So Totally Uranus In Aries

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HOW totally Uranus in Aries is this cover?

Yes I harp on about this a LOT but i think an important Zap Zone* strategy is to individuate and get as self-reliant as poss. D.I.Y.

Be your own amazing brand. Everyday evolution is the new norm.

Soon you won’t even need to process stuff so much because the present will be so super-powerful, it pushes out the past.

Obviously moribund, corrupt and/or generally fuqed structures have had their day and are disintegrating.

It’s messy but necessary battle and with awesome results when you do it in your own life; same goes for when it’s geopolitics.


* Zap Zone = Uranus in Aries Square Pluto in Capricorn till 2015.  See The Global Economic Fuqery Category for more. Simple explanation: Neptune in Capricorn created a BUBBLE that Uranus and Pluto are now coming along to prick. We’re all dis-leveraging.


23 thoughts on “So Totally Uranus In Aries

  1. it sounds good to me!! for sure the part:::::::
    “Soon you won’t even need to process stuff so much because the present will be so super-powerful, it pushes out the past.”

    l can feel this already happening! Individualization to the max! amazing that this is the person of the year !!

  2. What’s the “Zap Zone” about again? I vaguely recall that its about becoming more authentic, powerful/beautiful-you, and giving you the challenges/lessons to overcome your past/issues – right?

    • Are you serious??

      Mystic has explained the meaning of Zap Zone above. Have another look!

      READ people, READ!! FFS!

    • the upcoming zap zone is related to cardinal square energy (in a person’s natal chart it’s a mix of both challenging and deeply motivating energy so as to achieve extraordinary feats in self, and to benefit others). check out zap zone and squares categories, and aries traits, and post any questions/comments to stimulate discussion on the topic – it’s important and useful.

    • hey yeah like i said, there is HEAPS of material re this on the site and you can use the Category Menu, search it or just browse month by month.

      it is a massive geopolitical event – foretold and for real which it is best – imo – to align with rather than against.

      everyone smart has their own opinion on what getting with it might mean – which is where the fun starts. i am backing modernity, digital, vegan or veggo, neo-capitalism sort of a thing.

      but if you’re facing the Zap Zone (again, search my site or google) with any concept that you liked even two years ago you’re done, i have been saying this super-gentle style in my emails etc for a while now…stay stuck and you are fucked.

      • Totally. The zap zone hit my moon and jupiter mid 2010 (as did saturn and jupiter) – I took a huge risk and changed my whole professional trajectory. The doors flung wide open and continue to stay open as long as I follow my gut not the status quo. Has been the most invigorating and freeing (and painful!) transit of my life. Trouble is my 17 year marriage is feeling it as I’m now a completely different person. So the temptation with this transit might be to throw the (much-loved) baby out with the bathwater. We are devoted to each other so maybe we will survive (saturn has been in my 7th for two years and is just hitting his). Saturn here seems to be good for a relationship if you value loyalty, are determined to respect the other person, and make the effort when you really don’t feel like it… otherwise I imagine it would kill love off completely.

  3. I’m liking the w/end astro. It seems to align with this a little too. I’m already kicking into that zone despite the inner tempest that bubbles along side my jovial day to day demeanour.

  4. Love this winner of times award. had a discussion with gen x son tonight on this topic he does not get it one little bit, such a cynical generation.

    • I have to admit I can’t help wondering why a magazine full of journos on the CIA payroll would put this on the cover… How does it further oil interests/invasion interests in the middle east? Is this woman a symbol of power? Is she a symbol of sacrifice? yada yada…

  5. I love this so much. I mean, who really gives a shit about who the Time Person of the Year is, but I saw this yesterday and was genuinely proud of humans. YES YES YES, they, collectively, are the most inspiring people of the Uranus-Pluto square and am so pleased they have been recognised in this way.

  6. Well the image of the female protester on cover reminds me of something Frida Kahlo (was quoted as having) said – mysterious, a bit hidden and the game is to work it out. …But maybe I’m channelling my Crab Mars and Jupiter in 12th – secluding myself, manifesting imagination, being in background, pondering secrets, and art of everything, loving water…

    Just the past few days, I’ve individuated to the MAX, but can go further than that. Interesting times and opportunities to tune in and make it so.

  7. She even has those Aries eyebrows!

    And how cool that she’s a *she*. You can waffle and say the editors wanted to downplay gender with the hat and mask, but REALLY –it’s a woman. The cover is practically prophetic.

  8. Mystic, where are you on Regulus changing signs into Virgo? Is it true that this might be the dawning of a new age of the goddess? So hopeful, and this Time cover gives me pause.

  9. Zap zone is good when there are a handful of people to work with but the enemies are too high in number especially when im all alone.. Fuq it new plans new location with venus on my asc line.further.away from mars square asc line but still close to chiron on dsc line.. Uranus trans 4th house opp sun and so its a good time to leave.. But pluto square sun trans aswell as saturn conj pluto has started rumours, like berlisconi who also has pluto square sun trans.. Im fkin suicidal

    • Hi Rashid hope the intense, panicky (?), feelings have subsided and you can find at least one good person to talk to about what is going on with you. Hang in there. You also remind us that tho some of us are enjoying this zap zone, for others – particularly who don’t have support or like minded people around – it is pretty scary. Sending you good thoughts.

      • Thanks.. If only i didnt feel like this daily.. A battle which means im taking the blows without retaliation is a battle for tired. Mentally exhausted.. Hope you enjoy the zap! Love me x

  10. The serfdom that is the United States of America (huffpost recently headlined bank ceos voting themselves a 27% raise last year — I can totally see how they feel they earned it <— NO) will eventually redistribute the power, but MM's right — it starts with the individual.

    I'll have to leave it there. My life is intruding upon me since I'm not supposed to be on MM's site during this time. I have much more to say but I must go individuate now.

  11. “Everyday evolution is the new norm.” Such a positive and inspiring sentiment to mantra. I am feeling like it is such a fertile time.