Desperado Leo?

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The Eagles – as an entity, as an apparent band, as anything relevant in my dimension whatsoever have only landed in my life three times.

(1) Via my Baby Boomer-Pluto-In-Leo/Wealthy Capricorn Uncle who believed they were “spiritual.”

(2) Via a Baby Boomer-Pluto in Leo/Culturally Rich Capricorn Photographer who said that the song “Desperado”, “Hotel California” and “Take It Down Easy” – i may have the last one wrong? – were all written about HIM and HIS life.

(3) Via my Google News Alert set for LEOS tonight and i would not have remembered/posted about The Eagles but how funny is this?

“The birth of “Desperado”: Henley began the song in 1968 and said it was initially about astrology. Frey, who helped him finish it, said the original lyrics began with an astrological name: “Leo, my God, why don’t you come to your senses.”

Their disenchantment with Glyn Johns: Johns, who produced the group’s first three albums, kept them on an ultrashort leash. “He was a complete tyrant,” Henley said. “He would give us three chances to do a track or a vocal, and if that was the best we could do, then that was it. You couldn’t help but get emotional. We even cried a couple of times.”

The “Eagles” album cover shoot: “By the time we were doing the campfire shot, we were higher than nine sailors on payday,” Frey said. “We were raging on peyote, and we were one with the desert. Whatever that means.”

HEY so does this mean that Hotel California was actually about, um, Leos? It was called Hotel Leo?  You can check in but you can never leave? Or do i have this all wrong?

Oh and the “Frey” quoted – Glenn Frey – is a SCORPIO. So seriously, i.m.o, Leo vs Scorpio is THE most hellish and potentially turgid stay-the-fuq-away sort of conflict possible.

Muso types…have you noticed this in YOUR dynamics? No names, only star signs.

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  1. Cannot bear to answer this, even if I knew. I did have a nice Harvest moment the other day with the radio. Will stick with that partikular ear-worm.

    Did I see you give more than I can take?
    Well I only harvest some,
    As the days fly past and we lose our grasp or fuse it with the Sun.

    If you’ve gotten through life only ever hearing Hotel California three times Mys and by some miracle you don’t know all the words, you deserve a fuqing medal.

    Someone told me blogging was a Hotel California.

  2. I really don’t like the Eagles or Chicago. They were in the background while I was growing up, but whatever is embodied in the music of those 2 bands makes my skin crawl. If I hear any of those songs playing somewhere, I want to leave. (this is exceptional because while I don’t care for many other bands or songs or styles of music, I wouldn’t have such a negative, visceral reaction)

    But there was a lot of bad 70s music….

    In late 70s, I liked David Bowie, “funk” and then offbeat bands like Blondie, B52s, REM (they were new–and fresh– to scene then), and Talking Heads.

    (waiting for daughter to come out of room so we can get on with our day–she’s lost homework and embarrassed to go to school without–so here I am with a few–hopefully only a few—minutes to kill…hmmm…what else can I say re: Eagles…ick…going to knock on said daughter’s door again)

    • Oops, Rising Leo. And good God, I hope these songs have nothing to do with me or any affiliated sign! Want nothing to do with them:)

  3. How bizarre! Yesterday afternoon my Scorp boss used the expression Hotel California to me about sticking around. I mentioned that I had left every other job before attaining long service leave.

    I like the guitar riff of Life in the Fast Lane. Occasionally.

    • “Hotel California” was allegedly based on a mental asylum/psych ward in silicon valley. Don’t remember its real name, just remember it started with a ‘C’ and was very similar to one we have in Perth called ‘Cyrillion House’.

  4. My mega Aquarian brother hitched out west with his lab ( think he was 16 or so) and the cops my Mom called to fetch him found him in Winslow , Az.
    That’s what the Eagles makes me think of.
    I have Leo on the 8th with squares, it’s a deathmatch.

  5. Desparado makes me think of a Virgo ex with many Libra placements and a crap neptune placement who just won’t grow up. He still hasn’t found his lady yet. lol. He’s had many a girl friend dedicate that song to him on the radio in days past. Interesting to think this song is about a Leo.

    Eagles…I can take it or leave it. meh.

  6. The Eagles are one of my favorite bands. I’m a Pisces and for me, their music evokes the modern West and the California dream. As for the song, TAKE IT EASY (correct title), I’m pretty sure it was written by Jackson Browne. For me, DESPERADO is one of the great rock love songs. I always thought it was written about every man I was involved with. And it probably was!

  7. I love the Eagles! Very funny re Desperado and certainly true for me…you always want the ones you can’t have have.
    Yes re Leo/Scorpio conflict – the fixed sign thing is always slightly tricky, but Scorpios seem to have a particular disdain for the ‘charms’ of Leo, and the Leo does not respond well to that.

    • Haha! That’s one way of putting it. I think Scorps (myself) included can’t believe what Leo’s are able to get away with in terms of flat out chutzpah.

    • Yes, we are full of charming chutzpah :)

      I know a lot of female Scorps and I like them – I’m Pisces rising – but the conflicts can be brutal – I think Leos are more loyal, I have been betrayed by more than one Scorp, and they were all very jealous.

      • i need my chutzpah bottle refilled. I’m on empty. any leo’s out there got any spare? will go to gf place to rejoove and get hair and facial happening.

        • I would give you mine but I bet you are in a different city…in any case, for a Leo, your chutzpah is to be found at the hairdresser. Get a blowdry with volume and you will have game, I promise. xx

    • I’m a Scorp, and my best friend is a Leo. We haven’t had one single argument in seven years. Not one. I guess we’re an exception! We’re both pretty easygoing for fixed signs, though.

      • Ditto!
        We’ve had one disarrangement in 20 years!
        I told her her it was time to leave her husband, when he called her a slut in front of me!
        She did eventually leave him.
        She repayed the favour years later by telling me when it was time to get outta mine.
        LOVE her to bits!

  8. Mom & older sister Scorpionic; me as young Leo felt very stifled.

    Feeling so Leo-Times. Loving this energy, Love this Life.
    (like the Eagles & Don Henley)

    • My BFF is a Leo (Scorpio rising), but every other Leo I have ever encountered has been, er, challenging for me.
      I love how they tell it like it is and all, but it’s that “It’s my way or the highway” attitude that irks me at times…

  9. 12th house leo sun, its always been a contradiciton. Love social life but need a lot of time on my own. Personally, I relate to what you’ve been saying about Neptune’s influence on our sign. Its been a long and winding nebulous road and all I wish for (my goal :) is to feel clear headed and hearted again. You say february? Can’t come soon enough. Desperado is right.

  10. Just for the record, I am your double dose! A Leo living in California! haha ~ and for over-the-topness, I will go listen to Eagles’ Hotel California right NOW!

  11. !wow! scorpsun,venus,jupiter,nn&pluto all in scorp, with an aquamoon&rising daughter and me cancersun, leo rising with venus,nn&uranus in leo and a taurusmoon honestly mystic you can say that again. We are soulsisters for sure, but really can be ridiculous.

  12. Not very Leo at all, but I like the eagles, can remember when younger I used to really like desperado, I think it was the queen of diamonds queen of hearts reference, probably tied up in a relationship of some sort at the time. Learnt to play takin it easy on the guitar at a time in my life when I did have about 7lovers, oh gosh. No wonder I’m in the naughty corner when it comes to lovers ; /

  13. wow do I have an eagles story
    first mars in virgo thang of the day at 5am was to hide an email i wrote to lusty in a word file for later tactical use. so go looking for my ‘stuff’ folder and find a doc that is pages long that is all the dialogue between me last bf.

    in it was this eagles song from ‘i can’ tell you why”

    Look at us baby, up all night
    Tearing our love apart
    Aren’t we the same two people who live
    Through years in the dark?
    Every time I try to walk away
    Something makes me turn around and stay
    And I can’t tell you why”

    the doc goes on and on about living 2 doors from him (my choice- and I still do) and how hard it is to see him and his new gf all the friggin time. very painful reading.
    anyhoo fast forward to today
    I can see his has my ex bestie over for the weekend and I’m watching yet another of his gf right under my nose. This time I’m not upset (happy they are getting some) just sad as myself and bestie gf broke up in August because of this triangle thang.

    so big synergy with this post MM.

    • Tough one LG!! All kinds of awkward eh.

      But hey, great to hear you’re where you are today and you never know.. if it was August (I had an unfortunate smash with a friend then too) it may come back in the new year. Of course that suggests that you want that yourself.

      Can’t recall if there was some astro on around that but feel like I read something here. Still in the absence of absolute certainty I’ll refrain from coming across as an authority and just say that time does move things but we still have some influence too :)

      • thx SE spose Merc in Rx is main culprit that and me not standing up for myself. mmm shall have kitty nap on that one and ponder as I purrrrr

    • oh sorry. Sad you lost a friend in this. Hopefully it can be resolved. At least you are in a place now of not being upset about him and others. That is a great place to be. Good luck. Hope you get your purr on.

  14. At fourteen I had my first experience of what I would later know to be depression.

    “Hotel California” played endlessly, over and over, all summer long.

    All year?

    I had started to date boys and couldn’t believe how much I hated it!

    Was this how it was going to be?

    Long hair; bum parts; flares and fucking “Hotel California”?

    My brother bought me Iggy Pop’s “Lust for Life” for my birthday

    Things started looking up.

  15. The Eagles were my teenage soundtrack.

    Take it to the limit is possibly my favorite.

    All alone at the end of the evening
    When the bright lights have faded to blue
    I was thinking about a woman
    who might have loved me that I never knew….

  16. Can’t stand the Eagles but Linda Ronstandt does an amazing version of Desperado. Love that song sung by her. And scorpios have distain for lots of people. After all the do have a sting in their tail. LOL. But I am generalising so apologize in advance. Ouch running away from sting.

    • Linda ronstadt, now there’s someone who needs attention from the Next Gen. she is v cool.

  17. Ok, Saggi singer (moi), leo guitarist (lead/rhythm), Libran bass player (with some vox), Taurean drummer and.. well I really need to sus out the new guitarist’s sign directly as have been pondering it for a wee while. Tricksy.
    Former guitarist was also Leo (RIP – this year).

    Dynamic was awesome in original line up and is working well now too.

    Oh, forgot to mention.. in between also had a Leo bass.. yeah 3 of em! He had two bands running so couldn’t keep up committments although he dug us.. he is now.. drum roll please ;) ….. in an Eagles cover band getting lots of work. There are 2 types of Eagles treking the country doing reasonably well.

    Things that come up.. both Leo’s used to turn up too loud so vox were competing and I’d say they were mostly oblivious or figured I could get over it anyway and/or would say something. But they both shared the limelight as far as lead goes and weren’t hung up on being the star.. they shone in their own way and are/were great guitarists with stage presence also.. yeah, very Leo but it’s not like that in a rehearsal.. ego’s at the door type thing.

    Taurus drummer – doesn’t make decisions usually but goes with the flow. Likes to sledge all of us, particularly Leo guitarist. Easy going nature.

    Libran bass – doesn’t create issues, does have an opinion where required and will make definite decisions. Another comic.

    New Axe-man – I gotta find this out tonight at the gig. I’ve had some bizarre comms there at times early on as he just went right in on dialogue within the band.. usually people will settle in and read the play a bit first. Asserts but not aggressively and is somewhat black and white. Not a playful nature but appreciates humour. Can present different in email as opposed to f2f.

    Overall it’s a democracy but on occasion Leo axe-man and Saggi singer have a little bit of conflict over key or song structure. Usually we’re very aligned and it’s awful when it happens as we both like eachother a lot. It’s def not a yelling affair but there’s a stalemate as he won’t usually hear my view at that point…later it’s ok.

    Actually, I’ve had that kind of discussion with the unknown and the Libran as well here and there. This is usually not borne of a personal conflict but more about getting something right or getting them mindful of me in a vox sense not in a me me ME!! sense. Common denominator? LOL

    I find I can be right on a few things and not be heard.. could be 4 boys and a girl dynamic more than astro though. Eventually they come around.. I have the mic afterall and WILL be heard ;)

    So.. to real catastrophes.. one previous band had a Kataka bass, Toro drums, Saggi guitarist/singer and me. Saggi g/s ran roughshot over everyone.. all the time!! Psycho fuquer. Tried it on me and failed because I don’t do bullying by someone who is acting lo-Sag and used to totally lay it on Kataka bass who would just suck it up. Awful! And always his way! He used to insist on such bad song choices for me/my key/style etc and wouldn’t budge.. I used to want to kick him in the nuts!! One day he did lay it on me spectacularly and I was like fuq you.. this sorta shit I don’t need. Good luck and adios.

    • Oooh.. and now I can’t get that song outta my head so I have to get up and put some music on to overide it.. on repeat it’s a downer.

      • OOO of course your are in MUSIC, i keep forgettin’.
        Loved the Banger Sisters movie with Goldie & Susan
        it was a trip down memory lane with some cringe worthy moments
        although they WERE exagerated.
        The drummers were usually the hottest lovers but for endless foreplay
        lead guitar naturally, shoot the piano players….lol.
        Bass players the most mysterious, a mysterious mystery.

        • Love a morning giggle Pegs, particularly on not enough sleep when I’m kinda not super-charged to be up!!

          Haven’t seen it, but love a good exageration whether I’m telling the tale or someone else LOL.

          So.. is that last bit the voice of experience ;) or part of the movie script??

          Are we swapping notes now LOL?

          And what about the sax player.. or the horn section in general? Or the good ol’ roadies!

          In the interests of minimising my posts..PF-SM (below), sigh.. yes it’s not like I haven’t seen it before!

          • Voice of experience,from when i was a roadie :-)
            Sex players, oops i meant sax players were a rareity
            in my time ‘cept in Jazz until Clarence from E-Street came along.

            Band politics: you want to be a democracy but need a firm director
            to be leader & to override if necessary. Hope that is YOU, Musical One

            • Horn players always let me know their instrument is the closest to voice. I know not why. Possibly to distract the singer from the drummer…

            • Love it Roadie Pegs =)

              Sax-ies.. no real experience myself but when I come across the odd one here and there they seem to uhmm.. annoy me (!) and it could be as simple as what Mille said!!

              Band politics. Oh such fun!

              It’s me or it’s the Leo. I think we negotiate when we probably don’t want to sometimes and I think we both think it’s ourselves who has last say but will defer to the other for some things but he goes off and does stuff without consulting anyone etc.. yeah like I was saying :)

    • Updates updates updates… well of course he’s Aqua.. with a Gem rising actually.. so he informed me last night. Had to chuckle. He starts talking about which signs he gets along with, which he doesn’t, what his wife and kids are etc. So definitely doesn’t resonate with Caps and moderately with Toro. The ONLY guy in the band who has looked at astro like that!

      • Yes it’s me.. trying to fly under the radar again and then giving it up 5 minutes later.. so Sag ;)

  18. OK I’m a big softy sap but there’s something about that line in Desperado that puts a lump in my throat every time…
    “You better somebody love you, let somebody lo-o-o-ve youuu”
    none more so than this particular retake by a fellow Leo…

  19. I had the Eagles greatest hits on tape and used to cruise about country roads with it cranked when I was 17.
    I’m sure my karaoke versions weren’t as good as Tori’s though.

  20. A great quote from Florence & the Machine in Nov Vanity Fair
    ‘Music should be scary, music is an excorcism’.

    If you say so, Florence.

  21. I thought Hotel California was about some drug trip…LOL. Anyways, could play that song endlessly but it strikes me as too cult-ish and dark for Leo.

  22. Scorpio sun here…I fall hard for Leo men, but it’s taken me a few decades to learn to disguise my horror at the ego and offer unrelenting, hyperbolic flattery.

  23. this is not my kind of music if it comes on I’ll be on the mute button asap but one of my favourite seinfeld episodes is the desperado one.

  24. It’s funny you should mention this as my ex from the ’70s was talking recently of all the shows he’d been to see – sort of baby boomer stuff I grew out of years ago. I told him I was into reggae,dance music with Fatboy Slim and trip hop like Massive Attack(I LOVE mentioning this, I only discovered these a couple of years ago, but it sounds so CLUEY!), and he sounded quite taken aback. I’m not really very sentimental about old music bands. Enjoy The Travelling Wilburys enormously, and all George Harrison stuff, but not the bands like The Eagles, etc. Too mawkish.

  25. I really love the Eagles … like those guys were seriously effing talented despite the daggy long hair and ball clenching flared pants! Don Henley is a Cancer and Glenn Frey a Scorp – the dynamic duo of songwriting partnerships. Better than McCartney and Lennon. The Eagles always remind me of hot summers, road trips and cold beer.

    Fav song has to be Best of My Love …

    • but honestly the ubiquitous song for the 70s has to be Boston’s More Than A Feeling … and it still rocks today.

      I love 70s music!!! :D

    • Oh don’t get me started on 70’s music!!! Love the Eagles and America as well. Reminds me of my childhood in the 70’s and my love of all things Americana… cheap motels on lonely desert highways, route 66, joshua trees, Phoenix Arizona, Nevada, Death Valley :) Vegas, the wild west…

      and Albuquerque… love that name. ‘By the time I get to Phoenix’ – classic song. Love Nick Cave’s cover as much as Glen Campbell’s original. Beautiful song.

      I went to the west coast in ’98. Best holiday EVER! Did the east coast in 2004. Would love to go back and do a few more mid-west states.

      • Galveston oh Galveston I still hear your sea winds blowin’ …

        Oh the olden days. Funny that a tonne of “alternative” musicians including Nick Cave, Michael Stipe, Eddie Vedder and Billy Corgan site guys like Glen Campbell as influences. Glen has such a Toro man face – it’s the nose. Shaggadelic! ;)

        • I like ‘Gentle on my Mind’ and ‘Wichita Lineman’. That song gets covered a lot too. Not surprised the “alternative” musicians site him as an influence. He’s a legend and a great songwriter.

          Poor guy’s got Alzheimer’s now but he can still sing and I think he released an album recently.
          He’s certainly got a lovely, interesting nose!! I have a thing about noses. :)

          • Gawd I am such a sap when I see or hear Glen Campbell’s music – I was a young kid when he was at his most popular, but many of his bloody ballads bring a tear to my eye. Have long talked about buying an album but suspect that I haven’t because I know I would probably sit around blubbering to it.
            There is a sadness about him and his voice when he is singing about lost loves that is heartwrenching.

  26. Two of my best friends are a leo and scorp. (I am a cappie) They are normal humans away from each other but anytime they are together…it is a challenge keeping them civil.

    My songs from them are I Can’t Tell You Why and Lying Eyes :)

    I like all things cheesy. Linda R does an awesome Desperado.

  27. “Leo vs Scorpio is THE most hellish and potentially turgid stay-the-fuq-away sort of conflict possible”

    WOW! That sums up my relationship with my Leo sister!

  28. Not a fan of The Eagles. I saw The Eagles live once; I grew up with some relos playing The Eagles; my first record/album ever was Linda Ronstad Silver Threads and Golden Needles… Love her; she absolutely started something in my life. Not familiar with Glen Campbell. Have seen Tori Amos perform live twice now and I have every album – she is beyond her time, totally innovative in my view.
    I agree about Scorpio vs Leo.

  29. I love the Eagles – and do Desperado as a cover song (I’m a singer/songwriter). I used to joke that my last place of work was in fact ‘Hotel California’ as it was horrible but nobody ever bloody left! Not really sure if I’ve answered the question in this…

    Although there is something to the three take rule – usually if you don’t get it in the first 3 or 4 you should move on to something else. But that said, one would think he’d let them try again the next day. Seems a bit psycho-controlling….

    • Awful! Joe Jackson territory! The very notion that you only had three takes would surely paralyse you.

      • Yeah, at that point I think maybe you fire the guy or sneak back into the studio when he’s sleeping. Or at least throw a full on tantrum.

  30. When I was a teen in the mid 70s I strode into a Tweed Heads music store with the intention of buying my first ever album, the Eagles ‘One of These Nights’ and got a blank stare from the shop assistant when I gave him the album title. I ended up flustered and was talked into 10cc’s ‘The Original Soundtrack’ instead. From ‘Take it to the Limit’ to ‘Life is a Minestrone’ in one bumbled transaction.
    The same old Eagles music has been way overplayed on bad radio over the years – especially by stations that love to throw in the golden oldies, but it’s still good to croon along with when alone in the car -_-.

  31. Random late post….but its music trivia so I can’t resist. Hotel California was actually about Los Angeles/Hollywood during the height of its decadence in the 70’s…Don Henley’s lyrical inspiration came from driving into LA from the desert and seeing the lights of the city. The song describes LA as an almost inescapable world of materialism, drugs and money. But, the actual opening riff that everyone knows when they hear it on the radio was written by guitarist Don “Fingers” Felder. Frey and Henley’s relationship as a songwriting team was brill but complicated……
    Frey: Scorp w/Cap asc and Aqua moon
    Henley: Kataka w/Libra asc and Libra Moon

    Many great memories of hearing The Eagles in my house as a kid, but as an adult I finally understand what they were singing about, lol.