Uranian Big Brows

Love how ever since Uranus got into Aries, we’re all big on brows again.

There was a phase where they were getting skimpier and skimpier, near the end of Uranus in Pisces, fashion mods had them even basically blanked out for the runway & some avant garde covers.

Now they’re bigger, bushier and eyebrow growth gels are selling through the roof.

Eyebrows are totes an Aries statement – see here for some fab examples.  The idea is, i suppose, that heaps of hair is like a non-neurotic, opposite of feebleness symbol of virility/primal femininity AND they can look kinda like rams horns.

The expensive lash and brow conditioners work – eg; Lash Fusion/Talika – BUT you can also just bung pure Argon or Coconut oil on for similar effects, yes.

Tres Cleopatra to anoint with oils before sleep-trance.

If we’re to extend out the Aries-fashion-beauty-trends more, we’re all going to be sporting fuqing amazing arms, shoulders & biceps just as soon as we can do enough skull-crushers/triceps dips and so on chez gym.





67 thoughts on “Uranian Big Brows

  1. yea for eyebrows!!! As mine are naturally lighter and thin I never pluck etc.
    I love when men have a stray long eyebrow.

    Mystic, your HERE link did not show up to look at eyebrows.

  2. My Saggo/Moon Leo mom always said I was blessed with nice, curved & not-too-thick brows, thanks to my Venus in Aries (in the 1st house). I’ve always hated waxing/threading. Keep it groomed, sure, but changing the shape? I guess if you have a unibrow or something…
    then again, that might be the natural/lazy taurean beauty thing.

        • VERY WRONG but sooo hard not to….
          quick question if my daughter has terrible unibrows should i ruin her childhood by forcing her to thread thus undermining her ego or ruin her childhood by LEAVING them on and potentially make her suscept to mean comments? If 4th grade girls wear bras now who the hell knows what they’ll be doing in nursery in a decade or two?

          • If her teeth needing fixing, I don’t think you’d worry about if it were wrong, right? If we were all to stay exactly as born we’d never get haircuts, so I vote do it to keep her from the (in my opinion, mom of six) more damaging hurtful comments.

            • I would do it if my child were being taunted of if she simply was not comfortable with it.

              Got teased at a birthday party because in 4th grade I wore a bra…Imagine every girl at the party singing “sweetpea wears a bra…sweetpea wears a bra.”

              Humiliating. One friend’s mother said I should have been ashamed of myself. Just awful some people. At that age it’s confusing enough.

              • Blurb “Madonna is Mean” regards Lourdes unibrow. Don’t know if she still has it…she is 15 now..

                She has Aries Saturn conj. SN 2nd house. That was her karma? (joking). As one poster said “she is owning it”…

                Wonder how she felt about it however. I taught my girls how to shave their legs at 13 and got them very subtle make-up because they were going to be doing it anyway.
                I remember cuz I snuck everything..And shaved my legs in 4th grade w/o permission. I had boobs. I can shave. lol

                Principal literally called my mother and said that I was too “provacative”.


                • http://www.zimbio.com/Lourdes+Leon/articles/zJ32r2g7Wed/Lourdes+Leon+Thinks+Two+Better+One+Get+Rid
                  well it’s over now but Lourdes /is/ considerably older…
                  i should’ve added: this is a totally theoretical question, i have no child to worry about as of yet, but Sweetpea yea i was an early bloomer myself, really bad days

                  that’s pretty much why I’d want to wax it off for her, those years are hard enough without having ANOTHER thing to freak out about yourself-and all alone by yourself too! But wouldn’t making her think there’s something to worry about if she doesn’t look picture-perfect bring her paranoia?! and then she’ll turn to anorexia to ‘fix’ herself even more because if mommy thought that having a unibrow was bad then obviously she’ll agree that having muffin tops is bad too! urrrghhhhh

                  • Yes, like if Lourdes was not self conscious about the unibrow then by all means keep your mouth shut..

                    Started my period when I was 11. Sat in front of the mirror and thought to myself “I could have been anything…ANYTHING! If only I had not started my period.

                    Thought I was dying you see. That’s how little Moms who were raised in the 50’s communicated with their daughters about such things. At least from what I could tell..

        • I know someone who left their little girl with a monobrow – yet it’s no longer there in recent FB pix

          she’s 7
          how young is too young to wax a child’s mono?

          am out of touch …. bra’s in year 4, hell my 7 year old Leo niece has heels, Taura mother doesn’t posess even 1 pair ….

          • Maybe Madonna was taking her vanity issues out on her daughter…Saturn conj. SN sounds like a heavy fuqer. Lourdes will be all the wiser for it.

            Worse things have been known to happen.

  3. Oh, boo, hiss to big, thick eyebrows!. Mine have been virtual eyebrows since I was born, non-existent except for a few whispy hairs that you need a microsope to find. I have always had to use eyebrow pencil to even have a trace of eyebrow definition. I am so deeply, deeply envious of great eyebrows, lucky buggers.

  4. Mystic, if one has Venus transiting the 1st house, would it be a good time to get a bit of cosmetic work done to one’s face? :)

  5. Is that why my brows are bonkers? Can’t be bothered with them right now. Focusing some weight loss at the moment. Down 19 pounds, grieving weight shed, looking to be gorgeous sometime next year.

  6. Oh sweet lord, YES bring back the unreconstructed alpha males but sans 1950s sexism. How about 21st century alpha males fwEeeee

  7. I love thick eyebrows on a woman my aries friend had the most beautiful. I find w ageing mine are out of control wiry and thinning thanks for tip te coconut oil

  8. Arms and upper body will make me sexy and. Bring my bubble butt in to line with buff body..my eyebrows are mono but as a guy il pluck n ope people understand. Scorp eye brow arches.. All this eclipse stuff is rendering a new me but need psychological issues sorting out first.. Build a strong foundation first.. Then im gonna be on fire.. Uranus about to oppose sun and libra multi conj stellium.,, what should i expect guys?? Please help me

    • Try this:

      Building a strong foundation is good. But be careful not to cling because this transit is about external changes, and internal need for freedom. A bit of pride and stubborn insistence here. So find good psych help you trust, someone caring but honest to help unpack the anger. You may in the end find you are someone you didn’t quite realise. Expect the unexpected! If you’re a fixed sign this might hurt, but i’m sure you have strengths and skills.

  9. yay to the demise of the pencil thin brow – love to appreciated a well groomed bushy brow over an over plucked version!

    Taura sis plucks the begeeezuz outta hers daily, doing dreadful things to what essentially anchors the brows just either side of the nose (is there a name for that?) – gently tried to explain the benefits of growing out & then a professional shape – she interpreted to be tow hairline thick vs 1! she’s an attractive girl but the brows let her down.

    on a separate note one of my besties is a leader in the field of brows & lashes – if yr in sydney – http://www.lita.com.au/ – your face will be reborn, guaranteed!! xox

  10. I have dark, prominent eyebrows, slightly darker than my natural hair colour which is common for everybody non ?

    My first recollection of anyone commenting on my eyebrows being darker was a Catholic priest/ teacher in ninth grade.

    “Do you colour your eyebrows ?”, he asked.

    “No Father” a little underweight due to teenage anxiety but definitely not anorexic me squeaked out. Later I thought, wah…why does HE care ?

    He also taught us that sex was bad.

  11. Plucked my eyebrows thin once when I was 18. Hated it and grew them out immediately. I am very picky about my brows and anytime I’ve had them waxed they look okay but I prefer to do them myself.

    Notice in certain light the sides of my face seem to have more peach fuzz…

    Jeepzus gawd, what does it say about Aries and beards. :lol:

    • Moved down under in 2006 and noticed lots of facial hair on ladies here which I had noticed in London. Think it’s the obscene amount of sunshine that promotes healthy growth.
      Would love to grow my brows back but keeping that peach fuzz down takes all my waking hours.

          • In Iran (ex husband’s culture), the women use two pieces of string to get hair off the face. I’m actually not hairy and I see the peach fuzz more so in the magnifying mirror.

  12. All I’m seeing is the Doctor Who creature that was essentially just a face on a flat piece of skin.

  13. Not a fan of thick eyebrows. Funny about the Aries shoulder thing though. Recently realised that I have a thing for girls with Mars in Aries. No idea why, they drive me mad! Many arguements about acting without thinking. Prompted me to check & yep! Toro ex – Mars in Aries. Cap ex – Mars in Aries. Virgo ex – Mars in Aries. My only explanation is the shoulders *melts*

  14. Liked the thin eye brow look when I went through a 20’s fashion thing years back, which tied in a bit with my gothic thing, then I decided I liked the Manga look with lots of makeup… then I grew up and went natural. I like brows to look in between I guess.

  15. My brows are high maintenance…
    I am naturally fair, so I dye them darker to accentuate that Scorpy high pointy arch thingy.
    I am also renowned for my left eyebrow raised, WTF? look of DOOM.

  16. I have very sad, wispy little brows. I’d love for them to be a bit more substantial. As it is, I have to fill them in or I look seriously weird.

  17. Mine are very defined, have to be plucked daily and still remain massive. I love it and can be very judgey about other people’s brows. Aries rising!

  18. what happened to the woman’s face, on the blog post feature image? its all stretched out and flat…

  19. skinbrushing soooo works and exfoliating with mits and jojoba or bio oil does wonders ! facewashers do wonders when you ‘soak’ and ‘compress’ your face a few times with them using a bowl of warm water with a drop of lavender oil in bowl..

    yes love smooth surfaces hahahaha :)

    if anyone tries it who hasn’t done it b4 – always go super gentle on your skin – neva ‘scrub’… just lightly brush fast or slow all towards the heart

    i’ve gone bezerk with it…dry skinbrush rounds and up downs pre shower, towards the heart, wet skinbrush in shower and slathering oil all over bod first or last thing each day, and processing the oil into skin with exfoliating mits once a day…after dinner is nice so it soaks in pre sleep time…hahhaha

    would so love to have Nefertiti’s profile am thinking :)

    yes, skinbrushing and an oiled, exfoliated body for breakfast, lunch and tea and
    dinner has worked wonders for statuesque-like smoothness :)

    • oh and following up with an icey cool splash or compress after a warm shower or soak – brill for circulation…and in my case Saturn self control lol

      • i’m staying home sick thanks to my saturnian self-control button….you know that ‘NEVER LEAVE THE SHOWER BEFORE ICING YOURSELF WITH COLD WATER UNLESS YOU WANT DULL FRIZZY HAIR’ thing? yea. i do that, even in the middle of winter :/
        but please say more about your beauty routines, you sounds a lot like me when it comes to skincare.

        • hi rosebud i just like to keep it all simple and do-able. I think the stuff i do is possibly some version of a traditional Germanic water hydrotherapy/body spritzing in origins that i read in Leslie Kenton’s books of years ago. The Egyptians… i read somewhere used to use oil to ‘wash’ their bodies, slathering it on then scraping if off with a butter knife kind of situ – but i’m sure Cleopatra would have a more elaborate ritual, than i make it sound.

          i like doing this stuff because it seems to work, is simple, costs v. little but i am no supermodel person either, hahaha…i so don’t believe in paying a thousand dollars for a jar of anything, i like the natural approach too

          I especially like using a nice light oil on the face in the morning first thing, like rose oil or any nice light skin oil, putting it on when wake up and then when have had a drink and found my compass to the bathroom door – doing maybe ten rinses and compresses with a face washer while leaning over a nice clean glass bowl of water with a drop or two of lavender (or any other essential oil) water…i like how ‘pressing’ a warm water soaked facewasher (or warm herbal mixture if doing a exfoliate/mask) on the skin seems to clean and invigorate the pores of the skin, rather than rubbing or using hands to move the skin, kinds leaves it feeling supple and awesome clean feeling and firm, like a ‘rosebud’ hahaha xx and how a cold compress on face straight after as finish ‘tightens’ the pores and skin kinda thing.

          i do love a good slather of any rich cream with rose ingredients in it too – i esp. love ‘trilogy’ rose ultra hydrating cream or rose night cream :)

          • oh, excuse me rosebud, i do hope you keep warm, regain your wellness and feel fabulous again very soon xxx

            • :D thank you very much, i’ll keep my eyes peeled for any rose stuff (feeling very articulate) and IKR and in the end those $1000 bottles only work for the first time you use it….probably why they make em so small, so you can’t actually test it for results! >:( xxxxx

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