Astro Charlotte Gainsbourg

Charlotte Gainsbourg is supposedly Aquarius Rising and not just that, Aquarius Rising with MARS there.

But she tends to have that cheek-bony, vaguely mournful but chic air that one connects with Capricorn or Saturn Rising.

Mars in Aqua rising is more of a firecracker persona: She’s certainly iconoclastic in her choices and any media she does. But would Mars in Aquarius Rising let herself be so consistently depicted all listless and slouchy? Or is that just Gallic styling?

She has Moon-Venus-Sun in Kataka in the 5th – a loaded 5th house practically guarantees a career in the Arts, no matter what sign it is in. 

Moon conjunct Venus means you have an Official Beauty of a mother – Gainsbourg’s mother is the iconic Saggo Jane Birkin.

As she is Aqua Rising, Uranus is the ruler of her chart and it is conjunct Lilith in Libra. So a blazingly emancipated beauty with depth and some darkness, yes?

Who loves her – who is a bit ‘meh’?  I was the latter but now i’m transfixed.



36 thoughts on “Astro Charlotte Gainsbourg

  1. I’ve actually met her. Here in LA, in of all places, the House of Blues Gospel Sunday brunch during a bathroom break. Yes, you read that right. It’s a gospel revival vis a vis groaning tables of food. We’re talking a full on black choir, proclamations of faith, the whole nine yards. It’s also where they make you get up from stuffing your face and flap your arms around to participate in praise. I like to subject my overseas guests to it with good fun.

    She was there with Yvon Attal, and her son. Tiny, tiny woman. Mussed hair, pale, a slip of a girl. So that’s yes to Gallic styling, the firecracker bit did not come across right away but I reckon as a Kataka she’s way too subtle to let that rip right away? At the time I only knew her from Jane Eyre, and she’d smiled apologetically as she helped her son into the lavatory.

    All I said was, loved you in the Bronte thingy. I’ve Moon in Aqua so I’m not that great with being star struck.

      • Well, tell you what, she was far more old school movie star/actress to me than the likes of those typically wandering our smoggy streets. Very low key.

        When I think of her next to the (groan) Karkrashians, it’s like comparing two entirely different solar systems. Wot am I saying? There isn’t even a comparison.

        • yes, she does have that far away look in her eye, like in deep thought which is far more appealing than the Karkrashians (cash cows.) Even though they are stunningly beautiful but, in a more mainstream way than Charlotte.
          It maybe the difference between being too American vs European coolness.

  2. 8O

    I LOVE HER! 8O

    I have watched most of her films and just love her in everything. I’ve listened to her music, which is cool but I much prefer to see her on film.


  3. Really like her. Find her intriguing. I always thought there was some Cap in her…

  4. I can’t say I find her all that interesting, but she is a good actress and I’m always jealous of women who can pull of the casual, cool, androgynous look. I’d love to dress like that, but it wouldn’t flatter me at all.

    • Generally, if you are endowed with Tits of Bounty, androgyny is not the go-to look. I love it too, I can pull it off to an extent. But I am not built like a matchstick, even if sometimes I wish I was.

      • You’re lucky you can do the pin-up girl, voluptuous beauty queen looks easier. I have to rely on padding to pull it off, even though I have a good 40’s-50’s face. But, I can rock the waif, andrgyne look.

    • Interesting! It never occurred to me that someone with an hourglass figure either couldn’t dress like that or wouldn’t want to. I cannot wear anything vintagey or fifties style as I have no boobs or bum. I have gained weight before, but I still don’t get the curves – just look more like a big parking lot pillar than a pole.

      • us more hourglass-y types technically *could* dress a little androgynous ish, but the problem is that we look like sacks of potatoes because all the shapely components are concealed under shapeless shift-things. If anyone needs to know who doesn’t already, it can be done flatteringly by balancing tight with loose, top and bottom – not all tight or all loose. e.g. fitted singlet or skivvy tucked into flowing maxi skirt, loose man’s shirt belted over leggings, bla bla, you get the drift. I do notice that older men tend to pay more attention when I am dressed like a ‘woman’ as opposed to whatever else I wear.
        younger guys notice me when I wear some kind of rockabilly style top or have an up-to-the minute hairstyle. Or some kind of interesting, cute hat. office attire? forget it, i might as well be pregnant with twins walking a 15 year old labrador for all the attention i receive.
        fickle creatures…
        *wanders off to find more wine*

  5. Me too; I loved The Science of Sleep. But I think I’m a bigger fan of her and the image she projects than her work. I always love the androgyny thing too because it seems to be my go-to, and sometimes I wonder if I’m being judged by it=lack of femininity=personal issues. It’s always so refreshing for me to see women being themselves 100% and letting their beauty translate through that. It heals me.

    • Oh, glad you wrote Sci of Sleep- I loved it too, but has been awhile since I have seen it. Will rent from library again, thnx ! Also loved her in Jane Eyre.
      Very fond of ‘Everything I cannot see’. As far as the Mars/Uranus, didn’t the Lemon song cause quite an uproar/ impact when she was young ?

  6. I find her interesting but when I watch her in films I feel this vibe like she’s a guest star, even if she’s the lead. Like a guest editor; never truly part of it or compellingly believable.

    Science of Sleep was charming but again it still felt to me like fun improv with guest star Gainsbourg.

    • That’s interesting you should say Buckle, “never truly part of it.” I felt the same about her in the The Tree– I thought she was just badly cast. She was a bit young perhaps and not a Mother so a pretty unconvincing preformance but an interesting film–sort of . . . nice tree anyway.

  7. Her father Serge produced was more my style of music. Good effort on her part but i’m more “Camp Meh”.

  8. Antichrist was intense. Gem housey swears she had nightmares after walking through the lounge while Scorp ex & I watched it lol To be fair, she did walk through on the self-mutilation scene…

  9. Loved her from the moment I layes eyes on her. Enigmatic and tense and refined, all at once. I loved her as one of the 5 renditions of bob dylan’s wife and in melancholia, a whole different side of her. She is reserved, which makes her powerful. I stand firm that she should play patti smith in what will soon be the film version of her autobiography “just kids” (such a great and poetic read!). Patti smith is a capricorn.

  10. She made a beauitiful movie set in the Darling Downs in SW Queensland called The Tree.

  11. my gallic girl crush is on her sister, Lou Doillon. I devour interviews with the woman, she is so cool.

  12. Completely love her. I’m a devoted Serge/Jane fan, she’s like a dream blend of genetics!

  13. Another Charlotte fan here. Completely adore both her and her husband, actor Yvan Attal. I think it’s great she works with von Trier, she and fellow Crab Willem Dafoe were great in ‘Antichrist’. Lover her voice, her ethereal beauty, her individualism. To me, she’s just stunning.

  14. happy new year!

    uhmmm i am the a bit mah! do not like her voice somehow she irritates me big time..have you seen Antichrist yet??

  15. as to the Mars/Aqua connection, she is definitely known (Ascendant) for taking on unusual (Aqua) projects (Mars). Her collaborations are eccentric and widespread, and she gets instant attention even for outfield projects.

    For a multiple cancerian she is relatively “out there”, IMO. Also take into account the opposing Mercury in Leo, a strong Jupiter and Sag 10th house…she comes off as more of a lanky archer or wanderer. Her outer planets are heavily aspected, which makes me think she uses the Aquarius/Mars placement in an alchemical, internal sense.

    Personally, I enjoy her work. She is a complex and daring actress, and a very tenacious musician.

  16. I would think Mars in Aquarius rising would help to explain the androgyny; the fragile but tough persona she transmits. Perhaps would also explain how she’s so thin! She does have a soulful Cancerian vibe in that first pic as well.

    I think she is remarkable; an incredible actress & whenever she is onscreen I am unable to take my eyes off her. Most memorable roles for me are ‘The Cement Garden’ & ‘Melancholia'; two where she appears to be playing very ordinary/ conventional feminine figures, but to which she brings incredible psychological depth. I also like her personality & commitment to making independent films & interesting choices. Patti Smith is the perfect role for her – both women are iconoclasts & a role model for alternative ladytypes!

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