now Mars is going into Retro so as MM said, no picking fights whatsoever. BUT I do think it’s a time to document, document, document!

            People have no shame shirking responsibilities sometimes – so said my ex-Mother in Law who told me she hauled my ex’s Dad to jail the first instance he missed a payment. Harsh? Probably. But he never missed one since.

            Years ago, my Nubian Toro GF was in court with her Baby Daddy. Did you know that Gemini Fool had the audacity to paint her as The Angry Black Woman, and claim she gave him a busted head?? She didn’t do it, it was from his water polo meet – which had pictures of it on their website!

            So she called me, I faxed the pictures over, everyone including his lawyer looked at him like, Really??? So totally get the button pushing. Just rest well in the knowledge that even if the arc of consequence is long, people DO get what’s coming to them.

            Gem Fool has had his passport confiscated now for over $30K in unpaid child support.

    • Hey, Zai.. just think, the one who’s doing all the irking is the psychic equivalent of being in Constant Vomit Mode. Really. And we do not wish to be known for this non?

      I am white-lighting myself like mad, personally.

      • Point taken.
        And apologies to all you cyber lovelies for having to cop my own irksome rantings…
        Spewin’ mate!

        • well done on the “silence is the best response” Z. choosing not to engage can be so powerful. your ex sounds difficult. xxx

        • Ooh no, Zai, no need for apologies – this is absolutely the right place to vent mate! Just saying if your ex really wanted his words to have real power, he wouldn’t use them so indiscriminately and negatively.

          Holding your power away from an energy vampire was your best route, but there’s peripheral poison that attaches itself to the aura when we’re around such peeps, and this place is great for the good vibes.

          • The shitty thing about it is that his words DO have power.
            Having been married for 10 years he knows all my weaknesses, and uses that knowledge like Weapons Of Mass Destruction against me.
            I HATE that it still effects me so – but, with like, a bazillion water element placements, that’s what I get!
            Even my 6 year old calls me a cry baby!
            Thanks you guys – you always make me want to hold my head high and keep on truckin.

      • Thank you for the absolute truth …sharing…I needed to read this right now at this moment….dealing with a Low~Scorpio……energy sucking vampire!!

  2. Loving the vibe ~ quiet contemplation before the rumbling storm…
    Pics are a hoot- and I loOove the catbat on the link ! xo

  3. already been dealing with some pass-agg idiot over a website ive been slaving over for months. suddenly this guy is worried that members havent been given enough notice (there’s been plenty) and instead of him actually communicating with them he just wants it all to go into limbo. meeting is on tonight to get committee approval to go live. am totally bitched up and ready to tear heads but will take the advice and play cool and say little. will rely on asking questions and hope that the others are equally sick of this mans idiocy. besides, pisces with aqua rising: it’s my job to bring in rad new inventions at the moment.

  4. Ugh, my pain-in-the-arse Low Kataka brother is coming to stay tonight and tomorrow. I must keep this in mind and behave myself. I might shut myself away in my room with my cards and my oil burners blazing.

  5. cleaned!!!! had cutie leo sun cancer moon come over, which inspired me.
    As I cleaned I realized I had been totally virgoing out lately and just hadn’t given myself enough credit for what I had done.
    As I sit here in clean organized space I do feel the potential magic of have your home energized correctly.

    weird dreams this morning as moon slipped into scorpio. can’t wait to see what tonight brings.

    Having weird men dealings…..

    scorpio is almost completely in my 3rd house.

  6. This happened to me yesterday and this morning. Story too petty to be worth telling, other than someeone else tried me on for size and I only seethed a little bit in the general direction of someone who didnt seem to mind. Wish I could just do Tarot instead. (Pouts).

  7. **rubs eyes** is that a gold vibrator on that table passing itself off as a big fat Cuban cigar? lol

  8. said challenge arrived in the form of a highly personal and articulate attack delivered via email this morning. old friend who has wiped me out of his life but wants a rise out of me about it – I’m accepting his departure a little too easily it seems.

    • Funny how the haters are like that, antagonizing you until you snap. Sad, pathetic souls. Stay strong, your silence is probably seem as menacing.

  9. Well the moon is currently in my 5 house, so I am trying to enjoy it. By the time it gets to 23 deg it will be on my natal moon in the 6th and I daresay I shall dredge up some unsightly thing to deal with. In the meantime – let the games begin!

    Lexi – how’s that boardgame coming along? :) Still in the works? I need a choose your own adventure-Tarot-boardgame to get me through the week..

  10. How about something cool instead, Andie ? Your moon is conjunct my Neptune, and you are such a lovely spirit and intuitive teacher for me ~ xo

    • Lol, it’s just an illusion Roxy! Haha, am honoured that is a very kind. Neptune in Scorpio seems a very natural and deep placement, nice. Apparently we can forgive each others’ flaws and be of service to each other – just ask!

      • it was much better than I thought it would go. considering the er tension of late. :/

        being productive this dark moon not feeling venom, more how to get the venom out of me. having serious body detox issues. I feel like some highly venomous snake that needs to be milked so it will not poison itself :(

        • Ms. I think you’re just distilling the Dark Moon, ’tis part of the process and not so much a permanent You Issue. You’re fine, you’re a force of Good, it’s just part of it that you have to transform.

          And isn’t poison usually used as an anti-dote? By the time the New Moon cometh, you shall be clear! xx

          • no quite seriously I have body toxin issues. the antidote seems to be to find the source. tres chiron no? x

            • Ooh literally! I see. Yes, that IS uber chironic.

              I have lost my appetite and live on an apple, coffee and random bites here and there. It just feels like eating interrupts my clarity.. maybe an inadvertent transformational fast??

              I can’t hack cleanses and do the Scorpionic instead (colonics) when required. What do you reckon is the source, if you care to share of course? x

              • No I’m about at information max here. I’m under a lot of pressure with it all but it will be near impossible to discuss on this site partly because, well its a long story and people will go to pat me and that is not what I want it’s astrology relevance is my only interest here. So in relation, astro wise, I find this all kind of fascinating with the chiron/NN thing but its as far as I can see it manifesting. It’s all very serpent and or chiron energy.

                • Totally respect that, yes, the last thing you need is having to hold a press conference on detox issues. And the patting while welcome, can underline vulnerabilities without meaning to.

                  I have Chiron in Aries, in the 7th house. Which makes me excellent at helping people with relationship problems but has that wounded mark of not feeling quite good enough on one’s own.. I’ve come to see that as being overcome through 7th house realms instead :)

  11. Feng Shui, check – did that the weekend after the NY post my having lost it at work. Was a fitting distraction from all the emo. Crying and Angry in turns. Then Lucidity. Oddly enough, first company I applied to is called Lucid PR. Haven’t heard.

    Reading Krishnamurti and really, really loving it like no one would believe. Meditating for hours, and White Lighting myself like a Jedi. In between updating my LinkedIn profile,, looking for jobs on Craigslist of all places but hey.

    While maintaining the Silent as Sphynx Look at work i.e. Ancient, Elegant, Deadly and Wise. Churning out efficiency, sharing Ideas only on shared mediums where cc-ing patents it as mine (yes, it’s that bad). Professionalism du Jour, it’s all for the Greater Good Look is ON so ravingly selfish as bats only out for themselvers become Starkly Obvious.

    Did an hour and a half session with North Node Astrologer/Jung Counselor this weekend. Texting my psychic. Posting on a Job Coaching website. Emailing my CV to friends and cohorts so they can review. And now looking for groups to join so I can network.

    Oh and last but not least, Accepting What Is.

    Mystic (as did the North Node astrologer) I’m in Uranus Opposition so Unpredictability is How I Roll. Wheeeeeeee….!

    • haha cute.

      hmm NN stuff hey, interesting.

      I still struggle to get mine. its in virgo and its always crap like “administration, getting the details. turning up on time to appointments”. which to me is the same level as, take an umbrella if it’s raining and a cardigan if its cold. so yeah. helpful.

      • Well, your NN is my I live on details when Flow (Pisces) is where it’s at for moi. They do say your South node is your default, in terms of past lives, it’s what made things work for you THEN.

        But the North is what will help fulfill you NOW essentially, or help fulfill your purpose. My south node is in Virgo in the 12th house so apparently, in terms of past lives, there was persecution, being ostracized etc. which lends itself to an anxiety about being an outsider and a humility. It was enlightening to hear that I can accept the Feeling as something that may always be there, but that it doesn’t necessarily mean I AM in fact isolated. And that in accepting it, I’m engaged in transmuting it.

        I still struggle with the Flow, but it’s made me claim my Intuition even more, and by extension, the rest of myself – even without the assurance of knowing what’s next. I DO get how dreary details can be, but NN in Virgo can also be about service, and craftsmanship no?

        • it can be service or crafts. it can be health and the everyday. how is that a soul quest or a destiny? my issue is the 400 optional meaning it can infer whilst saying nothing. not very concise answers in general make me raise an eyebrow.

            • you think its the least they could do ;)
              yes I have this page open, its one of the better ones I have read but still utterly vague compared imo to other nodal points and their meanings. Like seriously. Mastering the everyday—? am I the only one that thinks this sounds like whitewash hippie bs?
              Perhaps I am having node envy? lol

            • i really feel sorry for all virgos if this is the level of information within a statement. Like the 6th house. all people can say is “the everyday” but seriously, wtf does that mean. nothing. unless it has a context. the ancients say its the fall of a chart and alchemy. now its all pets and cleaning products. :/

              • haha.. LOVED the rant actually. Was trying to access this at work but of course, the fuqers blocked it. I was a bit confused with mine since it’s NN Pisces in the 6th house – which Virgo rules, so what does that mean? I dream whilst I’m cleaning???

                I read this before but totally a worthwhile read again.

                • lol glad you enjoyed. it was done with humour though slightly vexing.

                  south node virgo 12th is like really structured spirituality and disciplined soul work no? an Order or something. very nun like no? highly structured devotion away from society. service to god etc. Pisces NN 6th is breaking up that order to learn to dream in the day world reality. you get to play in the world this time but its about dreaming and feeling your way through, listening to your intuition being guided by voices to manifest your own reality? x

                  • OMG, did I have the consult with YOU? haha..

                    That’s exactly what she said. I once had a past life reading where I was told I used to be an old male Mosaic artisan who was really known and had devoted apprentices, in Italy – so lots of work in churches etc. All I could think of was that potentially I used to be gay and “worked” my apprentices haha..

                    If the Nunnery or something similar is true, it would explain my aversion to organized religion, or being confined/constrained by ideology. The quote “Truth is a Pathless Land” is so tres true for me that it’s the one phrase I might actually have inked on my body.

                    Of course, I was raised and studied in strict Catholic schools all my life, complete with uniform. Ick.

                    • lol.
                      that would make sense, though that placement would be super nun like. totally feels catholic with the nodes btw. Not a bad thing to move on from though is it :D
                      more the prior comfort for high order to make you feel spiritually placed moving into “the flow” as you said and that being at that peace with it with your virgo asc. x

                    • You and 98% of the men I’ve dated.. haha.. goodness the gleam in the eye when I confess that. And the resulting, “soooo… do you like, still have it?” whilst shyly looking at me. haha..

                      Thing is, I still sort of do.

                      I’m probably femme ruthless now from all that south node repression.

    • all of the above sounds bloody excellent FA. i like that you’re balancing all the action and putting yourself out-there with a lot of meditation and being peaceful. best wishes for the new chapter xxx

      • Thanks PCFR!! It’s not so much a conscious balancing as it is that I NEED the meditation and peace to actually set myself to action.

        Sunday was literally a lot of scribbling on my CV, then walking away, laying down, reading Krishnamurti, getting up..until the last 4 hours of the evening when finally it sort of all came together. I’m letting myself be part of the process than be the Initiator per se..and I’m grateful for that.

        And for all of you being supportive of course! xxx

        PS btw psychic texted back she thinks within 6 months I’ll find something.. sooner I hope :)

  12. I am doing my darkening Scorp moon by getting a tarot reading and decluttering my “craft” supplies drawer. And reading a novel full of magic and the possibility of getting trapped on the astral plane and old grimiores full of secrets.

  13. My Pisces ex was no match for my tongue lashing last night via phone call. I’m flattered that he has decided to not be with another woman since our divorce last year but him trying to expect that of me is not happening. I’m a Scorp with Leo rising…seriously…me wait? Control issues…big time. I’m not that 21 yr. old innocent girl that he enamored with 15+ years ago. Moving on…and don’t stop me…especially with my Sag moon.

  14. I’m just feeling hot. Like men everywhere are sitting around drinking scotch in tuxedos and talking about how they’d like to f*** me & marry me. Oh, I have a real vacation coming up and I need to make more friends.

  15. Me, me, me, me.
    Also really quick changes. Re-read a deeply personal e-mail I sent a friend yesterday and I’m already over myself about it. Good.

  16. Thank God I’m off till the moon goes into Sag. I wasn’t feeling very tolerant of certain co-workers yesterday. Walked out of work yesterday wanting to scream.

  17. I always feel quite at home with the dark/moon in Scorpio.
    Love the mysterious vibe.
    I always get very calm and creative.
    Is it because I have so many planets in Scorpio 1st House, I wonder?

  18. Greetings Fellow Seekers.

    I wish I had all of you and Mystic Medusa before this time… I was up over 50 hours straight from 19 Jan – 21 Jan hanging from the ceiling, dancing, and visiting “places” where there was other “people” and a lot of “intimacy,” though it cannot be “sex” without flesh, can it?

    This comes on the tailend of a “nymphomaniac” experience that lasted several weeks. I am 46 and have NEVER felt (or physically CHANGED!) like this before. Freaky and I miss it but I would have died from lack of sleep & vittles.

    And writing… lots of writing… poetry and some tunes plus the “Journal.”

    I know nothing of all this BUT in the past 10 years I have had many “dark nights of the soul” and mystical experiences (for a good definition stay off internet… old books only… Bertrand Russell’s observations of Mystical experiences is right on (even though he helped destroy such dangerous notions!) No time, no ego… no ability to eat or live a normal life… just an endless Universe of Love and Compassion… and a bit of anger too. The Mystic Experience is The Ultimate “Red Pill.” I can never go back, be “normal.” However the dancing and forgetting to eat have left me fitter than I’ve been in 20 years. My dogs and horses seem to “get me” as do people though I say nothing.

    Also Empathic abilities very strong during and proceeding this time. Cried and laughed too much over another’s “pain.” My husband thought I was crazy but he always does. He said he heard me talking and laughing at 4 in the morning. Haven’t laughed like that since I was 15.

    Is there anyone who is “expert” in such things? Some hermit somewhere (as “real world” becomes incompatible with such things?)

    I don’t know, but I am BACK and more cautious now. The fun was superceded by the worry of being out of control and perhaps “used.” But there is a REAL world (albeit somewhat boring one) and I wonder about intersection. Oh dang such thoughts….

    I have seen peace and love and it all makes sense. No bad people, just bad behavior. A very loving Universe (G-d, Spirits–whatever) compels me to attempt an intersection of both worlds..
    …before it’s too late for this one.
    Help? Advice? youbetyourwrasse(at)yahoo(dot)com