D.I.Y. Astro: Theory Of The New Knife

Prunelle – Remember From The Forest


So my theory is that whenever you all of a sudden get the urge to get a new kitchen knife, it’s not actually just because your current one or set is basically blunt.

No-no-no. It’s because you’re subliminally prepping to get your MARS on. Or to activate the bit of your chart dominated by Scorpio.

Think about it; how often have you been banging away cutting potatoes or whatever with something blunt but you really don’t give a merde.

And then one day you’re sawing away and you’re appalled. You want something sharp to score cut through and you want it now. It’s not at all a violent urge but you’re totally going to be cutting some ties soon.

You think?

Oh and i really recommend the ones with the ceramic blade, lol.

89 thoughts on “D.I.Y. Astro: Theory Of The New Knife

  1. My Scorpio house guest bought my a new set of sharp kitchen knives after being frustrated with mine.

    • Uh oh, did you give them a penny in return? Old folk tale is that it’s bad luck to give someone a knife for fear that you’ll cut or wound the friendship. To prevent that you’re supposed to buy the knife from them instead. A penny is the usual fee. Just some random knife trivia. I’ve got all sorts of plants in Scorpio. And several books on swords and metallurgy. :D

      • Thanks Lauren, no I didn’t give a penny in return. It’s intriguing, thanks for that, I didn’t know. I’ll make sure I do! My grandfather was a metallurgist…. and you mentioning metalurgy just got me thinking about him, so thanks again.

    • ha! I can’t believe that. I seriously get spooked (meaning wowoed out, surprised, amazed) all the time with astrology – writing about my recent experience and reading your post from 2 years ago. Thanks.

  2. Dude. That is like ME for the last 2 weeks. Seriously.

    Not just the dragon head, but the nakedness hidden in the forest. That so depicts it. The nakedness being about coming to who I am, the mask an aspect of hiding and the forest, organic, evolving, dark and mysterious, but strangely healing.

    Home to other strange things like me. I LOVE it.

    • To get to the top, create your own profession?

      Your’e looking good in a city of 11 million. A dream job is there,
      elsewhere or somewhere, believe it, Angel :-) x

      • Oh Pegs, lovely words of encouragement!!! And tres true, realizing the fulfillment rather than the fear of self-employment. It’s but a germ, a seed, a nut, but is there.

        Incidentally, Sagg Boss now offering me a new title, raise etc. – i.e. what does it take to gain back your confidence you belong here? I smiled, saying not much. I’d said all I had to, didn’t I?

        Mentioned that I wasn’t confident working with the Virgo Sales Manager, “she has breached that with me, I’m afraid”. He agreed but still banging the Saggable Drum, get on board, get on board. I thanked him for speaking to me still, but my spirit is already way, way down bottom of the sea, where this all dropped me.

        Never mind, Neptune in Pisces cometh. And my Pisces North Node swim stroking stronger.. your hope is lovely. Your faith in me, so nourishing. Thank you pegs! xxx

        • Perhaps you could introduce some recreational knife throwing at your workplace, and practice on the Evil Virgo Sales Manager?
          Put them on that big wheel and spin it baby…
          *makes aiming and throwing motion, complete with sound effects*
          Mooh ha ha ha haaah!

          • omg yes, knife throwing. we had an outline of a man in a previous warehouse and proper knifethrowing knives for practice

          • Hey I need one of those wheels for my Virgo Sales Manager! and Virgo /Capricorn sales team. EESSHHH. More fun back in the shop with 3 other Aquarians! We all know when to throw and have really good aim…

  3. ‘Shaman’s put on ‘the mask’ to work in the other realms’
    from Mother Peace Tarot.

  4. Well, this maybe off topic but speaking of cutting, Mars, Scorp taking up most of my 1st house…

    I got a tattoo today! My first ink!!!! Yes, hello Pluto transit conjunct my sun, I really am letting you take over and recreate me.

    It’s a feather on my shoulder. It’s in honour of all my beautiful bird friends, past, present and future. It felt so right. It felt so ‘nouveau me’. It felt so friggin’ painful!!!!!! But it’s only a couple of hours old so I’m still in the raw ‘oww’ stage.

    But i am warm with joy because now my birds will forever be sitting on my shoulder <3

    And actually, I just tried to cut up an apple with this paring knife and it's completely blunt so new knives are a brilliant idea…

    • Well well, intitation!
      Some say feathers are the closest we get to angels.
      A feather from the Blue Bird of Happiness.

    • The turtle & ghekko on my back shoulder, circa 20 years ago, sometimes
      itches to remind me they are there and i belong to them, they to me.

      Don’t allow it to get wet for 48 hours & don’t touch it yet, let it scab dry
      & clean.
      Sorry, can’t but help being Nanny Franny sometimes.

      • heed Pegs re no wet, touch etc & yes to golden fleece paw paw’s essential, bepanthem also works … enjoy! ;-)

        • There you are RockStar :-)
          It’s been a long time between drinks.
          Hope all is well in your area of expertise, and i KNOW
          you would be enjoying summer to the max.
          Your presence has been missed. xx

    • Hi Hun, hope the artist recommended Lucas paw paw ointment and not bepanthlem .. xx

      • Actually, he did recommend Bepanthen and I didn’t get any. I have some hardcore paw paw ointment (real stuff, not Lucas’ petroleum jelly infused stuff) which I’ve put on. That’s eased the stinging and since it’s helped me before (post-surgery healing to leave almost zero scarring), I feel better with the natural alternative on this.

        All advice is much appreciated, lovely ones! Pegasus, Nanny Franny is most welcome :)

        When it’s all healed, I’ll take a pic and use it as my Gravatar image.

        • I’ve got a big phoenix on my shoulder, so that’s a lot of feathers. My artist recommended diaper rash ointment. I think the kind I used was actually called “baby butt paste”. Papaya sounds like it would smell much more lovely though. While it’s still raw be careful not to rub it with a towel after a shower, you don’t want to drag the lint across your skin. Just pat it dry with some papertowel when it gets wet.

  5. Omg. Creepy!! I have had the same knife block years & years. Possibly since I moved out of home & in with the Toro ex TEN years ago. Couldn’t care less until last week. I am currently OBSESSED with finding new knives. Not just any knives. They have to be THE BEST. Spent 45mins in David Jones the other day looking for the right ones but none were good enough. Bought wine glasses & left. Was literally Googling knives 20mins ago. Mars in Virgo is trining my natal Mars-Mercury in Toro but it feels more intense than that should be!

  6. I saw this picture and thought I was looking at myself… took a sharp knife to work last week because I was fed up with tolerating inadequate implements – seems like I’m getting my mars on 8)

  7. You got ink?
    That’s cool!
    Careful, as tatts can become addictive (I speak from experience)
    I have a peacock feather on my ankle with the Alchemical symbol for the Philosophers Stone in the feathers ‘eye’, and big F-Off scorpion wings (hard to explain) on my lower back.
    Birds of a feather…

      • I was just thinking after I got home that this could become addictive. I’ve got a stupid vein thing (left after a childhood injury) on my thigh which I hate and i’ve always thought about covering it up with a lovely Capricorn glyph… But I won’t get ahead of myself!! Let’s see how my feather goes.

        Your tatts sound amazing!!

    • I reckon Mystic is a reincarnation of one of those Oseberg Witch-Priestesses – She ‘sees’ so much, commenting and posting pictures that synchronise with what’s going down in my own daily life… it fully freaks me out sometimes!

  8. Mystic, I always want to buy a knife! There are so many good ones!

    I have about 35 blades, some big and some with pearl handles, tiny ones, folding ones and one I haven’t opened yet which I will, when I move in to my new house.

    “Stanley Park: has a story revolving around a ceramic blade. I was inspired to buy one when I read that book..
    Mystic, you inspire me:)!!

    Libra sun

    I would love to have a really large ceramic blade; at that point we’re talking thousands of dollars.

    • The only problem with the ceramic blades is that you can still shatter them and you are not supposed to use them to cut/hack/stab/pry at icy things for that reason.

  9. Hell YES! Broke with (hopefully, with much intent) last of the narcissts last year and not 3 weeks later standing in expensive homewards store saying to sales assistant “I am finally grown up enough to need at knife block”. Threw down serious cash and have come of age with men (mars indeed),with help of knife block.

    Hot damn Mystic, you are super spooky good!

  10. Scorpio moon Aqua sun.
    LOve a good knife.
    Every new knife cuts well but old steel found in garage sales or op shops are the best to polish up and there’s nothing like the sound of a steel sharpening a blade when you get the rhythm right!

  11. I know a Scop guy who is NUTS about knives -keeps buying more to collect and goes on and on and on about them (his Scorp brother thinks he is a twat for buying knives just to look at)

    I did have a tradesman (who spent several months on and off working in my house) point out to me that when ever he went into my bedroom there was always a large knife next to my bed……he was correct, I just didn’t notice them there. I don’t why but they just somehow end up there, nothing kinky. (I have Mars in Scorp )

    That said I don’t care too much for knives really . I have several Santoku h?ch?, from Japan, of various sizes and they do all the good kitcheny things they need to do , I don’t need more than that.

  12. A few years ago I was given a beautiful German knife, so good that I rarely used it, as if i’m not worthy. I use an old baccarat knife instead, one that my former bestie left in a sudden and mad rush to another state following her mentally unwell boyfriend after eviction. I miss her but she went mad, and the knife reminds me of her.

    Two weeks ago out came the German for daily use. god it is so sharp and beautiful, even though someone admired the sharpness of the baccarat recently. Just realised Pluto crossed my Mars in Cap but also Mars crossed my Lilith and approaches my Pluto. Love knives but aeons ago had a history as a burner and cutter, and since then have kept a twenty-year watch on myself.

    Can i tell you if you are looking to buy new knives that a certain brand of Japanese knives which are very popular do not stay sharp. They are adequately sharp but not if you truly enjoy your alchemical forays in your humble lab, the kitchen.

    I too find rhythm control and peace sharpening my knives. My family know it but most of my friends seem quite surprised and watch me keenly if they see me doing this. Is that 12th house Scorp? Or 2nd house Mars? Noone else is allowed to touch my knives.

  13. Gee, I never ever have the urge to get a new knife. I have the urge to get rid of some knives, I have too many. I have a drawer full of restaurant-grade chef’s knives I inherited from my mom. Most of them are beat up butcher knives, with nicks and broken off tips. The ones I use most are her personal knives, Henckels Four Star chef’s knives. Oh they’re great. They’re supposed to be indestructible, they pretty much are, but I managed to destroy the best one, a 9″ carving knife. I was chopping up a stack of cooked bacon into bits, I bore down on it with the thickest part of the blade, and all of a sudden, BANG, the knife broke in two, sending a 6 inch tip of the blade flying up in the air near my face, it spiraled to the ground and stuck into the floor about 2 inches from my toes. I mean, I could see this happening if I was doing something wrong, like putting a sideways motion on the blade, but I was using the perfect Julia Child French knife techniques.
    So I took it back to the department store where my Mom bought it, probably 15 years earlier. It had a lifetime warranty, it took a couple of phone calls, but they replaced it. A few weeks later, my crazy sister was over at my house, she had a big cardboard box and couldn’t get the tape off to open it, so she grabbed that knife and started hacking away at the tape. I stopped her and said, “hey, do you MIND not using my best Four Star chef’s knife to open packages?” I grabbed it away and handed her the worst knife in the drawer. She seemed baffled why anyone would care. But she never cooks, she doesn’t know how.
    Anyway, I love my kitchen knives. My Grandfather was an old USDA meat inspector and taught me how to sharpen knives. I never want a new knife, I just want a new edge, so I’ll sharpen the knife I’m using on his old,whetstones that I inherited. The only thing I can’t sharpen is a serrated knife, that requires a special rig and tons of effort with rounded files. Fortunately I have a Henckels serrated bread knife that is so sharp, I have to be careful not to cut through my kitchen counter (I’ve done it before).

    • Cuisine skills, Charles? How Taurean. The only 2 i know
      are brilliant in the kitchen. I can only make reservations….lol.

  14. Never have bought a knife. Gemhub has Kataka Moon and NN in Scorp, he loves cooking/knives etc. Love reading the stores above tho!
    Anyway, he bought some new razor sharp knives that can cut a feather in mid-air.
    So I am out hanging clothes on the hill’s hoist when I realise my little toddly boys of about 2 & 3.5 are not accompanying me as normal.
    There is silence. BAD. I run to the back porch to find each with a PERFECT orange half in their hands. Huh? “We’re eating oranges”, states the elder. I go inside. There is the chopping board and the razor sharp knife neatly next to it.
    Sigh. I tell myself (after checking 3yr old for wounds) that at the Papua New Guinean kids all use machetes by this age and can cut and distribute fruit to their siblings with ease. I tell myself that he has Mars in Virgo and is very careful, but I do too and I am not so no comfort. Tiny kitchens with short benches and tall toddlers are not the best combo.

    • Oh wow, that would have freaked me out! But what a good little cutter he is. Budding surgeon maybe?

  15. Wow. That’s actually pretty weird..I was preparing a makeshift pizza and was looking around in my drawer for a knife, but none of them seemed sharp enough. All I was going to do was cut hunks of mozzarella! But none of them seemed sharp enough to me..

  16. I must always be having some crap Scorpio transit or something. I am natal Scorp Moon and Lilith. I am always needing new knives or like to take them to get the ones I have sharpened. I have swords displayed and love knife throwing.

  17. I have never had the urge to buy a knife…..
    I only have 3. They do just fine thank you. But do need sharpening now that you mention it.
    I was actually afraid of knives as a teenager.

    • Why scared of knives? I learned a knife secret from a Virgo boyfriend from long ago: the duller the knife, the more likely you will be injured from using it. It really changed how I thought about those tools.

      • was scared as a teenager, not now. Not sure why actually.

        my ex pulled one out on me and said he wanted to hurt me with it.

        • realized I left that off without much explanation, but really what can one say to that. He wanted to scare me. He did.
          but I am not horrified by them now.

          today sucked…..and it all started because of a blade. wtf????
          the other day my son brought home a big knife and my other son brought home a tommyhawk.
          there was an incident, no one was hurt but something was broken. I was mad that it had been taken out while I was gone, etc.
          My son ran off ain the cold rain for 2 hours.
          I was a wreck worried about him. someone died just last week due to overnight exposure.

          He is home safe and sound and in the bath. but it just really hit home that I am so overwhelmed and ill equiped to handle life at times. I hate it.

          • OMG…that’s just awful. *HUGS* Glad no one was hurt.

            and yeah I’d hate knives too if I were you. Everyone reacts differently. One of my Virgo exes pulled a knife on me and threatened me with it, but it was a butter knife. It’s not like i laughed then because he was acting all psycho. Plus i was young and impressionable then, a mere 19 y.o. to his 27 y.o self. When i tell people this story now, it sounds hilarious.

  18. Haha! So interesting! I used to have a scorpio bf who lived out of town and who liked to surprise me. But he wasn’t able to do that very often. I’d always know he had arrived because I’d suddenly get clumsy (I’m a whiz in the kitchen, Taurus moon) and drop a knife. Happened every time and only when he came into town. Definitely a heads up I’d be getting my mars on — literally. He also had mars in scorpio.

  19. have yet to be initiated in the swordylove part of life? I’ve always felt amazing using them though….even if i’m just peeling oranges. they’re fun to hold… :D

  20. Accident prone Aries Jupiter, Sun and Mercury here.
    I get aggravated and anxious using a blunt knife. When it is possible I use a honing steel on whatever knife I’m using to prep. Mars in Leo on the cusp of my loaded (in Virgo) 6th house.

  21. I abhor blunt knives. I grew up with a family member who refused to cook unless all of the knives were first sharpened. Sharp knives and decent food prep equipment makes cooking a pleasure, as it should be.

  22. I abhor blunt knives. I grew up with a family member who refused to cook unless all of the knives were first sharpened. Sharp knives and decent food prep equipment makes cooking a pleasure, as it should be.

  23. Ooooohhh, breat insight. I just had a nice visit w/ my 26 yo Scorp cuzzy, and she’s truly Amazing. She’s working towards her phd in psych., halfway across the country from everything she’s ever known. She’s led a rather sheltered life, still a virgin, etc-and she’s finally coming into her own, cussing when she wants to, kissing boys; all that. And during our visit, subtly accenting the background, was a brand-new, unopened set of multicolored, oh-so-fashionable ceramic knives.

  24. Bought myself a beautiful global japanese knife a couple of years ago, i snapped it (crushing garlic) at the top .. and the Pisceans knife has fallen behind the stove (almost impossible to reach – believe me i have tried, evertthing from magnets to long bbq tongs to jamming my arm in there and needing olive oil poured on it to get it out !!)

    so a new knife is in order … will look into the ceramic ones.

    i love the artwork above Mystic..beautiful, as always.

  25. Scorpio rules my 6th. Last time I bought a knife was for my Libran brother when I was in Germany 2004. He adores German things..the quality of some of the products.

    He loves to barbeque (Moon in Sagg?)…

    Mars was opposite Jupiter in 6th. It was a large chef’s knife :)

    • “Get your Mars on or wherever you have Scorpio”

      Interestingly, since I’ve been cooking and prepping foods since on a particular eating plan, I have been wondering where my knife sharpener is…Ones I have right now sharp enough but they could be sharper :cool:

      :lol: I’m gonna cut yo ass

      • Recently, Aries pop told me Libran brother filed for divorce from Scorp wife. I wonder how the knife is doing as far as cutting ties…

        Sad tho, she is my fave sis in law out of four… :0

        Both Sagg Moons…I really must do their synastry charts to understand further…

    • I suspect Librans love knives for different reasons than Scorps do. It’s symbolically a “civilized” tiger claw or wolf tooth sharpened for human use, made domestic and elegant (esp if designed well). Animals don’t normally use knives because they have the crude versions of them.

    • Ha ha! Snap! Such a Mars gift, you Arian lady you! Isn’t that peculiar… my beautiful German knife was given to me by a Libran (my papa). We both adore cooking. He has a kitchen full of highend gadgets (supplied by the Aqua) and has pronounced likes, dislikes and opinions on them all if you ask him.

  26. I spent $800 on a set of German knives this past August.

    Why? Because I’m worth it. Because I didn’t want any excuse to not be in the kitchen, cooking up comfort food to soothe my aching heart. Because I had left my husband. Because he has gender issues. Because I didn’t take anything with me. Because I’m too serene for that kind of divorce.

    They were the first thing I bought after I moved into a new space.

    Things? Pfff. I don’t need your THINGS. What I need is a house full of art and a set of literally the sharpest knives available on the planet.

    • Oh yeah, and Scorpio is my ASCENDANT, my True Self.

      Why did I spend $800 on knives? Because I decided my True Self is worth more than someone’s outdated notions.

      • interesting that you say that your Ascendant is you true self. I feel that way about my Cappy Asc. Especially now that Pluto is transiting. When Pluto was on my moon it amplified my Sagg qualities :)

        Mystic was spot on when she did my astro query for Cap Asc/Pluto transit – “you become the person you were meant to be”

      • Is the ascendant one’s true self? I feel like my true self is Leo. I get that I am part Cap, but the mirrors and need for blonde hair win out.

        • No. Asc is what you reveal to the world and how others see you.
          My Cap Asc is strong because my Sun & Neptune reside in the 10th house, so it gives my Scorpiness more of a Cappy flavour. I did one of those “how strong is your Saturn” tests and mine was through the roof!!! I’m more Saturnine than Plutonian.

          House placements and aspects explains why some people are not typical of their sign.

          • All roads lead home … you might also look to your North Node (present)/South Node (past lives).

  27. sagg w scorp rising fiance demanded ceramic knife set when we moved into our new place, nothing else would do!!

  28. I have a phobia on knifes and especially knife blocks displayed promanently in to home (due to a home invasion). They scare the hell out of me and as a word of caution I think they should be hidden away.

  29. Ok. This explains why I eyeball knife sets for pleasure- Leo Mars (pretty shiny glamour. No matt finish) and Scorp rising (give me black handles baby).
    Now that I have written this down, it’s going to make me sound weird.
    I haven’t bought a set, as I haven’t found the perfect one yet.

    Mmmmmm… perfect knives
    (this Dark Moon is making me so tired and a little deranged)

  30. I have very sharp, thin knives, and at times they attack me, gouging me a little or cutting me. Whenever this happens I try to look at what’s going on in my life that my knives are drawing my attention to.

    (I mostly cut and peel fruit or vegetables, so I use knives that can slice and pare. For general my-pupose.)

  31. I agree with everyone saying that you get ‘cut’ or drop a knife when there is something you need know about. Or a Mars man coming to town!!!

    but i am a bit worried about all this. I have had strong urge to purchase industrial strength toilet cleaner this week and those things you hang on the side. I have become obssessed with it and i don’t think the things at supermarket are germicidal enough.

    i know mars in virgo but what is the symbolism of this please?

    venus a go go – i am also tired and deranged

    • Hi, I totally don’t get this – the last time I was injured with a knife was like 7 years ago, so how does anyone work that shit out?
      I used to obsess too over the Harpic, because it doesn’t WORK!!! And it’s expensive. The answer is bleach. Environmentally un-PC, but pour that shizz down your loo and you won’t look back. And TLS, I am your biggest fan, but…those things you hang on the side of the loo are tacky! Leo to Leo. You are my Leo queen.

  32. Around Christmas time I saw an ad for Peter’s of Kensington with a pic of a Champagne Sabre and the brand is my nonna’s surname. She passed away 8 months ago and I was totally obsessed over this knife but never made it to the store… Thanks for the reminder! I adore champagne so it’s rather apt that I have this knife in my collection ;)

    • Lucky you Lex! I’m sure your nonna was beautiful and make sure you raise your champagne-filled glass to her as you welcome your knife. x

  33. Thats funny I recently made a resolution to be more bold, and when I moved in to temporary accommodation in between more permanenty styliee accomm one of the things I took with me was my kitchen knife, in case there wasnt a good one at my friend’s!

  34. Huh.. We don’t normally do presents for each other @ xmas but I got the guilts spending up in the carpentry shop so I bought uberScorpi a Japanese trad veggie/mango knife I spied there back in December.

    I see blunt knives as a top 10 symptom of a troubled civilised culture in the modern anglo west so it wasn’t coz they’re blunt.
    (except for Iaido where my wooden sword ‘Musashi’ is so cathartic with all this Mars action. fabulous)

    That thing did get my thumb within a week too. ouch.

    • Yes blunt implements are somewhat symptomatic of decay, apathy.

      Iaido…completely beautiful…the art without touching another, without competition.

  35. Jeez ,…. didn’t even have to touch my magic trackpad thingy to post that.. is that Mercury or Mars??

  36. Okaaaaay…. here I was thinking, I just can’t relate to the knife thing but realised a few months ago that my dad bought me a knife!!! I seriously was thinking WTF!! Think I might throw it away. Too weird!!