The Revolution Will Be Spreadsheeted: Mars in Virgo Mania

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Mars in ANY one sign for as long as Mars is going to be in Virgo will be intense.

But in Virgo – already the sign of perfectionist over-achievers – of COURSE Mars is going to go hyper-bats.

And maybe you will too.

But chances are that you will look/feel/be fantastic by the end of it and your revolution will be spread-sheeted.

SO how are you doing with Mars in Virgo; fit, feisty and fearless all of a sudden? More determined? Irritated?  Organized?

It’s only been a few weeks and there are months to go of this.

I say channel it. Imagine you have a ferociously efficient and awesome soldier at your disposal – what are you going to do?

Set this guy to work minding the lemonade stand or figure out some sort of over the top audacious challenge to master?





121 thoughts on “The Revolution Will Be Spreadsheeted: Mars in Virgo Mania

  1. Weird, me too… I used to call it insomnia but now I’m waking with lists forming in my head and an enthusiasm to get up and put the ‘extra’ time to productive use.

    Finances, love, work, fitness, all going through Mars in Virgo boot camp at the mo and loving it. Except one weeny Neptunian mishap last night with the Blue Devil, bad takeaway food and too much chocolate. Back to boot camp today tho’ !

  2. I have had the most intense gemini eclipse, followed by a surprise gift of realising that my chart is filled with squares…which im totally embracing as all challenging all empowering..
    I am coming out of a year of intense personal growth. I am totally creating my own version of myself dictated by heart, head and a lil spice…
    its like my inner soldier is creating ‘Waite Tarot nine of pentacles’ lady in the garden with crazy firey falcon… and I have just made a mix tape to go with it all… all fem diva fantastics.. including Rhianna whom im totally out of the closet about – fuqin fantastic!!!
    Merry Xmas all xxxxx

  3. Hmmm… I’ve taken up Ashtanga Yoga, am planning on starting a barefoot running regime (waiting on Invisible Shoes from America) and am taking a selection of Ayurvedic herbs so excellent I think I’m going to have to cut my medication….

    Oh and I’m putting my poetry together in a Chapbook and I’ve started painting again… Am taking my Art mega-seriously – am having an exhibition this time next year :)

    If I had a 6 foot 5 warrior at my disposal, he’d be making me power smoothies, disciplining the kid’s craft area and holding my handbag. 6 foot 5 hubby thinks this is very funny…

  4. No to exercise, but yes to sorting out health and physical body issues, and an INTENSE switch to being passionately interested in Feminist Issues again, insane reading binges on non-fiction stuff, almost at Masters study regime levels – but for FUN.
    I want the exercise bit, as I have chocked on all the weight I lost this year, in 5 weeks. All my gorgeous new clothes no longer fit. I am gatting back into it. Slowly.
    Also doing workcover for an RSI injury. What an absolute waste of time. This is the most ludicrous process. I certainly do not feel supported.
    Finally, I have a ‘friend’ judging me as a friend, according to her materialistic criteria, and I am not happy about it. My position is I have been a very flexible and supportive friend, to someone who is extrememly neurotic and highly strung, and I don’t see keeping a psychological balance sheet as being a friend.
    Lets not mention the job situation……

    • Hey there, postmod, two things struck me and i cheer you strongly with home-made rah rah pompoms:

      Doing it slowly. As long as slow does not mean halt, then this is a pace you can keep up all the time. You can always amp up later (or never).

      The unsupportive friend. Sometimes we forgive too much based on the friendship of the past, or our moral code. When the chips are down, you get to see how your vulnerability sometimes sparks a cruelty you never saw before in someone you trust. Jealousy. This happened to me when i most needed support and was most isolated. As alone as i was i realised even in my broken state i was better support to myself than my “friend”. What’s the point of doing my shopping when you shred my self esteem?

  5. This Mars in Virgo is coming on like a high powered executive dominatrix whipping my affairs up so I’m forced to organize them whether I think I’m ready or not. Not exactly a soldier type for me… The whip is out. Yikes!

  6. Yup, just found an app developer in Cyprus and a format for an interactive e-book. Steady as she goes, the good ship Libraquarius is forging ahead, never been so Virgo in all my life :P

  7. Well these past three days I’ve been slacking off like nobody’s business. There must be something else at work in the stars…

  8. On paper it LOOKS like I’m being super-productive, am getting a lot done and making uber-arduous plans for this coming year to transform my life into a whole new kind of fab. I even broke up with a guy because he refused to schedule ahead. But it FEELS like all I do is sit around drinking wine, eating carbs and reading my horoscope/asking questions of the oracle.

    • me too girl. I know I’m chipping away but no major breakthroughs and lately carbs and wine are my best friends. I’m heading for another poutathon this weekend after hunky doorstopping the Lusty last night. Didn’t go so well and am more confused.

      Woke up with an old Don McLean song in my head ‘Empty Chairs’. Its a didn’t know I loved you till you were gone kinda song.
      I’m the one going in the scenario as the Lusty does not know or appreciate what he has being with me.
      What to do. I know channel, chanel, spreasheet etc etc aaaagh!

      • God, I so know that feeling. Will youtube that song… In terms of the Lusty: Now, I’m no expert but in my experience silence (like the deafening type for a prolonged period of time) followed by happy non-chalance when they finally get in touch, usually works wonders to rectify a lack of appreciation. Still, easier said than done!

        I just spreadsheeted 2012 and 2013. It doesn’t sound like it would help, but somehow it does. Now where’s that bottle…

        • *passes said bottle and chugs it first* I don’t have the patience to give the cold shoulder an Im a Leo we hate hate hate being ignored. but maybe Mars in virgo cuold help me with that one. mmm will ponder as I take another swig. what do you think?

          • HAHAHA, I really know what you mean. Depends on the whole story. If you CAN ignore them back, then do that (even if you have to delete their number) as it will help in the long run. But it’s so damn hard and honestly, only do it if they are REALLY worth it as it’s painful. And frankly, how dare they ignore you? God. Now I’m cross on your behalf. Give me my bottle back please.

            • PS. He’s not Pisces is he? They can be infuriating. But then so can Aquas. And Sag. Hell, I’m running out of signs to date.

                • AQUA MOON!!! Gah, I hear you on all levels. *rips jeroboam out of leogroover’s arms and hooks it up to an iv drip*

                  • thx sister but no iv drip required. Thank you for Men in Aqua moon (MIA) alert but no need, i am eyes wide open here and I seem to handle the roller coaster with thanks to my fellow MM MIA supporters over 2.5 years.
                    Love youse all mwah mwah and love the way you put up with my rantings.
                    There should be special category or psych ward for lovers of MIA or aqua men in general. My two brothers are aqua suns i grew up with ‘it’.

  9. Daily habits mean success. Every action, every choice has power and defines who I am. My mantra lately is I am the sum of my habitual choices. Change a small thing and do it consistently, and I change my future and my being. Yeah, that’s pretty much where I’ve been since M moved into V. Until Merc went direct and I took a couple of days off and got addicted to eating salad with spicy hot NYC style pickled peppers. I’m not sure what planetary aspect or movement induced that, but I’m back on schedule and won’t be playing here at the site anymore for awhile. :(

    • Changing habits bit by bit is a great strategy AS. My best wishes to you on that.
      Shame it has to see you go again, I was enjoying seeing your voice back.
      Take care xxo

    • Not to show how ignorant I am, but how does one figure out what transits they are in the midst of? Thanks!

    • Sixth house Virgo would indicate you’ve got a seventh house Libra, yes? Libra rules the seventh house (is in dignity there; it’s natural home). So therefore that’s a truly strong and great placement for you, I would think…

        • Look no worries, but I’ve just had a thought that you should contemplate seeing an astrologer (if you don’t already)… it seems to me that you have all of the zodiac signs almost perfectly aligned in their home – IN YOUR CHART!
          For eg., if you have virgo on 6th, libra on/in 7th as natural rulers then surely you have cancer ruling 4th, tarura ruling 2nd, aries 1st, pisces 12th??? OMG this is very very AUSPICIOUS Barista Gem. Seriously, in the least you should be researching this and seek advice as to how you can best use this in your life.
          I’ve never seen this before!

          • 8O

            Really?! I’m not perfectly aligned, I am Pisces rising at 23 degrees, so the houses begin to separate from there. I am a triple conjunct Gemini, Moon, Sun & Venus in the 3rd house. I was lucky enough to have Mystic look over my chart a few years ago and she said I should focus on writing because of my 3rd house placements. She also spoke about my Virgo Mars and Saturn conjunct placement in the 6th house, which also houses Jupiter at 3 degrees as being quite good also.

            • Wow, that sounds like strong mercurial for sure. I am an astro-feind, no expert, but it stood out to me. also, in my study (non-accredited) I have found that a person with a planet in the house that the same planet is on cusp – is defining/auspicious. For eg., a friend of mine has moon in cancer in the 4th and the natural ruler of the 4th is cancer and this, in her opinion, describes her work-life-self. another has mercury in virgo in 2nd and chart ruler of 2nd is virgo and is how he makes his living. another has sun-mars-venus in gemini in 2nd and gemini is also on cusp of 2nd and neptune-uranus on MC ruled by aqua – waiting to see how this manifests when she is an adult – I would assume she’ll be making a living through mercurial/gem/air sign/communication are key themes of the natal chart.

  10. Definitely channeling this mars in virgo energy in full force. i am an aries, virgo rising, so my ruler is in my first house. I’ve been hitting the gym..I never thought I could run on a treadmill for 40 minutes but now I am doing it! I broke up with my loser exboyfriend, making money doing some freelance writing, and determined to be the happiest, healthiest person i can be! And preparing to study abroad in Melbourne come Februrary.. wee :)

    • Yes, but calories in calories out is totally rubbish biology. Humans aren’t a closed system, for a start….

      Check out Gary Taubes’ “Good Calories Bad Calories” or Mark’s Daily Apple. I’ve lost 40 kilos eating like this and not exercising AT ALL.

      I’ve only just got onto this Mars in Virgo fitness kick, which is a good thing as at 40 kilos heavier I would have blown a knee :) :) Or hip socket….

  11. After 8 1/2 years of having a house I am in a very scheduled manner of making it a home. Clearing out clutter like there was no tomorrow and eyeing a Feng Shui course. I’m lovin Mars in Virgo for it is totally getting my life in order and moving me to a happier place.

  12. I’m irritable at my own lack of energy to get things done, especially since my list is MASSIVE. Painting again though. Getting really strict on healthy and unhealthy habits. I’m seriously inspired by the organization we do with the baby I nanny for: did she eat her green? did she eat her orange? okay, now we can have the rice puffs. I’m seriously considering making a chart of how much green, red, and orange I need to eat. Gold stars and a tattoo when I’ve been successful.

    • Also, taking extraordinarily great pleasure in my face routine. Cleanse, treat, mask, tone, moisturize – yes, yes, yes!

  13. Please tell me what a spreadsheet is?
    Is that it under ‘I-Work’ software?
    Doesn’t an IN-OUT column work anymore. IN basket-OUT basket?

  14. An awesome Man of the Forces helping me? Spreadsheet?
    Would do much more than spreadsheet with him, would be spreading the sheets.

  15. I am not feeling inspired. Could it because I have Mars in Virgo in my natal but it’s being over-shadowed by all the Pluto in Cap crap in my chart? Help!

    • Hey George, I didn’t see your comment as I was writing mine. I do wonder if having natal mars in Virgo cancels out the vibe, and yes we both have the Pluto Cap going on. I’m too busy trying to process big change. Doesn’t help that I’m having a Neptune transit as well.
      Feeling great though. I’ll feel even better once the “festive” season is over UGH!

      • Oh good so it’s not just me. I hope for you that the change being brought on will be positive. I’m feeling a bit rudderless right now. Lot’s going on but not having a clear idea how to move.

    • Maybe with natal Mars in Virgo you are always organized, focused anyways and you don’t see/feel a shift> Mars in Virgo natals tend to be very busy, organized peeps. I have it also! I could be working myself to the bone and still feel lazy.

  16. So there is the definition of fuqing spreadsheeting of a more
    interesting occupation.
    I just experienced the most sensational body under my hands
    no tatooage, no piercings,no jewellery, an Adonis body.
    Imagine me massaging-teaching being so so professional that i can’t comment
    that it’s the best healthiest emotionally spiritually & sensually come across for
    aeons. AFTER he tells me his regime. He should market it. AFTER i tell him my
    One day i’m a gonna toss The Professional & just ask if i can help myself to the banquet
    laid out, all trusting-like. Like open to the universe. Like every molecule.
    You get the picture. *sigh*.
    Well it IS Venus Day.

  17. Nope, still not feeling this Mars in Virgo vibe, even though I have it natally. Still getting up around 10am and the only list I’m making is what to organise/pack for my trip to the tropics next week. This Scorp thrives on sweltering heat. Can’t wait to get away from this miserable Sydney weather. Counting the sleeps, my feet are so itchy I might pack tonight :razz:

    • Could it be that you don’t really have those major routine structuring things going on in your life at present Scorpy? Thus why you are not feeling it so much?
      Ie, no work reason to get up, be diligent, fit things around others requirements of your time etc? And one can only write shopping/holidays clothes lists for so long.
      So it may be a little like you have given him the lemonade stand, or the laundry to fold, whilst you’re hanging out on the couch with Neptune and Pluto?
      (does Pluto do couches?)

      • Or, prob a better interp but with less cool visuals, mars in Virgo in your 8th right? So amping up the Pluto in Cap thing, given the relations between mars old Scorp ruler, mars exalted in cap, Pluto 8th house blah blah???

        Though I bet Pluto doesn’t fold laundry either.

      • yes, you’re right. No routine, no structure = not feeling it.

        Me and my mate Neptune definitely on the couch. Pluto… NO!!! He doesn’t couch. He’s down in the basement, doing something, but he ain’t telling! :lol:

    • I have Mars in Virgo natally too and didn’t feel the shift because, I think we are always making lists and organizing anyways. But, I felt the shift two nights ago when I couldn’t sleep because, I’d rather stay up and organize stuff on my computer.
      I also love hot, hot weather and am currently hating winter. yuck! damp, wet cold not for me.

      • Hehe, well Scorps do live in the desert. I’ve never quite understood why we are a water sign.

        It’s hilarious reading about the creatures, because it sounds SO much like Sun sign Scorps.

        “Scorpions live in dark places such as under rocks, in bark, or in the shadows of buildings during the day. Scorpions are usually out at night. Scorpions like warm climates, they are found usually from Southern United States to Patagonia”

        Love it!! I love sweltering heat too but tend to avoid direct sun. I prefer the shadows :)

        • Scorpions also live in the forests. We have scorpions here, in the decidious/evergreen forests of very northern california(closer to ORegon than San Francisco). They live in dark places, under rocks and such. They come in dark red or blueblack. They are only about 2 inches long. Luckily they are not deadly…..I got stung by one about 11 years ago. I was digging up bulbs and one got me on my finger. (I had my scorpio husband and scorpio next door neighbor at the time).

          • ooh i love forests too – all kinds. How cool would a pet Scorpion be?!

            Very symbolic of you to get stung by a scorpion around that time.

            • oh yes….north node in scorpio. I ALWAYS have at least one close by, usuallly a few and some scorpio risers too. My besties right now is scorpio rising and her husband is a scorpio.

              Pet scorpion…interesting. Saw a photo of a mommy scorpion with all her babies on her back. Way cool.

  18. Mars in 12th hitting off my natal Venus. I have discovered all sorts or romantic rules and have no problem articulating them at the moment. Seeing how being proactive and articulate about my needs keeps the Virgo-Venus nit picking and self guilting in check. Kind of cool. I haven’t had sex in ages but I do have a having sex action plan that can be – as much as I hate spreadsheets – easily spreadsheeted. Whew! Wonder what else 12th house crap I’ll be spreadsheeting next. Super tired/dreamy lately.

    • Well!!! Spreadsheeting your sex action plan!!!

      Having my mars already passed my venus, I knew what I didn’t want, and what I wanted. And sometimes they switched places! Now I want what I want and have no one in sight.
      Good luck.

      • Thanks! I’m being stalked by a Scorpio. I’ve never been stalk by a Scorpio before. Kind of fun. I have my list of demands consolidated. And it feels good to take time for myself to know what those demands are. They actually aren’t that ridiculous. Perhaps Virgo standards seem more normal while everyone is having an extended Mars in Virgo transit.

          • It feels good to embrace my virgoness without the self-guilting aspect. I don’t care so much what happens with the guy. It’s just nice to meet someone who doesn’t freak over my intensity. And I think mars in Virgo is helping me show that side of myself up front. That’s the spreadsheet part of it – I have high standards and their mine. No one gets to hang around and make fun if me or label me for that which is a short summary of all my past relationships.

  19. I’ve become a mad woman, spring cleaning and throwing out things that I’ve only had a few months, all in the name of avoiding what I actually KNOW I should be doing during this time: I’m going to run a marathon. I’m giving myself until 2013 to actually get up to scratch but it’s a bit of a crazy idea given how unfit I am (I don’t DO exercise – yoga doesn’t count).

    I blame the spreadsheeting iron person who was featured on here a few weeks ago! It was just something on my bucket list until then. Now I’m getting strange urges to write up an exercise timetable and calculate the protein content in everything I eat.

  20. Pluto in Cap is on my Neptune, Mars is around my Lilith right now. I am so not doing the Virgo trip. that is all.

  21. Have finally grown a pair and going to dob in my ex, the dead-beat Dad into the ATO and take his ass to court.
    You want bitch? I’ll give you BITCH.

  22. I really like what Mars in Virgo is doing for my workouts and general weight loss. I’m losing weight without really trying hard: Just eating healthy things but only eating during daylight hours with ~70-80% of food for the day consumed by noonish-1 pm. NO food consumed after 7 pm. No calorie count. Just eat until full, not exploding-full. Working out steady but not crazy. Mars is Virgo is accomplishing what all the other Marses have tried to do all year long and failed at. I could do with some MORE Mars in Virgo. I’ve natal Venus in Virgo and MC there. Natal Mars in Libra. My 6th house is Toro ruled mostly.

    • I think Saturn might also helping with the weight loss. I’ve noticed a lot of Librans have lost weight during their Saturn transits. Have you seen how amazing Dawn French looks? A-m-a-z-i-n-g!

      I’ve actually put on 3kg for the first time in, like 20 YEARS, thanks to Jupiter transiting my 4th house, where natal Jupiter Taurus resides.
      I know 3kgs doesn’t sound like a lot but I’m a Cap Asc and I’m horrified that if I don’t nip this in the bud now, it’s going to be really hard to shift once I hit menopause. My two biggest Cap Asc fears – being fat and poor. Thankfully I have a Saturn transit coming up next year :)

      • Actually I zoomed up in weight at the beginning of my Saturn in Libra transit up near the weight I was when I was miserable in my 6 yr relationship…the weight I said I’d never be again…. It wasn’t until Mars was on the tail end of Leo that I was able to lose it and it just snowballed easily from there. I can see my goal weight so close. Maybe only a month or 2 more and then maintain. I had tried earlier this year to try and lose weight but it was like everything was doomed to failure for some reason or another. Weather in my area has not been cooperative but I put the nail in the coffin with sloppy eating habits. Also Saturn in Libra made me work so hard on my job there was no time to “work out” or make healthy food.

        And yes Dawn French looks great! People need to stop bothering her about whether she wants to wear black or not. It’s like geez….give it a break.

        Jupiter in my Taurus makes me lose weight even in 6th house. LOL! I actually looked back the last time that happened and sure enough…does correspond with another weight loss period. Not really…weight loss for weight loss sake…more like makeover for a better ‘me’ phase.

        • @ YOF, 6th house is the Virgo house, maybe that’s why it’s easier for you. Jupiter expands the health & fitness vibe of that house? Jupiter in the 4th expands couch time. LOL
          I have Gem NN in my 6th and loathe routine when it comes to health & fitness. I mainly walk and jog occasionally. Can’t stand gyms and I tried yoga once but got bored. At least with walking/running, I can do it whenever I feel like it and ALONE. It is very hard to get motivated when the weather’s crap though. I’m thinking of getting some type of machine for home. And of course when you’ve worked your arse off at the office the LAST thing you wanna do is COOK!

          @Georgesand. Oh phew! It’s a Cap Asc thing and not me being shallow. I’m still the same clothes size I was as a teenager too, albeit a bit softer around the edges. I have nothing against fat people but I’m petite in stature and would loathe to be short AND fat. :shock:

          • I feel you about gyms. Waste of money if you ask me, plus I loathe talking to people there. I work out in places remote, like not even the internet is there, such as mountains. Other than that, I walk, snorkel, and jog and explore. I like gardening. What’s really nice is that as it gets colder where I am, more people avoid going into the water, which means more water time for me. Most people won’t swim in water colder than 75 deg F. I’ll tolerate up to 50 no problem with no dry or wetsuit. I used to tolerate things like going to the dojo to do martial arts but I am in a people loathing phase right now. I guess numerological year 7 starts early for me.

            What kind of machine will you get for the home?
            I miss my stair stepper. That thing was awesome. I would park it in front of the TV/DVD player and go.

            • I hear you on the people loathing phase, except mine’s not a phase :lol:
              You’re so lucky to be near mountains. I would love to go mountain climbing. With Saggo moon any activity I do has to feel natural and outdoors otherwise i cant get enthused. One thing I love doing when I’m at the beach is rock climbing. I could do it ALL DAY! Indoor rock climbing is amazing too & gives you an all over body workout like you wouldn’t believe! but I hate that you you need a partner to do it.
              I’m thinking about get something like an ab blaster or something that tones my legs & abs. I use to have natural abs of steel but now that I’m 3 years shy of 50, it’s all gone soft like pizza dough Hehe. :shock:

          • You should try Pilates, Scorpy, not on the mat, but with the reformer machines at a proper Pilates place not just a gym.
            Very Saturn/Capricorn, with all its emphasis on core strength etc. has done wonders for my back/posture etc. plus there’s a slightly masochistic edge to those machines that I’m sure your scorp bits would find amusing, AND, you get to do most of it lying down.
            I’m a complete lazy exerciser and used to just rely on incidental walking to sort me, and like you find yoga etc boring, don’t stick at any one thing for long etc. but Pilates has kind of filled enough of my useful v lazy v easily amused parameters that I’ve found myself sticking to it without even really noticing.
            Except for how much better my spine issues are.

            • oh yes, I love machines and the masochistic edge appeals!! :razz:
              I use to love using weight machines and I would love to take it up again but I’m just loathing gyms at the moment… and other people’s sweat eewww.

              Incidental exercise is my favourite too. Lucky I don’t have a car, it forces me to walk everywhere.

              That’s great that you’ve found something you can stick to without noticing. Well done on the spine issues too.

              I’m off to the Whitsundays next week, so get to do some rock climbing, Yaaay. Can’t wait to get away from this miserable wintery Sydney weather.

              Right. I’m off to fake tan my legs in preparation. 3 mores sleeps til I feel the warmth on my skin. It’s gonna be sublime :)

      • Tropic of Scorpio — I too have the Cap Asc and being fat is a bigger fear than being poor. Lol! I know what you mean about gaining just a few kilos and panicking. I can still fit into my clothes from high school.

  23. working on my house again, which it so needs. Kicked it into gear on my bathroom today and got alot of things done.
    Cleaning house alot, getting rid of excessive paperwork and things. Even my daughter got rid of some things.
    Been walking a tiny bit, which is more than I have.
    Health seems to be improving too.

    • yea!!!!!@!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      so glad mars has finally trumped neptune for me. So needed it.
      Got daughter’s room painted today and she helped. Pretty pink.
      Feeling tons better about my house.
      Mercury direct in my 4th house has helped.

      Tons of laundry done, cleaning, organizing.

  24. I’ve gotten fat in the last few months but I am excited to change it. Once the holidays are over then it’s work work work. My mars is nattily Aqua so I don’t know if this is actually kicking me into spacy hyperdrive or what. Have to admit I have been aggro the last few days. So much energy in all my majors tho and I am generally feeling good and like luck is on my side.

  25. I am having a Mars-Mars opposition (exact right at this moment). My astro software warns me against exasperation. I just got back from a meeting with our web geek. I am too exasperated to even speak of it.

  26. WOW! i am getting rid of all books and dvds (to charity) and going only digital, with apple tv and all that.

    i am also uncluttering my mind, as mm is always suggesting, by not thinking about men i may or may not love or be sleeping with unless they are in front of me with something to offer.

    Carbs and chardonnay are still good friends of mine though. may i suggest walnut bread with cheddar. very biblical. or like rumi. who was the guru who liked bread and cheese and sex?

    • Not sure, but that sounds like a fab guru. Never tried the walnut bread and cheddar combo – think I’d better. You know, just to be thorough.

    • I was forced to recently sever things with a man who accused me of being daggy for liking chardonnay. His drop of choice was a Cloudy Bay sauv blanc. Um, hello, is it 2003? I didn’t think so.
      Love your notion of mentally decluttering the men and shall adopt it forthwith.

      • I am saying AUM everytime I think of the Lusty, kinda works. best medince is MM saying its bad for the skin and hair. bad ju ju for a leo gal wif mars in Libra

      • I work in the wine industry in Margaret River and I can say with absolute authority (ahem) that chardonnay is BACK! Who wants a wishy washy NZ sauv blanc when you can have structure and character? Depth and complexity? He’s clearly just shallow, whereas you have a refined and mature palate.

        I wonder if you can judge a person’s astro by the wine they drink? I’m ultra-Plutonic and only like a wine if it’s got layers and kind of slaps you in the face as you drink it. What was his astro like?


    Article from today’s Sydney Morning Herald, about how a Journo lost 19 kilos in a year by … *drumroll please* …Spreadsheeting her calories !

    Happy Weekend all ! x

    Hey, if anyone gets a chance – i tried Seabird(s – who writes here) frankincense, the Hojay one … It’s beautiful, I feel cleansed (but wired – due to complete madness at home – 3 Air sign visitors – one of each- from the Uk for about 8 weeks or so .. man i’ve never talked so much – outloud)
    Been walking round with the resin while everyone out to calm the Zingy Zing Zingness down again – so it can restart afresh when we’re all here again at the same time). Could not have come at a better time.

    PS Seabird – if you’re about, thankyou so much. xx

  28. great photo! :)
    Virgo Mars is on m 1st h. now and will be traveling back to the 12th h. what can l say interesting!!
    yes feeling irritable not having much patience with sleazy peeps, lot’s of energy…my progressed moon will be in the 6th h. till august so it all works in the same direction!
    …l was thinking of going back to do some sports! don’t know what yet but l sure have the energy for it!

  29. I started my NY’s resolution but broke it Wed/Thu because I’m just so freaking tired that the circles go around my eyes and are indented…weeks and weeks of fatigue.

    First thought: need a holiday. Wait til Xmas has come and gone then start fresh.

    Second thought: THE FUTURE IS NOW. This very minute. I’ll do this with an iron bar in my teeth if i have to. AND love my body first, with the discipline not just the pampering i do so well.

    When you’re fatigued, pampering turns into sloth. I can’t love myself like this. Someone asked me what’s my plan to do this? No more plans, I’ve been doing the planning for two years and i just compartmentalise and get tricksy with myself. This time it’s DESIRE, WILL and DOGGED JOYFUL PERSISTENCE. Even if i’m tired i want to be something i’m really proud of.

    • And kisses to all here, whatever sparkles i’ve got you’re welcome to share, cos looks like we all need some INSPIRATION. Yeah! ;) xxx

    • ‘when you’re fatigued pampering turns to sloth’

      .. this I relate to of late and it’s not really my way. I do allow myself sloth time but it’s gotten to be ridiculous and I’m now starting to measure and compartmentalise my time into work, doing the necessary things and sloth time not real me time. Even my music has become a little work like rather than fun and love.

      I just realised I wrote compartmentalise too! :)

      I’m doing it subconsciously with everything lately and it’s not authentic to me.

      I have started to feel a more conscious shift in what I value in myself and therefore have in my life be that people, things or experiences. I’m liking it and testing the waters. It’s a little awkward as I’m prone to chastising myself for not being generous enough about where everyone else is at but I’m about done with being taken advantage and placing a higher value on the prize (me) in a non arrogant way. I’ve had a couple of awkward discussions to this effect this week. They went well enough but I can’t say I enjoyed them. And yes, of course I take responsibility for my part and will file that under growth and wisdom.

      The astro said by the end of the week Sag would be seen as a force to be reckoned with or words to that effect. Reckon I can feel it.. or something and I’m happy to go with a slow build up not an explosion, deliberate and consistent not careless and random.. still pondering how to reconcile discipline with my wild side.. I don’t see that I should have to forgo one for the other but in the flavour of all that’s been of late I won’t dither on that too long and will trust it will sort itself out if I just get on with what I want.

    • Remember to take time out to take care of you too! Get a massage or sleep extra and do epsom salts bath. :)

      Also if you are not veggie, try a bit of organic chicken or beef liver. I know it’s gross, but it was used during earlier medicinal times to “cure” fatigue. I swear it works better than any supplement!

      • I do the baths.. just not for a while. Timely reminder :)

        Uhm… liver? Yes.. this is something I had not thought about for a while Mille.. I have to get my head around it.

        I imagine you’re right as one of the ideas within chinese medicine is that if you want to strengthen a particular organ you eat that particular organ.. so liver being the detox agent (western) but the ruler of blood, sinues, tissues, muscle etc (eastern) is probably a good anti-fatigue cure. In addition to that it pairs with the gall bladder and they are the ‘decision makers’ of all the organs.. eg viewed as when strong and fully functioning give the ability to decide/act etc.

  30. Have spent the past two days plotting, scheming and massaging an event schedule for 100 film sessions over four cinemas. There’s a lot of spreadsheeting going on I think I may have entered some kind of event management euphoria trance.
    My Mars in Virgo has a serious hard on right now, and I think that is a good thing.

  31. forget about rising up to the challenge of your rivals, that’ so mars in leo thinking.
    raise the bar, set it high, don’t worry if it’s too high, people need something to reach for.

    venus and mercury in virgo

  32. Mars is transiting my 3rd house and my sister just told me that I am over identified with my new healing work and it’s all I bang on about.
    Lol, she had just had her first session too, which given her lack-of-belief system btw, was very touching.
    It’s totally true tho, I have lots of brain energy for things I am curious about atm and am impatient with erm, discussing what I see as trivia.

    Now this is a problem as I have Mars natally in the 3rd… Must keep my words sweet the festive season, particularly while driving or with siblings.
    That’s it! I will spreadsheet polite trivia/stuff other people want to talk about ?on my daily schedule!! Thanks Mars in Virgo, there is always a way… ;) Amusing sis suggests another option is meditating instead of talking!!

  33. Mars in Virgo conjunct venus in 1st has (spookily) manifested for me in the following way:
    was given the most beautiful jewelry for my achievements.
    That’s a venusian gift as reward for 1st house acknowledgement.
    The venusian gift were HUGE sapphires – a Virgo stone (I’m not a virgo sun, btw).

    Oh, and I’m sooo watching my spending right now on venusian things.

    The astro is pretty darn magic right now.

    • oh, and I also had 2 minor freak-outs: 1) I thought I was going to be late to something (sooo wasn’t, so virgo), and 2) not being able to get to the details of something else. This is soo mars making my virgo merc go bats and virgo out… only a bit.

  34. virgo in first house, but not rising. I just missed out on a promotion and I’m already thinking of ways to make sure the person who gets ‘my’ job is going to do it right. Or conversely, ways to be reluctant or recalcitrant in terms of doing my current job properly when they take-over just to make them suffer. Gemini was eclipsing on my midheaven – so i feel like i haven’t taken proper advantage of the astro to get the job

  35. Mars is transiting my 11th house, but I feel it could be acting on my 6th, particularly as I am doing the fit thing like I have not done if ever…. no I have before but this is different. There’s a different energy this time, it feels very Virgo… I’m lovin it

  36. k so i was in a slump, read all these comments and felt a bit better that SOMEONE out there’s doing well, sighed and accepted to hate my life forever, got to SAT practice…. 1980 on a trial exam. LOVE you all xxxxx

      • going through 300 pges of pics, trying to get to the bottom of it and get rid of excess, beautiful stuff – that IS so Virgo! Enjoy

        • *dead face* it’s been THREE HOURS- it’s 6 am!!- but i love virgo so much now, i’ve gone from 339 to 180 pages! Totally got rid of all the repeats and thousands of sea pictures- couldn’t tell them apart after a while :S overall i did enjoy myself thank you x

  37. am going to harness mars in virgo (which i also have natally in the 4th conjunct jupiter and north node) to not give into urge to rummage through bin to find last bits of block of chocolate i had thrown out. also signed up for jan 12wbt round.

    let’s do this thing! :)