Entry To The Gemini Eclipse Circus Is Free

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Emma Summerton – Doppelganger


Welcome to Gemini Eclipse Circus!

Yes we’re zooming into the Full Moon In Gemini Eclipse zone – enhanced (?) by Uranus going Direct, Saturn + Neptune for getting your existential awesome on.  Mars in Virgo squares, just to ensure Edge. Also, this is the same point Venus will station at next year. Loads of love omens.

The Daily Horoscopes for Monday are up – if they read like it is going to be a circus out there, it’s because it IS. And the Daily Mystic for Monday will explain the Uranus Weirding AND the Venusian Voodoo.


80 thoughts on “Entry To The Gemini Eclipse Circus Is Free

  1. Oh how funny. I was going to post that pic in honor of my Sagg witch friend’s b-day today. What a great photo.

  2. Hmm. I think my 2nd house Venus & North Node conjunction in Gem means I’m not only eligible for free entry – I’m getting a VIP pass.

    I have so much going on in my chart at the moment. It’s crazy. I can feel a million changes happening or in the works and it’s awesome. & it’s not often that a Toro actually likes change!!

  3. I also have my Venus return happening in the midst of all of this, I can’t seem go anywhere without peeps turning and staring and wanting to touch me and be in my orb. It’s a hoot. I’m not letting it go to my head because I know what it is and I know it will pass but it is amazing to watch and… ok.. maybe I’m having a little bit of fun too. It’s been a drought forEVER.. who can blame me? :)
    I also have a situation pretty similar to this pic going on.. lol. Seriously, can it get any better??? ;)

  4. oh.. and his Mars is pretty darn close to my Venus on top of everything else…. It’s magical… truly. Both having Gemini 8th houses, with me having the moon in mine.

      • It sure appears that way. I was actually thinking at one point “ahhh this is what the charasmatic peeps of our times must feel ALL the time.” :) Amazing.
        Anyway, enough about that. I read what you wrote and I just wanted to share that I went through a period in my life when Pluto was transiting my 12th house where I woke up with those deep soul cries, it was awful, I sounded like a wounded animal. Just hearing myself cry like that was painful all in itself. I was told that the psyche has a way of releasing pressure while we sleep and often times it will result in those sorts of cries. I wasn’t processing during the day in my wake state so my psyche took advantage of my sleep state to release.
        Interesting yes?
        It probably kept me somewhat sane I suppose, but still a painful process.

        You’re in my thoughts for a speedy and wonderful clearing of the gunk.


        • Understand what you mean. I’ve also been emo devastated in the daytime and cried everyday for two months and still had the deep soul crying. In one scenario it was over feeling betrayed and feeling like something was being taken away from me that I had loved very dearly.

          Last’s night dream was a bit similar in that there was all this food but by the time people got done getting theirs, there was hardly a scrap for me. Obviously working on feelings of lack and such which I’m in the middle turning around.

          Was surfacing water (emo’s) too and in holding my breath was not quite sure if I was going to make it.

          But I must have cuz here I am today… lol ;) X

  5. This full Moon eclipse will be exact on my Gemini Eros @ 18 deg in 12th.

    “Issues hidden in the darkness ready to be addressed/illuminated”

    I’ve been getting an inordinate amount of sleep and last night’s dream I was crying from the depth of my soul. Today, what I’ve thought about is what would make me really happy/feel accomplished/my own woman kind of thing supporting myself here on this earth and that’s my writing. The tarot lady had pointed out something very apt and that was when I’ve gone to write I shut down and emo withdraw because there is pain there. I’d gotten the “Light” card after that even tho my previous dream here lately was “leaving for Columbia…tricky, scary”.

    To me Columbia symbolizes the underworld (I had an experience with a double Cappy once who told me he had connections to the Columbian mafia…he was just playing with me however but scared me to death…”now you’re in” he’d said..I was 34 at the time).

    This is essentially telling me I’m going to traspe the underworld of my own psyche a bit and the crying was part of that but I gather Eros is going to awaken in a more creative way if I move beyond some of the muck.

    Am going to re-read Kim Falconer’s write up on Eros. She said about it in 12th that it can indicate suffering, confinement (yes I have felt trapped at times!)but also creativity from the depths of the collective.

    Got in the car this evening as was going to go buy some wine. I shut the engine off and went back inside. Realized I was simply bored and cannot drown my inner voice and punish myself for ill begotten choices in the past as I’ve been doing these last several years.

    So tonight it’s meditation and then more sleep. I remember when bedtime was such an adventure…and besides Mars is in Virgo, moving thru my 4th and in my solar 6th. Want to stick with that.

    • hugs sweetpea.
      I too have eros – conjunct psyche – in the 12th (along with Venus-Neptune-Dark Moon Lilith and about 7 other asteroids – except for me, they’re in scorp). know exactly what you mean, as one who also struggles with 12th house issues – ALL of them. But there are indeed great gifts, if only we could believe in them. So much of the wisdom and compassion and love of music etc you share here seems 12th house to me; you might punish yourself, darls, but we celebrate you here xx

      • You’re very kind Fi. And speaking of music, think everyone could use a little of Seal’s ~Amazing~

        • Adore Seal. Practice to him.
          YOU are Amazing, and it has been a real pleasure to read all your beautiful, beautifully written, and real-as posts over the last two years or so, hon, even though I have been so whacked over head with work for about 12 months solid that I haven’t been around much to have time to respond/be supportive x

          • **luv** ….just about anything of his really..

            Pisces/Virgo Mars-Moon doc sure changing it up around here…we have WiFi at work now and can bring in my little notebook computer…kewl

            So, davey I’m listening to that song at lunchtime now…Just recently I went through all my Seal songs at youtube. I love youtube! x

    • Hi Sweetpea, I also agree with Bgem, Scorched Earth and others, you’re writing is great. Second last para “Got in the car..” and down to “such an adventure.” – stick it in a journal as it’s a neat beginning of a story/script. A story of Sweetpea’s journey to hidden side?

      • Loved the turned off the engine bit Schweets … Always used to make me feel most Warrior Woman like when i went through anything sans plonk(alcohol)/drugs… Well done you fabulous Ram you !

  6. OOoh *that’s* what the weirdness is… that explains the resurgence of the Crazy Gemini (stalker).

    Other than that – I’m actually loving this current vibe & strategising new income streams & ways to explore my creative passions.

    Off to check on the degree of the eclipse – have a feeling it may be close to my Saggo Mars.


    • DRATS! Just discovered I’m having an Uranus transit – it’s going direct exactly upon my tenth house North Node & opposite my natal 4th house Uranus/South Node (so having YET ANOTHER URANUS double whammy OPPOSITION). Great. I can expect another twist of events on the home front/career then – such as the landlord selling the house out from under us for the 5th time in 5 years or the like??! ARGH! This is what comes from being too busy working to keep abreast of transits – now they sneak up on me & create havoc I am ill-equipped to deal with. DOUBLE ARGH!!

      Quick – everyone! send me good career/home JUJU!

  7. hi all! taurus sun/scorp rising. i have gone the entire year without much luck in love … i mean NADA. IT doesnt matter what prediction MM gives us … no results in romance. I wonder what’s going on in my chart that is playing the cock blocker?

    • LMAO ~ the cock blocker! Well it’s must be contageous as this Toro rising has been similarlyaffected.

      Not absolutely.. there have been enough dodgy offers rejected and a smattering of continued Ex-action which of course bears no significance in the present… so yeah, still essentially going with NADA.

    • NOt funny for you, but HA! Cock blocker. oh no.
      Hope you get the right cleaner/plunger? to clear that out of the way.

      I have had action this year…almost completely horrible and wish hadn’t happened. sigh.

  8. 8O

    Meanwhile i am nursing yet ANOTHER sore shoulder – not the left one but the right one this time. I have been doing some major healing work and it is coinciding with some major shifting in the body. Which is fine – even though I am crippled with pain for a few days and then disappears! 8O

    It feels like an ancient knot that has popped out from my shoulder and has grabbed hold of my muscles around the shoulders… 8O

    *bathes in dencorub*


    • I have been getting perpetually annoying itchy at base chakra for the last week or so.. grrrr.. maybe I’m just not getting angry enough?!? LOL

      Rashes, itches, skin irritations etc are supposed to be symbolic of frustration or anger and don’t respond to dencorub well LOL.

      It can be inherent in clearing/healing.. physical ailments and the like.

      Hope it passes quickly!

    • 8O

      I also watched Eat Pray Love last night, and while I am a huge fan of Julia Roberts and obviously the path to spirituality is something I am interested in, I found myself bored out of mind watching it! 8O

      • I haven’t seen it and haven’t been inclinded to rush out to get it.

        I just watched ‘Food Matters’ ~ a doco on food, vitamins, the pharmaceuticals etc. They had a couple of extreme examples of melanoma and lymphoma cured completely with high doses of vitamin C!

        Awesome…she ponders similar for irritating itch? Mebe?

        It’s worth a look.

        • I saw that documentary too! The vitamin C cure is fascinating, as apparently according to the doco it’s nearly impossible to overdose on it and at high doses in an iv it could be used to cure so many currently incurable diseases.

          I didn’t see or read Eat Pray Love either. A friend of mine read the book and didn’t like it. She said she didn’t like that the main character just seemed to give up on her life and abandon her marriage to run away and start all over again. It was the kind of escape that only someone from the wealthy upperclass would be able to pull off, and she found it unrealistic and insulting. She’s a Scorpio Sun with a lot of Gemini in her chart.

      • 8O

        I LOVE that! You continue to amaze me Fleecy! :D It must of popped out because it is heaps better today! 8O

        I love the Vit C – I must see this doco! 8O

        I haven’t read the book either guys – but I have heard it is much funnier than the movie, shame they didn’t incorporate it.

  9. so i think this eclipse will be on my sun, depending on the degree, if not it gets the options of mercury venus or saturn, in the eighth, please tell me its gonna be ok!

  10. After reading a little more it appears this eclipse is affecting my close relationships..being opposite my sign. Seems to go back to the beginning of my last relationship when the last round was.. 92/3 and he was on the phone today?

    Maybe not so much as I’m November born and it can’t really affect something that isn’t in place! Haha.. but it’s also potentially affecting business relationships.

    Perhaps I should be on alert.

  11. Yes, plenty, well ok, tonnes… of ‘sensual distraction’ going on all weekend and into next week at my, ah (?) what is it when you don’t do impulsive – but build a kind of mutual, appreciative, surprisingly exponential, rising kind of “seething” mutual “tension”…ah yes, “tantric” like…

    27, blonde, tanned, muscular, super-gorgeous & smart and for real…on my ultra fluffy vip rug, xmas has so come early…

    i will so throw my Saturn haute composure totally you know where – if he gets any Uranian sudden ideas…i mean undeniably asks politely… Both unattached, unrelated, and if it’s healthy…why stay in insane denial about it all…

    *waves large palm frond to keep cool and appropriately Saturnl-like*

      • ha ha ha ! Thanks pgem :)

        am taking Mystic’s advice, staying even more cool and saturn ice pack & all…hahaha

        wierdest thing is i respect him so much i seriously wouldn’t inflict myself on him, he’s too beautiful in so many ways…i feel more motherly towards him…i know his real mom and she would be cool with a small transit kind of comforting – but seriously – we both would want him to have something just as gorgeous & young as himself in reality…i might introduce him to my hot young dentist ballet dancer, she’s gorgeous. :)

  12. Gem ascendant and saturn here. Oh, and it is my bday next weekend (also merc, nep and jup in sag.) Mercury was even in retrograde when I was born, too! Oh, and my venus is in cap. So it should be my time, but I think maybe its all cancelling itself out?

  13. Gemini rules my 11th house and the eclipse is going to be conjunct my lilith by 1 degree difference, in there. So writing, communicating with large groups/ networks/ associations, as well as being independent pretty much sums me up to a T at the mo. Thinking I’ll celebrate this eclipse by re-reading Haddad’s Return to Lillith poetry.

  14. having never been to a real circus (is it cruel to animals to make them do tricks?) but very practiced at walking a tight rope and juggling multiple demands in everyday life, I do like the woman’s hat, hair, dress and toned, slightly blue-coloured leg in this pic. I also like the flowers and teapot on table. Sturdy table by the look.
    That reminds me, anyone reading this and not sure what ‘Void Moon’ is – it means a NO to purchasing vintage furniture when moon is void, even if you bargin them down $55 and get them to chuck in delivery. Save yourself the time reversing it after the voidness.

    • some places have circuses like cirque du soleil that are all human so you don’t have to worry about animal cruelty.

  15. The eclipse will be in my relationship house, but I’m too busy to think about such things. Casual male friend showed me an engagement ring he said he was thinking of getting me; did I like it? WTF shock and can’t you see I’m busy recreating my life annoyance (no, marriage is not part of it) were the emotions I had to smooth quickly out of my face.

    My Mars (10th house) is ON and in six month’s time, I’ll be somewhere I’ve never been before workwise. Yes, every moment, task, goal is scheduled and love is a shot of need juice taken so I can get back to things important.

    Poor eclipse, it will have to do without me this time. I’m busy!

  16. Gemini rules my 8th House with no planets residing there.
    Mars is shifting into my 11th House. I will miss Mars Virgo in my 10th House. It gave me a zip, I really needed in my career.

  17. gemini in my 10th. Saggy in my 4th. They are intercepted. I just don’t think about Gemini, at all.
    I have mercury, my chart ruler, in Gemini, but barely relate. It is that interception.
    Mercury is well aspected too….trines and sextiles only. Maybe that is why I don’t think about it.

    So work and home. Home is always in state of repair, building, whatever…annoyed.
    Work…Ready to have a calling that works out for me. would love to have some wonderful path unfold.

    • PS…I am the guy in this photo….head down on table, staring of dreamily, teapot nearby…..

  18. Circus? Watched Water for Elephants on w/e.
    Rob Pattison has an acting range from A to B so turned it off
    after the elephant was hit (the elephant being a far better actor).

  19. Gemini sun, gemini mars.. totally in love with a gemini… My circus has many acting twins… omens are everywhere BUT not for love of him but for love of me….

    Major breakthrough and shedding of old.. I realised ive been looking after myself for years but giving ALLL my love to men that don’t treat it so kindly – at the expense of myself… I know this is the most obvious lesson in the book BUT god it feels like a realisation and I feel it with eyes wide open..

    How strange that this happens at a time when i fall for someone like – like I never have before… Maybe this balance?

  20. a) That daily horoscopes picture is really scary.

    b) I have Gemini Rising. Does this mean the Full Moon Eclipse on my Public Self/Voice means that I will horrify people in some way that weekend and should stay home?

    c) Did have a job booked for that weekend with a very sick person whose energies are wildly out of control. I am wondering if a full moon eclipse is, like, perfect for surfacing those energies? Or… maybe just not?

    • Andromeda, just don’t worry about it, it’ll all be alright on the night.
      I still get stage fright before any person i see after 20 years of experience.
      (but i’m a nervous horse anyway).
      It will be Sagg sun & Gemini moon…polarities so that’s a bonus.
      It will be a great experience for you. As you know, intention rules.

      • You still get nerves Pegasus? That’s good to know! I am still new at this and this person is dying of cancer. A powerful person and quite angry and surrounded by a sea of troubles… ‘to die, to sleep, perchance to dream – for in the sleep of death, what dreams may come?’
        ooh that just poured out of me! So apt though. She needs to assuage her demons before she moves on and I am up to it. Intention does rule.
        Thank you for your positivity. Mmwah.

  21. Seen alot of breakups in these few weeks. Makes me glad to be single. My heart goes out to my wonderful friends and family members who have thier heartbroken. May the wound mend cleanly. Wouldn’t want to go back there for anything ouch.

    This Gem is not seeing any action just turning down dud offers. Hopefully a good one will come my way soon. Meanwhile I count my blessings being happy and strong flying solo.

  22. Don’t know much about…….the shape I’m in.
    Don’t know much about transits and houses
    But I know a lot about circuses
    On and off the cosmic round about
    Venus and Sun in Gemini; kataka asc.; moon in aries……..
    And joy oh joy….nought in an earth sign.
    Tend to do alot of trapeze work…..not always with a safety net.
    More mellow in my 56th year on this planet. Don’t know if I can be with Taurean lover/friend who cannot verbalise feelings/tenderness/love?
    Just being now……Moon Void in Gemini…….say nothing.
    Mystic…..and cosmic comrades…..thanks for erudite interpretations of current circus and warnings which I sometimes repeat to work colleagues and friends.

  23. a historical man touched back into my life after 18 years – very mysterious stuff – too early to say what that is all about

    deleted my FB account – seeking more nuanced relationships – breaking ceaseless striving habits one at a time – it is a relief

    was overcome by some strange power and emailed an ex i haven’t spoken to in over a year – i thought it was to the ether but no, he replied – it’s ok. peaceful. weird. scary. no going back. no going back.

    my parents are sweeping off to paris on whim and luck

    all i seem capable of is great catches of falling objects, weeding, messing my house up and then cleaning it up again

    • weeding, messing house up and cleaning sounds nice to me.

      sweeping off to paris on whim and luck sound v lovely too.

      nice imagery FireyBovine.

      re. deleting FB account – I’ve never had one and I’m the first year of Gen Y (apparently uncharacteristic for gen y to not have FB account). 2 friends recently set-up one for a project of mine, but I’ve never had a personal one. I put it down to my Moon and Jupiter placements. I have Moon in Torro and Jupiter in Cancer both exalted and both like the tried and true, quality, old things – my love of archaelology, big old cats, hand written letters …

      • thank you virgo librarian …. and ditto – ‘big old cats, and handwritten letters’ … sigh

        see, i think my leo MC, aries Merc and sagg rising just adored FB for the occasional fifteen minutes of fame for a witty update or posting of one of my latest ‘events’, but i also didn’t use it – i just habitually looked at it – so irritating to me

        i think twitter and blogs for the deliberate ‘wordy’ness of them is prob where i should be if online

        • a fitting week it would seem, for a raven to start visiting my home; he sits in the tallest branches of my crazy gum tree and makes statements to the neighbourhood … i wonder what he’s on about

          • sensational imagery in your writing (you should write/journal… your Merc in Aries would love writing, and Leo MC would *Shine*).

            Sagg Rising is v nice ~ a sage, always helping people, people feel optimistic around you (being ruled by Jupiter), I’d expect. It’d mean you have Scorpio in 12th (unless your ASC is in 12th?). If Scorpio on cusp of 12th, ruled by Pluto, you may have a natural habit/tendency/talent in the things you say or do (without being conscious of it, ie., hidden in 12th) may actually, profoundly transform people in a positive way (hence, the Saggo ‘sage’ Rising)?!

            Crazy gum tree reminds me I haven’t heard a Kookaburra laugh/sing in years, miss them.

            Raven is v special for sure. I hope you post comment about what you make of it next week after Merc goes direct and Eclipse has past.

            • wow. thank you so much. what a lovely lovely generous gift your words are to me. i do really enjoy talking ppl up. and i like the idea of unconscious gifts/tendencies- that naturalness that goes with that … my moon is also in the 12th, and uranus … i am weird and i have a hermit-y weird life yet have massive network of acquaintances ;)

              are you living deep-urban – to not hear the ‘burras?
              will report back on raven x