Gemini Eclipse Antidotes

Pimp your diet?

E-Stalk an Ex?

Blue Devil Hoochie Juice with the music of your teenage triumphs?

Space Dust to improve your pole dancing?

Sign Up For A Silence Retreat And Then Cancel In The Morning?

Marine Cadences for your triathlon training and steel-cut oats with local-grown pomegranate?

Speed-reading the memoirs of Ancient Roman patriarchs?

Archeological tourism?

A handwritten love/confession note, unsigned but so scented that the recipient will know it is you?

Seances with dead tycoons to buck the trends and re-enter the stock market?

OR just getting a grip and just reading your Weekly Horoscopes for the seven days from December 10…posted now.


83 thoughts on “Gemini Eclipse Antidotes

    • I actually went to hit the LIKE button on your comment lol – DITTO!!

  1. Don’t mess with Saggi Inc! Love it!

    Toro Asc looks good too.

    Not sure what the eclipse will actually trigger for me. Gem is true node so I’m gonna feel it somwhere between there and Saggi. Will be gigging that night and not feeling the mojo and should be prepping but not doing so.

    What time is the eclipse exactly MM? Don’t suppose it matters as it’ll be felt coming in and going out.

    Bring it!! :)

    • times on daily horoscopes page and in next daily mystic BUT honestly, count it as ON from now – i like to time New Moons to the moment but full moon eclipse is safer to give it a real wide orb.

  2. I hate what eclipses bring. Nothing good comes of it unless its countered with bad events to the power of 10!! Eclipse of Sun moon is a parental signification i think aswell..maybe?

  3. grrrr Mercury.. bRing!!

    bRing bRing.. hello..


    is that you scorched? Are you there?

    Silence.. .. er, I dunno.. maybe.

    • Hehehe, so funny/frustrating Scorchy!… happened so many times today, that I hid phone under cushions & napped in the next room.

      • Indeed.. haha, it really should have read:

        bRing bRing..

        Nup.. I’m not picking up unless you’re bRinging me some relief from all this! :)

        Following your lead there.. napping in pref of picking up. Sometimes that’s the perfect thing to do.

  4. Not so thrilled with the Eclipse, but working HARD on not letting myself being led astray by it. I.e. not spying after exes, not calling them, not giving up on self-control etc. But, I must admit, I indulge myself a bit in chocolate. Sweet treat for the little Scorpy soul in torment. (Only to sweat it out again at the gym every other day. ;-) )

    It kinda works, but I’ll be glad when it’s over!

  5. I’m hiding in my bedroom being mildly low Scorp and a bit obsessional re love stuff. Almost got a lid on it, just trying not to engage with the rest of the world as much as possible, just incase. Have a social weekend ahead so who knows how that will go, bracing myself. Luckily no room for any eclipse/love drama because Virgo is now very far away for a long time, leaving me time to become sane and sensible again. I’m still reeling from being out scrutinised!

    However I might need to give the Taurus cats a pep talk, they’ve gone completely bonkers. They woke me up at about 4am throwing each other down the stairs repeatedly and they’re being REALLY clingy and intense. I wonder if they can feel the eclipse energy, seriously seems like it, I’m actually avoiding them!

    • Buhu! I wish my Taurus “Cat” (he’s not a cat, but an ex, obivously) would come crawling, all clingy and needy. I’d love it! Though maybe not during Mercury retro, as it wouldn’t last… ;-)

      • Haha. Well not long now, maybe send out some luring intentions and wait, us Scorps are good at that! In the meantime I can post you two very needy cats if you’re up for it? Actually anyone want them? I’m suffocating (literally, they keep sitting on my chest)!!

      • Hmm I wouldn’t mind if Taurus current love-obsession-object came crawling …..
        Need to lock myself in my bedroom and write an essay, so speed-reading will definitely come into it. Sigh.

    • Charley – Me too. I’m slightly paranoid right now and doing my best to engage when absolutely necessary. But of course being obsessional by nature it’s almost impossible. I’m a little freaked about what I read re Cap (rising). I hate when it’s about family of origin crap. Ugh.

      And I too have a Toro cat, a Siamese. The only thing I need to talk to her about though is her every expanding waistline.

      • Doesn’t it get exhausting being so obsessional? I just want to go on holiday but leave my brain with someone else haha, just need it to stop. For me it’s always combined with a need to know what happens, control freak to the max. Again just try and detach as much as poss and let it flow, whatever it is!!

        Oh man, Taurus cats, never met two more hungry in my life, been wormed, been fed, been loved but still sailing around my ankles as I type wanting more. These two have Cancer moons too haha so you can imagine, they HATE going outside but they were born with a super Aries stelium so they get bored. Pet astro is so fun, I make myself laugh.

        • We speak the same language I’m afraid. Total control freak even when I’m not. Constantly monitoring for any sort of pattern recognition too.

          And my Toro cat has a Crab moon. How funny. She absolutely adores my husband (Crab Sun with Venus in Toro). She’s a homebody where her favorite place to be is sleeping stretched out on top of his leg. I love pet astro too. So much fun.

          • Cap rising, also here… so much Family of Origin BS going on right now… you are right to dread it…

            Ahem Alcoholism, ahem….

    • I love that you are avoiding your cats:)!!!

      Although, come to think of it, I think I’ve done the same at some point or another

  6. Wow. I hope it comes true for me. =) I suppose anything is possible. Thanks Mystic!

  7. Oh gawds my ex is doing the whole e-stalker thing lately. Did he read this article (lol) or did he just get influenced by eclipse. He is cancer, I am taurus, so my horoscope is making sense for today, gonna tell him to leave me alone and let it all go. Having a real good relationship with my gemini bf too. Horoscopes are lined well with both our signs, been noticing that lately dunno if it has to do with signs being so close or not.

  8. Don’t understand the Virgo one but then again everything is feeling obtuse and overwhelming right now.

  9. I am pimping my diet. (going to cure my scalp psoriasis with a raw/vegan/veggie menu in 2012)

    And I know, not everyone IS getting the neo-me and I just want to barf because it is sooo boring with nobody to play with in the playground. (except one special brilliant friend who moved away for the winter)

  10. Thank you so much for the heads-up Mystic !

    I’m doing ‘reality’ and ‘full immersion in own creativity’ and hanging out with gorgeous ‘safe’, ‘sane’ particle wizard – doing healthy outdoor activities and exploring the world of great food and comedy dvds, keeping it all v.v. light and nice.

    I’m so not going to the ‘big birthday party’ on the night of the 10th where i know some insane person is going to be boozin’ up on the hoochie and being all psycho!

    Have Taurus moon in 3rd not far from Jupiter in Gem in 4th at 24 deg. am so feeling some ‘new’ era evolving, well am kinda ‘doing it myself’…yet am also so on alert to be haute with self and stay ‘real’ and feel brave i’ve on right track. Could be that a new reality might evolve warp speed like in 4th, but feel so ‘capable’ and in a good place for changes as have been making so many for the better under my own steam…

    • It’s the simple things eh Zaibor?

      Mercury square Uranus for me. Not so simple wrangling a million revenge scenarios a minute. Txt saved to drafts*. Revenge is a dish best served cold uppermost. There are so many possibilities! I probably can handle this without breaking anything, sawing the necks of instruments, supergluing clothes to the floor, spending up big on e-bay, hacking into his facebook account, embezzling the rent, etc, etc, Just. Amazing how the mind works. Humbling & stupefying.


      You’re a small man {insert name here}.
      Cowardly, callous, pathetic, parasitic, spineless, repellant, brain addled and boring beyond belief. I am so much better off without you. Spiritually, emotionally, physically, intellectually. Have a nice day fuckwit. Turns out I can’t stand you either.

      Uranus square Asc. ‘Sudden Separations’. It’s been”sudden’ for the last 6 months. But now an eclipse, Uranus direct, crunch time.

      Vibing Ambiguity? Gawd. Well I’ve got a rainy day to practise I suppose.
      Aries moon makes my hurt turns into rage instantaneously, but this too shall pass. It ain’t me babe.

      Onward sans the liabilities, it must be time.

      • How do you hack into someone’s Facebook account? :shock: This Scorp wants to know :lol:

        I cut off all communication with a Saggo (venus in Scorp) fling a few years ago but I bet he’s still spying on me. But maybe that’s my Scorp paranoia. Anyway, that Venus in Scorp placement is scary – they never really let you go and he was real clever with techie stuff.

          • by knowiing ‘a’ password. But . . . I’ve discovered with this one, not to do anything I’m not prepared to cop tenfold. He has a Mercury 12th house, having any kind of conversation is like pulling teeth. My Sun Mars Saturn 3rd house CANNOT STAND IT!!!!!!!! anymore.

            • Yikes! I know someone with moon in 12th and that’s bad enough. They can talk and talk but not reveal a single thing about themselves. I can only imagine what mercury in 12th is like… blood from a stone!

              • HA! I have moon in 12th. :) but mercury in Gemini! So I can talk and talk and tell you all kinds of things about me, or nothing at all.
                Or I can not talk for days at a time.

    • Its this foul weather too, the air pressure keeps oscillating wildly. I’ve had hay fever this year bad. But I don’t get blocked. My nose is more like a fuqing tap. Where does all that stuff come from ?? Gross, I know.

      • same!

        get one of those plastic bottles with saline from the chemist & flush daily for 6 weeks …. the only thing that has given me results.

        all tips on how to ditch head cold appreciated lol …

  11. Jeez, just realised this eclipse is conj my ascendant. (3deg orb) in the 12th house where my gem moon lives also. Any ideas as to what that may mean ?

      • Wow ! only yesterday we talked about going to Turkey/Israel/Greece next July for my sons Barmitzvah!! (instead of having a dreary function at home).If we can get the money together. The 3 kids have never been overseas.
        Thanks, Bluesky your reading is a huge green light. Now the money !!!!!

  12. Lunar is more emotional in nature, s node draws away near Asc considering spiritual self (material / earth) sun illuminates earth from Sag, highlights your highest goals re work 6 th sorry typing on phone instinctual moon stuff dl. x

      • thanks for that lovely, I’m about to phase out for a while, kids finishing school, wearing thongs to customer meetings, ahhh. I’ll let the eclipse be the start to my summer 2011-12 sound track…no work, no hassling the kids to get up and do shit. I’m just going to lie on the earth for a few weeks, on a beach south of nowhere.

  13. I cannot wait for this mercury retro/uranus station/eclipse to be over with. If this week gets any weirder, I’m done for. And it’s not opening up any of the wonderful lurv and $$ opportunities that are supposed to be coming my way.

    Now, when I go back to December 1992, when last we had an eclipse at this degree of Gemini, I was falling in love with the big love of my life, and oh the drama, the adventure, the lust, the witty dialogue. This time, not so much.

    • The best things can happen in minutes. Any minute. Your open to it ? Your free to accept it ? Really ?

  14. I sent a FB msg to my love obsession a while ago… I’d been planning it for months when suddenly today something got into me and I said fuqing do it or you’ll always regret it…
    I’m anxious!

  15. Well, I have a Gem north node but it’s 23° in the 6th House. So it won’t be an exact conjunction. Think this eclipse will sneak past me quietly.

    Went to make some toast this morning and realised I had forgotten to buy some bread yesterday – oh the horror!!! but worse than that was the pile of dirty dishes in my kitchen sink :shock: How did THAT happen!!! I never ever go to bed without doing the dishes.

    Is this how the mutables live? Think I’ve turned into one, courtesy of my Neptune transit…. ‘Living with the Mutables’ would make a funny sitcom. A shared household of Pisces, Gem & Saggo. What a riot! A bit like ‘The Young Ones’ :D

      • He’s an Aries for sure. Not a mutable I know, but Neil is definitely a Pisces (will never forget that scene with him in the bathtub of mud and the bicycle lol). Rick is an Aqua with Virgo moon? Mike is Capricorn. Whaddya think?

    • “A shared household of Pisces, Gem & Saggo.” hehe this made me snort, Im saggi, gem rising, moon in pisces. What is this ~doing the dishes~? :D

        • Your basic nightmare :) although the insane mess and clutter and dusty teacups left around is melded with salt lamps, scented candles, fairy lights, plants and art. So like…. an ethereal tip? lol


          • Classic! I love Black Books!!

            “north ceiling corner… a cobweb containing a numebr of deceased arachnids… with beans”

  16. Am so Leo (self concerned) didn’t note that the Eclipse is all over my Gem guy’s Sun, Saturn (12 & 22 deg), Venus, & Mercury! Ooh.
    And it’s Merc retro and of COURSE he works for a telecommunications company.

    He also has a deadline to complete a project early for Monday. I am praying he does it, his whole team are working overtime to get the project done before there is a change of managers.
    The sweet lady Team Manager has been ousted by a bitchy man who had the top bosses ear, days before the highly visible project she has run beautifully, with no tech knowledge either, will be presented. And guess who will be the new TM? Yes, this bitchy dude will take over and receive all the kudos for her hard work!! She had just returned from maternity leave too…

    Am thinking to program a crystal to protect her from further negativity and abuse from this chap. My husband is too embarrassed to give it to her so I guess I will just keep it for her!! I don’t actually know her, but really, office politics are so ugly.

    • Agree. Office politics are the worst – the main reason I don’t want to rise further through the ranks, because it just seems to get worse the higher you go. I don’t need that in my life.

      • Yes, my partner is exactly the same, has found a quiet spot he likes and refuses to reveal use his leadership abilities to ANYONE, cannot blame him.

  17. Yick, fed up of this. Gem Sun, Mercury, Chiron – I’m ill, obsessing & bored. Bring on the eclipse clarity…

  18. ok the eclipse is conjunct my ascendant which hooks up with my stellium and sun but all is well in my loving world thus far. Onwards.

  19. My ankles have swollen up so badly that I am finding it hard to walk.
    Been like this since Monday and getting worse. So no triathlon training with steel cut oats for me. But emotionally fine and dandy.

  20. Gem Sun, Sag Rising, Aries Moon Uranus conjunct Mid Heaven. I have had a week on Fish and veges, 3 meals a day. Have lost 3 kgs Not hungry for a minute and feeling fabulous and have just finished a big Art project that’s been going on for a couple of months. And love? I cant even think of someone to have a crush on…

  21. ugh!!!
    so almost pulled a stalker move on multivirgo but thankfully talked myself out of it! (deep breath released). Thank goddess. I mean, really, what would that have accomplished?
    I don’t get it. I have been good, let go, no interest, then bam…..mercury retrograde? eclipse? evil voodoo he has done on me?
    the thing is, I HAVE to drive by his driveway….FUQ it all, FUQ!!!There is no other alternate route out of my neighborhood. I can’t see down to his place, just the top of the driveway. So as I approach his driveway, it is like a freaking vortex. The closer I get the stronger it gets. I haven’t left my neighborhood in awhile till tonight. On the way home I was ready to tell him off, spy, or both.

    GOOD GIRL. I came home. Back to my lonely boring dump of a house.
    But the plus side….the uber cute painter will be back tomorrow. I have a crush. Don’t have the guts to go for it though, and with all this retrograde eclipse nonsense going on, who knows how it could blow up in my face.

    Truthfully, having a hard time with things. I will be alright I know, but just feel so trapped.
    Will count my blessings now. Cause really I am blessed beyond belief.

    • duh…just realized….sun in my 4th. My house(well 2 sides of it) are getting a professional paint job! LOL….poor ugly other 2 sides.

    • Oh boy do I get this but a little closer to home.

      Quick funny. Met my ex via old neighbors. He moved in there as a pit stop. time. We end up together. They move on for a couple of years but come back. Life’s good, then it’s not. We’re over. He’s gone BUT they get a new dog with the same name as my ex?!?! We’re cool, talk etc but I ask why and they say soz, dog was already named that. WTF! I keep hearing his name from that side of the house well after I should/want to. Ex and I bounce a little.. tried distance and it didn’t work. Time has passed but he still misses me, thinks about me all the time and is with someone else. Did I mention he contacted me again to tell me all this just this week? Sigh…


      • oh no…lol…a dog with the same name. WTF? weird. That would drive me insane hearing his name all the time.

        ugh…he contacted you while with someone else. gag. That is so something multivirgo does, which is why I walked away from all involvement with him(even though I wanted him still).

        My ex scorpio bf’s name is the name and main lyrics of a song, so of course I hear it periodically. In fact, the first night I kissed multivirgo, I got in my car, turned on the radio, and there is the singer croning out my exes name. I speedlightening turned the channel.

  22. Haha I want to do everything on the list!! On a crazy exercise/spirituality/work/sensuality/general interestingness bender at the moment… Was finding the outside world too intense pre-eclipse so I’m just focusing my energy on myself and big upping my own awesomeness. Def a change from self loathing and low self confidence. Hopefully I can channel the eclipse energy to make all this good stuff my new reality :)

  23. Hi everyone,
    i’m freaking out about this full moon eclipse in Gemini…as i have Sun in Gem (16.38), Moon in Sagg, and Aries Rising. AND Midheaven in Aquarius (2.57). I feel like a massive thunderbolt or catastrophe is on the horizon…Uranus direct in my career zone could be good though, right? i know my aspects are:

    Mercury Trine MC
    Mars Trine MC
    Jupiter Square MC
    Uranus Sextile MC

    (hope this is good!!)

    i’m really worked up about tomorrow and the weekend – feeling like one of these taurus cats!!!! fingers and toes crossed :S

    good luck all XX

  24. I am reading a translation of an ancient greek philosopher (Epictetus, ‘On human freedom’), does that count? It’s wonderful btw. A tutor of mine also teaches philosophy and I think he got through to me. All very 9th house :)

    Other than that, my routines (if I actually had any) have vanished and I am feeling a liberation from time in the same sense that we feel liberated from care while on a long blissful holiday. Something is unshackling in my psyche that was freed a while ago but had accidentally wandered back into the cage again.

    I think/hope this state of mind is more or less permanent. Have definitely lost the authorita/ underling dynamic from my life. It feels more egalitarian. I don’t know if it makes me a bit too carefree and uh, honest, but I honestly can’t face being anything else right now.