Retro-Mercury S.N.A.F.U.s

Ryan Heshka


Mars in Virgo squaring the Retro-Mercury adds a certain ZING to the proceedings, don’t you think?

Watch for the tendency to aggressively over-edit situations that may actually right themselves next week.

Never mind the Eclipse. Actually, i am devoting my next Daily Mystic email to GOOD Eclipse news lol but for now, how about the Retro-Mercury S.N.A.F.U.s?

I spent the morning in live support chat/filing tickets as a company called Spamcop has gone beserk protecting peeps from my emails. It’s being resolved, apparently.

And i have several emails floating around my in-box that have me in “w.t.f.” mode.  Don’t you?

Yes, Mercury Retro inspiration, YES – psychological insights and all that. 

Am certainly going to analyze the insights, just as soon as i get off hold.

Subscribers, stay tuned for good eclipse news. Everyone, stay sane, nourished and in perspective. It’s not the future yet.

Keep your moods minimalist. 



115 thoughts on “Retro-Mercury S.N.A.F.U.s

  1. man i am feeling angry this week! i will blame the eclipse. it’s going to to be close to my 15 degree gemini ascendant. can’t really see anything big coming up for me as things are pretty ho-hum right now, but we’ll see…

    on a positive note, i saw that the gap clothing company is going to be opening in melbourne on 10 december! i LOVE the gap!!!! i wonder if they timed the opening with the eclipse? :D

    • (a new GAP opening in melbourne central – there is already one in chadstone but i never go there.)

  2. Retro Merc plus eclipse seems to be driving many of my workmates into a frenzy. It sees to be largely devoted to trying to furiously micromanage situations where we don’t yet have enough information to make a call… and indeed we won’t have the info til next month. I am trying to gently sidestep their frustrated craziness, but it ain’t easy!

  3. Is this why I’m not getting the daily mystic? Hope it gets resolved – going through exams and emo crap and missing my ray of light horoscopes. Sniff sniff

      • I remember this blacklist thing happened before. Once in a while, a mail service like Constant Contact will get snared in the spam blacklist. But Spamcop are the good guys. I am sure they will get it sorted out.

  4. Will do in the morning. It’s 3 am here. It could very well be my email server… But I haven’t got the daily mystic for about a month (or before the password was changed)
    Thank you for the direct reply :)

  5. This has been a crazy retrograde. It was all fine until the sun-merc conjunction, right on my natal saturn, and then all hell broke loose. Car, work, money weirdness, weather, trauma meltdown, boss quitting, crazy I tell you!

  6. you can never be too much of a minimalist, unless your too much of a minimalist, but being too much isnt very minimalist is it

      • youve put it into 3 words, trying to out minimalize ME ayyyy, youve won this time, but if you win too many times, I will be the one who is more minimal, or less minimal, whichever one im going for

            • so it’s pistols at dawn? i will take my secret to the grave matie ARRR

              what’s your sun sign David? I know Jupiter was in cardinal air in 93 and you’re clearly adept at responding expansively and rationally in a debate : o) I have uranus conjunct sun in libra + gemini ascendant & mercury conjunct venus in libra in the 5th so I’m loving your style – I’m the one chowing down on popcorn and cheering from the balconies. I’m really interested in whether you have any ideas about how the status quo could be changed for the better right now. Check out Mies van der Rohe if you’re interested in the origin of less is more/minimalism vs maximalism.

  7. Some fka has hacked my hotmail & sent fk knows what to sll my contacts & work computer won’t connect to internet…

  8. is funny being on receiving end of Merc Rx glitches sometimes.

    yest a tres snippy email from PR director ‘when are you going to pay your account am sick of emailing you re this’ with someone’s payment ledger attache (sans name thankfully for all) – complete pas/agg sign-off ‘much love XYZ x’

    gently alerted miscommunique
    curt reply ‘sorry about that’
    backed up 3 hours later with saccharin laden story pitch

    keeping draw-bridge up / affiliating with besties / taking care of own front yard!!

  9. I hear you rockstar. Just got a horrendous email from my “slumlord” who offered to fix my heating with “invisible funds”. I’m currently sleeping in a hoodie and three duvets.. And in ICELAND which is experiencing record setting low temps. Basically just snarky unnecessary stuff.
    But thinking positive! I have a roof over my head and soon I will be hooked up with the daily horoscopes again!!

  10. everybody is so angry at work. :( And me I’m just feeling restless like I want to do stuff but i keep sitting on my rump. Why do i feel so dang restless?

    Also lots of bum news for Cappy buddies of mine. One found out job loss and another has breast cancer.

      • and sorry to hear about your friend foxy – i hope all goes well – are you OK about it? I mean as OK as you can be all things considered?

        • yeah I’m good whatevs. Thank you for asking. :) I just worry about them.
          and yeah…a client came in today, had a temper tantrum about filling out paperwork and left.

    • I’m a little where you’re at foxy. Restless but can’t point the energy in any one direction with any kind of consistency. Unmotivated yet have plenty to do and that I actually want to do.

      Feeling moody and inconsistent internally but just getting on with the essentials and then somewhat vague-ing out.

      Sorry to hear bad news re: friends too.

  11. I always look forward to the new issue of Instyle Mag around about now, so that I can read the new year scopes by MM (I don’t have paypal account to purchase new scopes). I loved the books you published in 2009. I hope you do so again one day soon!
    Since becoming a sunscriber, I no longer freak-out about Merc retrograde and I use them to revisit things. This one has been especially good for ideas and establishing my confidence in an area I moved away from years ago.
    I have been following the daily advice and staying away from dramas, even when my phone rang non-stop yesterday. But it’s hard when it’s people you care about and there’s nothing you can do but listen.
    This merc retro and eclipse has made me grateful for lots of reasons – awareness of my own inner strength, a reminder that I do have people in my life who love me dearly and to not lose sight of that, of what I have overcome and achieved in my life, and that I have been guided –my new job this year has required me to get out of bed each morning and people seem to genuinely like and appreciate me at work, and my 12-y-o niece decided to start writing me letters, these things have been a saving grace.

    • Anonymous ‘sunscriber’ – that is so nice. Your merc retro typo & the fact that your neice has started to write you letters. I love receiving and sending hand-written letters. I had a really lovely relationship with my late Grandmother by hand written letters over many decades. I just recently started writing letters to my cousin’s little girls (8 & 5), on my Grandmother’s side, as I thought it would be nice to be the older lady in the writing relationship. To my delight they both wrote straight back with the most gorgeous writing and drawings.

      Nice work counting your blessings – very Pluto in Cap/Saturn in Libra.

      • LOL hi nat – ‘sunscriber’ smiled out from that post here also!!

        re new INSTYLE – our guru (chiro based) apparently is interviewed on alternative health & well being solutions

        am yet to see, but he’s an expert in the field & absolute game changer, looking forward to checking it out!


  12. Okay so here’s my news, no idea if it’s astro related: a friend at work gave me this book “the sociopath next door”. So I’ve been reading it and am now pretty certain that my most recent ex was actually a sociopath. And all that time I just thought it was the fact he was an Aquarius. So I’m now torn between being relieved that he was infact sociopathic (and it wasn’t just that I was inherently easy to not love/lie to/screw with) and feeling like one of those fruitloops that runs around blaming the fact a relationship didn’t work on the fact that the ex in question was mentally ill. Quite a quandary, I tell you.

    • “am now pretty certain that my most recent ex was actually a sociopath. And all that time I just thought it was the fact he was an Aquarius.”

      ROFL I mean soz I know it’s deadly serious and I don’t mean to make light but that gave me an actual guffaw. You’ve always sounded thoughtful but sane to me – if you can try not to question or rationalise your instincts when it comes to that kind of stuff. If it’s wrong for you it’s wrong. Sounds like you dodged a bullet.

      • HAHAHA no, it’s okay. In truth the whole thing is funny, NOW. Not so much at the time though.

        And you’re so right about instincts. Takes courage to back them though!!

        • Maybe, he is a sociopath that happened to be a Aqua? lol! My ex who is certified sociopath by a psychologist has Aqua Moon.

        • you know tho I’ve always thought the weird thing about it is that most of those first stages of “falling in love” are completely irrational and defy logic yet when it comes to the pulling apart or ending of it we’re more inclined to try and rationalise. THAT makes no sense.

          • SO TRUE! This post mortem (when cross-referenced with the one immediately prior) has resulted in me crossing any and all Aquarian Bankers off my dating list permanently. Dated two (hell, they can be charming). I think there is something about that combo that just isn’t fantastically emotionally ept.

            • well i’m an aqua lover so i’m kind of biased but i do wonder about the banker part of that combo – to be working in that industry AND be an aqua could potentially denote a lack of emotional intelligence? super generalisation but i’m feeling ok about it : o)

            • aqua’s are so prone to what a lot of the other genres feel is “coldness” and I’ve overheard people have some pretty weird profiteering style conversations about the sharemarket lately i just know an aqua could rationalise that one all the way to jupiter and back again you know?

    • oh…revelation!
      Either way, if you aren’t happy, better off without.
      Having had that moment myself, with an ex who was also very Aquafied. It sheds light on a whole collection of matter.

  13. well, i just had thirty minutes bereft that my freerange guineapig had disappeared – was fairly resolute, freeranger risks and all – but i just found him in the old compost – very happy to see him!

    in other breaking news, trying to clear infected sinus with jug of salt water – ungainly

    • I am really tired and read that you found your teenage son on the compost heap are happy now?!

      But it was much harder trying to understand the second sentence… oi vey, I am going to bed early tonight.

      Feel better soon FB.

    • freerange guineapig! Hee hee. Mystic did a post on pets going awol during Merc Retros. Glad that he/she is still with you.

      • o dear o dear that is very funny – no teenage son in the compost – sounds positively murderous!!

        the second sentence should be left well alone

        OF COURSE – Nat – Merc retro and pets … HE is, he was a v traumatised soul and is so healthy now – may he eat more grass of my garden for months to come

        in other eclipse randoms. after a sparkling or 2. just perf. in concert. before we start to play i turn, and sitting directly beside me in hte audience, is a man that i met many many years ago and declared to myself, i will marry that man – obviously much water under hte bridge and nothign ever ever came of such a delusion but anyhoo – that was a little startling

        and then driving home, i end up 2 cars behind my most recent phantastical illusion …

        time to rehydrate and sleep x

  14. oh retrograde… have brought me back to that stuck sick place again. The one I can’t stand, where I am ill(hives AND slightly fluish) and feeling like a caged lionness.
    sigh…..I never get anywhere with this either. There never seems to be an answer. I just let it go and go on. But it comes back.
    Deep breathes and will remember this will pass.
    Moon in Taurus…been pigging out. Cleaned up my already clean diet….no caffine, no sugar, no allergens. But eating alot. comfort.

  15. OMG
    it is nice we have a placetocome to

    FARKKKKK spacebar not reallyworking much any more, already had tobuy a new printer today!!

    The inner world of this merc retrois def a reflection of the outer.

    Looking forward to emergingfromthis lovely little phase we are in, yikes I feellike crap

    • ‘retrois’ is tres chic Hippychic! Its OK – we all feel like crap at times. It will pass. Like Mystic says: OBSERVE THE MESSAGE IN THE SNAFUS, rather than getting caught up in them.

  16. My debit card got hacked and had to be cancelled – AGAIN. The bank gave me two credit cards instead of one. Not really a snafu on my side since it cost me nothing and now I have shitloads of credit. Ummm? Kitty decided last night that I was going to be her bed – whilst I was watching a movie, she curled up in a ball on my chest and tucked her head under my neck. SO CUTE …….. awwwww

      • 8O

        Aww that is so sweet!! My Virgo kitty jumped onto the lounge and literally crammed herself in between my legs while I was having a nap today.

        Also having the same issues with cards being hacked PC! Had another one issued last week – the 4th time in a year! 8O 8O

        • Yep this is the second time in about 18 months Barista. :roll:

          Kitty is so cute when she gets sooky … she likes to do the boob knead. Thankfully I have some padded bras on hand.


      • Awww, lucky you. I’m hoping when we get to Cyprus that we’ll be able to take on board a cat and a dog, or perhaps cats and dogs, who knows, I do miss having fur friends around since we lost our Jack Russell, Rosie, just after we moved in 8)

        • fur friends are the best friends. I find them grounding – “FEED ME NOW” but also hilarious with their various personality traits.

    • Kitty capers!
      In this unseasonably cold and miserable weather, my cat has morphed into a fury hot water bottle for lap and bed.
      Big sooky boy!

      • the sane one! LOL

        although the crazy one lets me cuddle her now – just not in the house, only outside or on the footpath. She pathologically dislikes this house … tho’ I can understand why.

        • *nods* the Aqua. LOL
          She must be having a Saturn transit. Those boundaries are solid.

          • ScorpT – wtf is wth your avatar babes?? Sorry, subtlety escapes; I have truly been acting more an more like a Saggo these days.

            • I’m a Scorp with a packed 8th house and Pluto transiting my Cap Asc. It fits. What’s the problem? I love skulls :)

              • Well i for one freaking love your avatar! I think i said WOW aloud and COOL aloud too.

                i do tend to see a cigarette hanging out the jaw but don’t mind me

                • Hahaha. I have a photo I took of a skeleton i once had, wearing a long blonde wig with a ciggie hanging out of his mouth. Loved playing dress ups with him. I picked him up at work, when I realised they were going to throw him out :shock: They used him in a commercial. You should have seen the looks I got from people when I took him home in a taxi :lol:

                  • I hope he was lounging insouciantly, looking vaguely out the window :) …while you sat primly upright, looking straight ahead, not moving a muscle.

                    • Wow you can smoke in your office? Guess the office policies don’t strictly apply to the dead. That picture is great! He’s got the just the character i imagined!!! Love the hand of someone just quietly working beside him, to the left.

                    • Sorry Scorpy, I’m not going to guild the lily – think it’s just not you at all. Its goulish and screams metal head to me, but wtf do i know. And each to their own and all that …

                    • You don’t know really know me FF. I’m one of those people that fits in anywhere, thanks to all the mutable planets in my chart. You can’t judge me on one facet of my personality that I reveal here.

                      I have a very black sense of humour and I wouldn’t call myself a metal head but I do enjoy a bit of metal. I’m actually a huge fan of Tool and progressive rock is one of my favourites genres but so is ambient music. Dark and light… my taste is very eclectic.
                      And my favourite series at the moment is The Walking Dead. It’s about a post apocalyptic world full of zombies. I love ghoulish, horror and gore.

                      There’s a great Sydney indie/electronic band called Ghoul :)

                    • I knew I misspelt ghoul – thanks, was driving me nuts. Yep I do not know you and sorry for seeming judgement. I guess the skull thing assaulted my sensitivities – used to Mystic’s gorgeous/whimsical/hilarious images on this site. But I definitely guessed you were under the radar in tastes and proclivities (love that)! I have been after all, a Scorpy bestie/lover/wife all my life. Plus Neptune in Scorp and of the same vintage as you :-)

                    • No worries FF, I’ve been assaulting my Leo sister’s sensitivities my whole life. Well, not so much these days, she has 3 kids and another on the way and we just agree to disagree, otherwise it gets ugly.

                      I can guarantee you that I’ll get bored with my avatar soon. Uranus is transiting my 3rd house. I already have the next few lined up and ready to go :) and I’m STILL not happy with my ever evolving name.

                    • My fave was your original :-) Must be all my Kataka stuck in the past energy. But at least it’s been entertaining watching your evolution.

                    • Scorptropic,

                      Remember a group, say, at least 15 yrs ago (in a cassett!) called “Ambient Groove” I believe (from the Pisces love days). They made good road trip/spaced out on weed company. Every song was good as far as I recall. :)

                  • Love your Bones in the office! We have one too in our office but it is a mini 3 foot sized model. We play seasonal dress up with it.

  17. Ugh so glad I’m not alone. Massive meltdown after huge argument yesterday, ruining all chances of fixing an already volatile relationship, car in for repairs for 2 weeks coz someone ran into side, phone keeps switching self off, can’t sleep, feeling very anxious/vague/teary – lunar eclipse will be conjunct my gemini stellium (sun, merc, venus, saturn) while sun conjuncts vertex st 18deg (thoughts please). Add to that Mars opposite Mars right now!!!! Angry, frustrated, exhausted. Really feeling out of control and helpless. Any extra interps to prove i’m not completely losing my mind and when this hell may let up would be sooooo appreciated right now… Thanks (from a normally vibrant Gem/Aqua Moon/Taurus asc) :(

    • With the Sun of the eclipse on your Vertex think you are just in the midst of changes darlin’. It’s okay. It will all straighten out. Feel what you gotta feel. Had lots of changes when stuff on my Vertex.

      A new job…Scorp Vertex (in 5th) rules Scorpio 6th (got a great job, where I am paying job of my life thus far) when there was a Scorp stack up on my Vertex

      “Love” things also as (again) Vertex in 5th but opposite Venus

      ~Eclipses~ by Celeste Teal:

      “A Lunar Eclipse brings revelations. Remember, an eclipse frequently shows where there are imbalances”…

      So no, you are not crazy or anything like that :o Look to what house rules your Gem stuff and which house is ruled by Aries (Mars and the opposition going on right now) for further insight.

      Hope that helps a little. x

      • Thanks SweetPea! Appreciate the advice and sharing… maybe it will become a fortunate positive turn of events after all. Looking forward to seeing how things unfold when the storm passes… Best wishes x

  18. Guys don’t forget to check your sales brochures for misprints during this (as it turns out) auspicious Merc retro cycle !! Something inside me said NO to a $399 purchase today (it was a Neptune workstation) and when I got home it was in a brochure for $99!!! Back to the store and now my family will be extra happy. The rest of my life is crap at the moment and I’m pretty sure I’ve been un-invited to my 30th class reunion due to a low-neptunian response to a thinly veiled racist comment on our facebook group. That’s a Saturn return isn’t it? Oh well, I’m an Aquarius

    • That’s just rude.

      Nice about the catalogue thing though.. they usually move from the letterbox straight to the recycle bin but I might actually look now :)

      • Yeah, you go…cool..

        Wouldn’t know which reunion to go to as went to four different high schools…

        True to none ;)

  19. my computer is going mad mercury retro or not…all the machines die in my hands…uranus scorpio 3rd might be the thing don’t know but this old friend needs to be replaced soon as well.
    l try to stay as sane as possible!!! chill vibed, don’t go into the darkness tralala…!!
    the eclipse falls in my 10th on my sun/jupiter/mc …..yeah! l am working at a new me business wise…so l guess no thoughts.. no thinking is better for now, it’s all warped anyhow!!!
    work work work !! empty mind 0 thoughts is my motto! just DO!

  20. Had a reading recently & was told I could do with a good cry, after the year or several I’ve just had. Didn’t really think much of it at the time. That was around a week ago…
    Now, I can’t seem to stop! I’ve been crying me a river for the last 48 hrs & feel Horrid, Blah, Blotchy, Listless, Lifeless, Tetchy & Alone (which is a God-send on the one hand & really fuqing upsetting on the other!!)
    Some bloody planet needs to intervene soon or I’ll flood the whole of FNQ :,(

    • Don’t rush the river, StarInspired, just let it leak out til it’s gone. Tau Moon…indulge: lay about, drink plenty water & fresh coconut juice, take baths, eat, read novels poetry and beautifully photographed magazines, listen to lovely music, make some art. Perhaps you need a pair of silk pyjamas.

      When crying is done, clean your bod and house and buy some glorious flowers.

      Here’s a big warm hug, a warm facecloth and some softie aloe tissues xxx

      • Mille.. that was gorgeous! I now want you to come pep me up any time I’m feeling sooky :)

        Star.. you know she’s right!

        • Yes Scorchy, she sure is… She’s Gorgeous & She’s Right!
          You’re Gorgeous too!
          Thanks to you both…

          Oh… & I’ve put an order in with the Universe that both you & Mille are always Lovingly supported/provided for & have all your needs & True Heart’s Desires easily, generously & Abundantly met.


          • Awwww, that’s so lovely Star.. thanks!

            I hope you put one in for yourself too.. and if not you’ll get double because I’ve just put the order in now ;)

            It has actually been a bit ordinary this week. I just don’t do the glum face openly too often… Cap moon stuff I guess and Mercury doing his retro thing all over us Centaurs. Still, it ain’t all bad is it.

            Hope today’s been a better day for you!

            LoL.. was going to hit post, realised I said ‘ordinary’, another of my sweepingly general statements to gloss over tough times and downplay any discomfort. I seem to be a master of that..hehe

      • I Love you Mille!!! Love you, love you, love you…
        You speak directly (yet so gently) to the heart & soul… & I really appreciate the kindness… such a wonderful level of heart resonant care, nurturance & nourishment is so often found in your words… Reading over this, actually makes me smile & beam with contentment.
        I shall be more peaceful with the tears now & this wonderful list!
        Thank You xox

      • Millie you know your Advice for Sookie Times will be remembered by more than Star and Scorched: it is gold. Thanks.

  21. there’s some random crazy shit happening in my neighbourhood i have all kinds of astro action in my MC/3rd/4th house right now and my hood is like a freak show there were even circus rides parked in the street last week sometimes stepping outside is like being in a short film or lucid dream there must be some kind of neptune mars action going on all my life a propensity for being around circus types it’s uncanny and then there’s the manic lunatics running around in their underwear in the garden i can see from my window. the aquarian put curtains up as a surprise for me so that spectacle wasn’t in my consciousness in the day-to-day. There’s just some stuff you don’t want to see right?

      • because any nightmare my subconscious can work up has nothing on those freaks in their gruds. god help me when summer actually shows itself.

  22. there’s three planets at 0° is that three sextiles in a row? what is that about? anything or nothing? i know it’s not a yod.

    • Ha. :)
      They are all semi sextile.
      They’re probably some declination thing that I know nothing about too. Or parallel or those things Kim talks about.
      Doing some zapping on zero points anyway.
      And they all move so slowly.

      Something at zero libra would be the point of a yod though :)

      • Eee-er oo-ooerr. Asc 1 Libra, Merc 2 Libra (ruling virgo sun & gemini moon), nodes also on this axis – NN/SN at 28 Pisces/Virgo.
        Am I feeling it? fq-yeah.

        • “Fuq yeah”… here too.

          Transitting Uranus conjunct IC opposing natal Pluto & (which is conjunct) Midheaven…
          Still crying, mid leap-of-faith, no home & career re-definition (Saturn transitting 10th H stellium)…
          However, thanks to Mille, i am now sitting in pretty pink silk nightie, eating yummy things in bed, keeping hydrated & flicking thru my gorgeous interior design books & mags, ooh-ahhh-ing at all the beautiful & ultra-inspiring pics!… & very calm, peaceful & happy, in waves between the torrents.

      • ha! that would make the midpoint of my uranus sun conjunction the funnel of that yod not sure i have a bucket big enuf.

  23. Just watching ‘ Gregoire Moulin vs. Humanity’ on SBS , this guys whole life is merc retro, hilarious !!!!

  24. Sorry all is going pear shaped for fellow MM peeps. Everything tres calm in maison de groove. Am I not paying attention enough? Am i missing something? Been on a job hunting mission for past the 3 month and have an interview today and Lusty has an interview today. Sending out requests to the universe for blessings on us.
    Will ask universe also for a smooth retro for those finding it turbulent. Blessings on you all. XX

    • I did you too, ‘El Groovy One’!!
      A whole cornucopian piñata of super sweet Universal Blessings has been sent your way, as of this morn… May it burst forth the Blissiest of Blessings in all areas of your life/lives (ie: for your ‘plus 1′ too!)
      …& many Xmas Mwah’s