Mythical Sea Creature Brooch accompanied by Cabochon Emerald. Set in 18 karat Yellow Gold. Signed David Webb. Circa 1960’s. Previously owned by Liza Minnelli, inherited from her mother, Judy Garland.


Mythical?  It’s a Capricorn!

Minnelli sold it at her yard salein the Hamptons, apparently. Pisces much.

FYI: Judy Garland had no Capricorn influence of note in her chart. Nor Minnelli.

The horns look sort of Scorpionic though don’t you think?


17 thoughts on “Mythical?

  1. Judy had her Part of Fortune and Descendant in Capicorn.
    Her saturn conjuncted her IC and her North Node.

    • Thanks FF, was wondering about her Saturn. I have the same north node and was born on the same day as Judy and I relate much!! For me Saturn sits a degree behind my sun, just after the moon.

      Re cap NN : I think creatives with a cap north node can have their ambition and drive go unrecognised and they get cast at worst as lavish lunies for working hard at their work, compared to corporates or more trad roles whose goals may be more money and dominance oriented.

      What can be said of her is she gave every ounce of herself to her characters played. Tres Capricorn and she certainly reached those mystical transcending heights of genius performance .

      Just this morning was listening on youtube to her rendition of that ” negro spiritual” Never Walk Alone. Even Mahalia Jackson doesn’t compare to the power and vulnerability in Judy’s voice.

      Ok, so now I have just outed myself as a big Judy Garland fan :) who else is ?

  2. I love the green stones for eyes, combined with the gold…it makes me WANT. I wish I could crash Pisces celebrity yard sales more often. *sniffle* *sniffle*

  3. I love it ! Especially the flipper feet :) This mergoat has higher places to go and glamorous people to see

  4. Love the fact it is all 18 karat gold very Capricorn ! David Webb is one if my favorite designers his work was very Capricornian , heavy in weight and opulant ! This piece is historic we may not see work made this heavy due to high Gold prices ! This piece does have a water feel to it . Love the emerald nice touch . Thanks Mystic it inspires me !

  5. I dislike it, it looks… demonic (no, I’m no Bible-basher and remember that Capricorn as Baphomet post?).

    Well, it’s perhaps my Saturn in Capricorn… (but still, me not like)

  6. Golly, yard sales I go to always sell things like, dunno.. foot baths, heating towel racks, size 8 clothes.. Pretty! Wish I had anything in Capricorn, love the symbology, mythology, goat-fish thang.

  7. The horns do look Scorpionic. It fits the view that a Cap is a Scorp in a suit. Especially the Sea-Goat.