Return Of Scorpio Men On Prozac

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Someone has done a new movie poster for Scorpio Men On Prozac.

We talked about it before here and why their could be a whole spin-off series like Taurus Men On Chardonnay or Aquarians On Ice, whatever.

So i wanted to see it an actual cinema but missed it.  Have any of you seen this?  And if so, review it? 

Is it worth a download or would it be easier to just hang out with an actual Scorpio man on whatever they’re on THIS year? 



10 thoughts on “Return Of Scorpio Men On Prozac

  1. Very Very generally speaking, Virgos & Scorpio ARE the contenders
    for Prozac.
    I call it The God-Pill. My Psych laughs. It stops me murdering DVN :-)

    • It’s weird though–I work for an ambulance company, and the VAST (I’m talking even my coworkers who don’t know jack about astro have noticed and commented on the birth dates) majority of our patients with depression are Leos. I don’t know if it’s something Leo-specific in the water where I live, or what, but it’s odd.

  2. Aspect wise pluto moon/ merc, squares including mars and jupiter square to uranus as an example would fit the bill but all is too generic. Pluto squaring sun transit and saturn transit pluto is making me want to take it!! I think i need a clinic

  3. I know a Scorpio man on antidepressants (not Prozac, but whatever) and he is INSANE. Mind games, mood swings and serial cheater with deep seated issues from childhood. Not really a fun hangout unless you don’t mind leaving with lots of passive aggressive insults.

  4. My scorp brother has been on pills for years not sure how it all started but he is very quiet about it.

    • A few scorps I’ve know are on anti-d’s took a loooong time to get assessed & treated and very hard for them to admit they are doing something about it. I know 2 others that NEED medication and in amazing denial it’s sad because they are needlessly suffering.

  5. I have seen it. Pre-ordered it to be exact, and I enjoyed it. It had it’s honest, funny moments, but the end took a really serious turn that caught me shockingly off guard. I say buy it!