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Nigel Barker


Luna is so totally in LEO:  I have on a hair masque.  I am listening (loud) to Chilly Gonzales who has (yes) the very same birthday as me, so we can relate, yes?  This sort of thing is important to Moon in Leo. 

And now Mercury is DIRECT so of course, the Eclipse Insights and Weirding all make major sense. Excellent.

The Weekly Horoscopes are UP.

Advance Notice: i am on holidays (yes, even people with Mars in Virgo go on holiday, lol) from December 20 to December 29.  I will be away on a secret planet so there will be no blog updates then. But the Horoscopes & Daily Mystic email all continue totally as usual.

Hands up who loves the Moon-Eros in Leo trine Uranus trine newly direct Saggo Mercury vibe? 

It’s called a Grand Fire Trine, some peeps are born with it, others get it in passing  – like today – and a few just pretend they’ve got it all going on. But they have NOT.  Think: thoughts scattering all over the place but fab energy levels and the desire to SHINE.

And any secrets uncovered, codes deciphered or strange things seeded during that Retro-Bats phase of Mercury have a little while yet to play out.



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  1. A few hours back I got a call about an IP Phone misbehaving…. user was panicked but at that late hour there was not much to be done.

    So maybe this is why when I decided to go into work to fix said IP phone that is not fixable, I turned around said I’m going to get some sleep and chose to rise early and fix it before the big boss arrives?

    Sun=Scorpio Rising=Cancer

  2. It’s about time. I’m tried of spinning my wheels in mud trying to get tasks done the past few days. =)

  3. lollll……
    yes indeed.
    just sent a message….GULP.
    Feeling much better overall. More optimistic.

    • :) sent a happy bday message to a man I met this weekend. He wrote back this morning. Time will tell, but I found myself for the first time in a long time thinking what life would be like with a man in it. Not just oh he’s cute.

      Then of course, ex boyfriend sent me a thank you message. wow. Did it finally click that he usually only gets in touch with me when he wants something. OR is this the precurser?

      My Mega Aqua son(mega cappy too) and I have really been bonding. Loving it. He has Neptune conjunct sun. HE was telling me about his dream world, people, and adventures. AMAzING!!!Totally blown away. I never knew before…..
      I feel so close to him. IT is wonderful.

  4. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY. Yes, can’t tell if it’s the caffeine overload or mercury, but suddenly life is back on track. And happy.

  5. lol @happy hunting holidays :)
    sounds good to me!! have no idea how l feel yet..l just woke up…koffie now! love that picture we should all look like that, everyday ..yeah l have Saturn Leo 11h but for my Gem Sun the direct must be a relief anyhow pheeew!
    ok time to be creative! yay!

  6. It was a bit mean of me but I’ve made a whole bunch of hopeful’s in our annual competition hold out (an extra week) until after Mercury went direct for me to contact / announce the finalists. It’s a VERY fun way to enjoy Mercury Direct, sending good news emails to a dozen people and reading their overjoyed responses to having made the grade… Liking it a lot.

  7. Things are still a little bit of wonky but it’s nothing that a Scorp would ultimately take as an opportunity. Specifically, was just inadvertently gifted with some very very confidential information. :) Very telling.

  8. When oh when will a photo stylist finally figure out how to pose someone with a bow and arrow, in a stance that would not actually injure them if they fired an arrow from that position?

    Example, Geena Davis:


    Now as far as Mercury direct, I am having an argument over our website for our Occupation with our web geek. This has been building for weeks, and now that Mercury is direct, I am going to hammer on our web geek mercilessly. He built a site that only he can maintain, using obscure Drupal software that is only used by open source fanatics and programmers. He never updates the site, and then complains that nobody will help, and then when people volunteer, he won’t allow anyone to help. He is totally dysfunctional. And he will not listen to anyone. But he will talk and talk until you are either asleep or ready to explode. I’ve seen lots of web geeks like this, they’ll drone on and on about every minor detail, in order to dissuade you from ever questioning him about details. Ever.
    So excuse me Mr. Geek. I was setting up BBS forums like the one we asked you for three weeks ago, back in the 1970s before you were even born. You are an amateur. I am going to bring my laptop to the next meeting and set up a fully functional forum in exactly one minute, with a “one-click” installer. And then you will have to explain to me why you have been unable to do this in 3 weeks.

    • Oh yeah they love to do that. They consider it job security. Classic. I hope you ream him.

    • How DARE he Charles. Can’t teach PopEye to suck eggs,
      oops spinach i mean :-)
      Sic ‘em Charles sic ‘em. The Occupy movement has no cred here, the media is
      showing them up in a bad light.
      Their media interviews are terrible & grammactically incorrect bigtime..unfocsed
      Better organised in the USof A, i believe. They have to put on suits to get attention
      or they get the old ‘treehugger’ thrown at them….’bunch of unwashed dreadlocks’ is not great PR.
      Who’ the leader? The benevolent dictator in this movement?
      Who’s the dude in Florida that created a different style of money on web. You would know who i mean.

    • Amazon’s were rumoured to have had their left breast removed
      for better arrow duty, or so my Mother told me when i asked to do
      archery as one didn’t need as much equipment as fencing required.

      • The famous two finger salute (which seems to have been superceded by the middle finger ‘up yours’), was originally to show your opponent, from a distance, that you still had two fingers, and so could still use your bow.

        An interesting Englishman told me that, sounds believable.

    • I noticed the bad form of her holding the bow as well. The problem is that there are no skinny super models with more than a 20 lb draw. They would you know…have to have muscle meat for that. I bet someone had to fully pull the string out and hold it for her. Once a compound bow is extended, it only requires a child’s strength to keep it there. Try that with a standard recurve or yumi sometime. lol.

  9. I had to write a massive long “projects to be completed” list late last night, and this morning I am totally scattered amongst brilliant ideas. Already plotting two book ideas (urm no I have never written a book before) and pinging around the apartment vowing to rise at 7am forever more.

    love it

    • “Already plotting two book ideas (urm no I have never written a book before)”

      Too Cute… LOVE IT, Balancing!

  10. Oh. Moon in Leo. Of course. Explains my ENTIRE evening. Touch up of hair color, followed by sealing treatment, followed by keratin treatment, followed by preening in front of the mirror as if I were getting paid to do it, followed by thoughts of how fantastic I’m going to look tomorrow once I don on “x” outfit I’ve yet to decide on for work.

    In of all things, plastic.

    But never mind. All I know is, I am and will be fabulous.

    • Angel of the Fall, was attempting to join FaceBook today.
      Going thro’ my pix & saw you!
      Looked at your face & said to myself Yes, she is very very attractive with
      beautitul mouth & hair to work with. (from my observations past as a make-up artist) and
      a long tongue…lol.
      Then thought ‘how would she look blonde’?


  11. Um, yeah, apparently no more probs communicating my true feelings today…
    Truth be told, I was unusually unforgiving, unsympathetic, unrestrained and pretty much a Colossal Bitch.
    ROAR! – damn that feels better!

  12. Yes its all fabulous whatever this vibe is! So good after over a month of hard! With the eclipse going over my eighth house maybe it was the month before leading up to it that was triggering all my letting go and death of aspects of myself for the phoenix within to rise and find new solutions, to go into core and consciousness and find my truth at this time, mire transformations, and must always remember the rise from the ashes is beautiful…

  13. I celebrated Mercury Direct by buying myself a new red handbag, purple purse and two pairs of shoes, one of them bright red. Got another pair on order for next week which are peach-coloured. Also found a bra which actually fitted, low cut to fit my low-cut summer dresses, and which is now six time smaller than my largest ever size. All greatly reduced in price, god, I feel good :P

  14. Feeling positively BORN AGAIN!!
    FINALLY the brakes are off… FINALLY feeling a sense of being back in the Saddle again… & NOT a moment too soon. Moving house tomorrow… and where she lands, nobody knows… (Somewhere WONDERFUL!!!)

    Its Leap-O-Faith Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. god i am not one of the together ones LOL i almost told my ‘superior’ what i thought of them today. that little self-indulgent yet liberating fiesta would have been seriously bad timing. am considering not drinking at xmas thing in case i let slip. it’s only a matter of time.

    • Please go write it al down about your ‘superior’ INSTEAD of saying it
      if bad timing. More diplomatic over a coffeee or drink.
      More flies are caught with honey than vinegar, my Mother told me.
      Mine is ‘be nice to everyone-you don’t know who they know’.

      Cuss them out here, Whatevs, wees on your side :-)x

  16. Of course looking at the past with 20-20 vision, the Great Accumulating
    of knowledge & wisdom, and wondering if i can take it to the bank :-).

    The artist’s toolkit being stocked in prep for the percoluting planned artwork meditation
    for holidays in March.

    Wanting to give myself permission to purchase Iphone & photshop & LED machine- face- rejuve thingie for Xmas, meaning going into debt for toys & face to play with them but relying on the mojo of Cap-Pluto to consolidate, to grow corn & take some risks.
    Become more Uranian in my tech-use. Uranus is right on IC opp Neptune & Moon after Saturns moved away. OK to take some risks now to maximise the Cap-Pluto arrangement. Is it? Rhetorical question.
    Understanding the 50% responsiblity clause, 50% responsible just by being there
    Seeing the pattern in the last 9 years & how fast it has flown to become The Great
    Introspection & Accountability time. What Planet has 8-9 year cycle maybe ‘Planet Body’.

    Compiling REALISTIC bucket list into what is pragmatically doable & what is Nneptunian pipe dreams.
    How am i doing with my Astro figuring???Does the above makes cosmic sense?

  17. couple of hours later …. the creativity is flowing … all is flowing! yay! loving this energy!!!

  18. Mercury direct and CERN is close to finding the god-particle, boson-higgs
    bit or the cause of the big bang, what they have searched for costing squillions.
    Will they then market it & sell it.
    Funny if they actually found it on Christamas Day?
    Would make for some great God-Jokes…..

    Didn’t we all know there was other planets like Earth’ and that there was a god-particle

    • Yes Peggs, we all knew… We’re Astro peeps/Visionaries, we always know a gazillion years before ‘Them’! : )

      That’s why virtually all ‘New Discoveries’ are so mind-numbingly Ho-hum.
      Not to be confused with ‘Ho Ho Ho’
      *sniggers ridiculously*

      Just so darn chugged with the awesome astro of Now!

      • Actually, I’m chuffed!… (British sentiment for delighted, pleased, satisfied!)

        Not ‘Chugged’. ‘Chugged’ apparently, is making short, dull, explosive sounds… which, considering I ate too much, too late & prob a tad too quickly… I could well be doing some time shortly.

    • they’re trying to bridge the link between Einstein’s theory of relativity and Newton’s theory of gravity and find out more about the elusive antimatter…to come up with a new theory…

      apparently Hawking doesn’t believe god particle exists…i have no idea, but forever am searching for a god within, self so i quit putting others on miraculously and ridiculously high pedestals of adoration and therefore yearning for a heaven i can never seem get to hahaha :)

      the work that they have done is truly mind-blowing and incredible, not that i comprehend too much of it at all really, far from it with the moon in my third house…i did read a recent related thesis on some of the research, it and the work is painstakingly brilliant and complex research, done by genius brains such as those Uranus in third house kinda thing with a Uranian quintile to the midheaven v.v. ‘special peeps’ in this lifetime…

  19. Yesterday I found a divine hairdresser in my new city of residence. A gen-x type who I am sure is a scorpio. She restored my hair to silky un-fuqed-up blonde from brassy trailer park chaos. She cut it so it is a perfect Pisces mop. She didn’t make me engage in conversation. I no longer scream when I look in the mirror! Phew.

    Also, the hunky but probably incompatible Taurean man has contacted me. Ah vee sshall see!

  20. clearly 1972 was a great year… happy festive season MM & everyone

    looking forward to a brilliant 2012

  21. Really? I am feeling like the spreadsheet of my worst decisions has been published for all persons with any degree of influence in my life to see. Very weird.

  22. Yay! Looove this vibe. Still miss being Fire Trine, it was such a nice moniker – and reading this, it would have been nice to actually HAVE one!

    Daresay my water trine is my what makes me a happy healer type though.
    The more I think about Scorpio Moon in the 6th, I think, ‘duh, well what else would you do’. Actually I do know – become a pet detective, lol.

    Did a brilliant healing with a friend, us two facilitating a client-friend this morning, I am still hopping about thrilled. The client had been doing healing of all types all her life, or in her words, she would have “gone psychotic” in attempts to deal with her horrible early life. I had one previous and she wasn’t ready, this time she came prepped to face it, so different. It’s so amazing… she left so light.
    I hope Merc Direct helps me do better as this healing is really word based healing, directing others to assert their power verbally.

    Soz, talking about this stuff too much, just so excited. Have started jogging a bit – goal: to wear a dress like that and look good in it!
    And Charles I would totally be able to rock that compound bow – kyudo was my bukkatsu at japanese high school!

    • Clients leaving with an incredible feeling of lightness?
      Rewarding Andromeda rewarding isn’t it.
      You are re-inspiring me to continue & preventing me being as blase as i have been.
      Get excited :-) x

    • “I hope Merc Direct helps me do better as this healing is really word based healing, directing others to assert their power verbally.”

      Wow. I love that. I’ve found myself in personal relationships vowing and striving to be a much more “teach a man to fish” type person instead of a sandwhich maker, so what you’re saying resonates with me totally.

      • Tis rewarding Pegs, thanks for yr blogsupport!

        12th H. I guess we are all healing ourselves and others every min of every day.. when we are not eating our dog for dinner.. lol! Wot the?? Hahaha! Your kid sounds like she wants gnosis, you know that age where everything is so visceral and you have to understand the guts of things? I do notice that you say ‘my’ dog, not ‘our’ dog, though surely she would have grown up with the dog as part of the family?

  23. totally fuq yeah, me too!

    i so wanna make that desert on the weekly scopes page Mystic,
    my double pavlovas are getting a bit too easy,
    i need to go and sculpt some exotic fragile like beautiful objects in icing sugar
    and research where i can find edible sparkly bits :) :)

  24. Just soooooooooooooo thrilled with the Astro of Now!

    Merc Direct in Saggi & Moon in Loverly Leo (on my natal moon) is sublime.

    My Progressed Sun speedily slid sideways into Saggi in September…

    AND My Progressed Moon is moving into AQUA as we speak. It’s a GAME-CHANGER!!!
    WOO HOO!!!
    Love this snippet re: Prog moon in Aqua btw:
    “Break the rules! With the progressed moon in Aquarius, your mood needs to be rebellious and free-spirited. Other people have been too successful at telling you what to feel. This is a time to defend and explore your individuality. Experiment. Think anything. Don’t be afraid of anyone’s disapproval. Something deep within you, something irremediably irrational, something explosive, is crying out for freedom. That voice is trying to inspire you to make your life your own. Listen to it. If you silence the voice for fear that someone to whom you have given too much power will hear it, you are setting yourself up for trouble.”
    Words to live by regardless… Yes!!?

    • That sounds so exciting! You are aptly named and you inspired me to look up my own progressed chart. It’s so sedate tho, lol, Sun in Virgo, Rising Cancer, Moon in Pisces… No wonder I have been so introverted of late! Good luck getting your game on! :)

  25. well, a friend calls me today having just received a call from her supposedly-working-away-in-3-month-stints husband’s GIRLFRIEND demanding to know who the hell is my friend and what is her connection to the guy she (the girl friend) has been living with for over 12 months!!!!!
    (apart from the massive shock for my poor friend here) does this sound like a super case of Mercury (communication) going direct(ly) in Sagittarius(ie in your face)? or am i barking up the wrong tree?

      • I’m a Libra. I think Saggs can cheat but I’ve mostly experienced it from other Libras, Scorpios, Pisces, and Virgos because they have a tendency to be indirect/omit and trying to play up grey areas. From personal experience, most Saggs, Gems, and Toros will just tell you they are seeing someone else or that they are now into poly or some stupid b.s. reason…but you’ll get a warning usually.

  26. Communication has been weird only with a few people during Mercury Retrograde. In particular with a flaky Leo musician male friend.
    I’ve sent him friendly messages only to be ignored then he sends messages to me asking if I have a problem with him.
    Very bizarre behavior I have no idea why he thinks I am mad at him.
    I’ve sent him a Happy Halloween and Happy Thanksgiving messages with no response. I wrote it off as he is too busy with college and just decided not to send anymore messages (so, I am not pestering him.)

  27. I’ve been powering through my days for weeks now till I took a half day off yesterday (feeling blah), today isn’t even started yet, and noon is inching its way towards me.

    Last night I did start a new hair regimen of nightly scalp massage, brushing, tesla zapping, so I have the moon part right at least.

  28. Would Moon in Leo be an especially good time to get a haircut – or would it just mean one would be especially picky about the haircut one got?

  29. “Fuq Yeah Marcury Direct” Yeah !!

    Grand Fire Trine, Grand Fire Trine, Grand Fire Trine, Grand Fire Trine, (Inhales Deeply, Exhales Slowly & Powerfully) Fuq Yeah,

    I so totally feel like that chick in the fabulous archery photo cept I would like some dude mouth feeding me chocolates, thank you.

    I have two fire trines in ma chart I think and today I just feel like I want to pillage the village. Leo, Leo, Leo, Fire, Fire, Fire.

    (must walk several kilometeres to work…to…burn…off…energy)

  30. I have Mars in Aries tine Saturn and Uranus in Sagg. What’s the diff between a fire trine and a grand fire trine?

    But AMEN to all of this! Why can’t the astro be like this aaaaallll the time? I feel fantastic and forward-looking after weeks of low confidence, worrying, obsessing, second-guessing.

  31. Anyone have any advice on locating a Grand Trine in a chart? (I am off to research it now)

  32. ok, I got it!
    I have Scorpio Neptune (1st house) Opposition Toro Saturn (7th House).
    Virgo Mars (10th House) square Neptune.

    Confusion about relationships, idealistic, delusional, fall for liars, and lies. Suffered some very intense and abusive relationships until I met my current husband.
    I also suffer discouragement at times but, not as often when I was younger and in abusive relationships where I was repeatedly told art and music were bs and that I should give up so, they could pursue their art/career instead.
    I have Chiron in 5th House natally. So, this is my wound that wouldn’t heal for a long time.
    First boyfriend (Cancer) the dreamer loved my voice and art until I was accepted to a prestigious private art college and was going to move away from him. He wanted early marriage and children not an artist loft/studio and lifestyle that goes along with it. He left high school a year early to follow me and attend community college. He resented my new friends started belittling my ideas and art, called me pretentious elitist for studying fine art and attending art openings.
    When he refused to attend my art show opening and award ceremony I knew it was over.
    He later joined the navy, got a high school knocked up and was forced to marry or be dishonorable discharged and charged with statuary rape. He became a staunch Republican and is still obsessed with money and being a Wall Street Broker. He never pursued those dreams.
    I moved onto an older painter (just a few years older) but, very serious Saturnine Libraian male. The Existential Nihilist. He believed in nothing. Very depressed and heavy drinker. He was jealous of my success and ability to easily communicate and make friends. His verbal abuse while drinking turned physical. When he hit me on Halloween when I was dressed as a Carmelitte nun I knew it was over. I had red flags and warnings signs but ignored them because, I had less self esteem then, second guessed myself and gave them too may second chances.
    I think the recurring wound was they sensed my wound was my discouragement in self expression (Chiron 5th House) and went for it.
    This pattern repeated itself for a few more years and with more artists and artist wannabes. (Blocked bitter artists are dangerous to be around when you aren’t blocked)

    I wrote this to encourage anyone who keeps repeating the same relationship mistake to really examine it. I want to encourage anyone to walk away if you are being abused even on a subtle emotionally level.
    It’s not healthy and keeps you from the path you were meant to pursue.

    • Wow, we have some of the same placements…
      Saturn in 7th and chiron in 5th, Neptune in the 1st.
      I have Venus not Mars in Virgo.

      I can def. relate to having problems finding suitable mates though. I never felt blocked as an artist, just that it’s not a good for a full-time career so it’s always on the back burner. After Saturn transited Virgo and went over my MC and my Venus, I found myself finally returning to art and being able to make some money off of it. So maybe it can’t support me full-time, but I can get some part-time out of it.

      I too have many disappointments in love, but no abuse. I love myself too much for that kind of stuff. :3 I usually just end up alone.

      • Fox-
        That’s cool we have similar placements. I’m always curious to see how it works out in others lives.
        Congrats on returning to art. Creativity and self expression is one of the healthiest things we can allow ourselves to do.

        I rarely get artist blocks, but it does happen but did attract the guys who pushed my buttons that caused me to push back and say, “I’ll show you!” or “Watch me!” Even if only to my inner self.
        I hate to be told I can’t do something because, I am woman. That’s ridiculous.

        It’s better to be alone then with someone who eats away at your very soul. I am happiest when working by myself.

    • Scorp rising thankyou for that. I have suffered several emotionally abusive relationships. So I completely understand how being put down can chip away at you bit by bit till there is nothing left. It is subtle and hard to pin point but trust your gut. There are always red flags. Listen to them. Walk away early.

      And yes anyone who stops you from being the best you can be is not right.

      • Thank you. I beat myself up over the years thinking I must deserve to be treated poorly because, it kept repeating. But, I was attracting and allowing others who at first were nice and charming but, as soon as they couldn’t control me would go for my Chiron (Achilles tendon).
        I had to realize that non one had that control over me. nor should they. I am free to pursue happiness and my own career and life as I please.
        I no longer have such deep wounds, just the slight sting of bad memories.
        But, the things I learned from that though I channel through music and art.

        Recently it just recurred with a colleague/acquaintance. He was nice and friendly to y face, then started with with flirting and then inappropriate jokes and sexting. When I ignored them he blew up at called me an untalented whore and that women do not belong in the music industry. He feels threatened because, I am younger and my band is doing quite well atm.
        I have to remind myself something is wrong with him. It’s his issue and problem not mine.
        I was interested in hi as a colleague nothing more.

      • I love that MM posts her blog and we can openly and freely talk here without judgment.
        Cheers to MM and to all of you!

  33. yes the communication definitely started flowing with mercury turning direct

    more like mercury turned director

    all of a sudden my nearest and dearest have turned demanding and needy?

    hours on the phone circular conversations

    I am finding the current astro stressful

    • Current light a candle in your heart for LOve,
      they are downloading their Christmas angst onto you,
      don’t accept it, it’s THEIRS not yours, Hon. x

  34. I do not know how this figures into Mercury direct, but the synchronicity of yesterday was truly unbelievable. I’ve only ever had a handful of similar experiences and this was one of those that made me want to look up to try to see the scriptwriter or director in the sky who was orchestrating the whole thing, moving us around like chess pieces to be in the right place at the right time with the right back-story.

    Still processing. But a healing moment, ultimately. Just so BIG and weird how it played out.

  35. Two important emails I had been waiting for came in one day. Cool.

    Merc direct on my Sagg Jupiter 6th trine natal Aries Mercury and trans. Uranus 10th..

    Current Moon on my Uranus 3rd.

    Yes, I’m feeling it all but that this coming year it’s change or put a gun to my head…so, so burnt out with massage work…Told Pisces co-worker today I’m not just a mindless rub fucker (made that up..it just sounded good..)

    Can guarantee it will be the former and not that lattter. Next year Sun on Solar Return Asc…Hello?

    Just irritated is all. Tired of being sweaty, oily and working in the fuqing near dark…

    Oh but of course Cappy Moon will transition “delicately” (as the wicked witch said about Dorothy..) and have scathing “inner” bitch sessions meanwhile..

    Last night’s dream was having sex…yes me and the inner Self is doing it cuz it’s time.

  36. I had a rather uneventful mercury retro in terms of merc retro related events but go direct I am now on a cliff hanger of outcomes. waiting. waiting, getting fucked with or over, waiting. Also, the last 2 days have been FILLED with stupid man syndrome (more than usual, lol) acting out hard, in professional ways. I feel like I am trying to walk in a straight line and my path is filled with wankers and idiots who thrive on unnecessary emotional bullshit. Life is totally forcing my hand to get hard and fight again. Is this a personal flash of the zapzone aries uranus square to look forward to Mystic?

  37. I don’t know about this…Uranus direct + Mercury direct is making my six-year-old Aries girl extra fiery. Tonight, she got jealous of my relationship to my 11-year old dog. So, eventually I explained that if we were in dire circumstances, if her life depended on it, we would eat the dog for dinner. That made her happy. WTF?

    • 12th house Virgo sometime ago on another post, you referred to me as your Astro twin..Are you Virgo or Aries?

      I ask because the last two posts about your daughter sound angry to me…as if you are competing with each other or there are deeper issues that need addressing.

      • Difficult for a child at six years old, to rationalize what she is competing for…just your attention perhaps?

        Noble of you to use your dog as a meal example but was that really appropriate? Someone has to be the adult. Sounds like game playing to me and so not a good thing with a child.

        • Only bring this us as I’ve seen time and again how parents unwittingly project their issues of spouses, etc. onto their children.

          Not meant to offend but just something to think about perhaps.

  38. My ad campaigns have taken off with a Leo whoosh so def something in the air and I’ve decided I am far too gorgeous to be stressing over awol Aqua/Leo Lusty gone intergalatical.
    Maybe he’ll come back now the Moon in his natal