Meryl Does Uranus


Genius Actress Meryl Streep is doing a BRILLIANT job of her Uranus transit.

She is a natal Sun-Uranus Sun in Kataka, right. And Uranus at Zero Aries is currently squaring her Sun-Uranus AND trining her Leo Rising.

So she is Uranus Central right now and clearly loving it, channeling the vibe brilliantly.

She’s just landed the Jan 2012 cover of Vogue, three years past her 2nd Saturn Return and at age 62, the oldest woman ever to grace the cover of that mag.

There is nothing like a good, strong Uranus transit to flip the bird at limitations, especially boring chrono-ones.

And don’t you love how she is empathetic-Crab (fab for her craft, obviously) but with that outer-worldly, different dimension Uranian edge to it.


18 thoughts on “Meryl Does Uranus

  1. I love Meryl. She is a genius. Cate comes close, but Meryl is in a class of her own. A woman over 62 years old? They exist? Never. (I hate Vogue)- have you looked at an Australian Vogue lately? Geez. Ridiculous.

  2. Good for her! Love that Vogue has a beautiful woman on their cover instead of a wet behind the ears 20 year old.

  3. Haha! She’s a flippin hot crone-o bird if you ask me! This woman is just uber-inspiring.

  4. if you really like it you should go out and buy it because that is what will make them more likely to do this sort of thing again. I think it makes sense because their target audience is actually not going to relate so well to 19 yro Karlie Kloss in couture Dior. if i were them i would be doing less product p.r stories (the ‘secret’ behind blah blah blah cpmpanies’ luxury goods manufacturing process, like they ar going to show us the shithouse factory in china) and more like seasoned wisdom of sophisticated and interesting older women. I do not need to get skincare or life advice from a teenage model, i have nothing against them, but i don’t need their “know how” or to read advertisements disguised as articles. Go Meryl, i knew she had leo in there.

  5. Love Meryl.

    Part of me secretly wishes she could have dressed up like Miranda Priestly for this cover…. but the devil is the editor, so no go for my little fantasy

  6. She looks great. Looking forward to seeing her in The Iron Lady. Wow, what a transformation!!

    • Won’t THAT be a fascinating film? So looking forward to it… Enjoy watching characters whom i don’t like much, or whose political stance or actions anger me, yet in whom i see tremendous complexity. Of course, this takes talented scriptwriting, acting and directing.

      I also very much like these violet shades.

  7. Love her in everything she’s done. Saw an interview she did some years back and was happy to discover that she also has a wicked sense of humor.

  8. love her! crab detector here…! she’s got this vibe l like! looking good as always! great lady! everyone lurvs her here too :) fab!

  9. J’adore of course. We share the same birthday. I’ve always loved that she always looks real to whatever role she’s in, CrabMorphia at its best. When I see Meryl, I really don’t understand why actresses like Jen Aniston get to act degrees of more or less the same role in a multitude of movies.

    A role model for sure.

  10. A true classic is Meryl, so photogenic. She wears it well & is mesmersing to watch doing her craft.
    She is ageless, yes ageless.
    Some ‘anonymous’ said no such thing as ‘ageless ‘it’s a marketing tool’,
    meaning she/he ain’t and weilds the arrogance of youth, as it’s youth that used
    as markting tool. As TLS says above – You can’t teach your grandmother to suck eggs!

    It’s a balance concerning tension, size of needle to make hole, patience, experience & rythmn thing, sucking eggs is.

    Signed Nanny Peg.

  11. Who doesn’t love Meryl? She’s amazing. So haute… everything. Haute Kataka, haute Leo Rising (none of this, “when Leo Rises – Keep it Down” bollocks) and haute Uranian type person. Sigh.

    And you never hear her defined by her looks, her age (much) or her four children or husband. She just Is That She Is!!

    • Forgot to mention the obvious – the incredible talent – it’s just so in your face it hardly seems worth going on about…

  12. She makes me wonder why I didn’t use my Moon magic for acting…..J/K. I don’t think I’m as talented. But honestly, she is truly in a class of her own. I’ve always been curious about the mix of Uranus and Cancer, the closest I’ve got is Sun Quincunx Uranus and it doesn’t always work to my benefit. I think of one other Kataka celeb who has the trine, and actually…she reminds me of Meryl in a way.

  13. Love all her movies. Love her edgy vulnerability. She is the Judi Dench/ Helen Mirren/Cate Blanchett American equivalent of talent and elegance.