Annie Leibovitz

This pic of Kate Moss and Diddy was just a set-up but wouldn’t they be the most It couple?

Her Moon in Scorpio is smack-bang on his Sun.

His Mars is on her Sun in Capricorn.

That’s chemistry for sure.

Or maybe their combined Qi would create some sort of a psychological ego vortex of anti-matter?

He’s a classic example of Mars in Capricorn – the fiercest and most full on Mars of all, it bestows a ferocious life hunger + work ethic. Born into public housing in Harlem, he fought his way up into mogul – hood.

He’s also got Jupiter conjunct Venus in Libra – pricey tastes, he’d want a reasonably high disposable income lol.




9 thoughts on “Superstyling

  1. I like the pic, Diddy is a marketing genius. As far as Kate goes I don’t really get it ? she’s just not my type I suppose.

  2. P diddy done did not do it for me.

    First of all, liked him better as “Puff”

    I understand the astro as Mystic elucidates but whole thing ridiculous to me…I mean are the ordinary working their arse off folks supposed to relate to this or look up to/emulate this?

    Certainly hope I have raised my Kataka Mas in Cap daughter to value more than material things…

    eh, just bitter as waiting for rainbow wish to kick in…hehe (not!)

    • Diddy learned everything he knows from JLo…Right davey….they have not done too bad, eh?

      Was in Wal-Mart this afternoon…Yes, Wal-Mart….X-mas shit out, warm and fuzzy smells filling the air….candy, toys, Christmas carole music filling the air..

      Dear gawd they try and cram this crap down our throats as soon as possible but amusing as I was one of the sheep right along with everyone else.

      Patient brought back a lovely little thing with my name in Chinese (when she went to China to see her Mother). Then realized everything made in China. (esp at Wal-Mart).

      It’s the thought that counts tho and I do love it.

      Came outta the store and someone begging for money for this and that cause…said “sorry, I’m overwhelmed”..

      Jepzus Cripes..Gave a homeless man on an off ramp a few weeks ago $4.00.

      Then I see this lady with her sign begging and then she gets her Big Gulp drink and purse from outta the bushes… I mean that is not what you think of when you see them portrayed. KNow with many it’s a racket.

  3. Love the leopard print coat! Have to say I am not a fan of Diddy but with astro info really respect him now ! Kate she is the shop Muse love her!!! Her eyes just do it for me !

  4. Honestly, with all that fur, if it were real, if somebody turned up and took offence, I’d be like, “Oh a drive- by on kate on ‘n’ diddy just went down? For real? Wow, that’s no good! So anyway, do prefer Dilmah or Earl Grey?”.
    It is a fabulous photo though!

    Still, mean though this will sound – never stopped me before – separately there is some mystique in Kate and charisma in Puffy, but together, I just see two really hungry, ambitious urchins.

  5. I have got Mars in Cap (my moon) but I don’t think I’m that driven… well I am not currently typing this from my limo in a fur… hehe… and it’s not the way I’d roll anyway.

    As you can see.. I’m paying slightly more attention to where things are in my chart in the last week. I might actually be learning something even though my ability to retain this information sux.