Team Jupiter: Jordan Romero & The Seven Peaks

“…ON Christmas Eve a 15-year-old from California phoned his mother to tell her where he was. He was on the summit of Mount Vinson, overlooking the Ronne Ice Shelf, about 1200km from the South Pole.

At her home in the town of Big Bear, Leigh Anne Drake has received calls from six similarly elevated locations in the past five years. At the age of ten, her son had been on the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. Over the course of 2007 he was on top of Mount Kosciuszko in Australia, Mount Elbrus in Russia and Mount Aconcagua in Argentina. The following year he ticked off America’s Mount McKinley. In 2009 he was on the Carstensz Pyramid in Indonesia.

Last year not long before he graduated from junior high school, Jordan Romero had called his mother to tell her he had become the youngest climber to reach the top of Mount Everest, at the age of 13.

Now, he has called to say that he was the youngest person to have conquered the seven highest summits on each of the seven continents (as well as climbing Mount Kosciuszko).…”

The Australian


This is the sort of news that has parents all over the world glaring at their offspring slouched over the X-Box, ready to snarl “if it’s good enough for Jordan Romero to climb Everest before breakfast, perhaps you could shower/tidy your room/not grunt.”

Jordan Romero is, of course, insanely successful, fit and motivated. I’m pretty sure i had issues leaving my room to go to the mall when i was 13.  Critics claim he’s being pushed by his mountaineering father and/or that it’s actually all a massive marketing exercise.

That it’s not so much Team Jordan as Brand Jordan.

Still he’s doing it, right? Antarctica and a crusade against “junk food and soda” are next.

Annoyingly, I can’t crunch his astro properly without a birth time BUT the boy is a Cancerian – Sun conjunct Mercury. He has Mars-Moon-Venus in Gemini; that actually IS the Power Of Glib. Yes, he’s already doing motivational speaking, a book etc.

His Pluto is at the super-powered Zero degrees point of Saggo and trine Saturn in Aries. Saturn-Pluto is the astro-signature of self-created empires. People who have it are driven to demolish non-viable structures. They can’t stand stagnant conditions, being out of control or not having something to conquer.

He’s also got Jupiter in Capricorn (more empire) square Chiron-North Node in Libra + his Saturn in Aries. So that’s like a singular destiny for sure. Jupiter in Capricorn climbs mountains/builds empires for the hell of it – squaring his Node, he can’t help but go BIG.

Chiron on the North Node? He’s serious about healing his fellow teens of their junk food addictions. 

Sun-Mercury in Kataka and the Jupiter in Cap; he’s also canny and a super-savvy biz dude.


49 thoughts on “Team Jupiter: Jordan Romero & The Seven Peaks

  1. Totally Off Topic Except That I’m A Cancer: should I shave my hair off???

    Umm ok back on topic: I’m making salads today. No not just ANY old salad. Insalata caprese, waldorf, white cannelli bean, garlic and tuna etc…

    Ermm I am having this weird issue with exercise and have done for like … 2 years? I just REFUSE to do it. Even though I’ve exercised all my life: ballet, jazz, calisthenics, volleyball, walking, aerobics, weights etc. I get so irritated now when I hear of people climbing things and being fit and stuff. Like the guy above. I want to kneecap him with a baseball bat for being so fuqing fit and healthy.

    What’s WRONG WITH ME??? :shock:

        • A Cathardic Cut ?
          Leave non-fit loving hair on the floor of the salon, and get your trainers back on ! (i need this advice also … unmotivated Ram that i currently am … boot camp starts up on 7th Jan..and Aikido first week of Feb..but feeling lazy/unmotivated as till then .. not good)xx

          Go Jordan ! hat off to you, young motivated man.

    • Shave your hair off?!
      Are you channelling Sinead O’Conner – may not go well, and you’ll end up a Sin-head…
      Perhaps try a full Brazilian first, and see how you go.

      • I would never subject my vajayjay to such horrid treatment again! The poor thing looked like it had mumps for months after the last one … ewwwwwwww. The fresh cut lawn look is as far as I go. HMF

    • Hey….I’m a crabby too….just gave myself major new haircut last night at 1AM…ha.
      Gave myself lots of bangs straight across forehead. NICE. feel great with the change. The rest of my hair is mid breasts.

      Sure it will be fab if you want to, but you do have lovely hair.

      • What is up with us Crabby folk at the moment?? Gin, screaming, crying, cutting up our hair..stalking exes…plotting a toros demise? Or just egging his new car and house?

        • I would imagine Pluto in the house of Lurv isn’t known for sitting around all zen with the knitting … more like stabbing people in the head with a knitting needle when they’ve done us wrong.

          Perhaps before devolving into complete psychos we should ask the Scorps how they deal with rejection/abandonment/others basically abusing our instincts to nurture, care and be kind then disappearing off the face of the earth when we DARE to have our own requirements.

          So Scorps? How do you deal with being shat on from a great height by someone who professes to be your friend/soulmate/greatest love of all?

          • dont you have mars in scorp too prowl?? Or Aqua?..

            Burn them, pretend their dead.?? Scorps hely us out here, Ms where are you??

            I could spend a life time seeking revenge on my boken heart, but instead i spent two hrs at the gym flogging myself, did a spring clean of house and clothes, room etc gave myself a facial, didnt cut my hair thou Prowln… having nice dinner tonight with another fellow crab girl, (who mind you, cannot help me at all, as she herself is in a fuqed up relationship with a Bi sexual guy) she does have moon scorp though and has offered her services of stalking via txt to the El Toro… i said i would think about it.

            Can i say you know all to well about Toro men!!

            • I am learning about Mars and how it functions – I thought Mars in Kataka was in Fall or operates in pass-agg ways, but Mars in Scorpio and/or Aqua described above (stalking via eggs and texts) runs circles around Mars in Kataka (often withdraws, retreats into shell e.g domestic sphere and their imagination, and gets defensive but too scared to act and so is weak).
              So, Mars in Scorpio or Aqua stings and rebels when angered?
              The Cow-man must have been a scoundrel.

            • Yeah well mine was a double serve of Toro (Sun + Asc), not to mention Aries venus … selfish little $%&. Moon in Libra tho – vain as all bloody hell. You know that Stephen King novel Thinner? Well I curse him with Fatter. I hope he gets FAT and jowly and develops a bad case of haliotosis and chinese food smelling body odour that no amount of drenching himself in his expensive bloody manpumes will EVA cover up! And I hope his next girlfriend says “no seriously – you have the smallest cock I’ve ever seen!”

              Ummm nope I have Jupiter in Scorp. My scorpymeter is pisspoor. Mars in Aqua yes – ultra Uranian. Who’d have thunk?

              • Hilar.

                Oh lord Prowls, you make me so glad the Toro I barely knew did not pursue. He had those same astro signatures and Mars in 8th square Pluto in 5th.

                I told (yes my fuqin’ powers that be, lol) that if he is not good for me then let it not be so.

                It has not been so. Can’t say I care. I still think relationships are a distraction to my goals ultimately. Can’t help my Ariesness. Once upon a time I was domesticated…but broke free.

                A month or so ago tarot lady said “you are a survivor”…

                Damn straight ;)

          • well thank heavens i am not stalking anyone…already seriously learned that lesson this year, but was following gut instincts that multivirgo was not on the up and up and I was right……
            but have decided since then to just follow gut instinct. And not to lower myself to low pluto. sigh.

            but today made many revisions to the letter in mind to vanished saggy….
            goes something along the lines of how incredibly evolved I am because i am so understanding and non grudge holding and/or how he has now won the award for quickest vanishing act after such high levels of enthusiastic delight at getting to know me….congradulations.
            It alters between sweet enlightened love to dripping sarcasm.

            I also had visions of me spurning all previous loves from last few years in front of each other….lol….those daydreams felt real good.

            I cried on the way home….something I rarely do anymore since I let go of scorpio exbf….it’s like he drained me out of it.

            But realized… happiness has been hard won and I will NOT relinquish it easily. So I shed my tears over my very excruiting losses over the last 3 years, sent my past me love, hope, and positive energy to know that yes I do make it through.

            I am so feeling this pluto in cancer sun’s love house…it also coincides with my 5th house….

            Good luck crabbies and sea goats!

          • Can’t speak for the other love scorned Scorps out there, but here’s my twist on it.

            We are mortally wounded for life, and never quite forgive, nor forget.
            – loyalty is everything, and betrayal of trust by ‘the one’ we dared to bare our souls to: the most heinous of crimes.

            We sit and wait patiently- like a spider in her web – planing/fantasising/obsessing on the best plan of attack.
            Timing is everything and NEVER show your hand before you strike…

            Or, V hard to do, but: do No-thing, and watch them get twice as much karmic comeuppance without your involvement, guilt free.

            • yep Scorpio love runs deep. I’ve seen Scorpio gals remain in touch with partners long after the break up, but never go back. I’ve also seen Scorpio gals cut contact, but never forgive. Isn’t the Scorpio karmic path one of learning to let go?

              • yes it is
                My north node is in scorpio and I have learned so much of that from my scorpio lovers…It use to scare the shit out of me, and when I did let go of my entire life except my kids, I just about died. But now am happier than I have ever been.

                • Thanks, that makes sense. Libra path (Sun Libra in fall) is to become their own authority and not please/care for opinions (Venus comes naturally), balance their stark independence (Mars) and partnership. Whereas Aries path (Sun Aries is in rulership/exalt) needs to learn to assimilate Venus properly, and then inspire and motivate others, not just be the solo warrior, independent. I’ve got my Learners plates on and find all this incredibly interesting.

                  • I agree with that north light but as an Aries it’s taken relationship with others to cultivate that independence in order to be of any service to others.

                    I actually know alot about Venus having it opposite Neptune. Love has never been hard for me…but boundries and coming into my own, yes.

                    Understand your learning tho…I am too…x

            • my ex hubby is scorpio and the only other man I have lived with, my ex bf, is also a scorpio….gulp.

              NO one stings like a scorpio scorned.
              I know all about revenge, hitting below the belt, kicking them when they are done…thanks to them.

              No offense to scorpios cause I truly adore them, even the exes. scorpio north node and IC here…

              • Maybe it’s my Cap rising but I don’t do revenge – it’s undignified.

                I just break all contact (it’s the only way), then wallow in my misery until the pain passes. The last one that affected me deeply was 13 years ago and it took me around 4 years to get over him. I vowed never, EVER to waste that many years of my life again. Getting over him made me realise I could get over anyone. He was the benchmark.

                I’ll still love him to the day I die (but I’m not in love with him and have no intention of ever going back). He was a lovely guy (Virgo sun, moon and rising in Aqua) and I feel blessed that our paths crossed but it wasn’t meant to be forever.

                • Yes, I am far to ‘proud’, and have done too much inner work to seek revenge – Totally doesn’t stop me THINKING about it though…LOL!
                  “Harm ye none…”
                  “Do not meddle in the affairs of Dragons…”
                  It often takes a couple years or more, but eventually you will sit back in awe and watch the ‘guilty party’ get theirs, and then some.
                  Karma baby.
                  Let the Universe do its job – it does it well.

            • “betrayal of trust by ‘the one’ we dared to bare our souls to: the most heinous of crimes”

              grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I So Get It.

    • prowln — You should shave your head so that when you decide you want a mop of flowing mermaid locks, I’ll have a head start. Mwahaha.

    • lol! He does seem to be a bit of an over-achiever but, he is young and full of energy.

  2. well I can say this…there is no way you could make any kid I know climb a mountain, especially mt everest, if they didn’t want to.
    His father may strongly encourage him but no way could he force him.

    • idk. I’m witholding judgment until he is older. I know a couple of Crab children right now. One has 2 Scorp parents. Can you imagine being raised by two of them? I’m sure they get away with nothing. :) He is like a trained monkey to climb. He climbs really well but he does it for the attention more than for love of climbing. He is actually the really annoying one too to boot compared to his younger Toro brother.

      • well….this crabby wouldn’t now and wouldn’t have as a kid either. I would have told my parents where to shove it.

  3. Not shave, maybe just a lop off..short pixie style..suit your gem rising!!

    Yes to getting those joggers on and just doin it!!

  4. Fascinating post MM. (welcome back too)
    Climbing a mountain is also to do with conquering self, right? And, squares can be about motivated, internal challenges? Jupiter is in detriment in Capricorn if it is in exaltation in Cancer, no?

    So that’s how Jupiter in Capricorn square destiny’s North Node of the Moon in independent Libra does it.

    I wonder which houses and cusps were involved.

    I have Sun conjunct north node in Libra square to Jupiter in Cancer involving 2nd, 3rd, 11th, 12th houses and cusps (….. yes, still working out what it means, my guess so far, which is also via a MM phoenix – something to do with working on values through communication to groups and being in background while doing so??).

  5. There’s a serious mountain climbing guy in my town who tried to scale Mt. Everest 3 times and failed to ever make it to the top.

    • i imagine that would be devastating for him
      could we surmise (for astro practice sake) that perhaps he did not have enough squares, or was not channelling the power of the climbing mountain goat sign, or perhaps he had several really strong but unaspected planets in saggi and it was really all about his journey there?

  6. Asked a friend how far her brother got up Everest and she was annoyed with me like I was mocking him when I admired him for even trying.
    (didn’t get up all the way because of that altitude-lungs thingy)

  7. My boss rock climbs. He is old but very active and fit. He is a Jupiter-type and I presume an Aries Sun or Ascendant – has that jaw jut and i cannot keep up with him – definite fire trait.

  8. I have total respect for the people who summit Everest because it is hard. There’s no oxygen up there and it’s cold.


    it is not “real climbing”. K2 is much much harder. Everest is a ramp. You just have to endure no oxygen (carry your own), extreme cold, and keep moving. Plus you are pretty much required to be a dick to other people who have fallen down and can’t make it to leave them behind. It is not my kind of climb. Plus with all the dead bodies piled up up there and trash, there will eventually have to be a clean-up up there. :(

  9. WOW, a younger family member has Sun-Mars-Venus in Gemini and Uranus high up on Midheaven – a writer.

  10. Well, all I gotta say is that

    “And I can see Russia (er, Big Bear Mtn…snow capped at present) from my backyard”

    Yes, Prowls, I totally get ya with the exercise thing. This year, this year..

    My Kataka girl scales the mountains…maybe not to that degree, but go kid.

  11. I hope he is taking care of protecting his skin with all that outdoorsy altitude !

    Jupiter in Capricorn here, and in my tenth house……* surveys her empire* hmmmmm…

    Used to go on hilly 100km cycle rides with ease back in the day ( like when Walkmans came out)
    Now , Often find myself asleep on the summit of papers, books, pens, phones and devices….alas methinks the only empires I have built remain within. Quiet defiance.

    • Hey Twinnie Baby,
      Shazzam on Jup in Cap in 10th house .. why does write beside it (on the planet glyph little box) that it is Fall. ? Do you know what that means ? thankyou oh wise one ! xxx

      • GF, we have MUCH in common huh?
        You didn’t speak of your empire ? ;)
        ” do you know what that means?” – frankly no, but I have something to say nearby it :)
        My take on Jolly J in Capricious Cap being in fall is exactly that Cap wants to take the high and hard road, earthily, unlike Sag for instance, where J rules , taking it whicher way is bigger and better and more fun, baby! Something so frugal and potentially miserly about Cap serious and stern approach seems at odds with the J-planet, non? And with maintaining an authoritive reputation in the world, unless one happens to be born Good King Wenseslas or George Michael etc….

        Saturn rules Cap. Saturn has rings , which I see like border patrol. Jupiter has storm clouds allover, or am I mistaking it for Venus ( I love them both , especially in a room together ) Cap is steady, tenth house is maturity, Jupiter is just big on arrival and very up. Tenth house sobriety and Jupiter woot! Do I make the point ?
        But a goat’s gotta eat, and a person’s reputation has gotta be seen and I think Jupiter is the luckster to draw in great bounty if the goals are well set and the boundaries are clear.
        Apologies for slack-speak , braindrain- today I am juggling 3 boys under 7 and their control- freaky grandfolks. It’s like The Gremlins meet West Wing. Bizarro. Of course I’m taking it like Wonder Woman.
        Wishing you a wonderful 2012 Gold fleecy. X x

        • Wow – Thanks Twinfish,
          So, i spose Jupiter knows that it’s all smoke and mirrors, and we can’t take it with us – so Jupiters like ‘make the adventuroues memories, who care if you are going to live on beans for a month – get ye arse off to *insert fab country/festival (for you?) now* – am i on the right path ? ..i really like the idea of Jupiter chosing the more jovial way rather than the more mature way … i can relate to that.
          I feel most immature around Cappies ! I fell like i need to reign right in, and act prim and proper…although once warmed to me, they let me rip sans judgement, but they say Aries is bossy !! (“pigs arse “- to quote my leo Grandfather ).
          Lovely year ahead for you Twinnie, thank you for all your intersting musings and insights over the past year…May 2012 bring your wildest dreams true, love, peace prosperity and mungbeans – and roots down (if that takes your fancy – i know there was a little wondering moment for you there) and good luck with the Gremlins – and Grandparents …. Nothing better than a Gemini to keep kids amused !! (i know, blessed with a Gemmie sister) xx mwa

  12. Kudos to the kid and all. Hell difficult things to di, but it does leave me wondering; what has this kid got to look forward to if he avhieves everything before he’s 20. Life ain’t a race. I hope he’s not bi-polar… Although he’ll probably conquer both of them too. :)

  13. My belief is that when he is older he will realize he has decades to be an adult and wonder why he threw his childhood away.

    • You can have your childhood at any age. Best to choose having it when you can actually be free to enjoy it.

      • having Saturn on your ascendant makes it hard to be a child when you are young. ‘wise beyond your years’.

        didn’t bob dylan say something like ‘i’m younger now than i was back then…’