The “At Least It’s Not An Eclipse” Full Moon

Kay Nielsen


Proper rant in your Daily Mystic email but this is a pretty GOOD Full Moon. But note issues of money, power and personal adequacy peaking. The antidote is to not be too much of a wimp with all the psych churn from Chiron Direct and just focus on the insights into all/any of your ancient angst. 

Then go make some real practical resolve. 

Remember that the Moon is exalted in Taurus so this is magical, exact about seven hours from right now. There is a strong Venusian undertow to all this. Like The Empress tarot card, the sensual aspect of the feminine divine.

Share Full Moon/Empress/Chironic realizations here, of course…


73 thoughts on “The “At Least It’s Not An Eclipse” Full Moon

  1. First date, job offer and oven and kitchen almost restored. From destruction comes creation. May this full moon bring you serenity.

    • From destruction comes creation… and I add, a new health regime just as full-moon in toro temple of bod and mars going into Virgo — no hot water throughout my place (that’s NO hot water) meant I was forced to go to the gym to shower and so I got there earlier to utilise the facilities and then shower. So you see .. I was tricked into gym again, accidently all because of the no hot water service in my place. A great way to start the day.

      • …loving new healthy start

        was thinking of The Empress card the other day and that I admire her and aspire to be like her. I think Clare Bowditch reminds of her (physical appearance / archetype). I think with my Leo and Toro Im am/could be all about abundance of love and warmth and helpfulness.

        • Clare Bowditch definite Empress vibe :) Saw this interview where she talks about religion.

          Loved this bit:

          I think my parents really based their faith on simple courtesies and ideas of beauty really. So, the sunset, the blade of grass, the lovely meal.

          Not sure if the video’s online.

          • 8O

            Empress! I LOVE Clare Bowditch… Did you happen to see this?


            As an aside – my dream last night included me as a QUEEN! I had the full entourage and it was amazing! There was also a brand new kitten running around my feet and I went to get her some water, she was so beautiful.

            Right before this I went into a room as the QUEEN and changed a single LIGHT BULB that had gone out in an empty room – I mean how can I have a light bulb moment if the bulb had blown! 8O

  2. Uggh. I’m all about money at the moment. Money, money, money! Going back to uni next year. Have been spreadsheeting budgets for the next three years. Am depressed at the thought of originally anticipated timeline for property purchase & travel being pushed out but know I’m doing the right thing. Looking forward to a quiet weekend before the Aqua comes to visit.

  3. this full moon has been heavenly for me so far. in my 2nd house, yet not thinking about money as much as material possession, but mysticy stuff. I’m thinking about investing in a crystal sphere, either amethyst or rose quartz. (I usually don’t like rose quartz. Ah, Aphrodite…)

  4. This full moon is NOT restful at all, but so far it’s bringing me possibilities of new digs, computer going psycho, freedom from other people’s curses, and possibilities of new contacts for love and work. Real possibilities, not the fake..i wish stuff.

  5. This full moon has been the most amazing in a long time. Went outside and bathed in her moonlight while charging some of my fave crystals. I feel this is a sort of crossover point somehow. Everything is falling away that is meant to and other things are being shaped in their place. Dailies spot on as usual. Nothing but truth is what is left. Both nerve-wracking and necessary.

    Feeling all these energies intermingling beautifully. Moon is on my Merc and Venus and natal Chiron is being trined by Merc and Venus. Am in sensual overload. It’s even affecting my dreams. Spent some time today trawling eleneetha’s shop after dreaming of her soaps. One exists the other one doesn’t but it looks like an order will have to be placed. :)

  6. I am loving this full moon, energising. Money focused, yet so motivated to be well rounded. Considering things I would ever have dreamt of, as the old me.

  7. I’m noticing a lot of high-profile layoffs/firings/trimming-of-scope. (Aside from the Penn State debacle, my own office CEO just fired the second-in-command). Adobe just announced it will drop Flash.

    Seems almost too big for a moon-inspired thing (these decisions have been in the works for a while, I’m sure), but it occurred to me as I was reading to the announcement at my office that perhaps the CEO picked the day on purpose. Redefining who’s in charge.

    I’m enjoying it; I feel like this coupled with Neptune going direct is helping me begin to unclutter some things in my head.

  8. Could be more Neptune direct more than the full moon but I’ve decided to stop drinking. I’m excited for mars (my ruling planet) in virgo so I can clean it all up and become a health nut.

  9. I’m excited for Neptune going direct, Mars in Virgo, and this lovely full moon, which trines my Moon in Virgo and Venus in Capricorn. So, I get a bit of a reprieve from Neptune fuzziness messing with my Aqua, I feel more motivated than usual, and the Pluto in Capricorn meh-ness is eased.

    Speaking of motivation, I was just so crazy earlier this week and finished my newest novel. Banged out six chapters in two days. After the full moon I’ll edit and polish. Hello Mars in Virgo. :)

        • Lining up projects to be revised by Mercury retro. Knowing there is no need to start anything but to wrap up the pile of work has its advantages.

          Let us know about your novel’s progress. Congrats again :)

  10. Got hit hard last night..
    I need to decide what i want out of my life and fight like hell for it. I got so pushed around and manipulated for over a year. I miss my house, the one my ex bullied me and guilt tripped me out of. It is time, I either fight for it, or I fight for the money he owes me. But I want my house, my babies were born in it, I helped build it with my own hands, I love it so. But I see an oppurtunity too. A chance to leave here, have a different life, get better education for my kids.
    so torn apart…..and yet I know i am soooo blessed to have options, that no matter where I go, there will be love and healing.

    • *hugs* You’ll decide when you are ready. =) It’s good to have options even when it feels like too many.

    • Good luck ff, I hope you find your bliss and prontissimo, sounds like you had a challenge but you are stronger now, that’s good.

      • Thank you!
        The tears I have been absent of lately arrived in full force today. Not a total zombie after all.
        Feeling much better this evening after spilling my feelings to ex and then gorging on dark chocolate.

        thanks everyone for the love and support ya’ll have shown me. It means so much to me. Sometimes I feel like if I vanished only my kid and mom and a couple of friends would even notice. Nice to know there are people who care all over the place.

    • Happy Birthday Charley! It’s super full on this full moon isn’t it? Hope you can have a nice Taurean time and get a massage/bath/aromatherapy moment to yourself and some foody good times. Sending you Iced Lemon Curd Layer Cake with some cream, mm, soz you prefer chocolate?

    • Happy Birthday Charley :). x

      I find things always emo around birthday time, it’s just something I’ve noticed. Hope you had a lovely one in the end.

  11. “sensual aspect of the feminine divine.” So feeling like that. Men are peaking out from doorways and everywhere to ponder me. (this is new)

    Love that illo. Love “movement” in art. Makes me feel like I’m a part of it.

    • Yes! I’ve noticed that too. Your Leo Lucy? Maybe it’s us Leo’s and Aqua’s that are noticing this strange (lol) behaviour?

  12. Don’t know if it is full moon but until Neptune had turned direct, I was angry – seething inside, at my parents. Once I paused in the middle of a mental rant and asked what was going on, I realized my anger was nothing other than fear of abandonment.

    Then descended the time of compassion – as Neptune/Chiron trotted ahead. I know because I checked the time Mystic provided – my compassion prayers had begun precisely two hours earlier.

    Since then I am feeling better even if not feeling this Mars in Virgo efficiency. We all have to start climbing back from somewhere.

  13. My plans this weekend are to get a divorce from my bank. The bad relationship has been going on for far too long. Of course, I’ll tell them EXACTLY why I’m just not into them anymore. Lol!

    • Recently, news said that 40,000 peeps had changed from large banks to credit unions in protest of big banking.

      I changed over a year and a half ago. Do miss the convenience of Bank of America but it’s worth it.

  14. “money, power and personal adequacy peaking”
    Wow, yes, igzactly.

    Aries HATE personal inadequacy issues. Like cats hate baths.

    • Agree…

      Been doing the Mars into Virgo in Aries Solar 6th house of health, etc as Mystic has been talking about.

      To bed early, up early…three and a half mile walk each day…no wine/only one cig if I really, really want it…staying off the computer more…

      Full Moon on 11th house Venus @ 14 degrees opposite Vertex 16 Scorp, 5th. Hmmmm..

      • Mars not quite in Virgo obviously but I’ve been feeling it for a couple of days now. Maybe cuz close to my Virgo Pluto 2 degree conj. IC.

  15. So I slept under her light last night.. no not literally outside.. one of my bedroom windows lets a lot of moonlight in right onto my bed. Lovely!

    Yesterday was a good day overall, more physio for my knee but back at work and taking it easy.

    We have our coordination meeting on Thursday which is week ahead stuff and I’ve made my way upstairs and there is this guy that used to work for us around about 8 months ago sitting in the group. Well, the hello and the look exchanged was priceless between us but given the natural surprise at seeing him there not anyone else. Way back then there was some subtle flirt action and we get along well but he left to go get married to a long ago sweetheart who lived in the US. Pulled up everything for something he wasn’t sure about but I was quietly pretty sure wasn’t it for him (not that I was assuming I was). I have known he was back for quite some time but just hadn’t seen him at any get togethers. A newer employee mentioned to me on a night out that she was now with him. Cest la vie. She walked in last and they didn’t even look at eachother. I have never bothered to ask how things are with her (we get along great) and him so don’t know if they’re still together and my investment in being cool and disinterested will hold me steady there. Still, whether her or I (and I DONT compete.. EVER!) the job that we do and our place of work would make it pretty impossible so I find myself quietly amused and will observe from a distance.

    I guess the notable out of that rant was the look.. yeah, he still likes me and I did need to have even the slightest of ego boosts in that department of late so I’m most likely content with that. He came up later and had a chat, hands resting on my shoulders, looking over as I was sitting down.. ok, so you needed to touch me too?! Yes I am real but… well, like I said, I’ll be the observer and I view work rels as dangerous with big ripples that can affect many.

    Today will be a good day. I’m feeling chilled and centred, work shouldn’t be too insane (can I say that when the domain is mental health… not being offensive) and band rehearsal tonite so I’ll get to sing any tensions out later and of course.. two blissful days of me time coming up!

    Coffee has kicked.. time to shower..

    Oh.. and I really like this pic!!

  16. Loving this Full Moon vibe – dreamy, grounded, expansive, but now with a hint of motivation (did Mars just tip into Virgo?). Jupiter transiting Taurus has had me eating icecream daily so some ACTION required!

    Suddenly I want to hit the gym (not me at all!) and build a hot bod or at least build up some fire to compensate for my fire-free planetary make-up. First up today, Zumba(!) then back to the hi-Qi revelations. This could work.

    • Me too. Been busy all day yesterday auditioning, interviewing musicians, played/practiced guitar setting up more auditions for new drummers, bassists etc…
      I could use the motivation of Mars in Virgo spent all summer sunbathing in the sun and being very cat-like and lazy.

      • Purrrrrr! Very Leonine! We are heading into summer here, but it’s got a bit of purpose to it I think? Feels like it requires a bit of Virgo scheduling to get the most out of it ;-)

  17. A clear night last night with the glowing moon coming through
    the branches of the 3 story tree in next door’s garden.
    Took photos.
    Turned off the lights in lounge as it was shining into room & i felt
    Happiness is viewing the moon rising.
    Looks ripe for a ritual tonight.

  18. Ugh…. yup. All time lows on all fronts over here.

    Don’t be a wimp huh? Can’t tell you how much I’m getting that message of late. On all frequencies. The skies them selves telling me to just man up and move forward. Lame.

    Better soon? I’m going to pretend that’s a yes.

  19. Full moon in Taurus feels like im awakening… Fuqing scary but exciting.. im Taurus rising and Chiron Taurus…. If Taurus is direct does that relate to my Chiron.. or whats it direct too?


  20. I’m no expert like so many wondrous peeps here, but it means the apparent motion of the planet in the skies. is that right folks ? Retro means certain effects, and direct returns the effect back to what would be ‘normal’ influences for that planetary ?
    I’m really feeling the” Both nerve-wracking and necessary” vibe The Empress noted Big time. Virgo sun. It’s all about the money. Maybe Andromeda and others remember my darling mothers passing last year ?
    Well, the house I’ve lived in for 20 hrs, that was my grandmothers ‘, has been sold, and I am looking to buy another home. Nothing yet that is ‘the one’. I’ll be homeless for xmas. Yikes.Scary. Must remember to breathe…
    Will I find a home for Rosie ( my red heeler ) and me before Xmas? stay tuned folks. Breathe. Breathe…

  21. Went for a drive this morning because there is temporary work delay. Went out to Honeymoon Gap. It’s a beautiful place that resonates. The butterflies that flew across my path, slowed right down not to hit them. Played music, reset all the buttons was a nice change than just going to work.

    Return to town and get email from Scorp friend, who has done similar. She goes up to a hill here to in town and meets a man “that wasn’t deranged & spoke to me with a twinkle in his eye”. Awww!

  22. Last night I had one of my dreaded exercise induced migrains – the result of a month of limited exercise, then cranking out a 5km PB at a fun run. It was a doozy, I thought I’d be down for the count, but managed to get it corralled. But today I am wrapped in cotton wool it feels, and all I want is to cook a huge lasagne…. Space cadet craving grounding. I think it will be an early mark for me today….

    But Mars in Virgo! Woot!!! I am going to LOVE the next 8 months!!!! Just as soon as I come back down from this endorphin high…

  23. I feel pretty terrific with this full moon, full of good humour. You could see it last night, slightly misty through the hazy clouds and looking really mysterious. So I had a grand time running round the house howling at the moon. Didn’t do it outside, the kids next door were fast asleep and our other neighbour, a hermit, runs indoors when he sees us so I didn’t want to put the mockers on him completely (although I do think we’re quite good neighbours!). It was huge fun, howling my head off until my husband threw a cushion at me, no sense of adventure even if he’s a Leo!

  24. OMG i feel so fabulous right now…loud high energy music, all amps full blast, getting stuff done, GaGa-ing out, chilling out, and all like an ecstatic cow dancing in a daisy field with polka dot sunnies while seeing endless happy colours and patterns and sparkly bits hahaha

    had a brill week, and i affirm it IS so so good to be alive :)

    Happy and brilliant Taurus moon lunations to the world YEAH !!!

  25. It was a very positive, moon for me. Busy, productive but a confident moon.
    Meeting new people that I can be myself around that aren’t uptight and judgmental.

  26. Full Moon in Taurus in my 7th House of Partnerships.
    (Auditioning new musicians that I can get along with and tour with.)
    Chiron transiting my 4th House of Roots

    Been dealing with really uptight, judgmental types in the music industry lately. Recovering addicts and alcoholics that can’t play in bars because of their issues. Makes gigging nearly impossible. I play metal and can’t play coffee shops to appease my bandmates. We’d blow the windows out. ;)
    It reminds me of my absurdly uptight older brother. 12 years older in fact. He was too serious never had any sense of humor or fun and disapproved of everything I did. He had rules on how to play music and draw. I broke them all and succeed in the field. I am the black sheep of the family and the rebel just like my Aqua dad. Luckily, my brother was the only uptight person in my family, so in essence he is the true black uptight sheep. lol!

  27. I just had an unsettling insight last night. I learned where Orcus is placed in my chart. I had been subconsciously trying to work out that theme for some time — and last night I stumbled on my answer. Wow.

  28. Pisces/Pisces Rising/Mars-Venus in Aries 1st house (co-worker) had her wedding late afternoon yesterday (Friday). I’d worked in the morning till noon which meant running home to stick hot curlers in my hair, freshen up, wrap present..but I missed the ceremony part as was lost!

    Was so upset, crying, cussing in the car, driving like a mad woman…80 miles an hour in a 45 zone…Surprised I did not blow my engine and in the moment would not have cared if I did…But had a hissy and even ripped up the invitation (try piecing it together and reading small print when in the car :mrgreen: it’s an Aries self destruction/defeating thing but oh we get beyond it…Sure if I’d had someone with me to help navigate would not have behaved in such a manner) nothing to do with the bride mind you, I love her.. (should not have had a little wine before I left…not funny…Have been so busy tho/on overdrive/was up early and making guacamole for another co-worker’s birthday/shopping the night before that as thought 11.11.11 was Saturday, not Friday…but just cracked..) Cappy Moon grace under pressure? Not yesterday…

    Bride, 27, looked so beautiful (she lost over 80 pounds this past year and a half…trans Uranus in 1st). Moon was still full and so lovely hanging there in the sky with some clouds as we ripped up the dance floor in the backyard :)

    We had the police called on us apparently…@ 8:30 at night… :???: :lol:

    Bride’s mother was miffed…She was SO much fun (a few years older than me)…Asked her birth data but forgot… Luckily did not rain afterall…rained today… Woke up with a hang over tho…yipes..I needed a little wine today to make the headache go away. Yeah, I know…pretty dysfunctional but I believe in a little “hair of the dog” if it means not suffering…and an afternoon nap today (Saturday)…

    Reminds how good I feel when on the straight and narrow…Look and feel like hell in the morning

    • awww…pats Sweets, brings soda crackers, peels grapes
      we all have our days honey, I was sober and mad as hell yesterday.
      Mars applying square to natal Mars.
      Go easy ~ nopody’s berfect. :) X

    • lol…One of my co-worker’s just texted me….”did you make it home alright? Ur so fun”….she (Toro) is too…


    • Thanks Rox…easy sailing today..did my banking…(somewhat sober…hehe)

      Nap time soon!! x

      Still listening to Madonna’s “Rain”…like those tennies (shoes) she wearing with that dress.. I’d say she was fast forward back in the day…if not now…saving up for my face lift…said I wouldn’t but…….

      Okay, so I like illusions sometimes… lol

      • I know we aren’t on the tarot thread, but Madonna had some really cool dance choreo + film re: tarot on tour. Was very cool- I will find and post over there.

      • Rox, replied to you over on the Pluto/Saturn construction/deconstruction thread…hope you got it…x

        • ok, will go check back, thanks x then off to work a night shift cya I have been doing a LOT of thinking about Pluto with it creeping up on Saturn 3rd by square – really working hard 24/7 enjoy your eve…