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Honestly, i am sad about the demise of Christopher Hitchens.

He HATED astrology’s guts – thought it hopelessly irrational and all.

But i LOVED how he was totally smart and just always mouthed off re what he thought.

Basically my turning point re him was his completely unfashionable at the time attack on Mother Theresa and the book that sprang from it.

I think, in retro, it will be seen as his most original and amazing work.

Everytime i read something about the Pope or his minions denouncing Harry Potter or Yoga, i think of Hitchens radically gutsy polemics.

He may have hated astrology but his astro is mega-apt:

He is/was a multiple conjunct Aries – Lilith, Mars, Venus, Sun, Mercury and North Node all in the sign of the fighter…total iconoclast




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  1. Aside from being a determined atheist ready to strike down incoherent religious and spiritual mumbo jumbo, he was also a determined pisshead and smoker to the last, which of course makes me admire his “be damned” approach. I also admire his “stuff your politically correct claptrap – engage in a proper argument or pack up your little toys and go home” attitude. He will be missed even though I disagree with his thoughts on many a subject. With such an astro, he was here to say what needed to be said and heard I assume.

    RIP dude.

    • Exactly. He was so smart I always respected what he was saying even when I disagreed with it. Would love to know the house placement(s) of all that Aries energy!

      • I’d say heavy on the first (self propulsion), third (many mecury aspects I would think to lend weight to that communication style), eleventh (culturally influential) or twelfth (deep thinker … spoke against Israel “zionist” ideology even though he has a Jewish background).

        There are a few like him who seem compelled to imbed their ideas in the collective unconscious – that their is no god and that we have to take responsibility for ourselves, that the god concept actually stems from a destructive base instinct for “absolute truth” when none really exists. That god and higher powers are just another means of social control that stifle the individual and introduce spuriously based cultural control memes and attitudes.

        I have to give him credit for his antitheist attitude – I mean if you look at the word historically and even today, where do you find sexist, homophobic, racist, intolerant, narrow minded belief structures in preponderance? Amongst the religious and the spiritually inclined that’s where.

      • Vale Christopher Hitchens, one of the few intelligent voices of the right, and much-needed proof that just because we disagree doesn’t mean that one side is stupid

    • INDEED!
      I ALSO loved his attack on La Madre Theresa. She did a lot of good, but she weren’t no saint.

    i was reading the name expecting to be taught about some new fantastic person when i was like, ‘wait a minute….’
    JUST this tuesday i was at my English teacher’s office asking about how to be a better speaker, and he gave me THIS GUYS NAME.
    EVERYONE talks about you and how you are pretty psychic when it comes to blog entries but……how!??!?!

  3. A writer whose articulate anger will be much missed by the little reader i am devouring whale words

  4. One polemic deserves another so here goes…

    I found it hard to respect him as, for all his apparent intellectual acumen, he never got his head around the fact that women are equal. He wouldn’t let his wife work (quote “No wife of mine needs to work” – actually that’s paraphrasing but he did say something along those lines. I think he had more than one so that should be wives then) and he thought women were incapable of being funny.

    I am finding more and more that there are men out there that are all progressive and radical about all manner of things except where women / feminism are concerned. Then they reveal themselves as reactionaries and they wouldn’t be out of place in Mad Men. He would probably denounce racism etc but couldn’t see sexism in himself.

    He also had a grudge against the Clintons – I think he was disillusioned by them – and so became a republican, whic is a bit extreme.

    As for the Mother Theresa thing – well Catholics are largely bats (I was brought up as Catholic but never really bought it but I know the schtik) and Mother Theresa was adept at the self-promotion and business but she also helped people no one else would touch. That deserves some respect.

    He would probably enjoy being criticised, too.

    • Also athiests going around trying to convert people to athiesm is very ironic.

      And I thought I should clarify that when I said polemic I was referring to Hitchens’ work, not Mystic’s post:)

    • Much agreed, Pisces Sag Rising. The words of the man and the man ought to be separate.

      Idolisation of an iconoclast is common. But it is as though the human failings of a larger than ordinary thinker are also brutally protruding, as though the very message of an iconoclast is to say, see you must think for yourself, you cannot absolutely and blindly trust anyone, even me.

      I feel pretty sure that evens Hitchens was preaching to the choir. His writing’s no less lovable to me… all the more! I feel i’m reading a real human who’s not hiding. Misogyny? Fine. It’s all around, but usually delicately hidden under smarm. That enrages me! Reading such as Hitchens stops me from engaging in angry argument, the only time i’m concise and slicing: i loathe stooping to wit, but i love reading it! I’m of the view that i will never change anyone’s mind, especially the ignorant. They simply cling on, and bury their ignorant pig-headed view under layers of tricksy cunning. “But i love women! Of course we’re all equal, but…” And nothing i could say quite demolishes their argument as poignantly as their ensuing words.

  5. I’m not sad. He was pro-war and and all around mean/spiteful person who looks down on others. He had come to visit my city and let’s just say I wasn’t impressed. It is very telling how you treat the others who can’t do a thing for you. The voice of atheism needs a more pragmatic and mature touch.

    • Agree, year of the fox and Pisces with Sag rising. He was a good writer but a nasty and unpleasant man whose myopic and misguided support of Bush’s Iraq war should have been reason enough to throw him out of the ‘academy’ of reasonably intelligent people with a balanced view.

      I was pleased that someone was brave enough to take a swipe at Mother Teresa who had always struck me as actually being quite a mean person, contrary to the popular image, but watching Hitchens on tv years ago, not knowing who he was I struck by what a pompous, mean-spirited arrogant twat he was. He wrote well– his only redeeming feature IMO.

      Gone to God. I read a funny tweet.

      @almightygod After a 30 minute discussion with Christopher Hitchens in my office, I am now convinced I don’t exist.

        • Interesting article. As I suspected he liked to take an unpopular view largely for the attention and reaction and liked to pick arguments, probably just to show off his word skills. This is a trait that annoys me in people, no matter who it is.

          That tweet is hilarious, too.

  6. I’m with year of the fox, milleunanotte and Pisces with Sagg Rising. Yes I think his Mother Teresa commentary was important and also his insightful analysis of his nation’s grief at the death of Lady Di – “a simpering Bambi”, I think he described her. ‘Important to know that for all her charity work, not one cent of her will was left to any of her causes. All courageous and important journalism.

    BUT he is a misogynist and his anti-spiritual stuff is a bit yawn- I couldn’t put it better than milleunanotte above re the voice of atheism needing maturity.

    He did some good work but he he was arrogant and phallocentric and not that he had to be seeing a naturopath but all that smoking and drinking is a but boring.

    • Totally….we don’t need another brilliant misogynist! Another immature brat of a man.

      Sorry for all the man-hating mood…I’m blaming Venus square Saturn.

  7. He was one of the best intellectuals we had and that you can not deny him. As soon as I heard of his death I looked up his astro and boy did he work it fabulously. You may have not agreed with his politics (in particular his wrongheaded support of the Iraq war) or his fundamentalist atheism, but you have to admit that he was a brilliant thinker and writer. He will be missed.

  8. I met Hitchens and he was sneeringly, glaringly icy and rude without cause. Not someone I would have ever wanted to be stuck with for any length of time again ever.

    • He was probably threatened by you Liz. I don’t think he was a particularly complex person, pretty average character wise. But verbose and bright with a good facility for words and of course, good connections.

      If he had been a woman he wouldn’t have had a snowball’s chance in hell of being taken seriously or even published.

  9. Haven’t read much Hitchens, but I generally find that there are artists who really are eternal are people who can transmit their creations with intelligence AND that connection to the eternal source of oneness, which is kind and loving intelligence.

    Ricky Gervaise is not exactly a genius, but he’s funny and he’s an atheist too. Ricky also he seems quite gentle and kind in reality – it’s a wit I can enjoy more easily. Ricky is Sun conj Merc in Cancer with Mars conj NN and Uranus in Leo, so that showy thing is a bit similar.

    By the by, I think an unhappy Kataka spits acid, but an miserable Aries probably breathes radiant heat.

    Well, I wish Mr. Hitchens well on his way, it’s a free will zone and he chooses his path.

    • Ha, did a little extra research on Ricky Gervaise and found his Twitter account where he has been finding Christian fundamentalists slagging off Chris Hitchens and ‘exposing them’ .
      They seem to think he is in hell and are rather pleased?
      Ricky is sending them messages such as, “Isn’t it amazing that your God hates exactly the same people you do?”.
      “My religion is Kindness” Dalai Lama. You should try it. Not supernatural or random but it’s fucking magical”.
      Wish I knew his ascendent! It would be good to know how his Sun/Merc is placed in terms of house – anyway he obviously admires Hitchens and dislikes hypocrisy.

  10. Never heard of the man. If I did it is vague.

    To my way of learning and understanding, we are inside of a Mind. It’s right here in living color. Some need things proven to them.

    Mankind made up a ‘god’ concept to have something to aspire to as the ego took over all other perception. Mankind created an “ideal” as this obviously is not an ideal where were at, no? This is what can happen when the ego divides up creation and ignores the rest.

    “God” is simply one’s own higher mind who knows It creates it’s reality on numerous levels. We have not integrated this higher mind as yet and is the reason why as human beings we are yet evolving.

    I liked what Seth said “you are being dreamed…the trick is to wake up and realize you are the dreamer”.

  11. yes sad to see him passed over too…a great free thinker he was…i want to read his books too…before and after his political change of ideas

    there is and was no one quite as passionate about forcefully expressing politically ‘incorrect’ yet intelligent, brave unique ideas like him – that could turn old thought patterns and wake peeps up to maybe new thinking.

    i remember when i first saw him on tv years ago telling Tony Jones unapologetically what he thought about religion, i was so impressed and thought ‘wow – who is this awesome guy telling it like could very well be true and shamelessly, yeah, right on ! i thought when i saw him first time’…

    it’s interesting how he changed his political ideas around too – the thing i find interesting about him in that way, is that he was a war correspondent, so he must have seen some undeniable facets or truths re humanity in conflict situs…

    i like how he said in his year of ‘living dyingly’ that his friends were the most important comfort for him, and maybe this is the greatest wealth we ever have, our friends…if only he’d lived longer to change his views on astrology maybe, what a spokesperson!

  12. He was a genius. I love his speaking style, if he does know know something, he says “I do not know.” if he does not understand something he says “I do not understand.” He was a vastly prolific writer, his Sun, Mercury Venus and Mars were all piled up in a massive conjunction! He claimed that the only reason someone shold be a writer is if one cannot do anything else. Whether you agree or disagree, he absolutely, almost erotically loved ideas, reading and writing. Pure mercury. He despised weak ideas and irrational systems.

    He also had a Sun/Moon opposition, his mother committed double-suicide with her lover, a man whom Christopher referred to as a “bad poet.” I think all sun/moon oppositions are capable of generating insanity.

    His chart is fascinating, and yes, he abandoned a pregnant woman, but that does not make him a misogynist! He constantly spoke out for the rights of “half the population pf the planet”, he commented on the direct correlation between the health of any society and the status of women.

    And women adored him. According to legend, his Venus/Sun conjunction made him utterly irresistible to some.

    He also had a Neptune opposition, he experimented with drugs in his youth, but avoided them for the rest of his life, it is a shame that he insisted on toxifying himself to death.

    His lectures on Thomas(es) Paine and Jefferson were brilliant and helped me better understand the true nature of the genesis of our democracy.