When Gemini Loves Gemini…

Olaf Hajek


Hey Magical Mystic,

Sigh, eyes looking around in alarm… body in position of flight or fight… I have a very simple question… What do two Gemini’s do when
they fall in love with each other?

 I have fallen in love with one of my best friends and I think he has fallen in love with me – yes it’s all happening over the eclipse. Our
friendship has been based on ALL that is Gemini; flighty adventures, childish honesty, late nights of drinking and dancing backed up by
days of hardcore work and giggling at our own stupidity… We have taunted and cared for each other through our own; loves, numerous
flings, and heartbreak. And now… he is looking at me differently and I am looking at him differently.. and we are stunned… like mullets
being tickled we can not move anymore – we are in a trance of our own Gemini argument – within ourselves and with each other. Our minds and body still talk but we don’t articulate anything.

Gemini’s can be light and fickle yes! But I heard that when a Gemini really falls in love we are something else…? What are we? And can we
do it together? This is a new feeling for me  – there are four people in the room and no one is talking (excruciating)…?

So I hope this square Uranus Pluto eclipse is bringing magic – because for sure I’m in the zone. I’m running, painting, writing, swimming and
cooking up all that is me so we can be a ‘we’!

Gemini 1001

Dear Gemini 1001,

Well sweetie, this is a totally resonant example of the Gemini Eclipse weirding. Don’t say your horoscopes have not been warning you! It will come to a climax – so to speak – with the weekend of December 10/11.  Note also the Mercury Retro caveat in the horoscopes…yes? Enjoy but don’t seek meaningful dialogue on this new potential duo until down the track. Apres Eclipse, post Mercury Direct

As for Gemini-Gemini relationships – isn’t it that you quickly devise your own secret language, send others around you slightly bats, infuse one another’s life with magic but that you can maybe do a little too much mirroring?

But really, whatever, have FUN!!!!!

What does everyone else here think?




33 thoughts on “When Gemini Loves Gemini…

  1. 4 people might be a crowd, but hey i don’t think you’d be bored with each other’s company.

  2. This little crabby gem married her cappy gem. We were friends first too, then something changed.

    I met my match, my mirror. And he’s still my friend.

    • agree about Aqua bit. Aqua lives to be unique, but when they look closer they find out EVERY FUCKING AQUARIAN IS JUST LIKE THEM. not fun.

  3. I am also A gemini that has been in a very intresting relationship with another gemini. There is No doubt in either or out minds or hearts that we dont love eachother. We more then love eachother if that makes any sence at all. We have been in many past lives with eachother so maybe thats where our connection comes from, Im not entirely sure. The only thing I do know is that when we are together we both feel complete! We laugh like we have never laughed before. So much so that our jaws hurt after a short time together. He makes me smile like No one else can. He is what I would call my soul mate. With that being said, We both also have children with differant people. This makes our friendship/relationship way more complicated then it should be. Being a Gemini we know how things turn out and we vow to just go with the saying “It Is What It Is” We take each day as it comes and always try to remember that Whatever happens, Good or Bad, that is exactly the way it was planned. I believe that Everything happens for a reason!! Enjoy the time while you have it!! Just my thought on that!! best of luck to all Geminis!!!! ~Melissa~

  4. I know a dual Gemini couple who have been together for 42 years. I adore them. They are like an aunt and uncle to me. Their daughters are around my age, a libra and a leo. Their family is so close and loving. The Geminis, they are a match made in heaven. I hope I find a partner/love/best friend like that one day.

  5. I seriously think that Gemini/Gemini, Pisces/Pisces, and Gemini/Pisces are good matches. Why? Because you never had a third wheel. Yeah, you might drive each other bonkers sometimes, but that happens in all relationships.

    My mother is a Gemini and I’m a Pisces and we’re closer than a lot of my friends and their mothers. I like that. Even if she doesn’t commit to turns until she’s 3/4 of the way there anyway.

  6. wwwow!

    all I can say is, my parents are gem-gem, born on the same day but a few years apart. unfortunately for most of their relationship they were in low-gem mode and that is HARD. Sharp mirrors and you can’t walk away from quadruple reflecting, yikes! and others get caught in the maze, hard when you’re their offspring. later in life I just felt a little sad for them.

    when it was good, when they were operating simultaneously on their own high-gem highwires and helping one another balance, it was fun, it was light, it was full of air and dreams.

    So if you are can maintain that high gem thing, go for it :)

    • totally agree! i’m a gem and have loads of other gem friends & fam that “speak my language” but i simply could not imagine (or rather i could and it always weirds me out) being with another gemini. it’d be like dating & making love to myself, but twilightzoney-so, and really, who needs that surreal state permanently. also love how you said that maintaining that high air -sign vibration is key. really great to read others’ observations of the twins.


  7. Ok never dated a gemini. But I am a twin gemini. And me and my sister are the best of friends. We giggle and start talking in stereo when around each other for more than a couple of hours. I couldn’t ask for a better half/partner in crime. Also most of my best friends are gems. If you have half as much fun as I do it is a match made in heaven. Yay for you!

  8. Hi Gemini 1001, where’s your moon & his? And do you have Venus/mars compatability going on?

  9. Bless you Scorptropic. I just did a compatibility but I dont have his birthdate so Moon is edgy…

    Him: Mars: Leo Venus: Cancer Moon: Capricorn/Aquarius? Mercury: Taurs
    Me: Mars: gemini Venus: Cancer, Moon: Sagg Mecury: Canser

    im an amatuer but i think our mercury is good..? Moon better if he is Aquarius? Acoording to Mystic’s slezometer.. we bonk but cant last based on our mars/venus … Thoughts?

    Love all the stories on Gemini love!!!


    • I’m an amateur too but I can see that you’ve got quite a few compatable planets. His Moon in Cancer and your venus/mercury in Cancer is a lovely emotional connection. And his Mars Leo/your moon Saggo.

      Who cares if the bonking doesn’t last! Leave that for the Toros.
      Can’t imagine two Gems going for it for hours… too much fun to be had doing other things. :)
      The best part of sex for me, as an air sign Venus (Libra) is the hours of chatting & listening to music BEFORE the horizontal tango. Might have something to do with my chatty Saggo moon too. Lol

  10. What about two Gemini risings?!

    Well the guy I am seeing is Gemini rising and I am one in my progressed chart, but also a late degree 29 deg Taurus rising, but also with a Gemini NN in 1st house (so I do feel like a Gemini rising, rightfully so)

    The best things about our relationship are things gemini…. Want constant communication, never bored, always on the go, like creating adventures together out of the mundane, FUN is key,.the creation of our own secret code

    The only negative about gem gem is when it comes down to discussing feelings, it is always a challenge…. A struggle. The world of emotion is difficult for us to verbalize. Better seen thru actions But being air rising signs, when its over the sparring evaporates
    like it was never there and we are back to our good old lucky selves.

  11. I just don’t see how the four of them will fit in the same bed. And Gems seem to like talking about sex more than actually having sex.

  12. I’ve had some indescribable, soulmate-feeling connections with other Gems….but it somehow never manifested into a relationship. Too much….slipperiness.
    That said, some of the best sex I’ve ever had has been with Gemini men. They tend to be multi-talented!!!! ;)

  13. 8O

    OMG! This blows my mind! I have never been in relationship with a Gemini – partly because the ones I know are my friends but more importantly I’m worried I would…

    (a phrase borrowed from Venus a -go-go)

    Triple conjunct Gemini – Sun, Moon & Venus –

    Have a blast Gemini 1001! :D

  14. Never been in a relationship with a gem either, but I am super curious about it. I wish you all the happy luck Gem 1001!

  15. Gemini’s are to weird for my own Gemini sun, it’s fun fun fun but it’s too similar to me in a way… to keep it excited.
    However it depends on the rest of the chart as well :)
    l know Geminis Sun couples who are 10 years together so it can work!
    !! follow your heart !!

  16. Am hoping, if you want an enduring romantic entanglement, that one or both of you have some earth re your moons or rising or in your venus and mars placements. Two gems = fab conversations at all hours; appreciation of poetry/wine/good food; spending money; fun in ways that you both totally get. You just need a bit of earth to ground it.

  17. Can anyone help with any advice for my current Venusian weirding. Me Aqua sun/Aries Venus and Moon him Gemini Sun Cancer Venus/Moon, sorry that’s all I know. Is there any hope!!!!! I am like a lovesick puppy waiting for him to email whatever!!!!! OMG how pathetic I sound he he he, truly any info would be great, oh and he is like an artful dodger, all there and then poof! Gone and then back again.

    • with his Cancer Venus/Moon, he’s looking for a Cancerian type. Tone down your warrior Aries side and amp up the nurturing… cook him some dinner? Might help if you have big bosoms too. :)

      The artful dodger sounds like the Cancerian side going back into his shell but Gem men can be a bit slippery also.

      • Thanks so much Scorptropic, bugger I don’t have a decent set of bosoms!!! Must remember to calm down Amazonian traits!! Thnak you so much xxxx

  18. Gem housey has been with her Gem bf for about 6months & they’re adorable. In my experience Gems are one of the few signs that are really good with their own kind lol

  19. I gem, love other gems, have many gem friends who are so precious to me and had a time if quite a few gem lovers, we just adore each other us gems.

  20. I am a 30 yearbold female born on the gemini/cancer cusp on june 19th. My boyfriend is 39 years old born on june 8th.

    Me: gemini sun, mercury in gemini, cancer Asc, mars in libra, moon in taurus, venus in taurus

    He: gemini sun, mercury in cancer,
    virgo asc, mars in pisces, moon in virgo,
    Venus in cancer

    I am shocked. I never thought i would find myself in such a passionate love affair with another gemini! I have always attracted scorpios. We are both hilarious together and we have fun. We also like to cuddle and watch tv. We have little fights here and there but nothing too serious. We have lots of positive pluto aspects in our synastry and composite. We are both fascinated with eachother and obsessed! Lol