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So i saw this on the Selby – it is the house of Brazilian designer Alex Hercovitch – and i instantly thought it’s a Cancerian house.

And so i looked up his b-date and voila, he is a Crab. Crab-Peeps do this sort of shabby-chic-old-new-arty-haute-junk thing brilliantly.

Click thru the Selby link for more classic Crab style.

There is always a well-worn, comfort-is-style vibe with these guys, note the rose rug.




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  1. My Scorpio mother has a Cancer Moon and has just begun a bathroom remodel project. She’s very insistent that she can do it all herself, no need for plumbers or tilers or outside help. Problem is that the Plutonian instinct to tear down and destroy often takes over before the project can be thought all the way through. Currently the bathroom walls resemble the photo above, very rustic and a combination of three layers of wallpaper and two layers of paint. They’ll probably resemble that for quite awhile as I’ve learned that the crab can be a mighty procrastinator and can live contentedly in the midst of many unfinished projects.

    • that makes sense. i find that altho the crab is cardinal its like they are a bit fixed in modality- maybe cause they are drawn to the past

    • Hello Beautiful Lauren,
      My Katakan Sun/ Scorpio Moon bestie has been ”working on” her bathroom since i’ve known her !! It’s her ‘think tank’ room, although credit to her – the aluminium windows have been replaced with cedar ones … (but i thought we were all working on our bathrooms ! .. since reading here that Venus rules the bathroom, i got into a panic, have stripped off all the wall paper and now have raw walls that look like a squatters bathroom..working on the funds .. and procrastinating!) my dream wall paper in there (sort of uneveny walls) would be the mariemekko big pink flowers on one wall – to go with the 1950’s pink bathroom tiles … not apink fan myself, but there’s no escaping the pinkness in there…also living with 3 (2 littlies and one biggie) males i really think we need it.

      • Must be a water sign thing with the bathroom obsessions. ;)

        When I was redoing my bedroom and bathroom a few years ago, the bathroom was actually the first room I completed. The bedroom and hallway still looks unfinished and I’m still thinking about repainting them, but my bathroom is lovely. It’s got a pink sink countertop and green checkerboard floors (not my first choice, but too expensive to replace), so in that regard not too Scorp-like. But I tied the pink and green together with some dark purple accents and clean wispy white curtains. I also gave it a Japanese flair by hanging some cherry blossom prints, bamboo print shower curtain and a great poster of a lady sitting by a river with a tiger, above the commode. I even special ordered a little furin (Japanese wind chime) bell from Japan, to hang from the window.

        • Sounds beautiful Lauren, you have made those colours work with uniqueness, like the Japanese idea too, and the authentic japanese wind chime, sweet one. our tiles are all that 50’s pale pink but the floor ones are pink and grey – it’s sooooo naff ! .. i like your idea of introducing a new colour, you’d think as a colour mixer for 2 screen printing companies in the past, that i’d have some idea of how to make it work but all i can think of is torching the lot … (not practical or economic !) xx

    • Thanks for that comment about crabs being mighty procrostinators, Lauren. That was my father, I think his favourite phrase was “gunna do”. I worried about being a bit of a procastinator myself until this morning when I realised how much I’d done with my life and was quite ready to take on new challenges and not hang around like he used to do. Your comment gave me a bit more insight too. :lol:

      • My father too is a mega crab, so between the two of them my parents have quite a few lingering projects. Generally my father complains about something in a passive-aggressive way “the wallpaper in the bathroom is looking very dingy, don’t you think?” Then my mom takes it as a cue to start on a new project to conquer, but she side-steps (crab walks) over the details for the longest time. Hence, the kitchen has a new dish washer, new sink, new light oak bottom cabinets, but vinyl wallpaper for a temporary backsplash and the old dark particle board lower cabinets from the 70’s. The kitchen was last years project. Now it’s been abandoned half way through in favor of redoing the bathroom. It seems normal to me, but it’s the aesthetic I grew up with. I sometimes fall into the procrastination trap myself, but when I’m on my own and surrounded by other people who procrastinate it actually really annoys me, lol!

  2. Well what I think is that it’s a good manifestation of Kataka Sun, I like it, but no no to the two heads, giant teeth and toothbrush on minature chair and porcelain doll in the sitting room. neowrong.

  3. if I ever get my dream warehouse space (lol nearly typed war house!) I would get a cancerian to help me decorate. loved up home touches with vintage restored golden goodness.

  4. I hate it. Grubby and granny. Once again I find I don’t fit into the lace-shabby-doily-nana Cancer stereotype.

    • I don’t hate it. It looks inviting. It does look dirty because of the walls. I hate the clutter. I also can’t fathom hertcovitch’s structured, sometimes even minimalist Designs with……this. It’s so bright and shabby?! The problem with shabby chic is that everyone thinks it can be done…but er, no. Not even fashion designers always get it right :/ that doll head? CREEPY

      • Same same with the dolls head Strangelove – i cringe at any head without its body .. especailly when i see Buddha’s head on a rod on a bit of wood..i’m like “please, for the love of fish – take the inanimate object as a whole .. not guillotined”.

  5. Wow, did a course at the house of a young man that was a worker’s cottage with this styling.. Distressed doors one and all, wish I asked his astro now!
    It was lovely but somehow it felt very distractingly self conscious to me. Maybe with Gem as my chart ruler I don’t enjoy that style. It felt a bit precious, I prefer my surfaces cleaner as my thoughts are very busy. Same goes for highly patterned clothing, cannot deal.

  6. this crab likes it…but just too much stuff. Like the soft looking sofas and the walls.

  7. Agree with FFF above. I like how comfy and lived-in the furniture looks, but there is too much clutter and kookiness for my tastes.

  8. Gave away a shabby chic armchair once, wonder where it is, hope it’s having a good life.

  9. ….and can someone pls explain the very very small chairs?! I dunno. I feel it if it were a holiday house. Cuz it’s the kind of shabby where you don’t give a shit. It would drive me bats tho, anytime after summer

  10. Cancer moon and Venus and I find it…ugh. Off topic, this upcoming full moon is exactly on my natal moon. Anyone have any idea what, if any, significance that will have?

    • Hey Lucy, did you grab a copy of Mystic’s Luna Luxe a while back ? There are ways to ”nuture” your moon …can look up my copy and make some pointers for you if you like. (think this is ok with Mystic?, maybe search here on Aries Moon too)…x

        • Thanks, I did, the main one for Cancer moons was bathing and I do LOVE baths but unfortunately don’t have one right now. :(
          Just wondered if the full moon on my natal moon meant something would happen. Something really good would be nice right now. I do have a job interview on the 12th, maybe my wish will come true or something.

  11. I like it in general, but what is it with cancers and their love of the “creepy doll” look? I know so many crabs who are into that.

  12. God, no. Ok, I don’t loathe it.. but it reminds me of an anthropologie shop. I’d LOVE a visit but not a full fledged resident stay. The small chairs and dolls are NOT a crab thing, at least not this Crab.

    I’m a bit more Aqua-Virgo-Leo in my design sense, one of my main tenets is thou shalt not have it if thou has no desire to dust it. Yet another is thou shalt not harbor it if thou hates looking at it or cannot useth it. The clown chairs and creepy dolls would fail that test. Also, I have mirrors in every room, not small mirrors, huge full size inescapable mirrors. The smallest is in the bath ironically. Venus in Leo of course.

    My homage to crabbiness is the sense of comfort my home has and an astonishingly well stocked pantry/liquor cabinet – even whilst I don’t drink. I DO like how it looks comfortable, but were I to live in this I’d draw endless joy at throwing stuff at the walls, I mean who can see anything on it right?

    But seriously, it’s making me think allergy meds would be in my future.

    • YES…..thou shalt not have it if thou has no desire to dust it.

      exactly. Cancer sun/ virgo rising who grew up with a cancer sun mom who kept everything….and guess who dusted?

      Ditto on the if I can’t use it or don’t like it’s looks.

      • I do like creepy dolls though, just don’t own any.

        Lots of bits of nature-shells, crystals, wood,/paperweights/etheric art/colorful rooms/bathroom as healing retreat/kids’ art/fabric/Goddess and moon inspired/cats

      • i grew up with a cancer sun/virgo rising mom who was a all about clean never do i remember any kind of mess even the junk drawer wasn’t messy she threw everything out. When ever i went out of town or to college she would put on her apron, wading boots surgeon’s mask and proceed into my bedroom (cancer sun leo rising taurus moon, big collector of nature shells drift wood moss…jewelry,clothes,art) throw out anything she marked as trash my well worn fave time well spent embroidered jackets and jeans ah she would make me crazy. I made her crazy she too if you cant use it or didn’t like the looks bubye oh i still miss some of my paintings and treasures haha haven’t thought about this in over 30 years lol she did the dusting for sure but i did have to from time to time god knows she would not let any daughter of her’s leave home without impeccable cleaning skills

    • I am a Kataka with Kataka rising. I love the selby, I guess I like peeping into other people’s homes…!

      The shell of this apartment looks lovely, I don’t mind a little bit of ‘oldness’. But that decor and those dolls – NO WAY. Really creepy. And why so many of them? The old signs, everything overloaded. Ornate seating everywhere.

      It’s too easy to jump on the ‘why do cancerians like creepy old dolls thing’… this drive me bats – as do the dolls – by the way.

      I’m really loving those sparse Berlin apartments, white white white, yet still with an oldness to them.

      Mystic — can we talk about the astro of this guy?? I am dying to know!

      • Wow! There’s a lot going on with Mr. Morita. First thing that sticks out is his obvious adoration for his kitty, so I’m thinking some major Leo influences. Love the photo of them both sprawling on the couch. Other than that I see shiny things, gadgets and buttons, clutter (but it looks orderly and balanced), that big black horse lamp, lots of paired elements too (Libra, Gemini?)…so many directions you could go in! Only thing I could discover is that he was born in 1967.

        • Lauren, off topic i apologise,

          Boys got these as a gift when they were wee little fellows, and now almost 5 & 6 *gasp* they still look through and play with them – a little pricey (Your little Cappie will knwo stlye and quality !) but so far been a constant pleasure for over 5 years and still in good shape, (you may be able to hunt outrmore econmic price) i just googled wonderworld rainbow blocks USA. xx Also looks lovely up against a window with light shining through.

          • No apology necessary golden! Thank you for the recommendation! I just went to the link and my Jupiter in Leo went “oooh, shiny colors!” My sister would LOVE them and especially the fact that they’re multi-sensory. She teaches special needs pre-school kids, many of them having autism. So new sensory toys are always a great discovery! Now I don’t know whether to get them as a surprise for the baby or for her to use with her classroom. Or I might keep them for myself so baby Cappy has cool stuff to play with when he comes to visit Aunt Lauren. ;)


              Morning Lauren,
              My two little ones have autism, the aquarian was exceptionally hard to engage early on, he was comletely in his own little world, i found these sound puzzles amzingly helpful, specially as the boys just would not talk/make sounds apart from humming, so getting into animal sounds – then introdcuing the plastic animals and photos so a cow is not just a wooden puzzle piece, was some of our funnest (a word?) times – not sure if your sister is on to them, but there is a whole range, farm animals, domestic animals, trucks and cars, and instrumnets. It makes a nice clear sound when the puzzle sits properly in place.
              Used alot with ”first (do this), then(you can do that) – getting them used to interacting and complying.
              Good on your sister, what a beautiful heart. I would be a terrible teacher – i’m impatient (really ? an impatient ram ? – well i never!) .. hat off to her Aunt Lauren. xx

              • Me again, to get the children engaged during group and reading time, we have found that Julia Donaldsons books, and Lynley Dodd books were fantastic, both women use rhyming words so the kids get to learn the last word of the sentences, then you’re able to hold back the word and look at them expectantly to encourage them to talk….i can vouch for the first 9 in this lot .. specailly the sharing a shell, and squash and a squeeze (Our beautiful Orthdox Jewish American Speech Therapist told me it is an old Jewish tale!).
                and this is Lynley Dodd these books have been golden since the boys were 1! and we still read them – your sister might like to youtube hairy maclary, slinky malinki, or youtube the gruffalo to get a sound of them first. xx
                Both authors are lovely to read. mwa again ! x

                • Hairy Maclary is familiar to me, so she might already know about the series. I have to hold back on going book crazy at the moment, her shower was book-themed and instead of a card everyone brought a book that they signed. So the baby has a very complete library that he’ll have to grow into once he’s able to read. Hopefully he’ll like books and won’t just skip reading to be active and playing all the time, lol. He’s Cappy Sun and Moon with Aries Rising.

                  Have you heard of the Skippyjon Jones books?
                  The writing is very nonsensical and rhyming. It’s about a Siamese kitten who thinks he’s a Chihuahua puppy and imagines going on a series of crazy adventures. It uses a lot of Spanish and Mexican themes (something perhaps not too well known in Australia? l don’t remember seeing a lot of Mexicans in Sydney when I was there, lol.) You’ll probably have to order from Amazon, just like I’ve ordered a lot of Australian-authored children’s books from there. :)

                  • thanks for the heads up Aunt Lauren, just purchased skippyjon jones as an ipad app. Looking forward to a peak, love hearing about new rhyming authors….i think i get into it alot more !
                    i think your sisters idea on a book for the little cappies shower was just perfect – did she do it intentionally knowing the little one would be a cappie ? – remember the picture of nigella lawsons library !!
                    also remembered that Mystic spoke once of her Scorpio Grandmother, who had a special / bureau of many treasures that she used to open up and let Mystic look through when she was younger .. (this came to mind when you were wondering whether to keep some things at your place for little cappie).

                    Nope, not many Mexicans in Australia ! Used to be a fab resataurt on Riley street East Sydney though (used to do catch up tequilas in there – great big bar going up to the ceilng .. and hammock hanging down from ceiling for when patrons got too enthusiastic ! tried a ”cactus salad” there. (Not the Carlos Castenada sort)…

                    Will keep eye out for skippyjon jones books on amazon.

                    Oh, and which sun sign is your sister, if you don’t mind me asking ? my ‘green behind the ears” guess would be katakan … ? (only that ive noticied there are alot of katakan special needs teachers at that very young age, then the therapists seem to be Virgo (Speech and Occupational Therapy, but Kaktakan and aquarian psychologists, and the most wonderful teacher my aqua had was a gemmie…prodomintaley katakans though – seems like june-july i was saying happy birthday and picking up lovely little smelling things for pressies alot !

                    thanks so much Lauren, for bathroom and book ideas. tootle pip.

                    I can only imagine the wonderful and adventurous time you are going to have with your little Cap Sun/Moon, ram rising. What magnificient childhood memories you will make with him (him i think ? apologies if incorrect) There will only be onwards and upwards for that one me thinks. xx

                    • Goldenfleece, email me at garshydash[at]gmail[dot]com and we can chat about the books and the kiddos. Otherwise we’ll be highjacking this thread for a good while longer. ;)

  13. hmm i wonder if girl crabs are a bit more flowery than the boy crabs? Never do i like the creepy doll decor but do love distressed walls and doors. i am a crab and would so say my style is shabby/chic i built a cabin in the woods on a hill off the grid with big solar windows that i framed this holiday season with white pine boughs. Inside (very small) is a claw foot bathtub that have old marble rectangular steps to the tub, i it painted gold on the outside and it was stained on the inside it was in a field and i found the farmer and he sold it to me for $20. I have a silk rose indian carpet and piped in propane wall lanterns ,(along with antique cooking stove refridge & hotwater) no toilet have an outhouse. i love antiques (most of my furniture) except beds and chaise lounge/sofas. My art work is either masters prints or self/child but i have really been thinking i need to change my flavor a little perhaps a bit neptunian.

  14. Crabby friend excels in shabby chic/messy piles. Seems to love it and has nested in it for years. He knocked down a wall last year which opened it up to the light. I sugar soaped one room and it felt so much fresher (and it was filty with dust) but he reckon he couldn’t feel a thing. meh!

  15. Ewwwwww. I don’t even know where to begin with this….should I start with the crappy walls or the creepy dolls? So not it for this crab.

  16. One of the walls looks like look like it has giant “Hello, My Name Is…” stickers. What’s up with that? Also, most Cancers I know would demand more drawers and shelves — more places to stash stuff!

    Capricorn weighs in: Keep the rug and the purple couch, demand wainscotting, a proper paint job, and some big bookcases. Maybe a bonsai. Teeth/heads/dolls need to GO away so quickly that I wouldn’t even want them sitting in my house for the time it’d take to sell them on eBay. Different light fixtures would be a must.