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And I Will Protect You With All The Fury Of The Heavens


Chad Merritt – Musician, Papercutter, Capricorn – has a Goth art sort of an Etsy; Mon Petit Fantome.

Scorp + Cap seem to me to be the Sun Signs most likely to be Gothic, am I wrong?

Maybe it’s the ritual, history, memorabilia and craftsmanship…?


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  1. Scorp and Cap here and I never got into the whole Goth thing. Maybe because I was already too old? Although I did have a pair of favorite black leather pants in high school, but that would have been punk then.

    • Come to think of it. I was pre-Goth in high school. Lots of black with silver chain chockers and other assorted accessories in the 80s.

  2. Never into the Goth thing, not because I don’t appreciate the aesthetic but because I’ve never liked to be…easily identifiable, I guess you could say? I’m just not a joiner, I guess, and never wanted to attach myself to any group. But I have very dark hair and very pale skin, so people (especially when I was in school) would assume I was Goth just because I wore a black T-shirt or something.

    I think Caps pull off the look the best anyway, with their whole broody-Saturn-cheekbone thing.

    • My Capricorn Aunt was a goth at University. She still is one, but has mellowed since starting a family and her career taking off. She still has interesting dredlocks though. She is a Graphic Artist. For some reason I associate Scorpios with blood, red berries and lipstick, passion – kind of timeless Parisian-Vampire Goths. Whereas Caps, I see as haute couture artist Goths, the real deal. Maybe it’s the Saturn?

      Are either Nick Cave or Marilyn Manson Caps?

    • I agree with you. I dig some of the Goth aesthetics but, I too am not a joiner. I don’t like to follow a leader and be pulled along for the ride. I value my own thoughts and privacy way too much.
      I am more of a lone wolf.

  3. Sun in cap, moon in scorp, I dunno about Gothic, it’s a little on the obvious side for me, but definitely a flair for the macabre, and I am one kickass crafting mama….

    • :lol: I’ve always thought if was a gay man that I’d be a leather man for sure. So sexy!

        • Yes! The smell and feel… intoxicating :) I got a black leather pair (tailor made) back in the late 80’s/early 90’s. Got so much attention whenever I wore them. People just wanted to run their hands over them. They were silk-lined too and the lining would get tangled around my legs after a heavy night of dancing – not so comfy.

          • Ignore my comment. You’ve explained your astro deets down below. Virgo, cool. Love Virgos :)

  4. I think pisces could have a tendency towards high too…. I was of the goth generation and I lived it, though not everything about it… a whole group of friends were moths and I used to hang out w them w my bleached blonde hair and skeg clothes, moved in with my high friends and used to go to goth clubs and take acid back in 91 gosh it was a lot of fun in a stretch your consciousness way, fetish, gender neutral live wad goin on with the cure the cult Sisouxie and the banshees, but I loved the breeders, pixies, the clouds, and local bris music, I think it was acceptance of difference and diversity that was the really cool thing about the group I lived with and the men were so real and lovely and not having to be some macho image they just werent… but it got boring at times very limited and probed to melancholy and dark vibes… ha

    • Oh, plutonic gem, I got into this music too, and the Meanies (saw them live in Sydney), Jane’s Addiction, but from growing up in NSW in a surfing town (acid 93-94 a couple of times but I was really straight-edge into shy, straight-edge boys who rode skateboards). When I lived in London (96) I saw The Cure and hung out with some goths (I never identified as one). This was a great time, like a Golden Age, when I was flourishing as I was a sensible 16-17-18 year-old, no responsibility apart from myself, and full of grounded contagious joy.

      I did not know any Pisceans at that time of my life (apart from relatives).

  5. I mean pisces and goth… because pisces can do the otherworldly thing and androgeny… one of my goth friends was a pisces… sweet boy

  6. love black and white images. i really like the 2nd one with the white bear and all that can be read into that.

    when my beautiful golden boy died, (my big fluffy gorgeous retriever) this is how i saw his spirit going out into the etheric…i knew he would never ever die, that he would always be around me forever in every breath of air, in every drop of water, in every star in the sky etc.

  7. Gorgeous Leo daughter with Libra moon .Aries rising, SAturn in the first—was a very stylish Goth during high school in the 90’s…

  8. 3 x Cappy + 3 x Scorp planets. I’ve modelled gothic fashion & my taste tends towards the gothic & macabre (not the Victorian style goth more fetish/vamp style) but I’m not a goth. I’m more like some sort of punk, bogan, metal, hip hop, goth, fusion freak and can’t really be fuqed with any particular scene (but I get along with people in all of those scenes). Day to day I dress like a male metalhead but if I’m out partying I’ll get vamped up to the max in leather, latex, corsets, fishtail skirts etc…

    I did a quick sun sign survey of all my goth connections and was surprised to find the huge majority are Leos (all of whom have modelled naked) and Cancers closely followed by Cappy, Taurus, and surprisingly only one Scorpio (lots of Scorpio metalheads though). I know a few people with Venus in Pisces that aren’t remotely goth (or alt) but they secretly love the goth aesthetic. Of all the alt scene photographers & artists I know, the majority are Librans.

    • a think a new goth avatar would be fitting for this particular post no?
      Would love to see a little fetish/vamp alien :D

      • Haha :D I’ve been meaning to update my alien for quite some time but I haven’t quite got my shit together and got on the case yet, one of these days I will have to do it!

        (Current alien avatar is a self-portrait doodle I did while testing out some of my mum’s art gear when I was in my early teens – I doodle mad shit everywhere so I just left it for rubbish and never gave it another thought but mum thought it was cute and kept it. I got a blast from the past when she gave it back to me a few years ago!)

  9. This multi-scorp grew up in Central London and missed the Batcave by 4 years but was friends with a few of the ‘original’ goths (as well as a few inaugural ’76 punks).

    Back in the mid-80s it felt like I’d totally missed the heydays, but now years later when I realise the long-lasting impact these sub-cultures have had I am beginning to acknowledge that while I was on the cusp of when they were actually edgy and real – relatively 3 decades+ on I was there for the birth of the movements. (oh god I’m old).

    Mid to late 80s all my friends were goths (or bikers). I, however, liked colours way too much, and so was not technically a goth. I like black these days – very flattering non-colour that it is.

    Leo’s make good goths – we all took 2 to 3 hours to get ready to go out but they really managed that BIG hair thing which 80s goth was ALL about. A few of my pervy gothic friends into the fetish scene (they kind of go hand in hand sometimes) were gemini. And my mopey gothic friend who really had the emo attitude years before emo was even ‘invented’ – Cancerian.

    Scorpio men – yes. There were a fair few of them whacking on the eyeliner and the sexy leather pants.

    • The significance of these cultural movements is huge -and I love (some) punk music. I lived in London in the 90s and frequented some goth clubs in Camden, and this post has brought back fond memories. Thanx
      Ps. didn’t wear black, for me it was very much a phase of wearing very dark aubergine everything.

  10. Different brands of goth, for example there’s a world of difference between Nick Cave and Marylin Manson.

    I know a lot of dark Virgos as I’ve said before and a good number of Aries/Taurus type ‘goths’ but like I said lots of different brands of goth out there. I’ve been told by everyone else for years that I am one but I really never identified with it at all, other than loving Nick and having very dark hair and pale skin (genetics not goth) but as I’ve also said before I am an 8th house Sun in Scorp so my comfort levels for goth type things is very high. I hate velvet though and lace ha.

    • that is so cool!!! :lol: Reminds me of the South Park episode where they took the piss out of Goths.

      Would be fun to assign astro to the different kinds. Some of them are so obvious.

  11. I refused to get sucked into a conversation of what constitutes “Goth”. That is so 1990’s. :p

    But from what I’ve seen, Virgo and Pisces tops my friends sun signs of LIFE-LONG goths, not the oh-goth-is-so-trendy-right-now. But there are some Caps, Saggos (they like the cheap horror-Holloween-type goth stuff), and Scorps there too. I myself am a Libra.
    Signs that seem to not do the goth thing but hang out one degree of it (like maybe embrace punk stylings more) include: Leo, Taurus, Aqua, and Aries. I didn’t include Gemini because goth for them is a phase. Of my friends, they are the ones most likely to say “I outgrew that”.

    • Saggos and “cheap horror-Halloween-type goth stuff” :lol: So true!! anything for a laugh and don’t they just love fancy dress!

  12. absolutely, I’m Capricorn and have been morbid since a child, in high school was into ripped fishnets and chains and all but have since mellowed out, though i still wear black exclusively. The only two other adult-goths I know are Capricorn and Scorpio.

  13. I have Virgo Sun, (lots of Virgo planets in 10th/11th House) and Scorpio Rising with Pisces Moon. I don’t have any planets in Capricorn only Pluto who is visiting my 3rd House. So, my writings have taken a darker turn lately to dig deeper for the truth.
    I am a cross between punk, metal, batcaver, and I always loved Halloween.
    I am not a classic goth but, I have been labeled that in my music reviews. Next to Brittany Spears I would be considered “goth” by the mainstream standards. The average person just sees black leather and slaps a goth or emo label on ya nowadays. They are missing the subtle nuances to it though.

    • I know a Virgo Sun 10th H / Mercury ruled MC person who perfects their recordings in the studio, so clever with language, producers love them (quick to work with) and he throws everything in. Pluto ruling a chart would also take care to focus the finer details and to the darkness.. a Neptune Moon – natural in exceeding the boundaries – great for a broader audience. Wow.

      • The only kick is that Virgos can really caught up in the details and not see the bigger picture. When I work at home, I overwork it. When I hit the studio I try to lay down my vocals in the first take. I practice at home and I hate to waste time or money in the studio.
        I love the studio though!!! I let my intuition take over and after all the practice it becomes a body memory.
        It’s a challenge and I dig the challenge.
        Thanks for your feedback. sometimes I am so used to seeing my own chart I am not seeing the bigger picture. ;)
        I like to describe my chart as Mercurial, Plutoian, with Neptunian influences. I have Leo MC. Which I think gives me the courage to perform on stage and in studio.

        • Leo MC, jeeze, you’re living your chart well – sign of performer, infuses creativity with energy and commands attention, fixed = an MC of staying power, determined, perservering, committed. Have you used sun symbology re stage?

          So your Virgo Sun in 10th is not exactly on MC. My 10th is MC so I assumed everyones is (get caught in my own chart too). Virgo person I talk of has Leo Jupiter 9th – good for o/seas connections/gigs (his Jupiter is exact my Ascendant, we’ve the same Merc, Venus, Mars, his Moon trines my Sun, my Moon trines his Sun). His chart is interesting – visually -naught in the bottom, Sun-Merc-Venus-Saturn-TrueNode all conjunct 10th/MC Virgo. That’s a LOT of Mercury.

          I agree about Virgo details. My ascendant = I get enthusiastic about new projects, creativty, collaborations and then my Virgo planets freak out and I spend all my time making good on Leo’s promises (Lol my Sun is about scales/balance!).

  14. Cap sun conjunct Jupiter, Scorpio rising. Pisces moon.

    In my early 20s, I was more or less a ‘romantic goth’ by definition. I wore man boots, long, flowing floral dresses with long hair worn out and no makeup. Ah, to be young again.

  15. I’m from the generation of trip pants.
    I knew a guy with a Capricorn Sun(also Uranus and Neptune and Pluto Scorp) who ROCKS the trip Pants. I guess I would say he was a gothic punk. He likes music like Korn and Marliyn Manson. He was always doing crazy things with his hair. Dying it, and spiking it. Yeah lots of not so main stream kids wear trip pants nowa days. But not everybody can rock it so good like him.
    I knew an Aquarius guy that wore trip pants. And I just wasn’t buying it. He looks like Andy Milaknockas. haha. The Aqua guy is also into ICP. Lots of people that listen to that kind of music dress like gothic/punk hippy wangsters. LoL (I listen to that music but you would almost never know it by looking at me)

    I knew a Pisces girl that was phasey. Middle school she was gothy punkie… and later rumors that she drew with red marker on her arms to make it look like she cut her self. Then in high school she was all like”I bought these 50 dollar flip flops at Ambercrombie” and hollister this and that.’. Today this girl is probably some kind of hipster.

    I knew a Taurus Sun who was definitely goth. Cool but creepy…oooh and seeing her p!ssed is was scary. After high school she died her hair blue.

    I have a scorp friend who dresses pretty normal…but she always has a bit of edge. Like jeans tank top and a dragon ring from Spencers. She always has edgy accessories on.(spikes, studs, them fishnet gloves) (Scorp Sun, possibly Mercury, Gem Mars, Uranus Neptune Cap, and Pluto Scorp)

    And I have a tripple Scorp(sun,pluto mercury) and Cappy(netune&uranus) friend who always wears black. But it’s not like omfg its a goth chick!’ Usually wears nightmare b4 x mas T shirts. And when I sleep over her house I get to sleep with her grr(invader zim) blanket. Or if anything my made up label for her would be low maintenance goth.

    I knew a Leo who was kind of Emo…but he was also really cute.

  16. I really don’t have any label at all. I’m too random to have one. lol I have Gemini Rising. But I’ve never really been one to be phasey either. Like I’ve never been one to go through a goth phase, a prep phase, scene phase. etc.
    I feel like black is kind of a safe color. It’s sophisticated, slimming, and wont show sweat stains. I don’t like wearing the same color/s all the time…that would just make me feel like I’m in some kind of rut. Last month I realized I have too many black sweaters. And I gave myself a mission to find sweaters that are not black. I bought a pink one. (only bought one cause I also needed leggings. lots of them and undershirts too)
    (my music taste include <3Mushroomhead<3, Korn, Marilyn Manson, Cannibal Corpse, Wall of Voodoo, Ke$ha, Adema, Techno stuff, Ozzy Osborne)

    • I forgot to mention my Sorp and Cap in my chart and others
      I have Moon Pluto Scorpio Conjuction
      And Uranus Neptune Capricorn Conjunction house 8
      And Saturn Capricorn house 9
      Venus Pisces house 10
      Aqua Mars house 10

  17. I would also say Librans– think old school vampy aristocratic look. (social status-esque) Where Scorp is more straight up vamp. Pisces is more like alternative space girl goth. I’m also thinking about peeps with Libra rising (Adam Lambert etc). Or Dita Von Libran sun..