I May Be Crazy But It Keeps Me From Going Insane

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Waylon Jennings...cult country music dude, i gather.

Oh and TOTAL Gemini – Mercury-Midheaven-Sun-Chiron.

Love that he wrote something actually called The Gemini Song

Soz i can’t find a better vid of this.  I wanted one LIVE.

Here are the lyrics F.Y.I.


“…I could tell you a story from another day in time
How a high falootin’ woman tried to make me walk the line
She was into changin’ too damn hard to please
And the last time I saw her she was down on her knees
Born under the sign of the Gemini twins
There’s two sides to me and they ain’t even friends
All sides are rising and there ain’t no in between
When I’m bad I’m bad when I’m good I’m the best you ever seen
Sometimes I’m out a prowlin’ and carryin’ on
Too high to know when it’s time to take it home
When I’m like that it’s hard to leave the women alone
It ain’t easy thinkin’ right with a good looking wrong
For another sign of the Gemini twins this two sides to me and me ain’t even friends
All sides are rising in the rainbow in between
When I’m good I’m good when I’m bad I’m the worst you ever seen
TThere’s a good hearted woman waitin’ when I come in
She don’t wasting time and asking me about where I’ve been
She keeps it all together and to wish that you could see
Know she goes about bring it out the best side of me
Born under the sign of the Gemini twins
There’s two sides to me and they ain’t even friends
All signs are rising, and there ain’t no in between
When I’m bad I’m bad when I’m good I’m the best you ever seen…”

Hey, how much like Brad Pitt does he look here?  Could this be an awesome bio-pic, Walk The Line style?


52 thoughts on “I May Be Crazy But It Keeps Me From Going Insane

  1. hahahaha this is toon funny! “poor”guy l know how he feels :)
    gem sun/jupiter/MC 10th h. here
    my boyfriend has gem moon/venus/chiron 7th h.
    all bout to be eclipsed yay!
    when we’re good we’re good and when we’re bad we’re the worst you’ve ever seen trallalalala!!
    great stuff!

  2. When I’m bad I’m bad when I’m good I’m the best you ever seen…”

    I do believe i’ve been summed up in one line.

  3. “When I’m good I’m good when I’m bad I’m the worst you ever seen
    There’s two sides to me and they ain’t even friends
    All signs are rising, and there ain’t no in between
    When I’m bad I’m bad when I’m good I’m the best you ever seen…”

    my god, is this MY twin??

  4. Thanks Mystic, I love Love LOVE Waylon, makes me think of my Dad and Brother, also gone but not forgotten. Ramblin’ Man is my all time fave, but I really love them all. I saw his son, Shooter a few years back, also a great show.
    I read this and had to do some looking. On Feb 3, 1959 in Iowa, Waylon tossed a coin and rode a bus instead of a plane to the next stop in the Dakotas. That plane crashed – Buddy Holly, The Big Bopper and Ritchie Valens were killed and it became known as the day the music died.

    On that day transit Jupiter (luck) was in the last degree of Scorpio trine Waylons natal Aries Saturn (earth) in his 11th solar house. The guys had been joking about how cold the bus would be and Waylon said some words about a plane crash which he later regretted, said they haunted him the rest of his life. Transit Mercury square natal Venus / Uranus conjunction which are opposite Waylons Scorpio Mars.
    Off to grab my vinyl and give ol’ Waylon a whirl… X

    • Nice bit of research there GM.

      Hmm.. don’t know the story. The ‘words’ would be interesting to know but not essential. Maybe he intuitied something unbeknownst to him, conveyed it too tongue in cheek and voila.. regret.

    • Yay, forgot that, that ‘the day the music died’ was about Holly’s crash.
      Must get to the States (on my bucket list) to LA then road to Louisiana
      via Texas, drop into Palm Springs to say hi to SweetestPea & y’all if on the
      way to New Orleans to search out my ol’ heroes of music & words.

  5. And this is why I avoid Gemini men now despite Gem being on the descendant and so attractive in many ways. The song was very accurate.

  6. LOVE Waylon! love this photo!

    My mercury in Gemini can totally relate to this….
    There’s two sides to me and they ain’t even friends.
    so true for me!

    This song is great. Never dated a Gemini man. ever. But my saturn in Gemini exBF, he had two sides to him, and they were both extreme also!

  7. Lol, dont ask where a geminis been, but they are gonna ask you!

    I see right through the seranades, i think the best sign for gems are
    Other gems… Would balance all the schememing and trickyness out…
    Sounds like it could have been since she was into changin and too hard please.
    If not, projecting much?

    Just like the geminis ive been around..

      • Just had a bad experience with a male Gem. He was a friend in the music industry then started flirting then sexting me. He is engaged to a girl almost 25 years younger than him but, they didn’t have much in common.
        I ignored the sext messages chalked it up to drunken texting but, he is straightedge. then he acted hostile towards me.
        He became very verbally abusive to me.
        Now, he is terminally ill and is pushing everyone away from him. He is an odd character.
        I feel bad for the guy but, do not know what to do except wish him well from afar and keep a safe distance.
        He is an extremely negative, sarcastic and two-faced person.

        I hope to meet more upbeat, Gems to balance this negative run in I had with him.
        No time time like the present to detox, take a salt bath and sage myself from negative energy.
        Happy eclipse to all of you! Here’s to a New Year!

        • Yea, i think it takes a couple of universal slap juice to tame them, but i did read there biggest fear in life is death, from my teast runs on that subject with them, they sum” it” up with a quick few words and are raming the conversation anew or cutting the conversation as done.

          So there just have a hard time with that could make em like that.
          The ones that havent assimilated that, jump from mr nice to mr dice in seconds, then they hole away “alone” with there twin as there bodys begin alchemical transformation. I hope some gems can make friends with there other twin. Can be one lonley ride if one only sees the universe as glamour stardom and me.

  8. Ps.. Ciggys are vewy vewy bad for a sign that rules the lungs and being a blow hard. Gems should never smoke. Unless its a non adictive psychotropic of course.

  9. I don’t know if i can articulate this properly, here goes…

    Whlist cracking my egg open to poach this morning i thought …

    This is like the eclipse.. Star with 1 Egg, Crack Egg Shell in 2, Left with 1 Egg, made of 2 things (yolk and whites) ..

    So rather like pre eclipse, go in as one, crack open and release, and then for 1 again..

    Or not ! xx Im looking forwawrd to lighting a white candle this evening, having a salt bath, and letting self defeating blockages go down the drain with the water…

    Adios Amigoettes and Amigos.

      • And an Egg is some cultures represents creation.
        So you had a deep revelation in the Kitchen Think.

        • I love your brainstorm GF…!…your comment had me thinking about my day. I got a phone call from a friend while shopping in a giant no name store (crowded – rarely get calls esp. weird in giant store) and I searched for a quiet aisle to stop and have our spiritual convo – I only realized later I was surrounded by Wilsons in the sports section.
          Basketballs, volleyballs, everywhere
          Who here has seen Castaway with Tom Hanks ?
          Wilson !! Wilson !!
          So many thanks goldenfleece, you got me thinking laterally X

        • That’s right Pegs, i didn’t think of that, thank you Wise Winged One !

          Hi Gneiss Moon,
          Your moment in the store makes for such a strong image, in the isle, on the phone surrounded by wilsons…sort of piccie i would pick up at a card store and frame up ..love it. xx Felt to me like a ground control to Major Tom moment ! xx Also would work well visually in a movie i reckon.

          • haha GF it was a Major Tom moment- I am not usually found in the sports aisle, that’s for sure. I was thinking of Tom (castaway) when he fell out of the boat and Wilson was floating one way and the boat another – he had to choose. Since eclipses mark turning points…Wilson made sense to me.
            Comments here simmer in my mind and I often get a tasty brainstorm served up later, so thanx !

            Sweets, I loved the movie too – such a powerful moment when at the end he watches someone flick a bic. Also loved how it had no soundtrack music – perfect choice.

            • Hello Again!

              Have recently found this artist .. he’s got that Ground Control vibe going on .. not sure if your cup of tea… but im am drawn to it..my only wish would be 2 astronauts in same painting .. gotta be in ”2’s” for all the Gem and Fish in me, feels lonely without it..i digress .. xx


              • oh wow, had not noticed the music thing. You are alot like my Virgo in Mercury Mom was. She noticed things like that.

                I suppose it was to emphasize the isolation bit, no?

                • Thanks GF, interesting photography…yes, getting the Major Tom vibe. I always liked Hopper and the isolation and loneliness in his work too. Thanks for the link !

                  Sweets, yes, that is why no music, so the viewer in theater would only hear what he heard, sand and surf.
                  I thought it was quite brilliant. When hollywood uses a heavy hand, I am distracted and it is an automatic fail.

                  • Morning Ladies,

                    There is an Indigenous Australian movie called ”Samson and Delilah”… beautiful for it’s story and especailly its silence. xx

      • Nice one Pegs. Hope you had a magical Eclipse night at the beach shack/ranch Oh lovely winged horse xx

  10. agree with biopic. Lovely timeless quality to the sexiness…

    But the lines that got this Gem sun nodding were ‘ How a high falootin’ woman tried to make me walk the line/ She was into changin’ too damn hard to please’

    My personal peeve is people who try to do this to me, who try to box me into what they think I should be, then criticise me when I don’t fit into it; and get tres bolshy – ALL the toys hurled out of the sandpit – when they try to manipulate my emotions.

    My song – ‘It ain’t me babe’ – Bob D

    • A fear of heights kicks in when I find myself high up on a pedestal – someone’s view of me – and don’t know how I got there and am frantically searching for the exit button, I begin to feel put upon, smothered, they want my advice, hang off my every word and my freedom is diminished in their high expectations of me, am I this or that, they try to work me out without letting me reveal myself when and how I choose. Then they get annoyed/disappointed in me.
      Realising it’s only their projection takes the edge off, and graciously backing away because ‘It aint me babe’ = it’s their sense of self they’re looking for. Different when a family/friend needs my help or to lean on me for support for something more serious than ‘why hasn’t he phoned me back’…

      I think people do not place enough importance on keeping the ‘mystery’ and ‘sense of self preservation’ alive in a friendship, relationship.

      Have had a negative experience with a person doing their shadow – needy, clingy, manipulative, controling, obsessed with trying to pick-up a mate, self-obsessed, every time they invite me for a drink it’s just an excuse to workshop their problems. It aint me babe.

    • bob wrote that song for jan baez before/as he left her – such a beautiful love story, one of the ones that doesn’t have the stupid moral of the story or all’s well that ends well. It just ended. Like a season. But it was beautiful while it was happening.

    • ha, was just reading about that song in Rolling Stone’s July issue with
      50 of Greatest Dylan songs on the cover & the explanation of them

      Had a close male friend in my 20’s who was a ‘Dylanologist’, he would ring me in the middle of the night & say put on x album, x song, line x, mostly Blonde on Blonde.
      Very bonding, i must say. It how we had ‘sex’ i guess. Yes and he dressed in all black
      & was quite skinny.
      In ’68 whenever he first came to Australia, he wanted my best friend, a 18 yo model
      who was 7 months pregnant to go back to his hotel with him. She was Jean Shrimpton’s double and refused thinking it was bizarre to want to make love to a pregnant girl-woman.
      I thought it showed a very beautiful & sensitive sexuality & wished it was ME he asked.

    • I dislike that as well.
      I love “IT ain’t me Babe”. Perfect for the feeling.
      My last serious bf kept insisting I try this and that, it would make me feel(be) so much better. But I knew it would make me feel worse. Like I don’t know my own body. Also that I perceived things wrong. ugh.

      yep…it aint me babe.

  11. One of my ipods, an older model gift from Aquaman who is a north-west country radio
    announcer/DJ, is full of C&W music, most of it Texan & mostly unknown artists from there
    of which Lucinda Williams is a fave, has Waylon Jenning’s songs on it.
    I plug it on for the 2 hours trip to the yoga ranch/shack/beach house to get into the mood.
    There’s far more to it now than ‘my woman left me & took the dog too’ & ‘if you can’t find a woman, find a mule’ than beforetimes.

    BTW, thank you for the most appreciated B-Day wishes, was a bit blue & the love cheered me so. I’m yours forever.
    Pity i completely OD’d on French Bubbles & Space Dust. Virgo Voodoo Mamma was so
    sweet plaiting my hair whilst i was hugging the loo bowl, to keep it away from face whilst i was off my face sweating from too much of a good thing & giving the delicious cajun dinner she made back to the earth so to speak. That’s real friendship :-)
    OMG ‘Lola’s’ playing on radio mentioning french champagne!!! Synchronicity. Blast from the past. Gotta laugh.

    • Dear Pegs- goin downs always easier innit it, sounds like a fun time with your pal ~ happy belated to another beloved Sag I do hope we all get to see the moon X
      Love Lucinda too, was driving, laughing my head off until I cried about Opera singers this am (they sing like I feel lately) and was thinking I’ve lost it, and recalled Lucindas song
      Did I ever have IT ? :D
      Is it on a backroad somewhere ?

      • Gniess Moon, wishing you some joy, December is The Month
        for us, with B-day & Christmas, can be a lot for a girl to deal with.
        Have just snapped out of my blues.
        Remember Saggos have one foot in the future always & the future
        is making me a bit nervous. Perhaps you too?
        Keep your spirits up. Of course you have it still, it’s just a bit of introspection
        going on on the highway to heaven.
        Your emotions are doing a twirl is all. Emotions are beautiful, means you FEEL.
        ‘i feel good-feel me’…hahaha

        • Thanks Pegs, yes the holidays get me amped am very busy at work and at home work too and laughter is a good way to pop rather than getting lippy at the innocent :)
          I do love you sweet Saggos since I am steeped in Saggo, but I am Virgo Sun on the 9th conj Uranus / Pluto. That’s the bit of electricity zapping me now + getting the outer planet squeeze.

          Blessedly my Neptune is getting a breather from opposing the love & $$ stuff, so feeling are more work stress than love stress. That bit of stuff is taking a backseat to my personal goals at the mo.
          I count my blessings for you all and a very good galpal I work & play with. Roadtrip sounds fab, I loved the movie Elizabethtown where Claire makes a cross-country roadtrip music / culture / history / map for Drew with all of her favorite songs and places on his route.

          The best things in life are free & freedom yes ? xo

  12. Did you know that tonight’s Moon eclipse is called a Blood Moon?
    Paper says it can be viewed starting at 10pm til 1am Adelaide time
    and not another until April 2014. Hope for a clear night & i’m there with

    • Read it’s cuz of passing thru the Earth’s shadow. Read that the earth’s shadow stretches a million miles into space, far enough to reach the moon. I never knew that :) So that’s my big Gem/Sagg eclipse learning..hee

      Up all night as went to bed so early..like 4:00 pm that now listening to Midnight Oil…remember that Aussie band guys? I had their cassette back in the 80’s.

      But am going to step outside at 4:45 a.m. here in Cali to see what I can see as Pacific Standard Time here it’s between that 8:18 a.m.

      • Red cuz of the dust in the atmosphere…Anyway, saw the eclipse…so cool. Hope you saw it with your binoculars Pegs.

        And Waylon Jenning’s in that black and white pix sexy as hell. Hilar song..love his honesty…”two sides, ain’t even friends”…

        Teacher once asked who’s side I was on….well, w/gem rising it depends…lol…but not funny really at all!

      • I swore i felt like u were an aussie, i though kids in austrialia wore cowboy hats often…lol