38 thoughts on “Uranian Eclipse Protocol

  1. Actually was quite nutty about the economy and the GFC last year but I feel more peaceful about it all now. I feel like something shifted. Well, let’s see!

  2. needed that, a tonic, thank you. confirms some suspicions.

    david l – this is the wrong thread sorry but CHECK OUT of your hotel and demand your money back, threaten to sue etc. that is outrageous.

    mercury retrograde travel trip story? it means the room is not hygenic. it has not been properly cleaned. you could catch ebola.

    tell them you are making report to department of health

    • I’m going to use my tech skills and tell the world via some pertinent comments on quite a few travel sites. I know this doesn’t sound like me but i just couldnt go down to the reception and complain. Can you get Ebola from stray pubes ?

  3. Love the protocol tips, and all the helpful updates lately.
    However…… what about hair???? All this incoming Uranus zappiness makes me want to do a super drastic chop. Still ill-advised? Or are we currently in an OK climate for hair modification?
    (I’m heavily Virgo – Sun-Pluto-Merc.-Uranus)

      • Really??? January??? Not sure I can survive that long.
        Not sure what’s up with this hair fixation, it’s certainly not a Leo thing…

  4. Right! Well I just completed a bit of a meditative spell with a bottle of vino and the answer that came to me for my current lethargic state was that the energy in the house is stuck and requires a big cleaning session. I suppose this belongs over in the Mars Virgo thread – but still! Better late than never I suppose …

    problem is … has anyone noticed that after a big cleaning detox an emotional detox of the err residents always seems to follow?

    • I clean when I am angry. Excellent for getting that emotion out.
      All I can say is watch out if my place is sparkling.

      • With you there Anonymous, also helps with giving up Neptunian addictions…must be something to do with wanting our insides to be cleansed of addictions/ unhealthy situations/ thought patterns/ body/ mind/ spirit i feel.

    • without warning, re-arranged dream/vision board, changed art on the walls, tossed pitched organized laundered and cleaned under the kitchen sink. Feeling the shift internally and externally and I’m not done yet.
      Feel I’ve been hauling around dead dreams & dead weight for years.
      no more. the energies in ME have shifted there is more good yet to come

  5. Editing my life…Yes.
    Now, the trip I have been so wanting to take, not feeling it anymore. I would be on said trip during eclipse…could be amazing. Had a rough night, severe itching. So much to do here, not floating in the ethers as much.

    • feeling this aqua moon…..Aqua in my 6th house….
      sick :( skin is so angry and I have a bug. boohoo.

      • Have you got some chammomile oil or tea bags you could make a chammomile tea let it go cold and wash gently angry skin… I had earlier in the year when started the job I now want to leave, and chammomile oil helped me….

  6. I’m just doing more of the editing thing. No biggie. I’ve been doing that pretty much all year, thank Saturn!

    However I wonder if this eclipse thingy will be anything like last year’s around this time? Supposedly there would be big things happening but nothing happened last year. I think someone bumped into me with a shopping cart and injured my arm but that was about all Uranus did for me last holiday season. So I’m a bit skeptical right now. Forgive me, but I feel like I’m all out of polly-anna style mysticism today. :/

    Also I woke up today and just felt grounded. serious. weird for me. I must be broken.

  7. i am loving right now!!! despite finding out ive been paying someone else’s electricity bill for 2 years, ( it will be repaid thank god) my main big darling trojan computer has spluttered and conked out and my lawyers bill is double what i thought. the energy is crazy but its creative and jumpy and electric and expansive. and the mars in virgo ( I have virgo rising) is like dignified bootcamp. the great thing about purges is the aftermath and sense of accomplishment.

  8. I have to say that I really love the protocols. A previous one ‘Ten things to do before Uranus gets into Aries’ truly resonated with me.

    contemplating major work edit – have job starting in new year, but serious doubts about it are emerging as we speak…

    Also psychologist and kinesiologist are guiding me through clearing a back catalogue of trauma. this has been since early November and while not a quick fix nor painless, I am excited about the possibility of new songs.

    But lovely creative writing work going at the moment One sip of coffee and three hours later, another chapter and direction for chapters ahead.

  9. Thank You Mystic,

    I woke this morning to a note written by the little almost 6 year old Aqua-Naut.

    It read ”13th Century Wolf” … Nice one, think i might do a piece of art to match.

    Tis the Aquas and Katakans around me that seem to be asking themselves the big ”in ten years time” questions at the mo.

    Where as the Piscean put a note up in the kitchen yesterday reading ”Don’t worry where you’re heading, focus on right now” (was talking on the phone to kakatan treasured friend at time, and had to walk out to hold laugh, as Mystic and Mystical contributors had recently chatted re this.)…Hmmmm Pisceans and their affirimations.

    PS. As a Piscean rising i have them about too, usually in chalk on a wall, and refreshed often. (Multi Gem too).

  10. This full moon eclipse is conjunct my Sun – close to IC. Last week I moved to a new place, now settling. For some reason I suspect this is not the end of eclipse news but am trying to focus on now.

  11. I think I will be alright in this. Apparently I am very Uranian, 56 points, a lot of Uranus aspects. Also with Uranus planted in my natal sun right now, which it usually opposes. zero Aries in the 7th house. Always nervous about relationship upheavals. I keep dreaming lately about someone I had soul mating energy with, leaves me wistful. Never got off the ground and I liked him so much. Chalking that up to Venus and Mercury retro.

    Had an interesting dream the other night that I was going to a big protest/ revolution. I was driving a van that was painted and ready to go. I was headed there but first had to hide my purse, I was worried about losing it. Then I found a stash of art supplies under a house I was looking at. I thought they were incendiary. This led me to making art collage last night the first time in months. I NEED to make art. I think we all do but this is leading me to a new chapter where I intend to put my artistic side first. My creative side may be the only thing that will save me from myself, I tend to turn way too much over and keep too much to myself and just let myself suffer under the weight of it all until it becomes unbearable and I just can’t anymore.
    It felt relieving and I am now writing up ideas as they come and planning the planning. The astronomer all around is very supportive of this and combined with my chart it’s right on time.

    • this really made me think of that scene in the film adaptation of The Road, where noone has anything but the kid has some crayons and a few pieces of paper that he draws thick layers on out of necessity through lack of material. its really beautiful and essential.

  12. last night super aqua son(13) and I are talking about his physical size. Then he gets real serious, changes the subject and says…

    “I’m real worried about the state of our world.”

    Pisces son(10)and I burst out laughing.
    Aqua son…”I’m so serious. It’s not even funny.” so we start talking about it. He says…

    “The shit is moving closer and closer to the fan at an increasing rate.”

    I ask, what’s your personal game plan. He proceeds to tell me how we need to stock up on food, water, etc.

  13. 8O

    I had a dream where I was trapped underneath ice… I couldn’t breathe and woke up actually struggling to breathe… 8O

    I’ve been working hard on some things and smashing down old structures but one thing has been in and out my mind re: career and while I’ve haven’t been in the space to figure it out. It came to me this morning in a neat little package, something that I could work with… 8O

    I’m going with it.

    • Good luck Barista Warrior Woman !

      Would this be a continuation of the seed planted earlier this year when your beautiful Gemmie hands weren’t working ? xx all the bestest hun.

  14. hey BGem your story made me smile. i have been trapped under ice as a kiddlin and know the relief when a big hand reached down and pulled me out. never forgot it.